Thursday, December 31, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Dec 2020):
New Year's Fireworks

I hope you all had happy holidays, despite these unusual and difficult times. 2020 has been a very strange year due to Covid-19. For many people at least here in Germany, New Year's Eve will be different, too. Selling fireworks was banned, and in many places making fireworks won't be allowed, either. The reasons are to prevent accidents, since the emergency rooms in the hospitals are needed for Covid patients, and to prevent big groups of drunk people standing together without wearing masks and keeping enough distance to each other. Furthermore, only two households are allowed to spend the evening together, with a maximum of five adults.

Interestingly, for Ludwig and me, both restrictions don't make much of a difference. Maybe that says something about how boring we have become! Anyway, we are looking forward to a nice dinner in a very small circle. And the restrictions gave me inspiration for a little story:

She stood by the window and looked outside into the dark. It was twelve minutes to midnight. He stepped behind her and took her into his arms. "What's up. You're looking sad. Are you thinking about the parting year? Or maybe about the upcoming one?"

She sighed and shook her head. "No, I was just thinking about how New Year's Eve is so different this year from how it used to be. No friends, just the two of us sitting on the couch all evening, watching TV." She turned her head. "Don't get me wrong, I love to be with you. But New Year's Eve used to be so special – the laughter, the party games, all those crazy things we did together. And then we went upstairs on the roof terrace to watch the fireworks lighting the whole city. All the cracking, whooshing and swishing, and the colours – red and blue and green. I miss that!" She hung her head.

He patted her head and for a moment they stood there in silence. Suddenly he stood up straight, though, and turned her around. "I've got an idea! We might not be allowed to meet all of our friends or to have any fireworks, but I think I will be able to give you some of the things you might be missing!" He took her by the hand and dragged her upstairs. He then sent her to the roof terrace and told her he would come in a minute.

She went outside, wondering what he was up to, and the cool air instantly made her feel better. A minute later he came, holding a notebook in his hand. He put it down on the table in front of her and she saw that he had started a video conference with two of the couples they were friends with. Bill and Macy as well as Steve and Sandra waved at her from their couches. She smiled and waved back.

Suddenly she heard his voice behind her. "Carol is missing you and all the cracking and swooshing and the shining red and blue colours on New Year's Eve," he said to their friends on the monitor. "And so I thought I might give her some of that for a happy start into the new year! - What's the time?" "11:58!" their friends replied in a chorus.

"Than it's time to get ready for the fireworks!" he exclaimed and presented a cane he had been hiding behind his back. "Drop your pants, honey!" For a moment she was speechless. She looked at him and then at their friends in disbelief. Suddenly it dawned her – he had chosen two special couples out of their numerous friends. The two whom they knew to be as kinky as them! They had never done any kinky play together, though. Only lately had they started talking about the possibility that they might, maybe, one day ...

Finally she found her voice again. "I don't know ..." she said, suddenly feeling very insecure. "But I do, trust me," she heard his warm, reassuring voice from behind. On the screen she looked into four encouraging and obviously delighted faces. "But the neighbours ..." she started. "... can't see us up here and won't be able to hear us, either – at least if you aren't too vocal," he ended her sentence.

One more time she looked at him and on the screen and with an "Okay, screw it!" she started opening the buttons of the tight jeans she was wearing. As she pulled down her jeans and then her red panties, she realised that her fingers were shaking and her heart was racing. She didn't have much time to think, though, because her friends started shouting the countdown for the new year, while at the same time she felt the cane softly tapping her naked behind. "Ten … nine … eight … seven … six … five … four … three … two … one ... Happy New Year!"

And with those words very special fireworks started to greet the new year. With cracking, whooshing and swishing; and with colours – bright red and a little bit of blue. Together with their friends who were watching with glee! And after that, the funny and crazy games went on – apart from their friends and yet closer and more intimate than they had been before. A promising start into the new year!

With that Ludwig and I wish all of you a wonderful New Year's Eve and a great start into a happy and healthy New Year!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Nov 2020):
An Awful Day

It was an awful day. He sat in the kitchen, totally tired, not having slept well, and drank a cup of coffee that definitely was too thin for his taste. When he looked outside, he saw – absolutely nothing! It was still completely dark, although it was a quarter past seven already, as his watch told him. Time to hurry up. The newspaper hadn't been in the letter box, so his morning ritual was screwed, anyway. He poured away the rest of his coffee, rinsed his cup and put it into the dish washer.

