Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Island in the Lake

This is our last post about our adventures in Finland. We did not only visit a museum full of kinky pervertibles and had fun in the sauna at the lakeside. We also did some hiking on a beautiful, almost deserted island.

Ludwig and I were brought to the island by speed boat and agreed on a time when we would return later in the afternoon. We decided to walk the trail which went around the whole small island.

After about 1.5 – 2 hours of walking, we reached the halfway mark which had a viewpoint on a small cliff. We hadn't met anyone during our trip so far and so we decided to take the risk of shooting some naughty pictures.

Here you can see the results. I really love the combination of nature and nudity in pictures and so I like these ones very much.

It wasn't all sunny that day, as you can see. But I think the clouds make for a very special, wild and rough atmosphere.

On our way back, it turned out that we weren't in fact the only visitors on the island after all. So we were indeed lucky that no other visitors had turned up at the lookout while we were taking pictures.

There wouldn't have been any place to hide and I surely wouldn't have been able to put my clothes back on quickly enough. Oops!

It was a wonderful day, though, despite of our encounter with an awfully huge number of deer keds that accidentally mistook us for deer or moose. I spare you the details of that story. Enjoy the photos instead!