Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kaelah's Corner (Nov 2014):
Life Is A Rollercoaster

(Answering the question: What to wear to a spanking party?)

This is the second Kaelah's Corner post in which I will look back at my time as a kinky blogger and member of the spanking community. In part one of the series I wrote about my first year as a blogger and what co-writing this blog with Ludwig meant to me.

Having got lots of positive responses on my Kaelah's Corner posts encouraged me to become even more active on this blog. I felt that Ludwig had found his place here in the kinky community and I wanted to be accepted as his equal mate. This meant not only to be more visible online but also to meet fellow kinksters in real life.

For me, this proved to be a double-edged sword. On the one hand I enjoyed the adventures of meeting new people and even dipping my toes into the production of amateur spanking clips. On the other hand I sometimes felt that it was all a bit overwhelming – reading about so many different lifestyles on all the blogs, playing with others in front of a camera and putting myself out there in pictures and my personal writing.

I think this struggle also became obvious in my writing. There were lots of posts about Ludwig's and my adventures. We invited our readers for the first time to take part in the development of a creative spanking clip by voting for a costume and implement in my first blogiversary post. The crazy result was published one year later, quite some time after my very first spanking clip. I also wrote about my first film-making experience with Pandora Blake. The clips are still to be published, but Ludwig and I will make sure that this will happen before we shut down this blog. Then there were my posts about our clip-making with Leia-Ann Woods, in which I wrote about the scary prospect and the fun of topping on camera for the first time. I also posted more and more kinky pictures of myself, like these ones taken in the snow. Taking kinky photos proved to be something I enjoy very much, until this very day.

But there were also many critical discussions and philosophical ramblings about things which I had stumbled across in the kinky community that got my attention and often scared me. For instance, there was a post titled I Did That! which referred to a comment made by a top about spanking pictures showing very severe marks. That post led to a very lively and great discussion among our readers. I discussed the topic of trust from a bottom's and a top's perspective. Then I wrote about Sacher-Masoch's Venus in Furs and why the book disturbed me. Plus, there was a series of posts about the questions whether spanking could be used as a kind of therapy, whether it was okay to speculate about other people's kinks and the question whether certain lifestyles are healthy or not and what discussions about certain lifestyles reveal about ourselves. I also became part of a heated discussion on another blog and tried to sort out my thoughts in a post called R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Altogether it was a very turbulent time. It was wonderful to meet lovely new people and quite a few of the famous spanking bloggers like Abel and Indy as well as spanking models like Adele Haze, Pandora and Leia-Ann whose posts I had been reading. But it was also quite overwhelming and sometimes I had the feeling that I didn't really fit into the kinky community. I got a bit more relaxed about certain things over time, but that's another story.

How about you? Can you remember your first steps in the kinky online and offline community? Are you maybe just right in the midst of the process? Was/Is it all thrilling and fascinating or also sometimes frightening? Please feel invited to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Uniform Fetish

It's not a secret. I have a uniform fetish. I think it is the touch of formality, honour and power that makes uniforms so attractive for me. Plus, in my opinion most people look smart in uniforms. Maybe my crush on uniforms also has to do with the fact that quite a few books / films / series which I like and which feed my kinky fantasies have to do with them. Be it books I loved to read as a child like Rin Tin Tin or films like Police Academy or the TV series universe of Star Trek.

When Ludwig and I recently visited a naval museum, we came across a section where one could try on different uniforms for fun and take photos. Unfortunately we didn't wear fitting clothes underneath, most of the uniforms were a bit too big for me and the lighting wasn't too good. But I guess you get the idea from the pictures. Ludwig looks good in his uniform, doesn't he?

In another museum I saw the uniform above and the picture of a naval academy below. Of course I had to take photos. I wonder which kind of uniform is the most attractive one for me. Certain naval uniforms are extremely beautiful for sure. And I love kinky naval scenarios. I think a police uniform would be my second choice.

How about you? Do you have a uniform fetish? If yes, for which kind of uniforms and why?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Office Discipline (A LOL Day Clip)

The final LOL Day for Ludwig and me as bloggers has passed. Thank you very much to everyone who left a comment! It was wonderful to read comments written by old friends and hear from readers who haven't written a comment in a long time. And of course we were especially happy to welcome a few true delurkers, namely an anonymous lurker, taurusegest and Katie. We hope to hear more from you in the future.

Many of you also participated in our LOL Day vote. We offered you to publish a caning clip for free and you had the choice between three options: The Ballgown, A Bedtime Caning and Office Discipline. There was a short information about the three clips in our LOL Day post, but to make the vote more interesting, we didn't tell you everything about them. Only that one of the videos is F/M and the other two M/F and one caning is over the clothes while the other two are on the bare.

