Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kaelah's Corner (Aug 2010):
Hit Me Baby, One More Time

(Make your choice!)

[Disclaimer: the title of this post does not reflect any musical tastes or preferences of the author, who is actually not a Britney Spears fan. But it was too fitting to ignore.]

This is the 13th edition of Kaelah's Corner, one year after my first-ever post on this blog. In other words, this is my first blogiversary! So, today's edition of Kaelah's Corner must be special somehow. But what exactly could be a proper way of celebrating? I brooded over that question for quite a long time.

At first I thought about taking a look back on the last year and what has or has not changed over time. Starting from my earliest posts about my kinky fantasies and my limits. But thinking about it, there haven't been many changes, except for maybe being a bit more comfortable with severe scenes, some unexpected explorations into more BDSMy stuff with Ludwig, and a practical interest in topping (it was already there earlier, but I didn't feel ready yet). Then we have the posts about the person behind Kaelah, my family and vanilla friends and my relationship with Ludwig. In this department the last twelve months have been full of developments, many good ones and a few bad ones, and unfortunately also some very sad losses. Definitely too much stuff to put it into one post. And there was Ludwig's and my kinky journey, including role play, a very severe caning and finally film projects with other kinksters. It's definitely time to release Ludwig's and my first spanking clip! But the editing is going to take at least one more week, so this didn't work, either, for my blogiversary post. That's why I finally gave up the idea of writing a retrospective post.

My next plan was to write a very thoughtful post about one of the essential topics for our community. A main purpose of my writing is to initiate discussions and the exchange of thoughts among our dear blogreaders. So, writing an especially elaborated post seemed to be a good way of celebrating my blogiversary. But what could be an appropriate subject? Since I've made a lot of new practical experiences during the last year, I had some working titles for posts about practical spanking-related topics on my mind, like: “How to earn oneself a spanking without being a brat” (definitely an important topic for someone like me who is just too nice for bratting!), “Life with a paranoid top” (I've already written a short advice in my comment on Ludwig's post about paranoia) or “Baggage restrictions and take-away implements for holidays” (canes for example don't fit into most of the bags one is allowed to check in at some cheap airline flights, poor Ludwig!). But somehow these topics didn't seem to have the adequate intellectual level.

So, I developed new ideas, this time for more philosophical discussions: “Can spankos enjoy an afterlife that is based on an infinite disembodied existence of the soul?”or “Is it morally objectionable to threaten bottoms NOT to spank them if they misbehave?”. Definitely interesting themes, but writing a rational, well-balanced post which takes all the facts and points of view into consideration would have required a lot of research and I was running out of time. That forced me to skip my second plan, too.

I finally decided to do something utterly boring and ordinary – celebrating my first blogiversary with a spanking! Yes, I know, not a very inventive and unique idea. Of course the spanking will be captured on film and published on the blog. Yeah, that's what most bloggers who celebrate their blogiversary spanking do. I guess, most people have already stopped reading this post by now... For those who haven't: Since I love the interaction with the readers so much, I've decided to actively involve you in the creative process (in case you haven't already fallen asleep given the low intellectual grade of that prospect). I know that you would prefer an in-depth cultural and political discussion over taking part in the development of an ordinary spanking clip, but this is all I can offer you right now - love it or leave it!

So, here are the regulations for your participation: There are five outfits you can choose from: cowgirl, punk, secretary, Starfleet ensign and witch. And there are five possible implements: belt, flogger, paddle (a leathery kind), riding crop and switch. All you have to do is leaving a comment naming your favourite outfit and implement. Anonymous comments don't count, if you don't have a blogger profile you can use the Name/URL option and give yourself a random nickname – there is no URL necessary! The outfit that gets the majority of votes wins. Your choice of implements will be taken directly into account, meaning that a certain number of strokes with the selected implement is added to the spanking. Therefore, the clip will most probably feature different implements.