On soft feet he walked through the hall, not wanting to wake his wife, who had been working late shift and had a day off today. He put on his right boot, only to realise that the left one was missing. He searched the whole wardrobe, but couldn't find it. Obviously, the crazy dog had once again taken and hidden one of his shoes. Mumbling curses, he put on his summer shoes instead, knowing that his feet would be extra cold in them. Yep, it definitely was a crappy day!

And it wasn't supposed to get any better. He shuddered when he thought about the extra long meeting with his whole team that lay before him. How much he wanted to get back into bed and cuddle with his wife instead! But of course that wasn't an option, so he put on his warmest coat and hat, grabbed his briefcase and opened the front door.

As he stepped out, he was welcomed by an ice cold breeze and saw that a freezing rain had set in as well. Of course it had, because this was possibly the most f...ed up day ever! He grunted with disgust, grabbed his briefcase harder, pulled his hat deeper into his face and determinedly started his way to the bus stop.

He didn't get very far, though, because before he had even taken a single step down to the front garden, his right foot hit something hard. He looked down and saw – his missing boot! He picked it up. It was freezing cold and much heavier than it used to be. He reached into it, and when he pulled out his hand again, it was filled with chocolate and nuts.

It took him a second to realise what was going on, but then a childlike smile appeared across his face. It was St Nicholas' Day! The last time his boots were filled with chocolate, fruits and nuts on St Nicholas' Day must have been about twenty years ago. But this year, someone apparently had put in a good word for him with St Nicholas – and he already knew who it had been! He put his briefcase aside and carefully carried the boot back into the house.

Well, at least that was what he intended to do, when his gaze fell onto another item lying on the ground. For a moment, he stood rooted to the ground, unable to take his eyes away. He then exhaled, put the boot down again, and reached for his new finding. Cautiously he held it in his hands and curiously looked at it from all sides.

It was indeed a birch! And not a fake one, but a real, heavy, freshly cut birch! He smelled the fresh wood and admired how beautifully the birch was tied with a red ribbon. Never in his life had he held a real birch before, and he was surprised by how heavy it was. Then he saw the little note that stuck in the ribbon. He pulled it out and opened it. It read: "For a nicely naughty boy." Now he felt warm despite the cold air and his thin shoes, and there were butterflies in his stomach.

For a minute, his head was filled with hundreds of pictures and emotions. Then he returned to reality, becoming aware that it still was a working day and that he really had to hurry up now if he didn't want to be late for his meeting. So, he took up his boot and carried both, the boot and the birch, into the hall.

As he stood there, thinking about where to put his findings, he felt that someone was looking down at him from upstairs. And indeed, it was his wife, wearing cozy pyjamas. She smiled at him, then looked at his shoes. "You'll better take the boots, it's really cold outside," she said. He nodded, carefully poured the goodies out of his boot on the small front hall table, lay the birch down next to them and exchanged the summer shoes for his boots. "Now go, you're late already. Have a wonderful day – and don't come home too late!" - "I certainly won't."

With a smile, he turned around and left the house. The freezing rain had turned into snow. He quickly walked to the bus stop, enjoying the lights that were beautifully reflected by the white snow. The air was fresh, and he was comfortably warm in his coat, hat and boots. He had just reached the bus stop when the bus came around the corner.

He decided to make a small stop at the bakery next to his office and get some Danish pastry for his colleagues. Lately, he hadn't had the time to talk to many of them, at least apart from coordinating deadlines. Their team building meeting would surely be nice. And then he would do something he hadn't done in ages, either – leave the office early.

This really was a wonderful day, maybe the most wonderful day ever!

Friday, November 20, 2020

Global Day of Delurk 2020

It is “Love Our Lurkers Day” again. Or, as Kaelah and I like to call it, the “Global Day of Delurk”. Over time, LOL Day has become a venerable tradition among spanking bloggers like us. I believe the first LOL Day was 14 years ago, and I’ve been participating on each and every occasion since 2008.

Back then, in 2008, I was writing this blog on my own. On LOL Day, Kaelah was among the “delurkers” who posted a comment for the first time (using the nickname “K’Ehleyr”). She had just begun exploring her fascination with erotic spanking and BDSM, and it wasn’t just her first comment on my blog, but on any spanking blog. Those of you who are familiar with our blog know the story that follows: Kaelah and I started e-mailing each other and then meeting face to face, I initiated her into the world of spanking and CP, we quickly became a couple, and we’ve been together ever since. Fast forward eleven-and-a-half years, and we are married and have children. It is quite an amazing story, really.

