Tuesday, September 20, 2011

... doesn't always stay in Vegas.

So, this is the second part of my Shadow Lane report. As announced in part one, today's post is going to be about the spanking action. Without further delay, here we go!

The first play session Ludwig and I joined took place on Saturday in Indy's room. Judy Verbena, Indy, Cate Stoker and Mr Allen were already in action when Ludwig and I knocked on the door. Indy and Cate had already made their first encounters with a nasty prison strap and a cane before we arrived, which Indy has described in detail here.

As we entered the room, we saw that Judy was bent over the bed, “testing” different and increasingly severe straps at the hand of Mr Allen who was visibly enjoying his duty. Judy, being rather new to the spanking scene, proved to be very tough and finally even tried the prison strap like the others before her. Meanwhile, Indy and Cate watched with glee and even managed to throw each other under the bus for an additional caning while doing so.

When Judy was finally released, Indy and Cate went over the bed for six of best each, and hard ones this time! Indy even counts that caning as the most severe one she has ever taken so far. By the way, don't take that woman seriously when she tells you that she doesn't play hard. At least Mr Allen was kind enough to give the two some time to catch their breath after each stroke. It really was a joy to watch!

After having watched the others getting spanked, I was eager to be next but at the same time a bit insecure as well because their spankings had looked quite severe and I wasn't sure whether I was in the mood for that. Especially since this would be a cold spanking. I wanted to try Mr Allen's koboo and dragon canes, though, and asked Ludwig for a “not so severe” spanking with them. So, over I went, hands placed on the bed, dress flipped up for the cane.

It was the first time that I played in front of others in a private session. So far I had only done this for film clips. Indy was very kind and thoughtful, reminding me that I could try out the canes without anyone watching if I didn't feel comfortable with playing in front of them. I think it was this atmosphere of no pressure, light-heartedness and care for each other which made it so easy for me to be relaxed and enjoy having an audience.

There were five canes, all medium thick but nonetheless of slightly different severity, and my first idea was to take one or two strokes with each of them. But then Ludwig started out with six strokes with the first cane. I can definitely say that, for me, unpeeled canes are much easier to take than the peeled rattan ones which we usually have in Germany! Admittedly, the strokes weren't too severe, but they weren't love taps, either.

With the second, slightly more severe cane, Ludwig wanted to stop after four strokes. This suddenly felt inappropriate, though, because it would have shattered my cosmos of numbers. So, without much thinking, I asked him to make it six as well. With the next cane, Ludwig accidentally only gave me five strokes which resulted in a spontaneous: “But that were only five, there was one missing!” The spectators eagerly confirmed that one last stroke was left and Ludwig of course wasn't opposed to dishing out an additional stroke, either, and so finally my little cosmos of numbers was in order again.

The others were quite amused by all this and someone suggested that it would be interesting to see what I would do in a similar situation during a very severe scene. “I assume the same as she just did”, was Indy's guess. Chances are good that she is right. I'm a strange girl, I know. Strange but happy!

The next two sets of six went by without any special incidents, apart from my more and more throbbing bottom that is. Ludwig's last strokes were harder but not too severe. Being warmed up now, I suddenly didn't feel properly finished, though. And again, without much thinking, I asked for a final six proper strokes. And I got them! When I told you that I prefer unpeeled canes, I didn't intend to say that they don't hurt. They definitely do! And they can leave quite nasty and deep-going marks and welts, even when used a bit less full-arm than a peeled cane, because they are heavier.

So, after the last six strokes I had a nice set of red welted tramlines and already a few blueish bruises to show off. Ludwig told me to turn around and show the others, who had watched from the side, the result of his handiwork. I was a bit surprised by the big hard welts on my bottom, but felt very happy and also properly caned now.

Then Mr Allen showed me a stunning looking cat-o-nine tails. I would very much love to do a naval cadet scene with Ludwig in the near future and this cat-o-nine would have been just right for that purpose. Since I wore a backless dress, anyway, I was perfectly dressed for a back whipping. So I asked Mr Allen for a little demonstration and he happily obliged (therefore being the first person other than Ludwig with whom I played in a private scene). The whip felt great, similar to the big soft flogger we have. After a while Mr Allen showed Ludwig how to use the whip and he took over.

A caning just of the right severity followed by a soft back whipping – that's what I call a good day! We took a few pictures of the cane marks, so that you can see the results as well, and then went to the suite parties together.