The vote was really close (votes from first-time commenters counted twice), but in the end we had a winner.
Ludwig did all the editing in high speed to make sure that the clip would be ready in time. And so we present Office Discipline today! Here is the result of the vote:

Office Discipline (8 votes):
Anonymous Lurker (first-time commenter)
taurusegest (first-time commenter)

The Ballgown (6 votes):
Secret Spanko
New one

A Bedtime Caning (4 votes):
Downunder Don
Katie (first-time commenter)

Some of the comments made me grin. First of all, there was Chross who suspected that A Bedtime Caning might be the F/M clip. Nope, it isn't! And then there was Secret Spanko who explained his choice like this: It's a tough call- I like the idea of disrobing from a classy ballroom gown, I like the idea of an intimate bedroom scene, and the office scene is an archetype for good reason- it's hot to think about. But I'll go with the classy ballroom, because as y'all struggle with been there, done that... well, that scene seems to be the most original. Well, I am not really sure how archetypical our Office Discipline video really is (those who know us a bit might have realised that Ludwig and I rather enjoy playing with archetypes and expectations) – but decide for yourselves!

This is the plot in a few sentences: Mr Ludwig is a kind but ambitious boss, who sets very high standards. His secretary is used to Mr Ludwig's expectations and work ethics, and tries to support him as best as she can. This involves a rather unusual ritual which takes place every week. Each Friday evening at 5 pm sharp it is time to look back and talk about the things which could be improved. And so Mr Ludwig's secretary dutifully knocks on his office door for their weekly jour fixe...

Here is the file for you to download:
WMV format, resolution 720 x 576, 99 MB: link

(Click on "Free Download", wait for the counter to count down, then solve the captcha and download the file.) 

The other two clips will of course be released as well, some time in the future. But for now we hope you enjoy the Office Discipline video. Please let us know if you like it!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Frank and I (Part 3)

This is the final part of my series about the spanking novel Frank and I. Here are part 1 and part 2. In this final part I would like to share two scenes from the Lady Libertine with you, a movie from 1984 based on the novel Frank and I. The first scene is the one in which Charles Beaumont discovers during a caning that his protégé Frank is a woman.

The second scene which you find below is one which takes place quite some time later when Beaumont and Frances have become lovers. Charles Beaumont finds out that Frances has been spending time with a young man she was not supposed to meet. Frances offers to take a thrashing from his hands as a punishment.

I like the way the two scenes are filmed, I think the action is decent for a vanilla film. Of course, it is quite obvious that the whippings and the marks aren't real (this is an example the conspiracy theorists should watch before claiming that, for instance, Mood Pictures or Lupus Pictures show faked whippings). I find the filming good nonetheless.

I have to admit that I don't care too much for the vanilla sex scenes, though. And there are quite a few differences between the movie and the book, about which I want to say a few words.

First of all, there are many more spanking scenes in the book than in the film. I don't like all of them, but there is one main difference which annoys me about the movie: In the book, it is made very clear that Charles Beaumont is a spanko. He sexually enjoys dishing out a thrashing. Not so in the movie.

There are five corporal punishment scenes in the movie. The two shown above, one that shows Frances being slippered by the brothel keeper, one (which I think takes place off screen) in which Charles Beaumont slippers the brothel keeper as revenge for Frances' mistreatment and finally one in which the ladies at the brothel enact a judicial whipping. The last scene is the only one which is sexually loaded, but Charles Beaumont doesn't really seem to enjoy it and it is made clear that the show stage whipping is faked.

What's more, after the second scene which I have shared with you in this post, Charles Beaumont tosses away the crop and it is implied that he never spanks Frances again. I think it is sad that even in a sex film the video makers obviously didn't like the idea of showing spanking as a sexual kink which can be fun.

The second main difference is how the plot unfolds. In the movie, Frances announces to Charles Beaumont that she is going to leave him after he has chastised her for talking to the other guy. But then Charles Beaumont offers to marry her and show the world that he is truly hers and so they stay together and live happily ever after.

Maybe I am the only one who isn't so much into these clichéd "all a woman really wants is to be married and then all is well" storylines. Well, okay, sometimes I love these fairy tale endings, too. But I have to admit that I like the story which is told in the book more because I think it is more realistic given the traits of the characters involved while not being sad.

In the book, Frances decides to leave Charles Beaumont and get married to another man because she knows that Charles is likely to leave her once she gets older and doesn't catch his sexual interest as much anymore. Her husband is a widower with two children. Frances is faithful to her husband whose children she also raises and so her relationship with Charles Beaumont ends. But then her husband dies and Charles and Frances revive their love relationship.

By the way, in my opinion the book implies that Frances also enjoys a bit of kink. For instance, she lures her stepchildren's governess, Miss Martin, into letting Frances whip her. Partly, the scene is for Charles' eyes who is watching secretly, but it seems that Frances is having fun as well.

Still, Charles Beaumont and Frances don't stay together. Frances falls in love with another man, Mr Gilbert, tells Charles about it and even asks him to give her away as her guardian. Again, Frances is faithful to her new husband and asks Charles not to touch her anymore when she tells him about Mr Gilbert's proposal. Charles Beaumont obliges immediately and also gives her away at the wedding.