Today, kink isn’t as important to us as it used to be. There usually isn’t any time for it, what with the responsibilities of parenthood, and besides, we already had our fair share of adventures in the first couple of years when we were together (like attending BDSM parties in Las Vegas, or shooting spanking porn videos with Pandora Blake). But, we still keep the blog going with a couple of posts per year (more precisely, Kaelah keeps it going, since she is doing most of the writing). And there is still some stuff we plan to publish before we call it a day.

Since the blog has been on the backburner for quite a few years now, I wonder if we still have any silent readers left at all? If we do, and if you are one of those “lurkers” who never dared to leave a comment, we would be delighted if you use this occasion to step out of the shadows. That’s what Love Our Lurkers Day is all about. Don’t be shy – you are among like-minded kinksters here! Just say hello and let us know you’re there. Or, if you like, tell us a little bit about yourself, about what got you into spanking/corporal punishment/BDSM in the first place, and how you discovered this blog.

We look forward to hearing from you. And if you are a long-time commenter, your are welcome to say hello as well, of course. Have a great LOL Day, everyone!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Sep 2020):
Watching New Spanking Porn

(All pictures courtesy of Dreams Of Spanking)
While erotic spanking doesn't occupy as much time in my life anymore as it once did, I still sometimes discover something that catches my interest. And so I have recently been watching several new spanking films published by Dreams of Spanking.

One film especially caught my eye – and the long-time readers among you won't be surprised by which one it was. It's a guest director film, produced by Charlie Forrest, who also is the bottom in the scene with Blake being the top. It is called A Spot of Bother and it's a queer M/M scenario in a historical setting.

Charlie Forrest plays Blake's manservant who has been arrested for getting into a fight. Not because he is generally a rude person or because he was drunk and lost control, but because he wanted to defend Mr Blake and so did the wrong thing for noble reasons.

Still Mr Blake - who has to bail his butler out of prison - can't let his behaviour go unpunished, knowing that he would beat himself up for it for a long time to come. And so after a short warm-up with the hand, it's the ritual six of the best with the cane plus one more. After that it is time to call the case closed and go on to the lighter things in life.

What do I like about the movie? Well, the M/M constellation, the historical setting, the fact that both bottom and top are and behave like men of honour, the consensual ritual caning and, of course, the humour. Plus, with that haircut Blake looks a bit like Wesley Crusher - which is a special bonus!

How about you? Have you been watching any new, interesting kinky porn lately? Please feel invited to share your findings and recommendations in the comments section!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Aug 2020):
Eleventh Blogiversary

It's hard to believe, but now it is only one year to go for twelve of the best. Eleven years ago, I was still very new to the world of spanking and had just become Ludwig's mate when I wrote my first-ever post on this blog, titled A Very Warm Welcome. Publishing that post and receiving so many nice comments was a very thrilling experience!

I was hooked and what followed were several years of very intense blogging and a wonderful time in which Ludwig and I explored our erotic kink, met like-minded people around the world, shot a lot of spanking pictures and even published several videos. While we both had our obligations, we were still quite independent and enjoyed our time as a couple, almost a bit like teenagers.

Today our leisure time is rare and as parents of two little ones kink isn't the centre of our relationship anymore (luckily it never was the only one, but it used to be a more important part than it is now). I don't care, though, because to everything there's a season and I've got all those memories and the accompanying blog posts to look back on.

I've received very kind comments, chatted with very nice fellow kinksters, learned more about myself and even had the chance to meet some commenters and fellow bloggers in person. Thanks a lot to all of you who have accompanied Ludwig and me during those years!

And – despite the lack of time this blog is still alive. Maybe not for so many more years to come, but I am quite confident that I will make it to twelve of the best. And while kink doesn't play such a major role in our life anymore, it still comes up from time to time. For instance, I recently watched a spanking video which I enjoyed very much. I'll tell you more about it in another post!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Jul 2020):
A Focusing Spanking

As I mentioned several times in my recent posts, spare time is rare for Ludwig and me nowadays. But sometimes, in the late evening, we have (or rather, take) an hour or two just for the two of us, to talk, relax and / or share some more intimate moments.

