Monday, August 9, 2010

The Debt Collector

I left you in suspense a day longer than originally announced (I had some things to take care of over the weekend), but I don't want to be too cruel. So here she is, the mystery domme, the solution of the enigma, the betting debt collector: Leia-Ann Woods will swing the cane in the recently announced FF/M clip with Kaelah and me.

I have an on-and-off email correspondence with Leia-Ann that goes back several years. One of my early blog posts was an in-depth interview with her. She is indeed a very interesting young woman, and very likeable, too. When Niki Flynn retired from the Scene, Leia-Ann was the first person I thought of as a candidate to maybe, just maybe, do the football bet clip with if I ever decided to do it after all. Kaelah and I met her face-to-face last autumn during a trip to the UK. We did not talk about any potential future collaborations then, but we certainly had a great evening eating Chinese food and chatting about all sorts of things, getting to know each other better. It confirmed my impression that we - meaning all three of us - would have good personal chemistry if we ever did something creative together. In regards to the football bet clip, it settled the "who" question for me once and for all. Leia-Ann would definitely be the right partner in crime. There only remained the "if" question: did I really want to do that clip in the first place? Well, I eventually decided that I do. I outlined the thought process that got me there in my last post a few days ago.

When we asked Leia-Ann if she wanted to help us settle my old betting debts, she wrote back that she would "love to do it" and that it would be "great fun" (oh really?). So here we are. Of course, it will probably be a very different clip than the one I would have made with Niki. But I am not looking for Leia-Ann to do a Niki Flynn impersonation. That would be rude towards both of them. Leia-Ann has her own unique style and personality, and I am looking for her to bring that to the clip. I am sure that it will be enjoyable to watch.

Speaking of which, here is your chance to give some creative input yourselves. I must warn you that this is not strictly a "vote" where the majority will automatically win. Leia-Ann, Kaelah and I reserve the right to, ultimately, do things as we want them. I believe that this is the only viable way to make kinky videos - have your own vision and execute it. That said, interacting with the audience is always fun, and there are indeed a couple of points where we are undecided between different options that all seem attractive. So if a strong viewer preference emerges for one option or the other, we will certainly take it into account when we make our final decision.

Here is a basic overview of what the scene will look like in terms of action (if you want a detailed account of how the numbers of strokes came about, you can read it in the old His Majesty King Football post from 2008). It actually starts with a short M/F segment, because Germany scored one goal in that match as well. So Leia-Ann will get 6 lashes with a flogger from me (the original bet involved a "martinet", but we will take a heavy flogger because I am well-practised with it and it is almost the same thing, just a bit shorter). After this "appetiser", there follows the main part where I pay off my betting debts: 30 lashes with the flogger followed by 18 strokes with the cane. The flogging will be done by Leia-Ann and Kaelah together, so that will be an actual FF/M segment. As Kaelah is not yet technically proficient enough with the cane, Leia-Ann will dish out all 18 strokes of the caning alone. But Kaelah will of course get to "assist" in one way or another during that third and last segment as well.

The points where we are interested in hearing your thoughts:

1. Target area. The caning will of course be on the bottom, but the flogging does not necessarily have to be. We could do a back whipping instead. While the latter might be less interesting for spanking purists, I know that there are fans of back whippings out there as well, especially when the victims are shirtless young men. From a viewer's perspective, I personally find the buttocks to be the most alluring target area, regardless of the implement. But I too can see the appeal of a back whipping. It would add a bit more variety to the clip. Moreover, I have dished out back whippings as a top, but I never experienced one while switching. So it would be another new aspect for me.

2. Level of nudity. Basically, there are three options here: none, partial or full. In a recent comment, our friend Peter already remarked that male bottoms look best to him if they are caned "in short and shiny shorts". Personally, I am not a fan of CP over clothes, so I strongly dislike the idea. But if everybody is in favour of it, I will consider it.

Assuming we do the caning on the bare, there remain the options of partial or full nudity. For some reason, I find that men clothed on their upper halves and naked below tend to look awkward. So from a viewer's perspective, my first choice would be to do the caning fully nude like in Ludwig's Comeuppance (even though it is more intimidating for me from the actor's perspective!). On the other hand, I can imagine that some viewers might want to see something different from my first F/M clip, or that they might prefer a partial state of undress for other reasons. I have not made up my mind yet.

As for the flogging part: if we decide on a back whipping, I will probably keep my jeans on during that one. That way, there would also be more of a buildup between the flogging and the caning.

3. M/F or M/FF start. The clip will start with Leia-Ann getting 6 strokes of the flogger for that lone German goal. Since Kaelah will now take part in the clip as well, she has offered to take 6 strokes like Leia-Ann herself. So the point of interest is, do viewers want to see her getting flogged as well, or would they prefer to see Kaelah in a purely topping role this time? Both are options that "make sense" to me in the context of this clip, so I am open-minded.

Let us know your thoughts, or if you have any additional suggestions provided that they are realistic. We will be happy to take them into consideration.


Kaelah said...

Oh, please, ladies and gentlemen, vote for the back whipping option! I've got the following picture on my mind: My lovely mate Ludwig barefoot, in tight jeans, shirtless, his hands tied above his head, waiting for a sound whipping in the knowledge that afterwards he will be made to strip completely and bent over a bench for a caning on his bare bottom with the marks of the back whipping still to see.

Sorry, Ludwig, I know you prefer the bottom as a target area, but that picture is just too appealing! And I have to admit that I would prefer the caning being done completely naked because then the marks on the back and the ones on the bottom could both be seen.

