Friday, February 28, 2014

Kaelah's Corner (Feb 2014):

(Thomas Rowlandson - Midshipman)

It's carnival! In Germany, carnival is of varying importance depending on the region you live in. In Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz, for instance, there is one party after the other, often employees get at least one day off and everyday life comes to a halt for several days. In other cities, like Munich, carnival plays a rather minor role. Still, I have seen people dressed up in costumes in the "village of millions" as well.

I haven't planned any carnival-related activities this year, but I have organized carnival parties with a bunch of female friends for some years. Nobody was forced to dress up, but some of the guests did. And we girls chose a motto beforehand and tailored fitting costumes (or, as in my case, paid someone to do the job). We even coreographed a dance for the party, of course also related to the motto. I have to admit that I don't always feel comfortable in all-female company, but we were a really great gang and being part of a group of similarly dressed up women was a lot of fun!

Which brings me to today's topic: Kink and dressing up. While I am not an avid roleplayer, dressing up and costumes still play an important role in my kink. First of all, I definitely have a uniform fetish! And I like spanking scenes to have at least a slight realistic touch to them which is why I prefer the actors to be dressed properly when watching spanking porn. For instance, I favour a realistic school uniform over the sexy variant with a mini-skirt.

If I could choose one costume that I would like to wear for a spanking scene, it would be an 18th century British Royal Navy uniform as shown in the picture above. It would be great to be either subjected to a caning or back whipping wearing that uniform, or to kiss the gunner's daughter. And of course I wouldn't mind to subject a willing victim to the same treatment. You can even buy realistic looking 18th century navy uniforms in some stores. Unfortunately, these uniforms are extremely expensive, so I have refrained from buying one so far. Well, maybe one day...

How about you? Does dressing up play a role in your kink? What would be your favourite costume if you could choose one? How would the scene for which you would use said costume look like? I look forward to reading about your fantasies in the comment section! For now, I wish you a happy carnival season. Alaaf and helau!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our New Whipping Bench

In my recent post The Perfect Whipping Bench I told you about my plan to build a whipping bench one day and how this whipping bench was supposed to look like. Today I want to tell you how I unexpectedly stumbled about the bench which I always had in mind in a furniture store. And of course you get to see pictures, too.

I was away on a seminar. On my way to the conference hotel I suddenly saw a furniture store that didn't only have nice wooden furniture but also furniture made of rattan. Now, I know that some fellow spankos bought their best rattan canes at furniture stores, so I decided to walk in and ask whether they had rattan sticks for "handicrafts".

The saleswoman didn't seem to be suspicious when I asked my question and fortunately she didn't ask me what kind of handicrafts, exactly, I needed the sticks for. But, alas,they did not have any small rattan canes, just thick bamboo sticks which, as the saleswoman informed me, were often bought by martial arts practitioners.

I thanked her and strolled through the store a bit, faking interest in the furniture they sold. The chairs and tables were nice, but I didn't really need any new stuff. I finally decided that it would be cool to take one of the thick bamboo sticks with me, even though they weren't really suitable as spanking implements. But I thought that I might use them for a fun spanking or at least some funny pictures.

So I went back to the saleswoman who was sitting next to the bamboo sticks, pointed at one of the sticks and asked her how heavy it was. She looked at me, stood up, lifted a high stool which was standing in front of the bamboo sticks and said: "It's not that heavy." I was stunned for a second, until I realised that she got my pointing wrong. I told her that I meant the bamboo stick and she gave me one to show me that they were rather light despite of their thickness.

I took at least an interested look at the stool she had been lifting and told her that it was of course nice, too. It was only supposed to be a polite gesture, but when my mind realised what my eyes saw it almost struck me like thunder. There was one part of the whipping bench I had always dreamed of. A high stool made of wood to bend over. Now my interest was genuine.

But the best part was yet to come. The saleswoman explained to me that they had a smaller variant of the same stool as well. When I turned around, there stood the small, fitting kneeling bench which I always wanted as a second part for my fantasy whipping bench.

The stools were made of beautiful acacia wood and they were even reduced in price. I wasn't 100 per cent sure about the height and whether Ludwig would like them as much as I did, but I couldn't take them with me on that day, anyway, because I had a train ride ahead of me. So I pulled myself together and bought the bamboo stick first. The saleswoman and I agreed that no-one would try to harass me as long as I carried that thing with me. I told the saleswoman that I would most probably come back soon with my boyfriend to take a closer look at the stools.

In the evening, I told Ludwig about my discovery. We decided to go on a shopping tour when we met for the Christmas and New Year holidays. And so we started a special trip a short time later.

In the store, it seemed at first as if they did not have any of the high stools left. We only saw small ones which were spread all over the store. But finally we found a high one, too, the last one in the store (it turned out that there would have been a few more in the storage, but not many, and we would have had to come back another day to get one of those).

I closely inspected the stool which of course included that I had to bend over it in order to see how the back and the lower side of the seat looked like. It turned out that the height of the two parts wasn't 100 per cent perfect for Ludwig and me, but that was a minor flaw that could be handled. Ludwig liked the look of the stools, too. All stools were looking slightly different, being made of pure natural wood. We chose a small one that fit our high stool, I paid for them and left the store with a very special Christmas present.

As you can see, we have not only tried our new bench already, we also used the opportunity after having filmed our LOL-Day clip to shoot pictures with cane marks in different positions. I hope you like them as much as I do.