Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Jun 2020):
An Unexpected Pervertible

Wow, it is summer already! I hope you are all happy and healthy, in spite of the disease that seems to stay with us much longer than we would have liked it to.

A few weeks ago, Ludwig and I helped tear out a few doors in an old building, including the doorframes. Since we aren't used to that kind of work, it took us a moment to find out what the best technique was, but after a while we became quite fast.

We put the parts of the door cases on one pile in order for them to be brought to the civic amenity site later. When we did that, we also removed the rubber inner door seals, so that the different types of trash could later be put into separate containers.

Suddenly, Ludwig took a closer look at the seals. He wrapped the end of one of them around his hand and began to swing it like a whip. "Hey look, that's nice, isn't it," he exclaimed. I came over and took a closer look, too. "Hmm, interesting indeed," I stated. Of course I offered my bottom for a little tryout and I have to admit that I liked the feel! Thuddy with a bit of sting, not too painful (when used with medium force over the trousers), yet enough to get into the mood. And even though they don't look very elegant, I somehow also liked the sight of the door seal used as a spanking implement. Maybe because I have a thing for industrial art...

Of course I couldn't resist giving Ludwig a friendly smack with one seal, too. As a spanker, I like that you can use them in different ways. When you shorten them by wrapping  them around the hand several times, they are quite easy to handle. If you leave them long, they are a bit like a long single tail whip, though, and I think it takes some practice to handle them properly.

Ludwig and I suddenly realised, though, that although there was no one around us in the house, the windows didn't have any closed curtains and people on the street could look inside. Fortunately it was a quiet neighbourhood and we were quite positive that nobody had observed our shenanigans. However, this clearly wasn't the right place for a bare bottom test!

Maybe we will get a specimen and try it at home, though. Has anyone among you ever used an inner door seal made of rubber as a pervertible spanking implement? Did you like it? And what was the craziest / funniest / best pervertible implement you ever came across? I'm curious to hear your stories in the comment section!