Friday, November 30, 2012

Kaelah's Corner (Nov 2012):
Time Passes By

The last month of the year is about to start. Here in Germany, the days are getting shorter and shorter. It's cold outside. Time to wrap oneself into a blanket, have a cup of tea and recap the year. It is late and I am tired right now, very tired. So better don't expect me to write very coherently today. Looking back, though, the year has been a good one so far. A busy one, but a good one.

As for the kink, it seems that 2012 will become my most productive year blog-wise. There have been many posts, lots of pictures and a few clips (Ludwig and I even filmed some that we haven't started to publish, yet). And I have communicated a lot with like-minded people which was (mostly) wonderful!

Apart from the blog, there hasn't been much kinky activity this year, though. No parties, not much play between Ludwig and me and no kinky scenes or film-making with others. But we met two wonderful fellow kinksters on different occasions and had a fantastic time with them. There wasn't any play involved, though, just vanilla activities and lots of great talk.

I have to admit that I haven't missed the kinky fun all too much. Ludwig and I have been very close in other ways. He has helped and supported me a lot this year. Sharing thoughts, fears, hopes, time, work, fun and of course emotions is what a love relationship really
is about, for me. And that's what we have.

This year I have taken more than I have given, though. I have been very occupied and Ludwig has constantly put my needs before his own. I hope that will change soon. It would be good to experience a time of less work, less planning, less mental occupation with the future and more light-hearted fun in the here and now. As I said, I haven't missed the kinky play all too much, but being in the right frame of mind for some spontaneous fun more often would be great nonetheless.

For December, Ludwig and I have planned to shoot our LOL Day clip. And I hope that we will have the time and energy for some private play as well. I already have some ideas on my mind. But right now, I am just tired and in need of a cuddle. And my timetable for the upcoming month is rather full again already. Well, we'll see.

In the meantime, I would love to hear about your kinky year. Has 2012 been a quiet or an active year for you so far kink-wise? Have you made any great experiences that you would like to share? And do you already have any plans for special kinky activities in December? Your memories and inspiring stories are very welcome!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Adding New Blogs

As you might know, Ana kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award. In my last post, I already told you eleven random facts about myself and answered Ana's eleven questions according to the rules for this award. In today's post, I will introduce you to several blogs which I would like to nominate for the Liebster Award and which I would like to add to our blog roll at the same time.

Ludwig and I decided not to add every blog to our blog roll which we read. In fact, I privately visit many more blogs than are on our blog list. I haven't added any new blogs to our roll for quite a while now because it consists of so many blogs already. But now some of the blogs on our blog roll aren't updated any more and Poppy's blog has even been taken down. And so I think there is space for some additional blogs.

The blogs which Ludwig and I have on our blog list usually fulfill the following requirements: They are primarily about erotic CP, because this is what our blog is all about. This excludes, for instance, pure DD blogs and blogs with lots of posts which aren't related to erotic CP. Secondly, in order to qualify for our blog roll, a blog should be more than just a collection of pictures. Since especially Ludwig isn't so much into couple's blogs and private diaries which only focus on the life of the author(s), either, blogs that offer a greater variety of topics have a bigger chance to be included in our blog list. That includes, for example, blogs with philosophical ramblings, discussions, private exploits, witty posts and creative stuff like making one's own pictures and videos. A unique blogging concept or writing style is of course great, too. And, last but not least, I enjoy having a certain variety and therefore try to choose blogs which don't only focus on the most common M/F constellation.

Keeping all these criteria in mind, I selected a small group of "six of the best" blogs which in my opinion are going to fit very well into our blog roll. I have been following most of them for many months. If your blog isn't among them, please don't be upset. It doesn't mean that Ludwig and I don't like it. And it doesn't mean that we won't quote from your blog or link to it in our posts! Plus, I am sure that I will add new blogs again in the future.

So, without further ado, here are the six new blogs for our list:

Alex In Spankingland: For those who don't know her, Alex Reynold is not only a spanking enthusiast, but also a spanking model. She has worked with several different producers. Alex offers a great variety of topics, from shoot reports and private exploits to discussions about ethics.

Black and Blue: This is the only blog in my list which is only a month old. But its authors Lizzie and Craig are both experienced bloggers and I have followed their respective blogs for a long time. Their new, shared blog is about their adventures together and their thoughts on different topics which are presented from the perspectives of both authors in a side-to-side format. I find it wonderful to read about another couple's kinky adventures in that special format. Even more so because Ludwig and I had a chance to briefly meet both Lizzie and Craig at the Shadowlane Party 2011.

