Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kaelah's Corner (Nov 2016):
Wanna Know

It's the end of November and the LOL Day celebrations are over. We had fourteen commenters and eight first-time commenters among them! Welcome and thank you very much to all of you who kindly stopped by. I am already busy writing the promised tailor-made spanking story based on your word suggestions. It will be published in December, most probably in several parts, since it already has more than 3,000 words!

The only fly in the ointment for me about this year's LOL Day was that we didn't hear from any new readers of our blog who aren't already blog owners themselves. It seems that LOL Day nowadays is more of a blog hop event for the active members of the kinky online community instead of a Global Day of Delurk for those who have been nothing but silent blog readers so far. Don't get me wrong – it's not that I am not happy to hear from fellow bloggers. That's a nice opportunity to find new blogs I haven't been aware of and to talk to members of our community whom I have never talked to before!

I just hope that all the comments from active members of the online spanking community don't keep any newbies from commenting. That would make me sad. So, if you are a silent reader who decided not to leave a comment because you had the feeling that one already has to be someone with a lot of experience or even one's own blog – believe me, that is not the case!

When I wrote my very first comment on this blog (under the nickname K'Ehleyr), I had just found out about spanking and spanking blogs some months earlier and I had no personal experience with erotic spanking whatsoever. Ludwig was all the more flattered when he read my first comment and a short time later received an email from me, because he knew it was a sign of trust that I had chosen him and his blog to come out of the shadows and learn more about the subject.

In my email conversation with Ludwig I asked many questions about erotic spanking and his experiences with it. I had read his blog but his posts hadn't covered all the topics that interested me as a newbie. It was wonderful to have someone experienced who could answer my personal questions, tell me about his kinky journey and make a few suggestions how mine could possibly continue.

Today, Ludwig and I have already covered many, many kinky subjects on this blog. But, hey, most people don't have the time to read through all of our posts in order to find a certain topic they might be interested in.

And so, I would like to use this month's Kaelah's Corner post in a special way. No matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced spanko, no matter whether you are a diligent commenter on our blog or have never left a comment before: Is there any question about erotic spanking, us or our kinky journey which you would like to ask Ludwig and me? If so, please leave a comment and tell me about your question. You can of course also write me an email, in case you don't feel comfortable commenting on a blog.

I don't have a clue whether there will be any questions at all. Maybe we don't have any readers (anymore) who would like to ask a question, since this blog already exists for so many years and might not be that interesting to new readers for it is only updated about once every two weeks nowadays. But if there is a topic on your mind which you would like to discuss, please feel free to write a comment!

One final remark: As you know, Ludwig and I are very open about our kinky experiences and our life as a spanko couple, but we are very careful about protecting our privacy otherwise. So there might be questions which we consider too private to answer. Please don't take it personally if we should have to refuse to answer a certain question because of privacy issues.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Global Day(s) Of Delurk 2016

Welcome, dear readers, to this year's Love Our Lurkers Day(s), or the Global Day(s) of Delurk as we like to call the event on this blog. This is the day on which we would like to invite all our silent readers to say hello. Thanks to Hermione who organises and hosts the event!

You don't have to tell us any more about yourself than you feel comfortable with, you don't have to write a very long or special comment and of course you don't have to (and our recommendation is that you really shouldn't) use your real name. If you are interested in erotic spanking and like our blog, we would be very happy to hear from you! It's always great to hear that there are people out there who enjoy what we are doing here. So please feel very welcome to leave a short comment and say hi. We don't bite!

To increase the fun, there is a little additional incentive! We would like to repeat something we already did once back in 2010. I'm is going to write a tailor-made spanking story for you which will most probably turn out to be quite strange and chaotic. The reason is that every lurker who makes his (or her) first comment today (or, rather, until Sunday 20th 23:59:59 German time) can contribute five words which will then be included in the story. They can be random words of your choice, or a phrase. The only thing that matters is that the maximum number of words is five. And if you are a regular commenter already, you can still contribute two words to the story. I'm looking forward to your creative choices!

As the long-time readers among you know, Ludwig and I got to know each other on LOL-Day 2008 when I left my first-ever comment on this blog. A short time later, we started exchanging e-mails and finally decided to meet in person. I asked Ludwig to introduce me to the world of erotic spanking – which he gladly did. While our common kink was what brought us together in the first place, we soon realised that we had much more to share with each other. And so we fell in love and became a couple.

This is our first LOL-Day as a married couple. In a way, this is all Bonnie's fault – after all, she was the one who invented the LOL-Day tradition. :-) So our special thanks go to her! Unfortunately we don't have the time to update our blog more than about twice a month right now, but we still try to provide you with a mixture of thought-provoking posts, free pictures and videos and write-ups of our own kinky experiences. And we hope you still enjoy reading our blog. We also don't manage to comment much on other blogs – so I guess we will use this occasion to write a few comments and let fellow bloggers know we are still reading!

Over the years, we have had quite a few readers who took the plunge on LOL-Day and wrote their first comment on our blog. Some just said hi, some shared a bit more about themselves and their kinky interests. Some commenters were very new to our blog, some had already been reading it for years. Some had made their own experiences with erotic spanking, some had just started gathering information about it and some enjoyed reading about erotic spanking without practising it. Some readers just left that one single comment and fell silent again afterwards. Others became regular commenters. And some even started exchanging e-mails with us and we even had the chance to meet the one or other in person.

No matter what – we cherished every comment we got. Because, as you surely can imagine, it can be boring and tough to take a lot of time to write a post without getting much response. We find interaction much more interesting than just sharing our thoughts with a silent mass, not knowing whether anyone found one of our philosophical ramblings enlightening or one of our free videos sexy or a post about one of our private exploits entertaining. And so we would also love to use this occasion to thank all readers who ever left a comment on our blog!

But of course, not everyone feels comfortable leaving a comment on a blog, no matter how short or anonymous. And we know that there are people who have diligently read our blog for many years without ever commenting. So, while we only know from the stats that you are out there and unfortunately don't know what makes and keeps you reading our blog, we still want to thank you for having accompanied us in the past weeks, months or even years! A Happy LOL-Day to all of you!