Thursday, March 27, 2014

Looking for...

These are advertisements for a health campaign here in Germany. For those of you who don't have a clue what is going on, the pictures show people looking for their vaccination record.

But honestly, is that the first thought that crosses your mind when looking at the pictures? I certainly have associations of a very different kind...

A nice collection of good-looking female and male bottoms, isn't it? Oh, and the dog is of course cute, too.

Who says that health campaigns can't be fun and nice to look at?!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Farewell to Prefect

Prefectdt aka Spanked Hortic made his last blog post last Sunday. Blogs constantly come and go in the online spanking community, so I don't usually write a farewell to one. Frankly, with many blogs, I don't even notice their demise. Prefect is an exception, however, and I am dedicating today's post to him.

Prefect's blog was one of the oldest in the online spanking community. Launched in July 2007, it was half a year older than my own, similarly white-bearded web presence. For six years and eight months, Prefect posted continuously, which as I can tell you from personal experience is no easy feat. Content-wise, I loved how Prefect always exuded a sense of fun and enthusiasm about spanking. Some spankos can appear a tad pompous when writing about their very own personal kink and tastes. By contast, I found Prefect's easygoing attitude and self-deprecating humour refreshing. I always found something on his blog that made me smile, whether it was a funny remark on a drawing, one of his "thoughts of the week" or some other amusing little tidbit. I also enjoyed Prefect's Kinky Island Discs series a lot, to which I had the pleasure of contributing an episode.

Last but not least, Prefect was one of the most loyal long-term readers of Rohrstock-Palast. He commented on my very first post back in January 2008 and has been there for every step of the way since. When Kaelah and I invited our readers to make a vote on an upcoming video, he could usually be found on the F/M side (bastard!). Over the years, Prefect left dozens and dozens of comments here. Many more than I had the time to leave on his blog, but I was a regular reader at least.

Kaelah and I were dismayed to learn the news about Prefect's troubles with his eyesight, the main reason for him closing his blog. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope that the condition will improve or at least not get any worse. And we send him our very best wishes for the future, both in kinky endeavours and non-kinky ones.

Farewell, dear friend!