Joey And Friends: Joey shares his adventures as a bottom and also occasional (or maybe not so occasional any more) top. He is not only interested in spanking, but also in Japanese rope bondage. So, Joey's varied posts are not only about his spanking play at the SCONY parties which he attends, but also about bondage events and other interesting topics.

Lea's Corner: I'm not sure whether I have to tell you anything about Lea's blog at all since it is very well known in the spanking community. I guess most of you have already read one of Lea's witty and creative posts. If not, I would say you have missed out on something good. There is just one thing which I could tell you that I have learned about Lea and that obviously not everyone knows: Her name is pronounced “Lee”. I hope I got that right in our blogiversary spanking clip...

Nimue's World: I would call Nimue's blog a special insider tip for those who aren't spanking purists. Because Nimue is not only interested in spanking, her adventures include the broader world of BDSM. And Nimue isn't only a BDSM model, she also produces her own videos. On her blog, she shares her unique view on the world of spanking and BDSM and her adventures as a professional member of the BDSM video industry. Nimue is a bottom as well as a top and her spanking adventures include M/F, F/M and F/F scenes.

Tim the Tum – A Spanking Good Time:
I have been planning to add Tim's blog to our list for quite a while. He is a switch who also loves F/F scenarios. Tim doesn't only write about his own adventures, he also publishes thought-provoking posts and website reviews. I have already written a post about his blog when poor Tim, who unfortunately suffers from cancer, was announced dead. Fortunately, that turned out to be a hoax. After having identified who had hacked his account, Tim decided to leave the whole incident behind (which included deleting the posts about it) and focus on the spanking fun again instead. Due to his health condition, Tim isn't always able to post regularly. But I hope that he will write new posts featuring his trademark wit again soon and that he will be able to continue blogging for a very long time.

So, there you have our six new blogs for the blog roll. I am not sure whether any of their authors want to play along and answer eleven questions according to the rules of the Liebster Award. And I know that some have already been nominated, anyway. But for those who want to participate, here are my questions to you:

1. What was one of your first kinky fantasies which you can remember?
2. What makes you happy about blogging?
3. Did blogging ever made you sad? If yes, why?
4. Please describe one of your happiest kinky moments.
5. What do you like about the kinky community?
6. Are there things you don't like about the kinky community?
7. Please describe the most memorable development that you made in your kink (for example, meeting fellow kinksters for the very first time or becoming open for a new kind of play).
8. Are there crucial elements in your kinky play?
9. Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to spanking storylines or videos?
10. Is there any kinky fantasy that you haven't played out (yet) for fear that the real experience won't be able to match the appeal of the fantasy?
11. Please describe one of your spanking (real life or story) fantasies in 11 or fewer words. (I had to take this one from Ana's list of questions because I found it so cool!)

That's it for today! If you don't know one of the new blogs for our blog roll, please pop over and take a look. And maybe some of the nominees for the Liebster Award want to play along. I would be  very curious to read your answers to my eleven questions!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Liebster Award

Ana has kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you, Ana! Since the rules seem to be quite funny, I decided to play along. So, here we go.

The Rules:
When one receives the award, one posts 11 random facts about oneself and answers the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
Pass the award onto 11 other blogs.
One writes up 11 NEW questions directed towards YOUR nominees.
One is not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated one’s own blog!
One pastes the award picture into ones blog.

11 Random Facts about Kaelah
1. When I was a child, I had my hair cut very short once on holiday. Afterwards many people thought I was a boy. I hated that at the time.
2. Today I would love to play a male character (or a least a woman who has disguised herself as a man) in a spanking scene / video.
3. I am a passionate tea drinker.
4. I would love to have a pet, preferably a huge dog, but I wouldn't be able spend enough time for its well-being.
5. I have a stuffed animal which I got (took?) from my Mum when I was very small and which still means a lot to me.
6. Ludwig also gave me a stuffed animal as a gift to look after me when we are apart. It's a wombat, and it came all the way to Germany from Australia.
7. I don't believe in an immortal soul.
8. I am having difficulties to find clothes and especially panties which fit me. Therefore shopping can be quite a frustrating experience for me and I think I like it less than many other women.
9. In real life I am grumpier than Ludwig.
10. I would love to make an outdoor spanking video one day.
11. For many years I didn't wear any skirts or dresses because I neither felt womanly nor sexy enough.