We decided to do the latter a few days ago, but as you can imagine, it can be hard to find the right focus, given that we had had a stressful day. And so this time it was Ludwig who found it difficult to find the right erotic mindset - and to remain in it - to enjoy the attention I was giving him. Understandably, he was a bit frustrated about that.

So I kindly (and totally altruistically) offered my help to get him more focused on the right topic. Ludwig told me he wasn't really convinced that what I had in mind would be of any help at all, but despite his doubts he climbed over my lap. And so I gave him a hard hand spanking, enjoying the sound of my hand making sharp contact with his naked bottom, Ludwig's wincing and teeth gritting and the sight of his formerly pale behind turning more and more red.

Afterwards my hand was probably hurting as much as Ludwig's bottom. But I didn't mind. And Ludwig – well, the spanking didn't turn him on when it was happening (it never does), but it obviously helped him to get into the right fantasies afterwards. And so he could enjoy the rest of our couple time much more than before the spanking.

I love to be helpful like that! :-)

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Jun 2020):
An Unexpected Pervertible

Wow, it is summer already! I hope you are all happy and healthy, in spite of the disease that seems to stay with us much longer than we would have liked it to.

A few weeks ago, Ludwig and I helped tear out a few doors in an old building, including the doorframes. Since we aren't used to that kind of work, it took us a moment to find out what the best technique was, but after a while we became quite fast.

We put the parts of the door cases on one pile in order for them to be brought to the civic amenity site later. When we did that, we also removed the rubber inner door seals, so that the different types of trash could later be put into separate containers.

Suddenly, Ludwig took a closer look at the seals. He wrapped the end of one of them around his hand and began to swing it like a whip. "Hey look, that's nice, isn't it," he exclaimed. I came over and took a closer look, too. "Hmm, interesting indeed," I stated. Of course I offered my bottom for a little tryout and I have to admit that I liked the feel! Thuddy with a bit of sting, not too painful (when used with medium force over the trousers), yet enough to get into the mood. And even though they don't look very elegant, I somehow also liked the sight of the door seal used as a spanking implement. Maybe because I have a thing for industrial art...

Of course I couldn't resist giving Ludwig a friendly smack with one seal, too. As a spanker, I like that you can use them in different ways. When you shorten them by wrapping  them around the hand several times, they are quite easy to handle. If you leave them long, they are a bit like a long single tail whip, though, and I think it takes some practice to handle them properly.

Ludwig and I suddenly realised, though, that although there was no one around us in the house, the windows didn't have any closed curtains and people on the street could look inside. Fortunately it was a quiet neighbourhood and we were quite positive that nobody had observed our shenanigans. However, this clearly wasn't the right place for a bare bottom test!

Maybe we will get a specimen and try it at home, though. Has anyone among you ever used an inner door seal made of rubber as a pervertible spanking implement? Did you like it? And what was the craziest / funniest / best pervertible implement you ever came across? I'm curious to hear your stories in the comment section!

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Mai 2020):
Relaxation Spanking As A Bottom

When I wrote about the question of topping as a way to relax in my last Kaelah's Corner post, I mentioned that Ludwig and I are having lots of stress recently and that Ludwig therefore might want to try giving a spanking to reduce his own stress. But, as I continued: Unfortunately, I'm in stress, too, and in my case that means that I am not really in the mood for receiving a spanking. But we might give it a try, once my mood has changed.

That statement led to an interesting reply by Domhnall the Second, which made me think about how spanking works for me and what might be different from how it works for others. Domhnall the Second commented: I have always, and I do mean always, found that a spanking is extremely effective in relieving stress and brightening my mood. So I was puzzled by your statement that you were going to wait for your mood to change before you give spanking a try. I mean this most respectfully but I believe you have that reversed.

I think what Domhnall the Second describes is how spanking works for many bottoms. I've read many accounts of spanking play in which the spankees described how receiving a spanking relaxes and grounds them. I guess the endorphins play as much of a role here as the psychological effect of giving up control and letting go.

Now, as the long-time readers among you know, I never was into giving up control. I have always been topping from the bottom. Plus, I have never experienced that endorphin high many spankees describe after a particularly long or severe spanking. I often have felt content (and then in a way also calm) after a more severe scene, but that was because of my brave girl kink and as close to relaxation as I could get (in a meditative kind of way). I think that's best displayed in the Final Test video we've made with Dreams of Spanking.

