Saturday, November 18, 2017

Global Days of Delurk 2017 (Day 2)

This is the second part of my LOL-Day post (or Global Day of Delurk, as we like to call it on our blog). In yesterday's post I told you why LOL-Day is so special to Ludwig and me. Today I would like to invite you to participate in some creative collaboration if you like.

Ludwig and I often hosted some kind of special event on LOL-Day, like making a custom-made clip that involved a certain number of strokes for each comment or me writing a tailor-made story which contained phrases that the readers suggested in their comments. This year unfortunately a LOL-Day clip is out of the question because we still have several clips we've already shot but not managed to publish, yet, and because even though my health is much better I don't feel in the shape for making a spanking clip. And as the custom-made story goes – I've already collected your word suggestions for one in my blogiversary post.

I've had another idea, though. From the great suggestions I got in the comments on my blogiversary post, a storyline for my tailor-made story has already formed in my head. Because of the storyline I'm going to publish the result on December 6th. There are still a few open questions, though, and I would like to invite you to share your preferences concerning one or more of them in the comment section if you like. Of course I will most probably not be able to include all your ideas, but I will try to take into consideration as many of them as possible.

I'll give you a bit of information about the scene at first (not too much, though, the plot is still supposed to be a surprise). The story will be about an erotic M/F spanking between a husband and wife. The spanking will consist of two parts and I've already chosen an implement for the second part which will be more severe than the first one. It's a playful spanking, but the husband will use a real incident to make the scene a bit more edgy.

So, here are my questions: The wife is alone at home at first. What could she be doing when her husband comes home (whatever it is, it would not be the "reason" for the spanking) and where in the house or around the house would she be then? Where would you like the spanking to take place? Where could she bend over for the spanking? Is there any item of clothing you would like her to wear? What kind of real incident could the husband refer to (it must be something she wanted to do or achieve for herself but failed and it should not be too serious). And, finally, which not-so-severe implement (or maybe the hand) should the first part of the spanking be with?

If you have any preferences concerning any of these questions, you are very welcome to share them in the comment section! In addition to that, I will add two strokes to the wife's tally for every recurring commenter and five for every real delurker, counting the comments from both LOL-Day posts (only one comment per person, though). If you have a special preference, you can also tell me whether you would like me to add those strokes to the lighter part or the more severe part of the spanking.

So, I hope that weren't too many questions and choices! If you want to add your ideas to the story, all comments that are made until November 23rd 23:59:59 h German time will be taken into consideration. Please don't be disappointed if I can't realise all suggestions, though! And remember, you don't have to answer any of the questions, you can just say hi, too!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Global Days of Delurk 2017 (Day 1)

Time has run so fast – it's LOL-Day again! As our long-time readers know, this day is special to us because on LOL-Day 2008 I wrote my first-ever comment on this blog (under my former nickname K'Ehleyr). It was my first-ever comment on any blog and the first time I reached out to other kinksters. Ludwig had started blogging at the beginning of 2008, so that was his first LOL-Day as a blogger, too.

He was very happy to see that he had two genuine delurkers on that day who had never commented on his blog before. Ludwig had a very wrong idea of who I might be, though, because he didn't know where my nickname was from (if you love Star Trek and the Klingons as much as I do, you'll have a better clue than he did). I wrote that I am from Germany, and the name sounded Turkish to Ludwig, so he thought I might be a kinky German male with a Turkish heritage.

His picture changed when I wrote him an email shortly afterwards in which I told him more about me. I remember how nervous and excited I was when I hit the send button for my comment on LOL-Day. I had just recently found out that the fantasies which I had been having my whole life belonged to a kink called erotic spanking which was shared by many other people. Then Ludwig wrote in his next blog post how happy he had been about the lurkers who had taken the plunge and said hello, and I became confident enough to write him a personal email, even though I still felt somehow inadequate because I had no experience with all this.

One email turned into a wonderful email conversation, not only about kink, but about many other topics as well. Around Christmas 2008, I finally found the courage to ask Ludwig whether he would like to meet in person and maybe – if the chemistry turned out to be right – lead me through my first-ever experience with adult erotic spanking.

The rest is history. In short, we planned and played out a great spanking initiation ritual, including Klingon paintings, a trust fall, torches and a tea ceremony. A few weeks later we officially became a couple and our kinky journey continued. I started writing about my experiences on this blog and we published our first kinky video together. We met other kinksters and made more videos, among them one with fellow kinky blogger Leia-Ann Woods in which I topped Ludwig for the first time on camera. We visited the Shadow Lane party and even shot a few clips for Pandora / Blake's site Dreams of Spanking.

But not only our kinky journey continued, our journey as a couple did as well. After having been in a long-distance relationship for several years, we're now finally married and live together. As I already wrote in my last post on the occasion of my eighth blogiversary, my interest in spanking (and Ludwig's, too!) has of course decreased after many years of practising my kink. It's not as new and exciting anymore as it was on LOL-Day back in 2008. We are still kinky, though, and we enjoy knowing each other so well now (not only kink-wise) and having become such a great team.

Due to my recent health problems and a medical emergency in our family, this has been our worst year of blogging so far when it comes to the number of posts we published. So, I don't know how many people are still reading our blog and how many silent lurkers are among them. And I have no idea whether anyone who is really new to the world of erotic spanking has found our blog in the recent time.

But if you are out there and ponder whether you should take the plunge and say hello, I would like to wholeheartedly invite you and encourage you to write a comment on this post! It doesn't have to be long and you don't have to share anything you don't feel comfortable sharing.

I remember how scary it was to write my first comment in 2008, but I can tell you that we definitely appreciate hearing from fellow kinksters we haven't talked to before, and especially if you are new to all this. Of course long-time readers (and commenters) are invited to write a comment, too, it's always good to know you are still out there.

Let me end this post by thanking all of you, no matter whether you are a silent lurker or an avid commenter, for reading and accompanying Ludwig and me on our journey! A special thank you goes to Bonnie who invented LOL-Day and thereby brought Ludwig and me together and to Hermione who hosts LOL-Day 2017 and makes sure the tradition continues.

Tomorrow I will publish another LOL-Day post. It will tell you about a fictional spanking story I am currently writing and will give you the chance to participate in the creative process. So, please stay tuned, I would love to hear your creative ideas!