Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Kaelah's Corner (Mar 2019):
Never Too Old to Dream

This is the second and final part of my mini-series about the second half of our lives. You can read the first part here.

Some weeks ago, I spent several evenings watching the German version of "The Voice Senior" a show for talented singers aged 60 and older. Not only was the music closer to my heart than most of the stuff which is popular today (they had many songs featuring e-guitars, not only Rock and Hard Rock, but even Metal), the stories of the participants also touched me. After having seen lots of very young talents in other shows, it was great to see people perform who already had experienced a lot in their lives.

Some had already been professional singers / songwriters all their lives, others had always had the dream but had never had the chance to make it come true, due to war, family obligations and all the stuff life brings. All of them saw the show as a chance to once (or once again) perform on a big stage and live their dream. It was great to watch all the enthusiasm and also how people who were formally competitors had fun together and enjoyed not only making their dream become real but also watching others doing the same.

When I thought about it, it came to me that I've seen lots of positive examples like this in the kinky community, too. I've always enjoyed chatting with and meeting like-minded people from all around the world and I have to admit I was especially inspired from older fellow kinksters who had more life experience than me and still followed their dreams, maybe only in a more relaxed way than many youngsters do.

The most important one was our over 90-year-old friend Peter, the ancient mariner, whom we met several times in England and with whom I exchanged many e-mails not only about kink, but also about life, death, religion / atheism and other heavy subjects. And still our conversation was lighthearted and of course very inspiring. Ludwig wrote a wonderful post about Peter in 2010 titled The Old Man and the Sea.

Sadly, a while ago we suddenly didn't manage to contact Peter anymore. Given his age, we must assume that he has passed away. That makes me very sad. What gives me comfort is the knowledge that he had had a wonderful marriage, a great family and that he even managed to live out his kinky fantasies. He was one of those who didn't get that chance when he was young, but when the opportunity occurred as Peter already was an older man, he took it and tried out the things he had always dreamed about. Not only did he find trustworthy playmates that way, but also new friends including Ludwig and me. And I am very grateful to have met Peter!

He isn't the only person of higher age whom I've met through the kinky community, though. Several of our readers and commenters aren't in their thirties or forties anymore and when Ludwig and I visited the Spanking Court in 2015, we met several fellow kinksters in their seventies and eighties, too. With some of them I have been exchanging e-mails as well. Again we have talked not only about kink but about family life and other stuff, too.

Sometimes I am scared of getting older (mainly because I am afraid of having to live with health problems that can't be fixed anymore), but talking to older people who still embrace life and follow their dreams inspires me and gives me hope. I don't know how important kink will be for me when I (hopefully) reach the age of seventy, eighty or maybe even ninety, but the inspiration I get from fellow kinksters of that age goes far beyond kink. What they do reminds me that as long as we live we are never too old to dream and never too old to follow our dreams. However my dreams will look like then, I hope that I will still have the power and energy to pursue them and to try new things when the opportunity occurs.

How about you? Have others in the kinky community inspired you in a way that goes beyond kink, too? Maybe fellow kinksters of a very different age, heritage or background? I would love to hear your stories in the comment section!