In my opinion spanking has always worked for me in two or maybe three ways: When I am sexually aroused being spanked fits (or, maybe has fitted, more about that in another post) my sexual fantasies. So, spanking has often worked for me as part of a sexual experience. But I have to be aroused right from the beginning for the spanking to do its magic. Plus, there's my brave girl kink and my exhibitionistic streak that made me want to be praised by Ludwig and accepted in the spanking community for being able to take a rather severe spanking. In that case, enduring a spanking has made me proud and content. Since I don't have the feeling that I have to prove anything to anyone in that regard anymore, though, that motivation has ceased. What has remained is the joy of creating beautiful sexy pictures or videos, which could be seen as a part of my exhibitionism or as a third separate aspect.

I believe the motivations are quite similar for Ludwig when he switches. Fantasizing about switching can turn him on. The idea of giving something back, in return for watching severe spanking porn and being a top, by taking a severe spanking is also something that appeals to him. And he loves the idea of immortalising special scenes on video. But he doesn't get turned on by a spanking itself, and I don't think being spanked relaxes him, either.

For me, being spanked without being in the mood for pushing myself, creating art or being sexually aroused is just that – being spanked. It doesn't turn me on when I am not relaxed enough to be turned on easily, and it doesn't give me a feeling of relaxation. When I am stressed out, being tickled and stroked, maybe treated with some delicious food, taking a nice bubble bath or going for a walk is what I crave.

In that regard it seems that I am and always have been different from many spankees. Maybe it also shows that I am not a real bottom (anymore), but that's a story for another Kaelah's Corner post.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Apr 2020):
Relaxation Spanking

Many thanks to all of you who wrote about their thoughts on Corona-related spanking stories! You have given me some ideas for new spanking stories, unrelated to the current situation and the disease.

Still, it's quite stressful for Ludwig and me right now, not only because of Covid-19, but also because we've got a huge project in addition to our jobs and the kids. Plus, we've both reached an age that makes us reflect a lot about our lives so far and about the question what the future might still have in store for us.

In recent weeks, Ludwig has been ruminating a lot about the past. That made it difficult for him to relax and find enough sleep. One night we talked many things through and Ludwig told me how happy he is that we can speak about our thoughts and also about difficult topics so openly. Still, that doesn't mean that Ludwig's negative thoughts are miraculously gone after we have talked about them.

That's how we came to the topic of relaxation spankings. Now, those are quite common among bottoms and I've read a lot about that. But how about tops? Ludwig is of the opinion that giving a spanking might be a relaxing experience for him, too. I've also made the experience that giving a spanking can bring me into a kind of meditative flow. Unfortunately, I'm in stress, too, and in my case that means that I am not really in the mood for receiving a spanking. But we might give it a try, once my mood has changed.

How about you? Have you experienced topping as a relaxing activity? What about the bottom? Do you think one can top for the sake of relaxation and still be focussed enough to take care of the bottom's needs? I am curious to hear about your experiences! Stay safe and healthy in these weird times.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Kaleah's Corner (Mar 2020):
Corona Spankings

As in many countries these days, Covid-19 is the most important topic here in Germany. Our government has set up rules to minimalize contact between people who aren't living in the same household in order to slow down the spreading of the disease so that our hospitals have enough capacities to care for the infected. As a consequence, schools and kindergartens are closed temporarily, as well as many businesses like hairdressers and fitness centres. Employees are working from home office wherever possible.

Recently, a German columnist who usually publishes witty articles wrote that Corona has thrown her into a very new situation. The threat to peoples' lives and to our economies is so real, and the impact on our everyday lives so strong, that she finds it difficult to face the disease with ironic humour. Plus, she argues that humour works best in a social context - but since we are now isolated from others, it is more difficult to find a common social base.

I've seen several Corona-related cartoons and clips by now, both vanilla and kinky, and many of them made me laugh. In my opinion - and the columnist I wrote about agrees with that - humour is all the more important in such a strange and scary situation.

Just as the columnist wondered whether it is possible to face this crisis with humour, I ask myself the same thing when it comes to Covid-19-related kinky stories. To be sure, the disease and its social consequences offer possibilities for scenarios aplenty. And for different kinds of kinky tastes, too!

For instance, for the judicial fans among us, there is the scenario of people ignoring the ban on public gatherings. They are caught by the police having a barbecue in the park. Since many of them have already been warned and fined for similar breaches before, this time they aren't let off so easily. To make sure that they aren't so careless ever again, they are sentenced to a caning which is broadcast on TV as a warning to other potential rule-breakers.