Here are my answers to Ana's questions:
1. What food(s) did you dislike eating as a child?
Brussels sprouts. Still don't like them very much.

2. What is your favorite Christmas song?
Having developed into an atheist, I don't celebrate Christmas any more. But one of my favourite Christmas songs was and in a way still is: "O come, all ye faithful". "In the bleak midwinter" also touches me because of its special melody, I think I heard it for the first time at a performance of “A Christmas Carol” which I visited with my Mum.

3. Who is your favorite Disney villain?
I have to admit that I haven't got one. I much prefer characters who have a dark side but decide to use their energy to do something good.

4. Do you like, dislike, or not care about hearing spoilers for a story?
I think I don't care too much about hearing spoilers, except for cases where knowing about certain unexpected developments kills the whole suspense.

5. What is your favorite reading position?
Sitting on a chair or couch where my back doesn't hurt (yes, I am that old).

6. How many books do you currently have on your want-to-read list?
I used to read a lot as a child and teenager. Then I had to read so much as a student and then for my Ph.D. that I stopped wanting to read in my free time. But maybe that will change again.

7. Have you ever "forgotten" to return a book to a friend or a library because you loved it and wanted to keep it?

8. Describe one of your spanking (real life or story) fantasies in 11 or fewer words.
Kissing the gunner's daughter.

9. What is one of your pet peeves about spanking stories?
The "men know best" or "women know best" approach.

10. Hulu, Amazon Prime streaming, TiVo, DVR, or Netflix? (or whatever else you use…)
Ahem, I have to admit that I learned many new words here. In my defence, several of these services don't seem to be available from Germany. I don't use any of them.

11. Your (uncensored) first response to finding out that I nominated you for this award.
Oh, wow, cool, Ana really nominated me!

I decided not to nominate the same blogs again which I have chosen in earlier award votes, but to combine the Liebster Award with presenting you several blogs which I would like to add to our blog roll. I guess it won't be exactly 11, but I think that's okay. I will introduce these blogs to you in a separate follow-up post (together with my 11 questions), because I think they deserve a post of their own and this post is already long enough, anyway. If you have any suggestions for questions I could ask, you are welcome to share them!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

LOL Day Aftermath

It looks like this year's Love Our Lurkers Day has been a huge success. Bonnie did not only organise this wonderful event, she also counted and published the results. According to her final tally, 144 blogs participated (2011: 159) and 4,660 comments were made in total (2011: 2,942). My assumption is that the huge raise in the number of comments is at least partly because many bloggers have started to answer each comment individually (as far as I remember this feature is quite new at least for those who use Blogger). Still, an average number of 32 comments per blog is very impressive!

Our LOL Day vote was closed on Friday and I can proudly state that this year's LOL Day post attracted comments from more
different people than ever before (Ludwig's post about Mood Picture being raided by the police has more comments in total, but there were fewer people involved in the discussion). Thank you all for your participation and I hope you had fun with the vote and are going to enjoy the resulting clip as well. And to those who didn't participate: I hope you are going to enjoy the clip nonetheless.

Here are the results: We had 44 different commenters (not counting Ludwig and me). 6 of you didn't mention any preference regarding whom you would like to see on the receiving end of this year's LOL Day spanking. 12 people voted for Ludwig as the spankee and 26 for me. Which means that my poor bum will have to pay the price. I already speculated that many people voted for me as the bottom only because Ludwig is big and scary and they didn't want to mess with him whereas I am small and sweet. Some commenters were sad that the F/M faction doesn't seem to have any chance to outnumber the M/F fans in a vote. As Ludwig and I already wrote in our replies: Don't worry, there will be clips with Ludwig on the receiving end in the future, just not this time. And maybe we will also pick up your suggestion to make a mixed clip one day.

This time it will be me on the receiving end, though. And again it seems like I have managed to get myself into big trouble by having been so gracious about the number of strokes from each commenter.

For every commenter who had commented on our blog before I am going to receive two smacks with the hand. We had 31 commenters for whom this was true: Spankedhortic (Prefectdt), Michael I, practicingheterosexual, Joey, Lea, Michael II, Fred Bloggs, Lanie, Hermione, Ronnie, MasonPearson, Chross, Spearthrower, Donpascual, Our Bottoms Burn, Erica, Raven Red, gustofur, New One, Simon, Katya Tolstaya, JamesM, MrBBSpanker, Olli, Miss !, Bonnie, A.S.S., Hannilein, Gaviao, CornishPatsy and Bob S. That makes 62 smacks in total.