Since I want to use this opportunity to thank especially the regular commenters, I've decided to calculate the number of strokes which are added for a vote as follows: Each vote adds at least one stroke to the score, so even first-time commenters (you are very welcome!) can take part. For every of the last twelve Kaelah's Corner posts you've commented on, one additional stroke with your implement will be added. Of course the comments must have been made under the same nickname, multiple comments by the same reader on one post only count as one stroke and (for health reasons!) only the Kaelah's Corner posts are taken into consideration. And, before anyone makes up strange plans: I always appreciate new comments on my older posts, but for the vote only comments made before the time of publishing of this post count! The voting ends after one week, that means on the 7th of September at 9:35 pm German time (UTC+2). Sounds complicated? Well, you didn't really expect me to come up with rules that are simpler than the regulations Ludwig develops on similar occasions, did you?!

Now I only have to hope that the most regular commenters don't vote... Actually there are six people who could each be responsible for at least five strokes or even more. Well, with some luck Miss ! won't return from her hiatus in the next seven days. And Pandora is always very busy with a lot of different projects, so she probably won't find the time. Peter usually has a very full schedule, too. Abel on the other hand might be kept busy by the women who are looking after him whom he is in charge of. And there is a chance that Indy is still working on new posts about her experiences during her UK trip. Ursus Lewis is scaring me, though. That man alone could add eleven strokes to the total score. But you won't do that, Ursus, right?

So, here are the rules for the vote one more time in short form: Write a comment on this post, NOT using the “Anonymous” option. Start with a short (8-10 sentences) essay on how much you like me and why you love my posts. Okay, that part is optional! Name your favourite of the five possible outfits (cowgirl, punk, secretary, Starfleet ensign or witch) and implements (belt, flogger, paddle, riding crop or switch). Hit the “publish your comment” button before the 7th of September 2010, 9:35 pm German time. Thanks to everyone who accompanied me on my journey during the last year. Live long and prosper!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My First Day At School - On Camera!

So we're finally back from our trip to the UK. I feel like I've been riding a roller coaster for the last ten days: Rapid speed, permanently changing places and directions, unexpected loopings – and no time to process all the new impressions mentally. Quite frankly, I now need a holiday from the holiday. But before heading off to offline kink-free land, I want to tell you a bit about one very special day of our trip which consisted of more kinky firsts than I think many people experience in one year.

As I already mentioned in our travelling journal, Ludwig and I shot two spanking clips with Pandora and Tom which will be published as free content on our blogs. Since this was my very first experience of that kind, Pandora suggested that I should be the chief creative force. So I came up with two schoolgirl scenarios I had in mind and in cooperation with Pandora (the voice of realism and pragmatism) we fitted them into a realistically shootable format. And Pandora found two great titles for the clips: “Protection Racket” and “Proof of Innocence”.

The first story is about two friends who independently admit to being the culprit of the same crime. Both of their stories aren't very convincing, though, and their teacher soon finds out what's really going on and why the two friends are both so eager to take the blame... My idea behind this story was to create a spanking scenario with two friends being punished together, supporting each other and holding hands through a simultaneous spanking scene bent over the opposite sides of a table. Since Tom unfortunately couldn't join us in the morning, we had to change the scene from a two tops and two bottoms scene to a scene where Ludwig had to deal with both girls. But we still fitted the (almost) simultaneous spanking in and it was wonderful to co-bottom in that scene with the lovely Pandora!

In “Proof of Innocence” the eager beaver and goody-two-shoes Adelheid (a role that didn't require much acting on my part) is accused of being responsible for vandalism in the arts classroom. The strict headmaster Mr Clarke (Ludwig) is, in contrast to her sympathetic form teacher Mr Purvis (Tom), not willing to believe that she hasn't committed the crime. Since all evidence is speaking against Adelheid, she has to find a rather unusual way to prove her innocence and clear her name. The trace then leads to Rosemary (Pandora), the girl who reported on Adelheid to the headmaster. But it seems that Rosemary isn't the end of the chain. Apparently, there is at least one more person involved who is the real culprit and made up the plan to get the unloved eager beaver into trouble...