As I already mentioned in my last post, I wasn't involved in any play at the suite parties. But I got to watch two very memorable scenes there. The first involved Mr Allen and Cate who earned herself another caning by teasing him. And since these two don't seem to be so much into light play to say the least, Cate took a very hard thrashing again. There was even a small spot of blood (a little weak spot I assume) on her chastised bottom by the time Mr Allen was done.

Mr Allen's accurate technique and Cate's restrained reactions were both a joy to watch. What was even more enjoyable, though, was the look on the faces of two of the spectators who stood directly in my field of vision. It was a mixture of awe and shock and I had the feeling that they even turned a bit pale as the caning unfolded.

The second scene I watched featured Mr Allen again and at first Lizzie whom Indy had “pimped” to him. Lizzie took a long strapping and caning and it was obvious that she was enjoying it. Maybe a bit too much for Cate's and Indy's taste. The latter went over to the two and passed their thoughts on to Mr Allen. Which of course did not only result in a more intense spanking for Lizzie, but a caning for Cate and Indy as well...

Indy also tried to fool me by telling me that taking the nasty prison strap would improve the blood circulation and thereby reduce the long-term bruising from my earlier caning. Lizzie confirmed that a lighter spanking with a strap or alike might indeed help that way, but definitely not a prison strap! This little prank only augmented the thought that had already come to my mind, anyway. I wanted to get the chance to try out one of the unpeeled canes – on Indy!

Generously, Indy granted my request. Not on Saturday, though. We had already played so much that it was time to get some rest. After lunch on Sunday, the time had come. Cate and Mr Allen had unfortunately left and so Mija, Paul, Judy, Indy, Ludwig and I were gathering together for some final play before Ludwig and I had to leave as well. Mija and Paul had some nice crook-handled canes and I asked Indy to select one of them. She opted out the thinnest one but left me the choice between the other two. I selected the medium one and Indy bent over the couch.

When I took aim, Indy turned around and asked: “Have we agreed on a number of strokes, yet?” I looked at her and said: “I think one dozen should be good, that gives me a chance to start a bit lighter and get used to the cane.” After all, I had never wielded a crook-handled cane before! The “start out lighter” part convinced Indy and she agreed.

And so it happened. I started out rather lightly, but not too softly, and increased the severity when I realised that my accuracy was right. After the fifth stroke Indy asked: “How many were that?” A cruel top would of course have used that question to add some extra strokes, but being the nice girl that I am, I simply told her the accurate number. The spectators weren't so nice, though. Mija guessed that it must have been about three strokes and Ludwig said something about “less than four”. Indy decided to trust my count...

She answered some of the following, more severe strokes with a: “That was a good one.” Now you can make up your own opinion re Indy and masochism... Before long, the dozen was nearly full. “You know what they say about the last one?” I asked Indy, making her chuckle. The answer came from the background, uttered by Paul: “The last one is always very light, almost symbolic.” “Oh really?”, I answered. “That must be a cultural difference between the US and Germany then.” And with these words I gave Indy a last proper stroke.

When I turned to the audience, Paul looked at Mija: “How about you?” And he gently pushed her into my direction. Mija didn't seem to be unwilling and I felt honoured to get the unexpected chance to top her as well. I hugged Indy and thanked her for having been such a wonderful victim and then I gave Mija the same treatment which Indy had faced before.

Mija warned me that she doesn't mark too much, which doesn't mean that she doesn't feel the strokes, though. She was also very stoic, but I didn't want to turn that against her. See, I'm a nice person! Only when Mija seemed a bit bored, I decided to go harder. The audience was not so nice, by the way, constantly reminding me that Mija sounded like the spanking wasn't hard enough for her... Like with Indy, I finished the dozen strokes with a final, more severe one.

I was very happy that both canings and both victims had been so much fun and that I had been safe and accurate. Except for one stroke during Indy's caning that went a bit low, that is. Indy was kind enough to pretend that it only hit the crease, but I think at least the tip also touched her leg.

Of course the canings hadn't been too hard, but that was okay for me. I'm not an experienced top, I had never used an unpeeled, crook-handled cane and I had never played with one of my victims before. Plus, Indy as well as Mija had more play time to come, so going too hard to my mind would have missed the point. Maybe I'm still a bit too nice as a top, though. At least that's what came to my mind after having read Indy's report about a scene in which Mija topped her later!

