Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Kaleah's Corner (Mar 2020):
Corona Spankings

As in many countries these days, Covid-19 is the most important topic here in Germany. Our government has set up rules to minimalize contact between people who aren't living in the same household in order to slow down the spreading of the disease so that our hospitals have enough capacities to care for the infected. As a consequence, schools and kindergartens are closed temporarily, as well as many businesses like hairdressers and fitness centres. Employees are working from home office wherever possible.

Recently, a German columnist who usually publishes witty articles wrote that Corona has thrown her into a very new situation. The threat to peoples' lives and to our economies is so real, and the impact on our everyday lives so strong, that she finds it difficult to face the disease with ironic humour. Plus, she argues that humour works best in a social context - but since we are now isolated from others, it is more difficult to find a common social base.

I've seen several Corona-related cartoons and clips by now, both vanilla and kinky, and many of them made me laugh. In my opinion - and the columnist I wrote about agrees with that - humour is all the more important in such a strange and scary situation.

Just as the columnist wondered whether it is possible to face this crisis with humour, I ask myself the same thing when it comes to Covid-19-related kinky stories. To be sure, the disease and its social consequences offer possibilities for scenarios aplenty. And for different kinds of kinky tastes, too!

For instance, for the judicial fans among us, there is the scenario of people ignoring the ban on public gatherings. They are caught by the police having a barbecue in the park. Since many of them have already been warned and fined for similar breaches before, this time they aren't let off so easily. To make sure that they aren't so careless ever again, they are sentenced to a caning which is broadcast on TV as a warning to other potential rule-breakers.

Or, for those who are into domestic discipline: Some young people, or a bored househusband or housewife, invite their friends to a so-called "Corona-party" at home. Of course, this also runs contrary to the idea of minimizing social contacts. They think they are safe because their visitors arrive late at night and their disciplinarian / wife / husband, a doctor who is working nightshifts to help coping with the disease, is not at home. Incidentally, though, she or he comes back home earlier than expected, and is of course shocked. I leave it to your imagination what happens next...

And for those who love innocent spankees: A nice young man or woman who helps an elderly lady by buying food for her, so that she doesn't have to go outside and risk being infected. Instead of leaving the bags at the doorstep, he or she wants to be especially helpful, though, puts the food into the fridge and hugs the old lady when leaving because she obviously feels very lonely. One day later, our young helper develops symptoms of Covid-19 and suddenly realises that they might have infected the old lady. In a panic, he or she informs their disciplinarian and of course the old lady, too. Luckily, it turns out later that it was just a cold, but nonetheless a reassuring but firm punishment is in order.

If you like erotic spanking fun between partners instead, one could also tell the story of an elderly couple who is sitting at home, isolated from the rest of the world because of Corona. They come to talk about their fears and dreams, and suddenly it turns out, after many years of marriage, that they both fantasize about erotic spanking. Slowly and cautiously they start exploring this newly-found common interest, and thus use the situation for a new bonding experience.

Last but not least, a fantasy that came to my mind a few days ago because of a real incident. With two little kids and two jobs we regularly have a cleaning service helping us with our home. The lady helping us does a very quick job, which means that the costs don't become too high for us. Of course she can't clean every far corner in her limited time, but that's okay with us. As long as the basics are done regularly, we can do the rest. Due to Covid-19 the cleaning service had to shut down their business temporarily. Thus we have to do the basic cleaning ourselves now. When we did, I realized that our service lady apparently doesn't clean up underneath the couch regularly, either. There were lots of dust there which must have accumulated for more than two weeks, which was when she had been here for the last time. That instantly brought up a kinky fantasy in my mind. Of course it was about a service lady, or gentleman, who temporarily cannot do their job because of Corona. This way it comes out that the job has not been done properly in the past, which leads to severe consequences.

As you can see, the disease offers many premises for kinky fantasies. But, could you enjoy them? Or is the threat too grave to create kinky scenarios around Covid-19? I have to admit that I am undecided, yet. Generally I think that the question of coming up with kinky fantasies is not completely different from that of coming up with a humorous reply to the threat. Making something good out of something bad in my mind is a good thing. I guess I would draw a line where victims of the disease would be used in a spanking fantasy.

Apart from the ethical question I have to admit that I haven't found a Corona-related fantasy that really pushed my buttons, yet. How about you? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!