Or, for those who are into domestic discipline: Some young people, or a bored househusband or housewife, invite their friends to a so-called "Corona-party" at home. Of course, this also runs contrary to the idea of minimizing social contacts. They think they are safe because their visitors arrive late at night and their disciplinarian / wife / husband, a doctor who is working nightshifts to help coping with the disease, is not at home. Incidentally, though, she or he comes back home earlier than expected, and is of course shocked. I leave it to your imagination what happens next...

And for those who love innocent spankees: A nice young man or woman who helps an elderly lady by buying food for her, so that she doesn't have to go outside and risk being infected. Instead of leaving the bags at the doorstep, he or she wants to be especially helpful, though, puts the food into the fridge and hugs the old lady when leaving because she obviously feels very lonely. One day later, our young helper develops symptoms of Covid-19 and suddenly realises that they might have infected the old lady. In a panic, he or she informs their disciplinarian and of course the old lady, too. Luckily, it turns out later that it was just a cold, but nonetheless a reassuring but firm punishment is in order.

If you like erotic spanking fun between partners instead, one could also tell the story of an elderly couple who is sitting at home, isolated from the rest of the world because of Corona. They come to talk about their fears and dreams, and suddenly it turns out, after many years of marriage, that they both fantasize about erotic spanking. Slowly and cautiously they start exploring this newly-found common interest, and thus use the situation for a new bonding experience.

Last but not least, a fantasy that came to my mind a few days ago because of a real incident. With two little kids and two jobs we regularly have a cleaning service helping us with our home. The lady helping us does a very quick job, which means that the costs don't become too high for us. Of course she can't clean every far corner in her limited time, but that's okay with us. As long as the basics are done regularly, we can do the rest. Due to Covid-19 the cleaning service had to shut down their business temporarily. Thus we have to do the basic cleaning ourselves now. When we did, I realized that our service lady apparently doesn't clean up underneath the couch regularly, either. There were lots of dust there which must have accumulated for more than two weeks, which was when she had been here for the last time. That instantly brought up a kinky fantasy in my mind. Of course it was about a service lady, or gentleman, who temporarily cannot do their job because of Corona. This way it comes out that the job has not been done properly in the past, which leads to severe consequences.

As you can see, the disease offers many premises for kinky fantasies. But, could you enjoy them? Or is the threat too grave to create kinky scenarios around Covid-19? I have to admit that I am undecided, yet. Generally I think that the question of coming up with kinky fantasies is not completely different from that of coming up with a humorous reply to the threat. Making something good out of something bad in my mind is a good thing. I guess I would draw a line where victims of the disease would be used in a spanking fantasy.

Apart from the ethical question I have to admit that I haven't found a Corona-related fantasy that really pushed my buttons, yet. How about you? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

Monday, March 2, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Feb 2020):
Costume or Not?

February was the time of carnival, which also means the time of costumes. Looking at all the different types of costumes that are available, it came to me that for some of us this might be the only time of the year when we can walk around in kinky clothing without people realising what is going on.

After all, the pet play dress, as long as it isn't too explicit, might not attract any special attention amongst all the animal costumes around. And why not dress as a teacher, school boy, inmate or seaman? Those looks wouldn't raise much suspicion, either.

So, I ask myself, how many fellow kinksters use the time of carnival to walk around in public in clothing that is inspired by their fantasies, being happy that people just compliment them on their looks and nobody asks stupid questions? Or would you feel uncomfortable in kinky clothing in public during carnival, knowing that it means much more to you than a costume and being afraid that someone might notice? Have you ever worn kinky things during carnival season?

I have to admit that I haven't. But, as I mentioned, it is the only time of the year when I don't have to dress up and can just be myself without people making silly comments. Because it is the only time of the year when I can wear my Starfleet uniform in public without raising any attention, which I have done indeed. Well, and in a way, for me this is kinky clothing, too.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Snippets From A Fantasy:
A Talk With The Captain

"I'm sorry, Sir." He stood there to full attention, looking his Captain straight in the eye, even though he would have preferred to cast his eyes down, not wanting to see the disappointment in the Captain's face. "Thank you for not punishing Mr Brown. It was all my fault and I will take full responsibility." The Captain's deep voice was very calm as he replied: "Yes, you will, Ensign."