And then, we also had the highest number of “real” delurkers (people who commented for the very first time on our blog) ever! Welcome to 13 new commenters: thelongbean, RudyRyz, Lizzie, TobyMaster, Florida Dom, Lionheart, Februs, Mr Chips, Suzanna, BigRobert, oldskibum, Melly and blueskylover. Thank you very much for having taken that big step. We hope to hear more from you in the future! For every real delurker I am going to receive 3 strokes with a switch, which means 39 strokes in total.

Ludwig and I won't have a chance to make that clip in the next few weeks, but we hope to be able to present it to you by the end of the year. We are already looking forward to it (not so my poor rear end).

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Blogiversary Spanking

Yes, it's true! The last time Ludwig and I saw each other, we still didn't have a private kinky play session, but at least we managed to "squeeze in" filming my blogiversary spanking for you. And after an extremely quick edit – here it is! The clip is a rather straightforward spanking video this time. We hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Thank you very much to all the readers who contributed to the clip. And we hope that those who weren't able to take part enjoy the resulting video nonetheless. If you like the clip, you can still participate in creating this year's LOL Day video. The deadline is this Friday (the 16th), 11:59:59 pm German time.

The great news is that I have finally accomplished an important milestone concerning one big project with Ludwig's help, which means that the next few weeks are going to be a bit less stressful. So hopefully Ludwig and I will have the time and be in the mood for some private play the next time we meet. I think I deserve a proper spanking for my achievement and Ludwig deserves some relaxation for having supported me so wonderfully, too. It looks like the LOL Day spanking / switching is going to be a long one as well. But let's go to the current video clip first.

WMV format, resolution 720 x 576, 132 MB: link

(Click on "Free Download", wait for the counter to count down, then solve the captcha and download the file.)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Global Day of Delurk 2012

It's true folks, another year has passed and here is the next instalment of Love Our Lurkers Day or, as we call it here on Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast, the Global Day of Delurk. It is the day on which we thank our readers for accompanying us on our journey and encourage especially our silent readers to step out of the dark and leave a comment to let us know you are out there. This special day was invented by our fellow blogger Bonnie and we would like to use this occasion to thank her for all the things she does for our community.

The first time Ludwig heard from me was on the Global Day of Delurk in 2008, when I left my first-ever comment on this blog. The rest is history. Now, as you know, Ludwig and I had a very busy time recently and we didn't even manage to shoot the clip for my blogiversary, yet. But hopefully we will be able to do that this weekend and you will be able to watch the result very soon. I haven't been spanked in months, so that should be a very interesting experience (and one I am looking forward to).

Despite of already being behind one clip, so to speak, we still want to use this day for some creative collaboration with you guys. And this time, we have a very special (and most probably non-recurring) choice for you!

The rules are very simple: Leave a comment on this post and decide whether Ludwig or I should be on the receiving end of this year's Global Day of Delurk spanking! The one who gets the majority of the votes will be the spankee in the resulting clip. Every comment made by a reader who has commented on our blog before will result in two strokes with the hand. Every comment made by a real delurker, which means someone who has never commented on this blog before, will add three strokes with a switch, which we found a suitable implement given the special premise of our vote.

The strokes count no matter whether your preferred spankee "wins" the vote or not. Comments which don't include a name for the spankee just count for the strokes. The deadline is Friday, November 16th, 11:59:59 pm German time. Anonymous comments don't count, you have to write your comment under a nickname. The resulting clip will be published for free on this blog. In case you don't have any clue how such a clip might look like, here is last year's clip.

We are very curious to see how the vote will turn out and whether we are able to get more comments than last year. And of course we hope that we will have some real delurkers, too! Please don't be shy, we look forward to hearing from you. No matter whether you decide to participate or to remain silent, thank you very much for reading and we hope you have a good (and sometimes also thought-provoking) time here at Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Life has been a bit of a roller-coaster in the recent weeks. Sometimes I was feeling fine, but quite often things didn't go so well. So it was great to share a cheerful time with wonderful friends at a Halloween party. And I found a costume which kind of reflected my current mood. Obviously it also affected my behaviour! You think I deserve to be spanked for the gesture in the top picture? Well – bite me (if you dare)!

Okay, this one is just to show you that I can
still be nice as well. Did you go to a Halloween event this year? In which costume? And, what was your kinkiest costume and Halloween experience ever? Last year, I was a vengeance demon. Do you like the whip? I hope you had a happy Halloween, everybody!