The role of Adelheid and her special way of dealing with a wrong accusation was something that had been on my mind for quite a long time. The whole scene also included some real-life events from past times and it was great to set them into a new context and to give vent to all the aggressions which are still inside me even today. Actually that was the most liberating experience on that very special day. I was told that my angry glances at Pandora, or rather at Rosemary, were very convincing! And the great thing was that I could do all of that knowing that I wouldn't hurt anyone because I was angry with the fictional character Rosemary, not with Pandora who was bringing that special story to life with me. Releasing aggressions without hurting someone actually is one of the main essences of my kink, a topic on which I'll write a separate blog post some time in the future.

Pandora already wrote her own account of how the idea of making the clips together arose and of the story of the first clip, accompanied by some of the stills we shot. I have to admit that it is quite difficult for me to write a consistent post about the shoot because I've made so many new experiences on that one single day which could all be worth at least one paragraph of their own. So, instead of writing a never-ending story, I've decided to give you an overview of all the little and big firsts in list form (in order of appearance...):

  • playing with someone else than Ludwig – Still something I don't long for in private play, but a great creative experience with the right people on camera, thanks a lot Pandora and Tom for that opportunity!
  • doing a scenario in a foreign language – A partly very scaring prospect, but it works quite well when playing someone who is really confused.
  • being a schoolgirl in a role play – I'm best when I can be the eager beaver – what a surprise!
  • bringing to life a storyline I've created involving more than two characters – Something I can't thank Pandora and Tom enough for!
  • co-bottoming with a kinky friend – I'm still impressed by that special look in Pandora's eyes and her acting skills. And Ludwig did a great job dealing with both of us.
  • getting an OTK spanking on a chair with my head hanging down – Definitely a very nice position, unless it lasts too long and one starts sliding down.
  • being spanked with a ruler – Yummy, what a pity we couldn't do it harder because my bottom had to be unmarked for the second scene.
  • standing in the corner, hands on my head, spanked bottom on display – Not really my thing in front of a camera, but might be interesting for private scenes.
  • holding the hands of a friend while both of us are being spanked – Just loved that two friends position with Pandora!
  • wearing hold-ups for a spanking – Want more often!
  • being caned by someone else than Ludwig – I felt 100 per cent safe in Tom's hands and he was a fantastic supportive form teacher.
  • playing with two tops in one scene – Tom and Ludwig turned out to be a great team and both did a good job with the cane.
  • being spanked with a school cane with a crooked handle – Well, they all hurt, but the crooked handle ones look gorgeous in a school scene.
  • bending over a table and gripping the far end during a caning – Something I wanted to do for a long time, very nice position!
  • being made to watch someone else being spanked in a scene – I'm glad I didn't have to pretend to enjoy Pandora's caning, it's much easier for me to be sympathetic.
  • and of course all that with two cameras running – Thanks to Jimmy for doing a tremendous job!

So, that's it. Quite an impressive list, isn't it? Honestly, I still don't know whether this special experience was the beginning of more clips to come or whether it was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Being in front of a camera for a spanking clip on the bottom-side still scares me somehow and makes me feel very vulnerable. These feelings would be even stronger if I worked for a professional producer without having any control (or with having at least considerably less control) over the plot, camera angles and the editing. But regardless of how this part of the journey will or will not continue, the shoot with Pandora, Tom and my mate Ludwig definitely was a precious experience! And I'm looking forward to seeing the final clips.

Hmm, thinking about it, the journey actually did already continue only three days after our shoot with Pandora and Tom. I give you four buzzwords: Ludwig's creative debts, Leia-Ann Woods, football and topping! Well, the ones among you who read this post carefully might already have realised that I wrote about feeling vulnerable in front of a camera playing on the bottom-side. But that's another story full of firsts to be told on a different day...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Travelling Journal

This is an experiment of sorts. Kaelah and I are going on our latest UK trip tomorrow, to meet various kinky friends and do not just one, but two video shoots. We have an extremely full schedule this time, actually, even fuller than last autumn. Instead of writing one large post about it all afterwards or writing several small posts while we are travelling, I will just make this single post here and update it whenever I get a chance - a travelling journal, if you will. So here we go.