In a way his calmness was reassuring, as he never lost his temper like other Captains often did. But then his calmness let the young Ensign feel even more how lucky he was to be under the command of such a kind and just leader and how much he had let him down – once again. Yes, he only got into the fight because he wanted to defend young and shy Mr Brown, but the Captain and he had been having this talk about thinking first instead of acting blindly over and over again.

"I don't think I have to say anything more," the Captain stated, his eyes firmly fixed on the young man before him. The Ensign sensed a sound of slight resignation in the Captain's voice. He bit his lip. For a moment he didn't know how to reply. There was indeed no need to explain to him how stupid it had been to get into that fight. So, after a short moment of hesitation, he shortly said: "Yes, Sir."

"Well, then" the Captain paused for a brief moment, "fetch the cane, please." At these words the young man straightened up even more and swiftly replied: "Aye, Sir." He sharply turned around and marched to the rack in the back of the room that displayed several canes. He didn't need any explanation which one to take. Without hesitation, he selected the longest and thickest specimen, turned around, walked back to the Captain and offered him the cane with both hands.

The Captain took it and looked the young man straight in the eye. "You remember what I told you last time about what would happen if we needed to have this talk again, don't you?" For a moment there was silence. The young man swallowed hard. Yes, he remembered, but for some reason he had still hoped that it wouldn't happen. He felt his hands starting to sweat and his knees trembling slightly.

He forced himself to withstand the Captain's gaze and answer his question. Still the words came out in a lower and shakier voice than he wanted them to. "Yes, Sir." He paused for a second and his voice was even lower when he continued: "You told me the next time I would be caned without my pants on to protect me." He felt his face becoming hot and red and finally cast his eyes down, not able to look the Captain into the eye any more.

Again the Captain's voice was very calm as he said: "Yes indeed." And then he issued the already well-known command: "Bend over the desk, Ensign." The young man walked over to the huge oak desk that was the centre of the Captain's cabin, almost in a daze. It took him a moment to force himself to unbutton the trousers of his uniform and pull them down, and another deep breath before he pulled down his briefs, too. Finally he bent over and grabbed the far end of the desk with his hands.

At the end of his last punishment two weeks ago the Captain had already administered six of the best on his bare backside to give the Ensign a foretaste of what would happen if he messed up again any time soon. It had been a shock, both the completely unexpected order to take down his pants and the sharp strokes themselves! The Ensign was known as being rather tough, but those six strokes had almost broken him already. He had no idea how to take a cold caning on the bare with the Captain's heaviest cane, consisting of many more strokes than just six.

But he knew he didn't have a choice. He heard the Captain swishing the cane through the air and felt a cool breeze on his bare buttocks. The Ensign started to shiver. Still he tried to obediently push out his bottom when he felt the tap of the cane, knowing that the Captain was measuring it across his bare backside. He closed his eyes, his hands clinging onto the far end of the desk as if he was holding on for dear life. Somehow he would make it through the next minutes, somehow he would obediently take the corporal punishment the Captain had decided he deserved, but how, he had no idea...

Friday, January 31, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Jan 2020):
Our First Spanking In The New Decade

Our first spanking in the new year came totally unplanned and unexpected. As a matter of fact, we were in the midst of talking about really heavy stuff when it happened. We've got several important decisions to make this year which will have a strong impact on our family life for at least the next twenty years.

Somehow, suddenly, the topic changed to kink and that we don't have the time and energy to pursue that part of our life anymore with two kids. "Maybe it would do you some good, though," Ludwig said jokingly. With that, he grabbed a chair, sat down and pulled me over his lap.

I protested half-heartedly as Ludwig began to spank me, telling him that I was indeed getting older and positions like that were too uncomfortable for me, given all the physical problems I am facing now that I have born two children. Apparently, though, I didn't sound serious enough to convince Ludwig, so instead of letting me up, he continued smacking my bottom hard with his hand, muttering something along the lines that I might be nicer to him if he spanked me more often. Of course, he doesn't seriously believe in that after all the years we've spent together now, but obviously he thought it was a nice excuse for having some more spanking fun with me over his knees. Finally, Ludwig was content and let me back up.
"When the kids grow older," he exclaimed, "we can do this more often again." In contrast to Ludwig, I can still imagine having another baby, though, and so I replied sheepishly: "Hey, if that's what you want, I would even take a few 50-stroke canings, if we could have another child in return. Wouldn't that be a deal?" Of course, Ludwig wouldn't have me lure him into that. Instead, he grinned and teased me: "Oh, we shouldn't. With another pregnancy, your hips might become even broader than they already are."