I very much like the ending of the book because it implies that both Charles and Frances are quite happy with the lives they have chosen and remain in contact with each other as affectionate friends. So I want to end my series about the book by sharing the last paragraphs of the book with you:

The last few days before the marriage slipped away rapidly, and uneventfully; the wedding day arrived, and then, according to my promise, I gave Frances away. She was exquisitely dressed, in the most perfect taste; and though she was thirty years old, she was still a very beautiful woman, and I felt a pang of regret at knowing that I should never again poke her, or even have the pleasure of feeling her plump bottom or her firm bubbies.

At the wedding breakfast there was a large party of guests, including a number of the bridegroom's relatives; the usual speeches were made, and everything passed off well.

Frances was in good spirits; and just before she left the room to put on her travelling-dress, she drew me aside out of sight of the guests, and giving me a kiss, said: "Charley, I love my husband and I will be faithful to him; but I shall never forget how kind you have been to me, from the day you took me into your house, up to the present moment."

I clasped a bracelet on her wrist, as a wedding present, and kissing her for the last time, bade her good bye; then she ran upstairs to her room.

In a short time she came down, dressed for her journey; and then the newly-married couple got into their carriage, and were driven off, amid showers of rice, to Charing Cross station, en route for Italy, where they intended to spend their honeymoon.

And so, for the second and last time, my sweetheart passed out of my life.

Next day I went home to Oakhurst, and settled down to my old life as a country gentleman.

Five years have passed since the last lines were written, and I again take up my pen to put the finishing touches to the story.

Frances is now a buxom matron, thirty-five years old, with two little children. She and her husband are perfectly happy; they are very well-off, and they live in London half the year; and I am always a welcome guest at their house whenever I choose to go there. Gilbert and I are very good friends; as he has not the faintest suspicion that I ever was anything to Frances but her "guardian." She has quite a daughterly affection for me, and whenever we meet we talk and laugh about the old days.

Miss Martin, after leaving Frances, got a good situation as governess in a family, where she remained until she heard of her husband's death in South America. Then she married again. I have never seen her since.

Frances' two step-children live with their father's relations: but they often visit their stepmother, and I have frequently seen them. Robert is sixteen years old, and is studying for the army. Dora is nineteen years old, and has grown- as I knew she would-into a magnificent young woman, tall and shapely, and most "divinely fair." She is engaged to be married.

My story is finished, and though I am fifty years of age, I am in good health, and I can still "look upon the wine when it is red," and I can also still enjoy a pretty girl.

But often, in the long winter evenings, when I am sitting all alone in my big dining-room after dinner, I think of the "boy Frank" whom I had picked up on the road twenty years before, and who had eventually turned out to be a loving, faithful woman.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ludwig's Story: Awakenings

Before we close down Rohrstock-Palast next spring, I would like to share with you how I became a spankophile. The whole story, starting with how I first discovered my kink many years ago, all the way to the point in time when I created this blog. The prehistory of Mad King Ludwig, if you will. It is one of the things I would like to wrap up before we finish.

Actually, it rather goes against the vision I originally had when launching the blog back in 2008. Back then, my plan was to focus on movie reviews, philosophical ramblings and dark, tongue-in-cheek humour. There would be plenty of myself in the writing, but I did not want to talk too much about personal stuff. Truth be told, I found most of the blogs which focused on a kinkster's personal life rather self-indulgent and boring. I did not want to write another blog like that. I wanted to write a blog about the things that interested me, i.e. spanking movies and intellectual wankery, but not about myself.

Of course, things never turn out as planned. Only a few months after launch, I was putting out videos with Niki Flynn, which meant that I was now writing about my own adventures and even putting my face out there. Still, the writing did not delve too deeply into personal matters. That started to change, too, when I met Kaelah in 2009 and we became a couple. As you all know, Kaelah soon joined as a co-author and brought her own, more communicative style to Rohrstock-Palast. As a result, my writing became more personal as well. I sometimes joke with Kaelah that my initially cool porn-and-sarcasm project turned into "another lame couples blog", exactly the thing I once loathed. But seriously, I think it is great how it all developed. Now, together with the porn, the sarcasm and my aloof philosophical ramblings, we have shared some intimate personal stories as well, which has given the blog a whole other side.

Moreover, now that you have gotten to know me for a few years and shared all these adventures, telling you my story feels less like an ego trip and more like something that people will hopefully, genuinely be curious about. Who knows, maybe it will even inspire some still-in-the-closet kinksters to gather their courage and start living out their fantasies, as I once did. That would be awesome.
I will start at the very beginning, when I first discovered my kink. In my case, that was at the age of eight or nine, a long way back indeed.

Why are people into BDSM? As usual with such matters, psychologists have all kinds of theories, but no consensus. To start with, there is the fundamental question of nature versus nurture. Are people born with a disposition towards sexual sadism and / or masochism, or are these personality traits entirely caused by the environment in which we grow up? I have read essays arguing for both sides. It is not a question that keeps me awake at night - at the end of the day, I am who I am, and I am happy with that. But it is interesting to speculate. I will do some of that speculation while I write about my beginnings as a spanko.