Friday, August 13th. Undeterred by the ominous date, Kaelah and I have been packing our bags all evening. That is quite a science, too. Imagine trying to fit the following items into three pieces of luggage for a maximum total weight of 35 kg: clothing and travel necessities for two people for ten days, plus quite a bit of extra clothing which is to be used as costumes during spanking video shoots, plus three (!) video cameras with assorted equipment, including one tripod. The thirty-five kilos are used up faster than you can blink. We have been trying to save weight and space everywhere. Worst of all, I cannot take along any of my own canes. Damn it. I just hope we are under the limit for each of our pieces of luggage tomorrow at the airport. Otherwise, I am going to throw a fit.

Sunday, August 15th. Of course, all bags turned out to be under the weight limit, just fine. Kaelah had planned it out exactly right. She just wanted me to let you all know that! Anyway, we arrived in London yesterday and, in the evening, met Indy, who happened to be on a UK trip herself. It was the first time that we met her face-to-face, and with Indy being one of my most long-time blog readers and penpals, and a great person overall, I had been looking forward to it an incredible lot. The three of us had a nice evening indeed, eating at a Chinese restaurant and talking about all sorts of things. While we were at the beginning of our trip, Indy was reaching the end of hers, so she had quite a few recent adventures to talk about. I am sure you will hear about them soon on Indy's blog.

Today, we drove down to Pandora Blake, who we are going to do a video shoot with tomorrow. As I am writing this, on Pandora's computer, Pandora is preparing some dinner (smells delicious from over here), all the while chatting to Kaelah. We will go over some more details of the two scenes we have planned for tomorrow while we eat.

Tuesday, August 17th. Hi there, it's Kaelah making today's update to the travelling journal. We had a very busy and a very efficient day yesterday, shooting two clips with Pandora and Tom. Their friend Jimmy was there as well, working behind the camera. It was the first time for me making a clip involving more people than just Ludwig and me. I was nervous like hell, but it was great to share such a creative experience with two so extremely skilled and lovely people. And Jimmy did a fantastic job with the lightening, the cameras and with shooting the stills!

I already had the chance to take a look at the results and I think the final clips will be a lot of fun to watch (despite my partial dissatisfaction with my own acting). I'll post a more detailed account of the shoot soon. Now we're on our way to Peter, the ancient mariner, looking forward to an evening of sitting together, chatting and laughing. Speaking of sitting, I'm glad I can still sit quite comfortably, despite of the beautiful cane marks on my bottom that surely won't be faded completely before our holiday trip is over...

Monday, August 23rd. It's Ludwig again. Internet connections were a bit harder to get during the later stages of our trip, hence the belated update. After a brief, much too brief visit to Peter and a lovely dinner with him, we returned to London last Wednesday. On Thursday, I finally paid off my betting debts. I have not had an opportunity to look at the footage we filmed yet, but I am optimistic that the video will be worth the long wait. The thrashing was appropriately painful, that is for sure. Leia-Ann Woods did a good job as expected. Kaelah discovered that she enjoys topping. Not much of a surprise there, either. We also captured some bonus segments which you should like. In any case, you can stop making suggestions for the clip now. Thanks to all who took the time to leave a comment.

After a few more days in the UK and a visit to some non-spanko friends, Kaelah and I returned to Germany today. Now, we are going to have a holiday to recover from the holiday - it really was quite a hectic trip. A whole lot of fun, though! You will read more about our recent adventures on the blog soon. In the meantime, head over to Pandora's blog for her account of the shoot we did together, if you have not seen it already.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Debt Collector

I left you in suspense a day longer than originally announced (I had some things to take care of over the weekend), but I don't want to be too cruel. So here she is, the mystery domme, the solution of the enigma, the betting debt collector: Leia-Ann Woods will swing the cane in the recently announced FF/M clip with Kaelah and me.

I have an on-and-off email correspondence with Leia-Ann that goes back several years. One of my early blog posts was an in-depth interview with her. She is indeed a very interesting young woman, and very likeable, too. When Niki Flynn retired from the Scene, Leia-Ann was the first person I thought of as a candidate to maybe, just maybe, do the football bet clip with if I ever decided to do it after all. Kaelah and I met her face-to-face last autumn during a trip to the UK. We did not talk about any potential future collaborations then, but we certainly had a great evening eating Chinese food and chatting about all sorts of things, getting to know each other better. It confirmed my impression that we - meaning all three of us - would have good personal chemistry if we ever did something creative together. In regards to the football bet clip, it settled the "who" question for me once and for all. Leia-Ann would definitely be the right partner in crime. There only remained the "if" question: did I really want to do that clip in the first place? Well, I eventually decided that I do. I outlined the thought process that got me there in my last post a few days ago.