Paul also proved directly after my caning how much more Mija can take. He told her to stay bent-over and gave her one final cane stroke himself, which made my strokes look like love taps! Mija also took this one with gritted teeth and was finally allowed to get up so that we could end the scene with hugs.

Meanwhile, Indy had decided that she wanted another caning, this time from Ludwig - because, as she explained, she had never been caned by an “international porn star” before. So she wanted to have at least a symbolic caning from Ludwig. I warned her that Ludwig's canings never feel symbolic, but that didn't change her mind. Ludwig of course happily obliged and so Indy went over for her second dozen. We all watched Ludwig apply all of his strokes accurately as always. They were a bit more severe than the ones I had dished out, but not completely over the top either, for similar reasons as the ones I have mentioned above.

After Indy was happy and done, I felt that I wanted to do one little last scene before we left, this time on the receiving end. Mija and Paul had brought two tawses and I was eager to try them. So, I bent over the sofa and Ludwig gave me six proper licks with each of the tawses. They were of different severity but both rather on the nasty side. Directly after the first stroke I realised that one spot on my right cheek was burning much more than the rest of my bottom. It was the spot were the caning from the day before had left a dark bruise. Well, unpeeled canes might be easier to take if you don't like sting, but they can leave quite deep bruises...

I managed to go through the tawsing without making too much fuss, though. But the one or other hissing sound and surprised comments about the amount of pain these nasty little things produced were inevitable. Nonetheless, the tawsing left me with a wonderful warm afterglow in my cheeks once the acute pain was gone. Mija was kind enough to take a picture with her mobile phone before Ludwig and I had to leave. It's not as sharp as a picture from a photo camera but I think it gives you a good impression.

As soon as the last scene was over, Ludwig and I had to hurry up and make our way to the airport. I would have loved to stay much longer and share more time with our wonderful friends. And I would especially have loved to watch Judy's first-ever caning which she received later that day from Paul. Only to support Judy mentally, of course... But even though this was unfortunately not possible, the Shadow Lane weekend will stay in my memory as a great event and a wonderful time with a bunch of fantastic and lovely people!


indy said...

Thanks for this truly lovely account, Kaelah-- it took me right to the rooms in which the action took place, and it made me miss everybody all the more!

I was delighted that you felt comfortable enough to play in our small-group setting, and I really enjoyed the show the two of you put on, Ludwig with his pornstar-accurate caning and you with your grace and humor under fire-- and, it must be said, your absolutely beautiful bottom. That picture doesn't quite do full justice to those marks; those left by the harder strokes were blue-tinged almost from the beginning!

I have to admit, Lizzie is right about a gentler strap being better for breaking up the bruises. I still honestly think one or two with the prison strap would have been okay, but in my endorphin-clouded fog, I'd forgotten that you would have insisted on six. I did wonder at the time why you'd agreed so readily to cane me! ;-)

Playing with you both was such an unexpected joy. I've wanted to do that for a long time, but I didn't think I'd get the chance. I figured you were only willing to play with people other than Ludwig in front of a camera, and there's no way I'm doing that!

As for cultural differences about the last stroke, I can assure you that Paul does not practice what he preached to you about that.

I so look forward to the next time I see you and Ludwig, whenever that may be.


Indy said...

ps When we landed in Vegas, our flight attendant warned us: "Remember, what happens in Vegas... ends up on YouTube!" Fortunately, I don't think we'll have to worry about that!

Mija said...

It was such a fun time. Lovely to meet you both and so hard to say goodbye. I'm so glad I got to be caned by you. :)

Kaelah said...

@ Indy:
I miss you and our lovely group of people! It was great to be at Shadow Lane and I very much enjoyed all the scenes and the quieter moments in between. I hope to see you again, soon.

Don't worry, I absolutely believe you that you didn't try to throw me under the bus. I guess I would have indeed landed in trouble with the prison strap, though, as I would surely have insisted on six of the best! I was very sure at the beginning that you were serious about that prison strap thing, but then I started to wonder whether that heavy killer-implement really would be a good idea. That was the moment when I started thinking: Hey, maybe Indy is in play mode and this is a prank?! Your suggestion definitely gave me a good additional excuse for caning you (something I wanted to do, anyway), so I'm very thankful for your idea! ;-)

And I'm glad about not having the YouTube problem. I mean, we have blogs for that, haven't we? ;-)

@ Mija:
It was my pleasure and honour to get to cane you! :-) I was very sad when we left and I hope that we'll meet again, soon.