One often voiced theory asserts that people who are into BDSM were beaten or abused in some other way as children and are now reenacting these experiences. I believe that theory is now largely discredited in psychology, but laypeople still like to bring it up. I never put much stock in it myself. I know a few kinksters who were beaten while growing up, and I know many more who were not, but are into BDSM nonetheless. The theory does not explain the latter. I was never once spanked as a child, and yet here I am, a spanko. Whatever the cause is with me, it certainly isn't parental abuse.

I had parents who gave me love, care and security. My father had to travel a lot in his job, but we had a great relationship and he was always supportive when he was around. My mother, the main attachment figure responsible for raising me, was very loving and caring. She pampered me and I was something of a "mommy's boy". My parents were opposed to the use of corporal punishment. When my mother had to reprimand me, she did it with words or, at worst, by not allowing me to watch my favourite TV series that day. She did not have to do it often. I was generally a very well-behaved child, easygoing, sensible and dependable. I rarely had to be admonished to do my homework or come home in time after playing with the other kids.

I can't say that my childhood was entirely free of corporal punishment. There were a few isolated occasions when I, uncharacteristically, was really acting out and my mother, just as uncharacteristically, lost her temper and gave me a mild slap in the face. Her hand "slipped", as the saying goes. This was extremely rare and unusual, it happened no more than three or four times during my entire childhood, and it was the only experience of CP I ever made. I mention it here for the sake of completeness, but I don't believe it had any part in forming my kink. I'm into spanking after all, and I was never spanked at home. It would have been utterly unthinkable.

I heard about other children getting spanked, though. This was the 1980s, when spanking wasn't as much of a no-no as it is today in Germany. Some of the neighbour kids I knew and also some of the kids in my school class told stories of how their parents would sometimes put them over the knee. One boy even reported that he was thrashed with a wooden cooking spoon when he had behaved really badly. These stories made me feel uneasy, but for some inexplicable reason, I also found them fascinating and exciting. So much so, in fact, that I once asked the boy in question to show me the wooden cooking spoon (which he did).

I was a little nerd. As soon as I had learned to read, I devoured tons of science and history books. In the history books, I would sometimes read about a scene of corporal punishment. That fascinated me, too. I particularly remember one story about adolescent boys in the ancient Greek warrior state of Sparta, who were whipped for punishment and sometimes simply for "inurement". That story really stirred my imagination, and I would fantasise about being one of those boys. There were also a few depictions of spankings in Donald Duck comics at the time (featuring Huey, Dewey, and Louie), but it was hard to get excited about anthropomorphic ducks. The history books were better.

Then there was television. Some children's series or films featured the occasional over-the-knee spanking or school paddling or caning. Usually, the punishment happened off-screen or was merely threatened, and even when it was shown, there was not much to be seen. But I would use these scenes as fantasy fodder and amplify them in my head. Old pirate films from the 1950s had whippings in them, which also caught my attention. I remember that I was once watching such a film with my parents when a whipping scene came on. I was secretly getting excited by it and, not wanting anyone to notice it, I walked out of the room. My mother reassured me afterwards: "You don't have to be scared by the film! It's just a film, those whippings are not real!" Little did she realise that I had not walked out because I was scared, I had walked out because I had become aroused.

I never talked to my parents about this fascination of mine, or to anyone else. Obviously, I had no clear concept of what it was. I had never heard the term BDSM or sadomasochism. I was only a kid! I hardly even knew anything about "normal" sex. My parents had explained to me how babies were made, but I had no clear picture in my mind of how that worked in practice, and I was not interested in it at the time. But I was interested in spanking despite having never experienced it. I realised intuitively that the arousal I felt while thinking about spanking was somehow "adult" in nature. It was probably related to this sex thing in some strange way. I also realised very quickly that this was unusual, because I observed that none of the other kids seemed to show a fascination with spanking when the subject came up. It seemed to be something only I had. All in all, I deemed it best to keep my thoughts to myself and never talk about them to anyone.

I do not remember the exact year(s), but all of the above happened while I was still in elementary school. I could not have been older than eight or nine. Many years later, when talking to people in our community, I learned that it is not uncommon among us spankos to be able to trace the beginnings of our kink back to before puberty. I have heard similar stories from gays and lesbians. One knows that one is different somehow before one even has an interest in sex.

Why am I into BDSM? I believe it is extremely unlikely that there is only one single cause. It seems more plausible that it would be a mixture of "nature" and several different "nurture" influences. As for the nurture part, there isn't anything that fits the usual amateur psychology clichés. I had a very happy childhood. I had great, loving parents. I was never spanked. Actually, maybe that is precisely one of the reasons in my case: maybe I became a spanko precisely because I did not know spanking and it thus had the allure of the unknown. And maybe having never been spanked at home and thus never been traumatised by it enabled me to fantasise about spanking as something that was scary, but not too scary, so that I could see something exciting in it as well.

