Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Kaelah's Corner (Feb 2021):
Trying Out New Kinks

Welcome to another belated edition of Kaelah's Corner. The pandemic still has us in its grip (I just mistakenly wrote in tits grip, whatever that means ;-) ). I came to realise that Covid-19 doesn't only affect our private lives and kink, but of course the businesses of kinky sex workers and producers, too.

Some of them have made a virtue out of necessity and have begun to shoot more solo material and use the more intimate setting to try out new kinks. Among them are Ariel Anderssen (aka Amelia-Jane Rutherford) and Leia-Ann Woods. Pandora / Blake also had to find new ways to make clips for Dreams Of Spanking. And among their new clips there are a few solo ones as well.

My own fantasies don't always revolve around CP any more, either, but also around more BDSMy and more explicit things. I suppose it's nothing I really want to try out for real, but it is fun to play around with the idea of having sex in front of others or with a group of women in my fantasies.

And so I also enjoy watching more explicit stuff nowadays. One kink that especially caught my interest when looking through Leia-Ann's new videos was humping things / grinding. Funnily, Pandora / Blake just put up a new video which involves that as well. Of course that kink is predestined for solo videos – and for solo action at home.

Now, in stressful times, I am unfortunately very rarely in the mood for anything sexual. But one evening when I had the equally rare situation of being all alone in front of my computer, looking at some kinky videos made me want to experiment a bit with a table, too. And indeed I found it a very satisfying experience.

The day after I told Ludwig about it, and he was very eager to watch when I experimented the next time. I was a bit unsure at first – it's already hard for me to get into the right headspace when I am alone nowadays, having my husband watch is not something that makes it easier (when I am playing out scenarios with spectators in my head, they are all fictional and nameless). Fortunately Ludwig understands that – he completely loses his focus when I try watching him going solo, too.

But a few days later I gave it a try, nonetheless, and while it was a bit more difficult to get in the right headspace, it worked. And so I got to share my new experiments with Ludwig, and he enjoyed watching my sexual self which comes out so rarely these days.

It made me think about what the fellow kinksters among us who are solo do in these times. Is trying out new things and maybe sharing them with play partners via video a way to get through this pandemic? Experiences, anyone?

Monday, February 1, 2021

Kaelah's Corner (Jan 2021):
Helping Out With a Topic

Yesterday in the midst of bringing our kids to bed, Ludwig and I met in the bathroom while the little ones were still running through the house. "I am so tired," I told Ludwig, "but there is still so much to do. And it's the last day of the month, so I should also write a Kaelah's Corner post. But I haven't even got a topic!"

Ludwig, who had been brushing his hair, didn't hesitate a moment. He took his wooden brush and slapped my bottom with it several times over my pyjamas. Then he grinned with satisfaction. "Now you've got a topic," he announced, "my pleasure." And with that he went back to business. That's Ludwig – never too busy to lend a helping hand! ;-)

About one hour and a long good night ritual including a huge tantrum by a tired kid later, I found myself lying in bed, so tired that I fell asleep together with our little ones, as I do so often these days. So no post was published that day after all.

Today I had a long working day and when I came down for supper it was a bit later than usual. During supper, Ludwig suddenly said: "You've been late for supper again without giving me a quick heads-up. So I'll give you another topic for a post. Isn't that great?"

He smiled. And then he laughed about the angry glances I shot at him. Ludwig knows exactly that I'm not into domestic discipline and he loves to chaff me about it. Actually Ludwig isn't into the real thing, either, but finds the idea of using real topics for play sessions appealing, no matter whether as top or bottom.

Now, some hours later, it is Ludwig who has fallen asleep together with the little ones. And so I am sitting here alone in front of my computer without getting the announced – no, not punishment (I leave that to your kinky fantasy, in case you're into that kind of storyline) – massage for my hurting shoulders Ludwig wanted to give me.

But at least I have managed to write a post despite my tiredness! And I've got a topic, or at least a question: "What was the most impressive, the funniest or otherwise most memorable spanking quickie you've ever experienced?"

Please stay safe and healthy, everyone. I hope in a few months we will have made it through the worst part of this exhausting pandemic!

Monday, January 25, 2021

Thirteenth Blogiversary

“Man plans, and God laughs.” Even though I’m an atheist, the meaning of this old Yiddish saying resonates with me: life is full of uncertainty. This was especially true in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted all our lives.

Thankfully, Kaelah and I were able to deal with it relatively well. As parents of two young children, we didn’t have much of a social life in recent years, even before the pandemic. So that wasn’t really new for us. We were also used to working from home already. As a result, we were relatively well prepared for the new situation. Still, the last ten months have been quite stressful and taxing for us, as they undoubtedly were for all of you.

Returning to blogging or editing kinky videos wasn’t an option for me under the circumstances. There simply wasn’t enough time, and even if there had been, I probably wouldn’t have been in the right mood for kinky writing or kinky filmmaking. Kaelah continued to keep the blog going on a semi-regular basis, and that was all we were able to do.

The COVID-19 pandemic reminds us what is really important in life, and needless to say, there are more important things than BDSM – in order to have a healthy and fulfilling sex life, you have to be healthy in the first place. So, I hope that you are all doing okay, that you stay safe and that you aren’t suffering from cabin fever quite yet. Let’s hope that we can all return to some semblance of normalcy over the course of 2021.

In any case, since I started this blog on 25th January 2008, today is my thirteenth blogiversary. I’m using this occasion to give you a quick heads-up, and basically, everything I wrote this time last year still applies: as soon as I get enough time, I’m going to write a couple of posts which I still need to write in order to tie up some loose ends, and I’m going to edit and publish a couple of videos which Kaelah and I have already shot. I can’t promise you when that will be, but I can promise you that we won’t close down the blog until everything is finished. We also still have a major F/M video to shoot, and I hope to get that done sometime this year as well.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves, and hang in there. I’m optimistic that the COVID-19 situation is going to improve significantly in the coming months, due to warmer weather and mass vaccinations. And hopefully, we will all be able to go back to doing the things we like – including BDSM and blogging.