Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Kaelah's Corner (Mar 2019):
Never Too Old to Dream

This is the second and final part of my mini-series about the second half of our lives. You can read the first part here.

Some weeks ago, I spent several evenings watching the German version of "The Voice Senior" a show for talented singers aged 60 and older. Not only was the music closer to my heart than most of the stuff which is popular today (they had many songs featuring e-guitars, not only Rock and Hard Rock, but even Metal), the stories of the participants also touched me. After having seen lots of very young talents in other shows, it was great to see people perform who already had experienced a lot in their lives.

Some had already been professional singers / songwriters all their lives, others had always had the dream but had never had the chance to make it come true, due to war, family obligations and all the stuff life brings. All of them saw the show as a chance to once (or once again) perform on a big stage and live their dream. It was great to watch all the enthusiasm and also how people who were formally competitors had fun together and enjoyed not only making their dream become real but also watching others doing the same.

When I thought about it, it came to me that I've seen lots of positive examples like this in the kinky community, too. I've always enjoyed chatting with and meeting like-minded people from all around the world and I have to admit I was especially inspired from older fellow kinksters who had more life experience than me and still followed their dreams, maybe only in a more relaxed way than many youngsters do.

The most important one was our over 90-year-old friend Peter, the ancient mariner, whom we met several times in England and with whom I exchanged many e-mails not only about kink, but also about life, death, religion / atheism and other heavy subjects. And still our conversation was lighthearted and of course very inspiring. Ludwig wrote a wonderful post about Peter in 2010 titled The Old Man and the Sea.

Sadly, a while ago we suddenly didn't manage to contact Peter anymore. Given his age, we must assume that he has passed away. That makes me very sad. What gives me comfort is the knowledge that he had had a wonderful marriage, a great family and that he even managed to live out his kinky fantasies. He was one of those who didn't get that chance when he was young, but when the opportunity occurred as Peter already was an older man, he took it and tried out the things he had always dreamed about. Not only did he find trustworthy playmates that way, but also new friends including Ludwig and me. And I am very grateful to have met Peter!

He isn't the only person of higher age whom I've met through the kinky community, though. Several of our readers and commenters aren't in their thirties or forties anymore and when Ludwig and I visited the Spanking Court in 2015, we met several fellow kinksters in their seventies and eighties, too. With some of them I have been exchanging e-mails as well. Again we have talked not only about kink but about family life and other stuff, too.

Sometimes I am scared of getting older (mainly because I am afraid of having to live with health problems that can't be fixed anymore), but talking to older people who still embrace life and follow their dreams inspires me and gives me hope. I don't know how important kink will be for me when I (hopefully) reach the age of seventy, eighty or maybe even ninety, but the inspiration I get from fellow kinksters of that age goes far beyond kink. What they do reminds me that as long as we live we are never too old to dream and never too old to follow our dreams. However my dreams will look like then, I hope that I will still have the power and energy to pursue them and to try new things when the opportunity occurs.

How about you? Have others in the kinky community inspired you in a way that goes beyond kink, too? Maybe fellow kinksters of a very different age, heritage or background? I would love to hear your stories in the comment section!


Anonymous said...

I have this dream that I wish to be spanked that I finally got the nerve to force Joyce, an older woman I was seeing to spank me. I stayed in bed longer this Saturday morning and when I heard her in the kitchen I got up, took off my pajamas and went to the kitchen naked and erect. Morning I said, Joyce turned and just looked and then said, say going morning to Joan also and turning around Joan was sitting at the table. I covered myself and started to leave the kitchen, Joan stood up and looking at Joyce, all yours Joyce said and with a grip on my arm and several spanks to my bare bottom she took me to the bedroom, closed the door. Being a naughty little boy are we, well then I must be the Mommy, and Mommies spank naughty little boys. Please Joan no, I was playing a joke on Joyce. Were you, Joyce said you wanted to be spanked. Joan pulled the vaniety chair to the middle of the room, picked up the hairbrush and pulled me across her lap. Please Joan No, the hairbrush landed hard and it stung, best call me Mommy you naughty little boy. Mommy please stop. That is better and the hairbrush landed hard and fast. When she stood me up I danced around the room, rubbing and then went to put on underpants. Mommy is not done with you, leave the underpants off, and she took me to the kitchen. Joyce admired my red bottom and felt it to see how warm it was. It stings Joyce I said, good Joyce said. I heard you calling Mommy Joyce said, Yes I said I must call Joan Mommy since she was given me a spanking. You have been a very naughty little boy have you not said Joyce. Yes I said, I'm sorry. Your not erect anymore are you, No Joyce. Joan sat at the table, smile on her face, felt really good Joyce, you should try it, does wonders. Please Joyce, no more. Joyce smiled at me, Joan still had the hairbrush in her hand and took it from her. Young Man your other Mommy is going to have a talk with you and I said please Mommy, no More When Joyce finally stopped the spanking I was a total mess. Joan was not done as she said and she had filled the tub and I was told to get in. I squirmed, while Joan gave me a bath and once I was dried off Joyce told me to put on my pajamas, I said Now and Joan bent me over and gave me several more spanks. I quickly put on the pajamas and was taken to the front room. The bottoms were pulled down and I faced the wall. Shortly some of Joyce friends arrived, I forgot they were dropping by. They looked at me and Joyce said, young man, and I told them what I did, and that Mommy spanked me and then my other Mommy spanked me. Joan spoke up I was the first Mommy and Joyce is the second. He was given a bath, and now must face the wall, wear his pajamas the rest of the day and he is going to bed early. The ladies laughed and talked about it and I said nothing. This dream was so good that I found myself stroking away in bed and when I cum it was the best ever. I washed the sheets and only hope for this to happen in real life.