Now, before anyone cries out about body shaming – I am the one who always bemoaned my broader hips and round bottom (even before I was pregnant), not Ludwig. While Ludwig generally finds slim bodies more attractive optically than broader ones (the same is true for me), he never minded my broader hips or the way my body has changed as a mother. That said, even though I have gained a bit of weight, I am not totally unhappy with my new body, either, since I think that the waist-hip-ratio fits better today than it did before. Not to mention the knowledge of and gratefulness for the incredible things my body has done to present us with two wonderful children. So, Ludwig knew that his teasing wouldn't really hurt me, but he also knew that he would catch my attention with his words – and he did!

Immediately I sat down, pulled him over my knees and began to spank his bottom vigorously. Ludwig protested, but when he murmured something along the lines of "Just saying", all he got was me pulling his pants down and spanking his bare bottom even harder. "Hey, I didn't do that!" he pouted, half seriously and half playfully, and both grinned and winced under my smacks as his bottom was turning redder and redder with every blow. I put as much force behind the final ones as I could muster and finally came to the conclusion that I had made my point.

Ludwig stood up and rubbed his bottom. I looked at my hand and with astonishment exclaimed: "I am bruised!" Indeedm my hand was crimson red and a few little bruises were already visible. For some reasons Ludwig didn't seem to feel very sorry for me, though ...

And so, after putting the chair and Ludwig's clothing back to were it belonged, we continued to ponder and discuss the important choices that we have to make in the upcoming months. The spanking had just been a short intermezzo, but it was a nice way to clear our heads for a moment. And totally unplanned as it was, our first spanking in the 2020s even saw both of us on the giving as well as the receiving end.

How about you? Have you already spanked someone or been spanked this year? Was it planned or did it happen spontaneously? You are very welcome to share your story in the comment section!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Twelfth Blogiversary

Twelve years ago, on the 25th of January 2008, I started this blog. Back then, George W. Bush was President of the United States, Lehman Brothers wasn’t bankrupt yet, the UK was still firmly a member of the EU, Bitcoin hadn’t been invented, and while there was talk about climate change from people who understood the science, it wasn’t nearly as ubiquitous a topic as it is today. In many ways, it was quite a different era. As for me, I was still relatively young, single, and new to the BDSM and spanking scene (which itself was pretty different from what it is today). So I started blogging about my exploits. Little did I know that I would meet my future wife through this blog, and that we would have two little children by 2020.

As you can see, the blog hasn’t been very active in recent years. Kaelah keeps it going with semi-regular posts, but I haven’t been able to return to blogging in 2019 as I had hoped. It was another very busy year for us. We had our kids to look after (life with two small children is never, ever quiet), our jobs, and another big project to manage together which I can’t really write about here because it is a private matter, except to say that it took up a lot of our time and energy. There was very little spare time, and truth be told, kink was rarely on my mind. On those occasions when I had a few hours for myself, I just wanted to rest.

So, I regret that I haven’t posted anything since this time last year, but as Joe Pesci’s character says in Martin Scorsese’s excellent new film The Irishman: "It is what it is." It is my intention to get back to blogging as soon as I get a little extra time again and, with it, the necessary inspiration. Hopefully, that will be sooner rather than later - after all, the children are growing, they will be spending more time in kindergarten as they get older, and the big project I mentioned earlier has just reached an important milestone.

One thing which I’ve promised you many times, dear readers, and which I can promise you again today is that Kaelah and I won’t close down the blog before I’ve written the posts I still want to write to tie up some loose ends (finishing this series of posts, for instance), or before we have edited and posted the videos we have already shot. There is also one major video still to shoot, the severe F/M caning scene which we’ve been planning for years. I definitely want to do that in 2020. Actually, I’m not really looking forward to doing it, but I owe it to Kaelah in return for the severe caning videos which she has done as a bottom, and I am looking forward to seeing the finished video.

So, I thank you all for sticking with us and reading our blog for another year. I’ll do my best to return to blogging semi-regularly as soon as I can. And I hope that you all continue to have a great year 2020 in the meantime - happy, healthy, and with some exciting kinky play every now and then.