Monday, May 31, 2021

Kaelah's Corner (May 2021):
The Switching Top

After almost two months of silence I am back for another Kaelah's Corner post. Last month, I didn't even manage to publish my Kaelah's Corner. Ludwig and I are so busy with a vanilla project that all we do is work, look after our children, and sleep. Actually, we almost aren't affected by the current Covid-19 restrictions, since we haven't got time to meet other people or make any excursions, anyway. What affects us, though, is that the kindergarten is closed frequently due to various Covid-19 related issues, which doesn't make it any easier to meet our schedule.

Still, I wanted to write at least a brief Kaelah's Corner post this month to let you all know we are still out there. And I've found a kinky topic, too!

As I have mentioned a few times, my kinky fantasies have changed a bit with my age. I usually can't imagine the real me in the position of a bottom in a spanking scene anymore. So, when it comes to spanking fantasies, I usually go back to the ritual spanking stories which I have always enjoyed very much. And when I fantasise about that kind of scenario, I nowadays find myself more in the role of a spectator or narrator, switching between the views of the different characters involved. I suppose I still think more about what the bottom feels than about the top, but I don't imagine the real me in that role.

In my formal naval fantasies, for instance, the tops usually were and still are older and more experienced officers and the bottoms promising youngsters who will most probably one day be in the very same position as their superiors are now. And the tops in my fantasies all have once been in the very same position as the cadets or young officers whom they are leading now.

I always had a thing for tops who are willing to switch in real life, and I love the idea that the power imbalance between the characters in my spanking fantasies is only temporary and that the characters can evolve over time. Recently, I've come to realise that there is one story-telling element which I find especially attractive right now in that fantasy cosmos.

And that is when one of the tops mentally goes back to the time when they were a bottom themselves during a scene. The most appealing plot which contains that element for me is the following, for example in a naval setting:

A cadet is punished by the Captain of the ship because he has undermined the authority of the First Officer in public. As usually in my fantasies, he didn't mean to offend (my bottoms are almost always good guys), but acted without thinking. The corporal punishment takes place in the Captain's office, and the First Officer is watching the punishment.


But he is not enjoying it (just like the Captain, who only does what he thinks must be done). Instead, he actually feels sorry for the young man. Sensing the cadet's nervousness, shame and fear, the First Officer is very sympathetic, being transported back to a time when he found himself right in the same position with the Captain as a young cadet on the ship many years ago.

In my head, I then play out the punishment scene of the First Officer first, followed by the scene of the cadet with the First Officer watching. So I see the first scene from a bottom's perspective, but since it's a retrospective the top perspective of the now-First Officer is in there, too. And then there is the second scene, mostly watched from the top perspective of the First Officer, not in the role of the acting top, though, but as a sympathetic observer. Both mixtures as very appealing to me and something I can mentally dive into.

How about you? Would you find any such mixed perspectives interesting? Or do you prefer clear roles – a top is a top and a bottom is a bottom? I am curious to hear about your thoughts! Maybe I should one day write down one of the mentioned scenarios and share it on this blog?

Please stay safe and healthy, all of you! I hope that I'll at least be back for another Kaelah's Corner post next month.