Anonymous said...

Joyce a lady I'm seeing, older than I, when I back in my apartment I dream about her and her Friend Joan. I've been open with Joyce about wanting a spanking and she will not do it, but said her Joan as mention that I need a spanking. I slept in longer on Sunday morning, I had masturbated and it felt so good. My dream was Joyce and I were visiting Joan. One day they had a couple of friends over and I went to the bathroom, undressed and began masturbating to spanking magazines unaware of anything around me. Young man startled me and there stood Joyce, I was just finishing and still holding my limp penis I looked at her and said nothing. She tossed me a wash towel and I stood up and cleaned myself off. I went to put my clothes on and Joyce grabbed my ear and said you will not be needing them. She pulled me down the hall and finally stopped and looked at me. That is what naughty little boys do, but your not a little boy, your an adult. Care to explain she said and I just said sorry. Well you mentioned you wanted a spanking, you're going to get one. We walked further and passing the bedroom I said I thought I was getting a spanking, you are, but Joan is going to give you the spanking. There are other people here I said, Good she said, adds to your punishment. Please I begged can't we go to a bedroom, please and she soon had me in the front room, two women sitting on the coach and Joan sitting in a straight back chair. Sorry ladies, we have a very naughty little boy, playing with himself. I went to cover my privates and one of the ladies said I would be covering something else and they all laughed. Joan you said you would give him a spanking, so how about it. Joyce I would be glad to spank this naughty little boy. Please can we go to the bedroom, Please and Joan stood up took my arm and soon I was over her lap. Her hand stung and I was getting, squirming and pleading for to stop. One of the ladies opened her purse and pulled out a hairbrush, save your hand Joan and handed it to her. That hairbrush stung and I was soon a total mess over her lap, crying and promising to be good. When she stood me up I danced around the room, rubbing until Joyce said no more rubbing. She swatted my spanked bottom and place me facing the wall. The ladies enjoyed talking about the spanking. I was then told to stand before Joan and Joyce and the sternly looked at me. Have you been a naughty little boy, Yes I said. You do know that this is not the last spanking your going to get. Yes I said. Joyce stood up and took my arm, told her friends that our naughty little boy needs to go to the bedroom and we walked back to the bedroom. That spanking hurt I told Joyce, Joan spanked really hard. Spankings are suppose to hurt and she said down on the bed. Get over my lap this instance, my turn she said. Please no more, and I was soon getting a spanking from Joyce and I know I could be heard. When she finished she told me to get to bed, my punishment was not over. Joyce went back to her friends and after they left both Joyce and Joan were in the bedroom. Out of bed they said and i did as told. Oh they heard you Joyce said, and it felt good. When we get back to my apartment you will go to yours, undress, wait for me, understand, Yes I said. We left Joan place, I did as told and when Joyce came to my place she gave me a bath like a little boy and then told me to put my pajamas on. I stood looking at her and she pointed to the door and I had to go to her place wearing my pajamas. She got a couple of calls and she told them, that I had been a naughty little boy and was given a spanking and now was going to sleep in the extra room.

Anonymous said...

When you live alone, young, have spanking desires, tried to fullfill that need, dreaming is the best way. Looking at some F/m spanking magazines, put yourself in those stories and then dream. It is when you wake up, your stroking your erection and will not stop until you cum, you feel so good. Your hurting no one, your meeting that desire to be spanked.

Ursus Lewis said...

I was going through old bookmarks... It's amazing that you have this blog still alive! Just wanted to say that.

Gustofur said...

Are we going to get May update?

Kaelah said...

Sorry for the late replies, everyone!

@ Anonymous:
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and dreams!

@ Ursus:
It's so great to hear from you! I hope you are fine and enjoying life. :-)

@ Gustofur:
The May update was a bit late again, sorry! But at least my newest Kaelah's Corner post is on time.