Okay, to be fair I should mention that a whipping on the back might be slightly lighter than one on the bottom because I wouldn't want to take the risk of causing any injuries. So the severity freaks among you might prefer to vote for the bottom whipping option. But what is a slight difference concerning the severity compared with that yummy picture of a sexy man in jeans being whipped on the back? And we've still got 18 cane strokes for the purpose of severity. I've already written an email to Leia-Ann, telling her that Ludwig will surely appreciate a no-nonsense caning, and of course, being the loyal, loving and caring partner that I am, I will appreciate that, too! :-)

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Ludwig and Keelah I cannot WAIT!

Val said...

Since you asked, well, here's my opinion:
1) FF whipping, Kaelah to Leia-Ann; only top nudity, starting with loose shirt or blouse on whille tying hands up, then lowering shirt/blouse from the shoulders down, and raising it back up when done - or not.
2) FM whipping, Kaelah to Ludwig. I like the jeans and barefoot image. Might tear off a white shirt to start, after first fastening the hands up above the head while still clothed. Leave the shirt off at the end while unfastening and moving on to the next period.
3) FM caning, Leia-Ann to Ludwig. Transition from hands-up and still jeans & barefoot, to bending over the bench, tying down, then lowering and removing jeans and any other garments if available, be discreet with unnecessary details unless the star wants to show off. The following is not necessary at item 3, but keeps Kaelah off unemployment: she acts as referee, either by calling strokes in sequence or marking them in groups of six on a board, or some such industry. A variant would be for Kaelah to try her hand at a middle series of four or six.

Anonymous said...

1. Flogging on the butt, too!!! Should be the focus of it and Ludwig should feel the stinging difference b/w flogging and caning.

2. Alway full nudity! No further comment.

3. This time Kaelah should be audience and participator for flogging and caning additional 6 to Lduwig after Leia-Ann's 18 strokes. :) Want to see whether Kaelah is light hearted... Look forward to this!!!

Unknown said...

I'm biased towards a back whipping, because, well, I find that a much more appealing zone than than the buttocks (and yet I read spanking blogs. Go figure. Although canes should always be on the rump in my opinion). I know from experience that you can get quite severe if you go high up at the meaty bit over the shoulder blades and avoid the spine so not really an issue on that front.

I'll also agree that tied with hands up is appealing, either directly above the head or somewhat out to the sides. Jeans or bare both works. I think Kaelah definitely gets the say in that. Please please please, no short shorts.

Maybe one of the girls (or both) could take their flogging on the buttocks to give that variety and show off the different marks?

Anonymous said...

Kaelah should take 3 whippings and 3 caning on the bare bottom and back from Ludwig but with Leia-Ann providing close facial comfort and support during the process.

Ludwig should take fully naked back whippings followed by bottom caning. As I suggested on the previous blog there should be an element of humiliation in the form of female attire to be administered and enjoyed by the two doms.


Pandora Blake said...

Re. Leia - I knew it!!

Definitely a vote for back whipping (with jeans!) from me :)

Pandora Blake said...

Oh and Kaelah - I've been flogged ridiculously hard on the back and suffered no injury whatsoever, severity isn't something you have to worry about :)

Ursus Lewis said...

I usually prefer the bottom as target zone. I don't know, I think it is because I don't like floggers and whips anyway. Never mind. For this scenario I agree with Kaelah and Pandora, the flogging should be on the back, while Ludwig is wearing jeans.

Later for the caning Ludwig should be fully nude. Further I think Kaelah should only top in this video.

Oh before I forget: Leia is a wonderful choice. So you three better hurry with that production. I can not wait to see this clip!

Anonymous said...

A bet is a debt of honor, so it's nice to know that this debt is finally getting paid.

It could be that a back flogging will be part of this.
Ludwig naked again!
Leia-Ann getting spanked for Niki Flynn, and maybe Kaelah too.

I am very excited.


I have to agree with Ms Blake on the subject of flogging on the back. Unless the flogger is made of barbed wire or something equally as daft, there is virtually no risk of permanent marking or damage. I can say this from past personal events.

Although my vote goes for a flogging on the back, if you do go for a flogging on the bottom, may I suggest that you reverse the order of play as in my experience I have found that a good hard flogging given over fresh cane stripes is a most special sensation.

Just out of curiosity, have you ever been caned by a left hander before Ludwig?


Ernest said...

I would vote for M/FF start - I'm sure the addition of Kaelah as (temporary) victim would be a good addition!


Anonymous said...

Hmm... As an English (and female) contributor to the debate, my observations are as follows:

1) Totally agree with Kaelah that the sight of Ludwig in tight jeans getting a back whipping is an enticing thought

2) Not sure how this suggestion is going to go down, but given that six strokes are to be given for that solitary England goal. Perhaps it should be Leia-Ann administrering them to Kaelah, instead of Ludwig?

Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

And here my opinion on the scenes...

For the intro I would prefer a FF-Scene, Leia-Ann caning Kaelah. I imagine that Ludwig goes to prepare for caning Leia-Ann when Kaelah comes in making some lazy remarks - so for penalty she gets the strokes. And to be more cruel she'll get them not from Ludwig but from Leia-Ann.

The question about nudity... Hmmm...
Wouldn't it be more humiliating if Ludwig has to wear a tanga from his caning-fairy...? In my opinion that would also be a good compromise between nudity and clothing, wouldn't it? I wouldn't like a clip with caning the shorts because then the coming-up of these likely dark red stripes wouldn't be to see. Not good.

thx, oli

Indy said...

Well, I'm much too late to vote, but not to late to thoroughly enjoy Kaelah's and Val's (point 2) suggestions for the flogging. I do hope you did it that way! I find that, no matter how inevitable it is, there's always an extra level of poignancy each time I have to remove an item of clothing.

Very much looking forward to watching the clips from your English Discipline Tour!

Unknown said...

so if i am a credit card debtor who mouths off what can you do with me a paddle? richie