I did have an interest in horror stories and horror films from an early age. Perhaps my awakening curiosity about spanking stories I heard and whipping scenes I saw in films was just another instance of my curiosity about "scary things" in general. Actually, my mother had that exact thought. When I told her as an adult that I am into BDSM, she threw her hands up and sighed half-jokingly: "It's because I let you watch too many horror films when you were a child!" I don't think that it is quite that simple, but there is probably some merit to the theory. It's unlikely that horror films caused my interest in spanking (after all, no one was spanked in them), but my fascination with them seems to illustrate an aspect of my personality into which my fascination with spanking fits as well. I believe that my kink might be somewhat similar to Niki Flynn's in this regard, which would explain why I gravitated towards her and we became friends in the Scene many years later.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Back then, at the beginning, I only knew that I had a strange fascination which no one else around me seemed to share. I never talked about it to anyone, and for a long time, I wondered whether I might be the only person in the world who had it. Until one day, I found indisputable proof that there were others like me. It was one of those life-changing moments. But that is a story for the next post in this series.

In the meantime, feel free to share the story of how you discovered your kink, if you like. Do you remember when and how you first became aware that you are interested in spanking and CP? And do you have any explanation for why you became a spanko? I am curious to hear about your memories.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kinky Japan Part 6:
Dance on the Volcano

This is the final part of our series about our kinky adventures in Japan. Here are the first five parts: Pervertible Hotel Facilities, The Onsen, Spanked in a Bathrobe, Tokyo Decadence and A Paddle from Miyajima.

The pictures for this post were taken during a hiking trip in a volcanic area near Kagoshima in the very South of Japan. The scenery was stunningly beautiful and the look into the crater from the top of the volcano was fascinating. Of course, this fantastic landscape called for taking some pictures. Getting these slightly more explicit ones proved to be difficult, though, because there were usually people around. But we waited and managed to find an unobserved moment.

I went as close to the rim of the crater as I could without taking the risk of falling. And Ludwig took the pictures which you can see here. Aren't they great? I thought about a storyline that might fit to those pictures. Maybe the story of a very special sacrificial ritual, not one during which a young chosen maiden is thrown into the volcano but one that involves a ritual whipping of her bottom on the rim of the volcano in order to please the kinky spirit which is believed to live there? Any other ideas? You are very welcome to share your stories in the comment section!

Oh, and lest I forget: You can still participate in our LOL Day vote until Wednesday 19th and decide which clip you would like to watch for free!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Global Day(s) of Delurk 2014

We wish you all a Happy Love Our Lurkers Day or Global Day of Delurk as we like to call it on our blog. As our long-time readers know, we have a very special relationship to this day, which was created by Bonnie and is now organised by Hermione. Thanks a lot to both of you!

LOL Day is an annual event where spanking bloggers invite their silent readers to come out of the shadows and say hello. We appreciate you taking the time to read our blog, no matter whether you decide to write a comment, and we would like to thank you for that! As you can imagine, though, a two-way communication is admittedly more fun than writing to a silent mass. That's why we always like to hear from our readers and would like to encourage you to use this day to let us know you are out there.

This year will be your last chance to do so here, since our blog will be closed down next year. It would be great to hear from some of our silent long-time readers, but also to welcome those of you who have just recently discovered our blog and maybe also reconnect with those of you who might have written the one or other comment a long time ago and then fell silent. And of course our more avid commenters are heartily invited as well.

The reason why the Global Day of Delurk has got such a special meaning for the two of us is that our very first contact was on that occasion. Ludwig had already been writing this blog for more than half a year when Kaelah decided to write her very first comment on this blog and come out as a spanko on Love Our Lurkers Day 2008. The rest is history.

To give you an additional incentive for taking the step, we offer you a special vote. We have three as-yet-unpublished caning videos in store, and you can decide which one of them we will publish for free on Sunday, the 23rd of November. Here are the titles of the clips and some background information:

The Ballgown
There are many different spanking scenarios one can imagine. For this clip, we decided that it would be nice to have a caning dressed up in a festive attire. After all, the cane is a classy implement. This clip doesn't have any storyline, it is simply a festive caning in festive clothes.

A Bedtime Caning
This is a rather intimate video. At stressful times it can be difficult to fall asleep at night. So we thought that a bedtime caning might help to release some of the tension and make it easier to sleep well. A short OTK-cane seemed to be the most suitable implement for this endeavour.

Office Discipline
This clip is a role-play scenario. Mr Ludwig is a friendly boss, but he has very high standards. Each Friday evening it is time to look back at the week and talk about the things which didn't go so well and could be improved. And so his secretary knocks on his office door for their weekly jour fixe which does not only involve talking but also the cane.

We hope you like the three very different scenarios on offer. Please make your choice which one you would like to see! All videos involve one dozen cane strokes. Two of the canings are M/F and one is F/M. And two canings are on the bare while one is over clothes (but don't worry, you get to see the marks after all). We decided not to tell you which of the scenes involves what, exactly, and leave it to your imagination. This will hopefully make the vote all the more interesting and maybe also lead to some speculation and discussion between the commenters.