When we asked Leia-Ann if she wanted to help us settle my old betting debts, she wrote back that she would "love to do it" and that it would be "great fun" (oh really?). So here we are. Of course, it will probably be a very different clip than the one I would have made with Niki. But I am not looking for Leia-Ann to do a Niki Flynn impersonation. That would be rude towards both of them. Leia-Ann has her own unique style and personality, and I am looking for her to bring that to the clip. I am sure that it will be enjoyable to watch.

Speaking of which, here is your chance to give some creative input yourselves. I must warn you that this is not strictly a "vote" where the majority will automatically win. Leia-Ann, Kaelah and I reserve the right to, ultimately, do things as we want them. I believe that this is the only viable way to make kinky videos - have your own vision and execute it. That said, interacting with the audience is always fun, and there are indeed a couple of points where we are undecided between different options that all seem attractive. So if a strong viewer preference emerges for one option or the other, we will certainly take it into account when we make our final decision.

Here is a basic overview of what the scene will look like in terms of action (if you want a detailed account of how the numbers of strokes came about, you can read it in the old His Majesty King Football post from 2008). It actually starts with a short M/F segment, because Germany scored one goal in that match as well. So Leia-Ann will get 6 lashes with a flogger from me (the original bet involved a "martinet", but we will take a heavy flogger because I am well-practised with it and it is almost the same thing, just a bit shorter). After this "appetiser", there follows the main part where I pay off my betting debts: 30 lashes with the flogger followed by 18 strokes with the cane. The flogging will be done by Leia-Ann and Kaelah together, so that will be an actual FF/M segment. As Kaelah is not yet technically proficient enough with the cane, Leia-Ann will dish out all 18 strokes of the caning alone. But Kaelah will of course get to "assist" in one way or another during that third and last segment as well.

The points where we are interested in hearing your thoughts:

1. Target area. The caning will of course be on the bottom, but the flogging does not necessarily have to be. We could do a back whipping instead. While the latter might be less interesting for spanking purists, I know that there are fans of back whippings out there as well, especially when the victims are shirtless young men. From a viewer's perspective, I personally find the buttocks to be the most alluring target area, regardless of the implement. But I too can see the appeal of a back whipping. It would add a bit more variety to the clip. Moreover, I have dished out back whippings as a top, but I never experienced one while switching. So it would be another new aspect for me.

2. Level of nudity. Basically, there are three options here: none, partial or full. In a recent comment, our friend Peter already remarked that male bottoms look best to him if they are caned "in short and shiny shorts". Personally, I am not a fan of CP over clothes, so I strongly dislike the idea. But if everybody is in favour of it, I will consider it.

Assuming we do the caning on the bare, there remain the options of partial or full nudity. For some reason, I find that men clothed on their upper halves and naked below tend to look awkward. So from a viewer's perspective, my first choice would be to do the caning fully nude like in Ludwig's Comeuppance (even though it is more intimidating for me from the actor's perspective!). On the other hand, I can imagine that some viewers might want to see something different from my first F/M clip, or that they might prefer a partial state of undress for other reasons. I have not made up my mind yet.

As for the flogging part: if we decide on a back whipping, I will probably keep my jeans on during that one. That way, there would also be more of a buildup between the flogging and the caning.

3. M/F or M/FF start. The clip will start with Leia-Ann getting 6 strokes of the flogger for that lone German goal. Since Kaelah will now take part in the clip as well, she has offered to take 6 strokes like Leia-Ann herself. So the point of interest is, do viewers want to see her getting flogged as well, or would they prefer to see Kaelah in a purely topping role this time? Both are options that "make sense" to me in the context of this clip, so I am open-minded.

