Friday, April 2, 2021

Kaelah's Corner (Mar 2021):
The Curtain Stick

While working through old stuff some days ago, Ludwig and I came across an old curtain stick (not a curtain rod, but a kind of stick used to open and close the curtain). Of course, Ludwig had the same thought that probably most of our readers would have. He called me with a glee in his eyes and said: "Bend over. I have to try this."


Being the obedient and submissive wife that I am, I of course did as he told me. Ludwig took aim, swung back his arm, I heard a swoosh, a crack – and jumped up with a surprised "Ouch!" because the stick had left an unexpectedly sharp pain on my right buttock. "Are you nuts?", I snapped (okay, maybe I am not so submissive after all), "that thing stings like hell, even over my trousers – plus, you only hit my right buttock!" For some reason Ludwig didn't seem to have much pity for me. Quite the contrary, he somehow looked rather content.


"Now I want to try that, too, just so that you know how much this thing hurts," I said, and took the stick out of Ludwig's hands. "Okay," he sighed, and bent over. I took aim, trying to cover both buttocks with the plastic stick and not to hurt Ludwig with the broader handle. I swung back and hit Ludwig's backside a little bit too high for my taste. It didn't seem to bother him, though. As a matter of fact he didn't seem to be impressed by the stroke at all.


"Damn, I am out of practice! My aim was to high, I have to try that again," I exclaimed. "Hey, why do I get more strokes?" Ludwig protested. But he let me try again, two times. My aim got better, but for some reason Ludwig seemed to be much less impressed by the tool than I had been. "It's not that bad," he told me. Maybe I was going too soft? Slightly irritated and a bit disappointed, I gave up. My aim wasn't good enough for harder strokes, and maybe Ludwig simply was tougher than me.

A while later I was in the bedroom, took down my pants and looked into the mirror. And what did I see? I called Ludwig and showed him the marks, or, rather, the single mark on my right buttock. It looked like a mark from a broader kind of cane. "Oh, nice," Ludwig exclaimed. "But why is it only on my right buttock?" I asked. Then it came to me.



"You hit me with the handle, didnt't you?" I asked Ludwig. "Yes, of course!" he said. "But the handle is too broad and too heavy. I did my best NOT to hit you with it," I protested. "I thought it was a bit like the tip of a riding crop," Ludwig explained, "so I had to try it out." "Try it out on YOUR bottom the next time!" I grumbled. But I had to admit that the mark left by the handle was beautiful. And at least now the riddle was solved where the sharp pain on my right buttock came from and why Ludwig had been so unimpressed by the curtain stick.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to take a picture that day. But when I looked into the mirror the next morning, I realised that the mark still looked almost like it had the evening before. It hadn't become much paler, and the skin hadn't turned blue, either. So I used the opportunity to make a picture for you.

Despite the nice mark, the curtain stick won't stay with us. It simply isn't really suitable as a spanking implement. But at least we now have a picture to commemorate it. And with that we wish all of you, who celebrate it, a Happy Easter. And a happy rabbit feast to all of you from your friendly atheists.


Rich Person said...

I've used a curtain stick before, but ours don't have those kinds of handles. They are just long, plastic sticks (with a hook at the end to attach to the turn handle for the curtains). It's like a plastic cane, and it can leave a serious mark. Thanks for the story and pictures.


That was very naughty on Ludwig ;) Sounds like you had fun in the end though


Val said...

Pretty mark, very glad to see good habits being cultivated. Very homey feeling, what with a home decorating implement - then again, so are the wooden handles of dusters, and so on.
Thank you for posting the pic, what an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Lovely bottom young lady , I would love to be able to look down at that bottom over my knees . Thank you for the post

Paddle Daddy

Anonymous said...


Your bottom is as beautiful as ever. Thank you as always. A question I have wanted to ask for a long time; seasoned players seem, when they have a choice, to always go for heavy thuddy rather than light whippy. See Amelia Jane and Pandora in the fund raiser for Backlash for example. No scene, Amelia in particular deliberately avoiding being in character and therefore having the caning she wanted. (Way too severe for my liking as it happens.) Am I right in that observation and is there a reason? Whether top or bottom I prefer the more flexible and therefore usually lighter cane. Ideally a classic school cane with crook handle.

I will be spending time in Bavaria quite soon. Work elated so allowable as we understand it at present. I was wondering whether you could give me any pointers (local knowledge) on how to connect with either professional ladies or clubs that cater to our taste in the area?

Kind regards

Simply Red

Kaelah said...

@ Rich Person:
Your specimen sounds mean, too! I think I'd rather go for wood than plastic... :-)

@ Prefectdt:
Yes, I had, especially when taking the picture!

@ Val:
Wooden handles of dusters, that sounds like a nice idea! ;-)

@ Paddle Daddy:
Welcome, and thanks for your kind comment! I'm actually not so young anymore, but it's very nice to hear... :-)

@ Simply Red:
I'm not sure how the majority of the bottoms feel about sting vs thud, but for some reason I am also on the thuddy side.. As a top, I can see the appeal of a lighter and more flexible cane, too, though, and as a bottom I see the advantage of not having marks which go so deep that they last extremely long! I hope you have a wonderful time in Germany and I've sent you an e-mail regarding your question.