The vote will be open for one week, that is until Wednesday 19th, 11:59:59 pm German time. Votes of real delurkers (first-time commenters) will be counted twice! Anonymous comments will not count (please give yourself a nickname), and neither will comments who just say hello and do not make a vote.

With that, we wish you all two great Global Days of Delurk! Please don't be shy, we look forward to hearing from you. And we are curious to find out which clip the majority of our readers want to watch. To those of you who decide to remain silent: Thank you very much for reading and we hope you have a good time here at Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Frank And I (Part 2)

(Screenshot from Lady Libertine.)

This is the second part of my little series about the kinky novel Frank and I. You can find part one here. As most of you have already realised "Frank" isn't really a boy, but a young woman called Frances. Charles Beaumont, her caretaker, only finds that out incidentally during another punishment session. This is the scene which I would like to share with you today.

The reason why Frances was disguised as a boy when Beaumont met her is that she is an orphan who was brought to a brothel and fled after having been beaten by the female brothel keeper, wearing clothes which she took from the room of the brothel keeper's son. Since Frank and I is a romance novel, Beaumont and Frances fall in love,
of course, soon after he has found out her secret.

The story in the book and in the movie Lady Libertine, from which the above screenshot has been taken, evolve in rather different directions, though. I have to admit that I like the storyline of the book much more than the one of the movie. That is something I will write about in the final part of the series, though, when I will share two scenes from the movie as well. For today, here is the story of the revealing birching:

Just as I had finished lunch, a knock came to the door, and my housekeeper, Mrs. Evans, sailed into the room, gorgeously arrayed in her best black silk dress and white lace cap, with open-work mittens on her hands and a gold chain round her neck. Curtseying to me in the old-fashioned way, she said that she wished to speak to me. I was fond of the good old woman who had been in the house since I was five years old. She had originally come to our family as nurse, and I can quite remember that she used to spank me, and my brothers and sisters, when we were small children. I gave her a chair, saying that I was ready to hear what she had to say.

"It is about Master Francis," she said, smoothing the folds of her gown.

"I thought so," said I to myself. She was a verbose old woman, who liked hearing herself talk, so she took some time to tell her story; but I will condense it, and merely relate the main points.

During my absence Frank had behaved well, and given no trouble until that morning, when he had taken it into his head to make a raid upon the store-room and help himself to jam and various other good things. The store-room maid, who had charge of, and was responsible for the things, happening to see the young marauder, remonstrated with him, and told him to leave the room; but he refused to do so, and on her attempting to put him out, he lost his temper, struck her thrice in the face, and pulled down her hair. The woman, who had been somewhat hurt, and a good deal frightened by Frank's violence, ran crying to the housekeeper, and complained. Frank had been sorry for what he had done, and had apologized to the woman; but she had insisted upon my being told, and so the old lady had been obliged to report the affair to me.

I was much vexed on hearing of his ungentlemanly conduct, and I felt very angry with him. He deserved a flogging, and I meant to give him one. I went to the library, after giving orders that Frank was to be sent to me as soon as he returned to the house.

In about half-an-hour he came into the room and greeted me quietly, but he looked as if he were rather ashamed of himself. He was pale and nervous, and he kept his eyes cast down.

I said: "Frank, I am very sorry to hear how badly you behaved this morning. I should not have taken notice of your pilfering things from the store-room, though that was a contemptible act for a boy of your age: but I am grieved to think that you should have so far forgotten yourself as to strike Jane. It was cowardly and ungentlemanly. I did not think you could have done such a thing. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. I intend to punish you severely. Prepare yourself at once," I added, getting out the rod. He glanced at it with a look of fear, and a hot flush rose to his cheeks.

"I am ashamed, and very sorry for what I have done. I expected to be punished," he said in a low voice, his eyes filling with tears, and his lips trembling. Then, without another word, he let down his trousers, and placed himself in position across the end of the sofa.

I tucked his shirt up and began to apply the rod, and as I was angry with him, I laid on the cuts smartly, raising long, red weals all over the surface of his white bottom. He wriggled, writhed, and cried as the stinging strokes of the birch fell with a swishing sound on his plump, firm flesh, striping the skin in all directions; but I went on flogging him, till at last he could no longer suppress his cries, and he began to scream in a shrill tone, at the same time putting both his hands over his bottom. I seized his wrists and held them with my left hand, while I continued to apply the rod with a little more force, extorting from him louder screams, as well as piteous appeals for mercy and entreaties to me not to flog him so hard. He drew up his legs one after the other and then kicked them out again, he jerked his hips from side to side, and rolled about in pain, half turning over on to his side for a moment, so that I saw the front part of his naked body. And what I saw paralysed me with astonishment, causing my uplifted arm to drop to my side, and the rod to slip from my grasp. In that momentary glimpse, I had caught sight of a little pink-lipped cunt, shaded at the upper part with a slight growth of curly, golden down.