Let us know your thoughts, or if you have any additional suggestions provided that they are realistic. We will be happy to take them into consideration.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Creative Debts

As Kaelah kindly pointed out in No Woman No Cry, I am going to pay for my ancient football betting debts from 2008 after all. Which means that, after Ludwig's Comeuppance, you are going to see a second F/M caning clip with me soon. Whipping and caning this time, actually. No, please don't fall over yourselves while you rush in to express your sympathy.

The whole story goes back to a bet I once made with Niki Flynn about a friendly match between the German and the English national football team. The Germans promptly lost the match 1:2 and I lost the bet with them (to add insult to injury, it was one of only three defeats out of the last ten times when they met England). Alas, Niki and I never had the opportunity to get together again before she retired from the Scene about a year later, and so the video clip we had announced to resolve the affair was never filmed.

It was the right thing for Niki to do - by 2009, her head and heart simply were not in the kinky world anymore, and she had to move on. I never resented her decision. Still, it was disappointing, on a creative level, that none of the projects we had once planned would ever come to fruition. We had put a considerable amount of preparation into some of them, writing scripts, buying costumes, working out logistics. Emotionally, the F/M football bet clip was probably the easiest loss for me. It was one of the smaller projects and I am really a top, anyway (truth be told, when I came up with the harebrained idea in the first place, I was fully expecting Germany to win). Nonetheless, it felt awkward not to do it, because we had announced it publicly and quite a lot of people were looking forward to that clip in particular.

Actually, the reader response had been extraordinary. When Niki and I made our bet and asked people to bet on the outcome of the match as well (correct guesses would add further strokes to the loser's ordeal), a comment thread developed that became the longest ever on Niki's blog. She deleted the blog when she retired, but I still have that post on my hard disk. There were 113 responses in total. While some readers were bummed when Germany lost the match, others were looking forward all the more to what was now going to be an F/M clip instead of M/F. Eager to see the sadistic top having to switch again. I felt bad about letting them down. As a matter of fact, I almost felt as if I had chickened out somehow, even though it was Niki who retired and it was not my fault at all.

At the same time, I just could not imagine doing the clip anymore. To begin with, it would have required finding a worthy replacement for Niki, which was mighty difficult in itself. It would have to be someone with the same degree of fame in the community and with a similar kind of charisma. A model who was mostly known for her work as a bottom, so that we could get the appropriate "role reversal" dynamic, but who also switched and had experience in swinging a cane (if you watched my clip with Niki, you know that her technique was excellent, better than that of many tops). Needless to say, it also had to be an Englishwoman, or at least a native English speaker, because of the "England vs. Germany" theme. In addition to these "formal" requirements, there were personal, emotional ones. I switch very rarely, and when I do, I am extremely picky about the top who gets to top me. There are preciously few people who I can imagine doing an F/M video with.

Even if it had been possible to find a replacement who met all the requirements, an entirely separate, crucial fact remained: I just did not feel like switching anymore. Ever since we had filmed Ludwig's Comeuppance, I had felt no desire whatsoever to go to the other side again. Normally, after a year or so, the curiosity begins to slowly return. But this time, the opposite was the case. The more time passed, the less likely it seemed that I would ever feel like switching again.

It's not that I had been unhappy with Ludwig's Comeuppance. On the contrary, I was very pleased with how that clip had turned out. Consequently, there was no necessity to do another one like it. One of the points where you can see that I am a top and not a bottom is the fact that I do not care to simply repeat experiences I make as a bottom. I can repeat experiences I make as a top until kingdom come and enjoy it - spanking the same girl, in the same setting, with the same implement... Sure, you try to get a bit more variety than that, but it would never get boring, either. The excitement of the act itself always remains. When I switch, however, it is a totally different story. I suppose there are certain "boxes" I want to tick, and once I have ticked them, I do not go back. I made my first spanking experience as a bottom because I wanted to know what it feels like before I did it to someone else. Once I knew, I never did another F/M scene "just to get spanked". My next box was to search for a pro domme who could accurately dish out a very severe, Mood Pictures-style caning. After a few tries, I found her in Hamburg. That was the end of my going to pro dommes. Years later, I did Ludwig's Comeuppance with Niki, because I wanted to make one F/M video for the blog sometime. Tick. What else was there to do now?

