Thursday, May 31, 2018

Kaelah's Corner (Mai 2018):
New Horizons

In my last Kaelah's Corner posts, I wrote about stretching my boundaries in the field of how much I show of myself on this blog. Today I would like to start another series of posts on a related topic, another field in which I have defined my limits new and gained so much from it that it can hardly be expressed accurately.

There has always been one form of kinky play about which I have read accounts with great interest, but always knew that it wouldn't be for me. What I am talking about are scenes without a safeword. Now, as Adele Haze once aptly explained on her now-defunct blog, strictly seen there is no such thing as kinky play without a safeword. Because as soon as one participant says something along the lines of "I herewith withdraw my consent. Everything that happens from now on is harassment," that means the scene has to stop immediately, no matter what was agreed upon beforehand.

But nonetheless many fellow kinksters have taken part in spankings or related kinky activities where no explicit safeword was agreed upon and where it even was the understanding of all participants that safewording was not expected to happen. For some this is the setting when it comes to real life discipline. Others also do play scenarios which are explicitly declared as having no safeword. For instance, Emma Jane wrote a report about such a scene here several years ago. Those scenes are usually very dark, designed to take the bottoms to their limits and beyond.

When I read about scenes like that, a part of me always asked why someone would put themselves up to anything like that, given that in real life there are enough dark and sad situations where we don't have much control, anyway. But I understood that there was a difference between those dark scenes and reality. First of all, the participants trusted the tops they played with to make sure that no real harm was caused. And from the description of the bottoms it became clear that they weren't really broken after the scene was over. Instead they seemed to be flying, getting stronger from having survived the experience. And they were caught by the tops who, as soon as the scene was over, pampered them and made sure they were okay.

That was the part that always somehow intrigued me. I knew that for me, setting myself up for such a dark scenario would do nothing good. I would simply be broken and not flying afterwards. And I have made too many experiences with panic attacks in real life situations where I only had limited control for experiences like that to have any appeal for me. Still, I always wondered whether there could be a scenario in which I would experience something similar and gain the same feeling of strength and happiness.

Today I know that this scenario really exists. I have been through it and it resembled nothing I had experienced in my life until then. It was of course different in some ways from what my fellow kinksters described in their play reports. But when I thought about it afterwards, it came to me in how many regards my experience resembled what I had read from others.

In my next posts I will write more about what happened. And I think you are going to understand what I am talking about. For now, I would like to ask you how you feel about kinky play “without a safeword” and about real-life events that require giving up control. Under which conditions would you be willing to set yourself up for either of them? Have you ever gained a lot by doing it? I would be very glad to read about your thoughts and experiences in the comment section!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Sucking the Boss Cock

Recently we had a music industry scandal in Germany, involving a music award and some rappers. I don't want to go into any details here, but the reason I am telling you about this is that it inspired Ludwig to look at some German rap lyrics (he doesn't usually listen to that kind of music).

He told me later how dumb he found many of them. There was one line which was so ridiculous that he kind of liked it, though, because it made him laugh. In one of his songs, one rapper fantasized that his bitch (or however he might choose to call the love of his life) should suck the "boss cock" (which apparently is the nickname for his little willy).

The line was so over the top that it sounded quite funny. What made it even weirder was the fact that the line itself was in German, but contained the wonderful phrase "boss cock" in English! For me it would be really hard to take a guy seriously who talks like that, but I am afraid the creator of this line might actually believe that it sounds ultra hard and cool...

However, his discovery obviously triggered Ludwig's fantasies. When we were about to have some fun one evening, he told me in his tongue-in-cheek way: "So, come on now, suck the boss cock! I bet you would enjoy that, wouldn't you?"

That was the point were the difference between rapper fantasy and reality set in, though! Because his words did not, actually, result in the desired action, but in me pulling Ludwig over my knee, taking down his pants and spanking his naked bottom with my hand, making him squirm. I love that I can create reactions from him with a hand spanking, given that Ludwig can take a severe caning rather stoically! He always tells me that he doesn't know why my little hands (I really have to take children's sizes when I buy gloves) feel like iron. I took my time and continued until my hand hurt quite a bit as well.

After I was done and Ludwig's backside had a nice red glow (just like my hand), I made of course sure that Ludwig got some pleasure, too. After all, I am no big mean rapper lady who refers to her private bits as her boss pussy and believes that her guy should only serve her. But unfortunately for Ludwig (to be honest, I think he is quite happy about that), I am not very submissive, either, and so I prefer to give my husband pleasure under my conditions and not because I'm told to suck the boss cock.