"Frank" was a girl!

This most astounding and totally unexpected discovery made my brain whirl, and for a moment I stood utterly confounded.

As the cuts of the rod were no longer falling on her red, striped, quivering bottom, she had ceased struggling, and lay on the sofa wailing piteously.

I took a long look at the half-naked body lying before me, and I was amazed that I had not discovered her sex on the day I had first seen her figure exposed; for the broad hips, the swelling curves of the plump bottom, and the rounded thighs, were those of a fairly well-developed girl about fourteen or fifteen years of age. And as I realized the fact that I had just been birching, and that I was at that moment looking at the naked bottom and thighs of a young female, I got a most tremendous cockstand. What a sensitive thing is the sexual feeling, and how quickly it is excited!

But while all these various thoughts and sensations were passing through my mind, the girl was lying sobbing on the sofa, and I had to decide as to the course I should take with regard to her. I did not hesitate, but at once resolved not to let her know that I had noticed anything; and I felt pretty sure that she had been in too great pain during the flogging, to be aware that she had revealed her sex in her contortions.

I now told her that she might rise from the sofa; and she struggled to her feet, and slowly adjusted her dress; her whole body shaking with sobs, the tears streaming down her scarlet cheeks, and her lips quivering.

She had received a severe birching, and her bottom must have been smarting and throbbing most painfully. I pitied her, because she was a girl, but I should not have pitied a boy who had received an equally severe flogging for the same offence. At that moment, as she stood before me in her male attire, with short cut hair, it was astonishing how boy-like she was in appearance; she looked just like a lad about thirteen years of age. I felt very much inclined to laugh, but that would never have done; if I had even smiled she would have known that her secret had been found out; so I kept a stern countenance, and addressed her in a cold, hard voice, saying: "Now, Frank, you may go. You have had a severe flogging, but you deserved it. I hope you will never be so ungentlemanly as to strike a woman again."

She wiped her eyes, from which the big tears were still slowly trickling, and walked stiffly out of the room, in perfect ignorance of the fact that her true sex had been discovered.

When the door had closed behind her, I felt rather relieved; for the startling discovery had been so sudden, that it had somewhat bewildered me, and I wanted to be alone, so that I might collect my ideas, and settle upon what I should do with the girl in future. I can always think best while smoking, so I lit a cigar, and took a seat in a comfortable arm-chair. Then I thought over everything that had happened since "Frank"-as I still called her in my mind-had become an inmate of my house; and in the light of the knowledge I had just acquired, I understood the meaning of many things which had puzzled me at the time they had occurred. It was perfectly clear to me now why "Frank" had been so confused when I laughed at "him" for submitting to be spanked by a lady: and I could well understand why she was ashamed to let down her trousers before me; why she was so shy with me after I had flogged her; and why she had always blushed on the slightest provocation. I was also able to account for her curious behaviour some time previously, when she had been so queer and wayward, alternately lively and depressed, and so liable to fits of anger. No doubt this state of nervous excitement had been owing to her having come to puberty, and been unwell with her courses for the first rime. I wondered how she had managed to hide all the tell-tale signs from the eyes of the female servants, who are generally so quick to find out anything of that sort. But she had undoubtedly contrived to conceal her sex, and I was convinced that no one in the house but myself knew her secret.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kaelah's Corner (Oct 2014):
A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...


A very warm welcome, everybody, to the final series of Kaelah's Corner posts. Initially, my plan was to make this the final episode already. After more than five years and consequently over 60 installments of Kaelah's Corner it seemed to be time to call it quits. The reason is that it has become harder and harder for me to find personal kink-related topics to discuss here.

But then I decided that using a final series of posts to take a look back on my journey and some of the topics which I have shared with you in my corner posts including my favourite pictures that went along with the posts will hopefully be an interesting way of closing the chapter. Today's episode will focus on the first year of my writing and what starting Kaelah's Corner meant to me.

When I wrote my first Kaelah's Corner post titled A Very Warm Welcome, I was very new to spanking and it was the first time I introduced myself to the readers personally. I remember that I was very nervous when I published the first edition and very happy when I received so many nice comments. The picture on the very top of this post was the one that went along with the first installment of Kaelah's Corner.

My second and third posts covered the essence of my kink – what I fantasised of and which things I didn't want to explore because they either didn't fit to my fantasies or scared me. The little comic was part of one of these posts, referring to my "saving the ship" fantasies.

Looking back it seems that there haven't been too many changes in both categories, my fantasies and my limits. The main changes concerning my kink are that my vanilla sex-related fantasies have probably become a bit darker than the used to be (and they also involve more people) and that my spanking-related fantasies are much more often toppish than they were five years ago. The former fantasies are mind games only, I don't think that I really want to act them out. Topping on the other hand is something that also has a high appeal for me when it comes to real play.