My first thought when England scored the winning goal had been: oh crap, now we have to do Ludwig's Comeuppance Part II. How the hell do we make that interesting? I knew that most viewers would have no objections against just seeing another, similar clip like it. But I had objections against making it. Even with a slightly different setting, two implements instead of one, maybe a different punishment position, it was not different enough to be interesting for me. It felt like a mere, lesser repetition, a superfluous exercise. When it became clear that Niki was going to retire before we had the chance to film something again, part of me felt bad about disappointing the fans who were looking forward to the football bet clip, but another part of me was relieved. At least it would spare me from doing another F/M scene when my heart was not in it at all.

Besides, this was the time when I met Kaelah, the spring of 2009. So it is safe to say that I was completely occupied with other things for the time being. On the kinky side, I was in a very "toppish" frame of mind. I think I developed more toppish, more dominant fantasies with Kaelah than with any woman before her, because of the intimate nature of our relationship and the fact that she is such a strong, equal partner in terms of character and intellect. I'd had them separately before, intimate relationships and equal opposites, but never in combination. It certainly makes for an inspiring kinky life as well. By today, we have developed a master / slave fantasy universe, among other things, that is quite unlike anything I have done before. I never expected to be interested in anything like it, either. But with Kaeah, I am.

While Kaelah is responsible for driving me to more dominant extremes than anyone before her, making me feel that it is quite alright to use and abuse her in ways that would have seemed inappropriate with other, lesser partners, she is also, to a large extent, responsible for me doing another F/M clip now. Kaelah has always had an interest in switching. Like me, she has a curiosity to leave "one's own side" and go to "the other side", thereby gaining a more complete understanding of the kinky experience. Our other motives for switching are very different, I believe, but this striving for a complete experience is probably similar. In any case, we knew that the interest was there with her and that we would pursue it someday. In this context, it would be new and exciting for me as well - switching for a partner in an intimate relationship is a box I have not ticked yet. We also knew that we would probably make some kind of video of the occasion. An F/M clip with Niki Flynn and me already existed, so it would have been inconceivable for me to deny my girlfriend the same opportunity if she wanted to have it. And of course, she did. Kaelah is a terrible show-off, and moreover, she does like to - ahem! - mark her territory.

To cut a long story short, we jointly developed the idea that, if I was ever going to pay off my old betting debts after all, Kaelah should be involved in the video as well. With her and a yet to be determined English spanking model-turned-domme to take Niki's place, it would become an FF/M scene. There was another thing I had never tried (dared?) before - getting thrashed by two tops. It was an intimidating and at the same time arousing thought, in typical kinky fashion. Also a very common scenario in spanking movies and, therefore, something a sadistic viewer and armchair movie critic ought to try out on the receiving end at least once...

Under these aspects, 1) fulfilling a wish of my partner and 2) making an FF/M scene for the first (and probably only) time, it was not Ludwig's Comeuppance Part II anymore. It became a fresh, new and exciting project. Of course, there were factors that cautioned us as well. It would be Kaelah's first time switching, so having another domme and a camera present might be a bit too much under the circumstances. Too many firsts for one day. On the other hand, we reasoned, it might actually make things easier. So far, we had always had a great time when we collaborated on something creative for the viewers. And when it came to switching, having a second, more experienced domme in the scene would take some of the workload off Kaelah. Kaelah could focus on those parts which she wanted to try out first, while leaving others where she did not yet feel experienced enough to her co-conspirator. On balance, we thought that the positives outweighed the negatives, that it would be a good environment for Kaelah to make her first forays to the other side. We would definitely give it a try, as long as we could find the right English lady for the occasion.

Well, we have found her, she is only too happy to take part, and I will finally reveal her identity to you on the weekend. Then, you the readers will also have the opportunity to give some creative input on a couple of points. Kaelah, the mystery domme and I are still undecided about some details of the clip - we could imagine a number of interesting, exciting ways in which it could be done. So, we will be happy to take your suggestions on board as well, if you have any.