As far as the limits are concerned, there haven't been many changes, either. The most important one is that I have played with other people and could imagine to do that again in the future. But for this to happen, Ludwig and I must both be in the right mood and feel that we are both comfortable with it. Right now this would be difficult. Since I am usually not even in the right mood for any kinky activities between the two of us, it would feel strange to have kinky adventures with friends at the moment. Once my kinky mojo is back and we have found a new way of regularly enjoying kinky fun together, sharing some scenes with trusted friends from time to time will surely be a nice addition, though.

The next two posts Open Your Mind and Tiger and Dragon were about my relationship with Ludwig. I've just re-read the poem about mates which I published with the second post and I can say that this is still how we both try to live our relationship and treat each other. Of course that is not always easy. When I wrote the poem we were still in the phase of being (almost blindly) enamoured of each other. Yet I am very positive that what I have written at that time still represents our ideal of a good partnership as mates. I very much like the picture of the two of us holding hands which accompanied the post as well.

The following posts were about my first very severe scene which will be published as one of our final videos and about Mood Pictures. Right now I wouldn't want to do such a severe scene, but that level of severity doesn't scare me as much as it did a few years ago, either.

There are two more posts from that first year which I want to refer to. The first one was maybe my most personal post ever on this blog. It was about the question whether it is a good idea to tell one's family and vanilla friends about one's kink. This post was very moving for me because it also focussed on my close relationship with my mum who had died only a short time after I had started my kinky journey and with whom I had shared my secret. The picture showed the singing bowl which my mother had given me as a present for my very first play with Ludwig. I still miss her like hell and wished she could be here to accompany me on my journey of life.

The last post I want to talk about told the story of Ludwig's and my first vanilla sex which was the ultimate first experience with vanilla sex for me. It didn't turn out to be perfect, but I still enjoy the memories of that very special day we shared visiting a park with a Chinese tea house and an old city and the ruins of a castle. I think the picture showing me in my witch outfit is nice, too.

It is funny to remember the thrill which I felt when I published my first posts and every time I received a comment, especially when it was a thoughtful one. When we posted our first Christmas present together, a picture of me after a caning, I was as excited as I went to bed that night, as I used to be on the evening before Christmas or St Nicholas' Day when I was a child!

At that time we also used to have quite lively discussions on this blog which I feel have ceased a bit since. I wonder whether some of the old commenters are still reading our blog?

So, how about you? Can you still remember how it felt when you started out your kinky journey (not matter whether as a reader of kinky blogs or a spanking practitioner or a blog writer)? Did things change over time? If so, how? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section! Maybe we will even get together a number of different stories and experiences like in the old days...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Final Countdown

Normally, this would be the time for another (belated) Kaelah's Corner post. However, we are going to delay that one for a few more days still and use today's post to make an important announcement. "We" is indeed the correct pronoun to use because the two of us are writing this short text together.

We have decided that we will close down this blog next spring, shortly after celebrating the next blogiversary of Rohrstock-Palast in late January. We feel that, after what will then be more than seven years of blogging and more than 500 posts, the time will be right to call it quits.

We are entering a new chapter of our lives both as individuals and as a couple, and we feel that we will be content to end this blog and let it become a thing of the past. We are very happy with the things we have done here, the adventures we have had and the thoughts we have shared with you. But, as Kaelah's mother used to say, everything in life has its time. We have decided that the time of this blog is coming to an end.

One reason is that kink isn't as important to us as it used to be. We will still have it in our lives, but probably not as prominently and certainly not as publicly as it was these past years. Keeping up a kinky blog while not being in the right mindset can be a strain, and this is one aspect of being a kinky blogger which we will gladly leave behind. Another, equally important reason is that we feel we have already done (almost) everything we wanted to do here. We have pretty much covered all the topics, shared all the stories, written all the philosophical ramblings and shot all the pictures and videos we ever wanted. Sure, there are always more ideas one could pursue, but we won't be missing out on anything hugely important if we stop now.

We have made some good, dear friends in the kinky community with whom we will stay in touch. And who knows, we might still visit the occasional party or leave the occasional comment on someone else's blog. In all likelihood, we won't disappear from the Scene completely. But we are looking forward to going into retirement from blogging and making videos.

Closing down the blog not immediately, but in about three months' time will make for an even sadder farewell, in one way. At the same time, we think that it will be nice to have a final countdown instead of a sudden, sharp stop. It will give us time to say goodbye to you, our readers, properly, and you will have the time to say goodbye to us as well if you like. Moreover, we have a set of topics, picture posts and videos which we would still like to share with you. The blog will be much more active in its final few months than it has been recently. We plan on going out with a firework!

As we move into the last, exciting stretches of our journey, we would like to thank you, our readers, for having come along with us this far. It would not have been nearly as much fun as it was without your feedback, your support and your own kinky experiences which you shared with us. We hope that you will stay on for the remainder of the ride and enjoy it as much as we will. We're looking forward to giving Ludwig's and Kaelah's Rohrstock-Palast a magnificent, final hurrah!

Kaelah and Ludwig