Monday, September 30, 2013

Kaelah's Corner (Sep 2013):
Outer Space

This nearly turned out to be the first month without a Kaelah's Corner post since I started writing here on Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast more than four years ago. Why? Because quite honestly I haven't got any kinky thoughts to write about. At the moment, there is no space in my life for it. My sexual drive is very low, anyway, and so thinking about an interesting kinky topic to write about feels more like additional pressure than like a fun thing to do. Right now I don't feel like a part of the spanking universe but rather like an observer far away in the outer space.

But then I  had the idea that I could use the occasion to pose a question to you, our readers, instead of simply skipping my monthly post. So, here it comes: Have you ever been in a situation in which you didn't feel much interest in kink? Or even a time in which being confronted with kink made you feel rather uncomfortable or sad instead of excited and happy? I would love to hear about your experiences!

Ludwig and I are sharing some vanilla time together right now. I think being with a partner who doesn't show much interest in anything sexual isn't easy. But Ludwig and I have found other ways of being close for the time being. And hopefully our situation will change again one day.

In the meantime I guess it is not helpful if I put myself under pressure. But that's not so easy. I'm not very good at waiting and simply seeing how things turn out. I prefer being in control, especially when what I am doing or how I am feeling doesn't affect only me but others as well.

We will at least keep the blog alive, though. Ludwig has a bunch of topics he wants to write about. Additionally there are several adventures from the past about which we haven't written, yet. And the story for my blogiversary is complete, too. We just have to find an opportunity to record the audio version for you. So, while my posting routine will most probably remain as irregular as it has been in the past weeks, there will be more posts to come.

Until then I wish all of you a great start of the autumn season (or spring season for those living in the Southern hemisphere) from my observing station here in outer space!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Munchie Gets Caned

Kaelah and I are still very busy with non-kinky things and hard-pressed for time (even though Kaelah has already been working on the audio story we announced in her blogiversary post, using the phrases you submitted). So I'm just doing a quick "filler" post today, but I think it is pretty interesting filler. I was looking for a spanking clip from a mainstream movie on YouTube, and as it so often happens on that site, I found something else entirely. The clip is titled "Munchie Gets Caned":

This is probably the most unapologetically raunchy caning clip I have ever seen on mainstream TV (if you can call Rad Girls mainstream, more about that in the next paragraph). Munchie takes a good half dozen cane strokes on essentially her bare bottom, wearing only the skimpiest of underwear. Then she takes a couple more on her belly, feet, arms, et cetera, all amidst the frat girl howling and giggling of her friends. Ladies and gentlemen, this is all very, very obviously catering to a certain erotic fetish (as is the whole custom of "birthday spankings" in general), but of course, on American television, nobody talks about it being anything erotic or sexual. This being American television, they also bleep out all the swear words, which I think is rather amusing in a "facepalm" sort of way.

Anyway, since I don't watch any TV at all, whatsoever, I have to look up where this came from. Apparently, Rad Girls is basically a female version of MTV's Jackass, with three performers going by the names of "Munchie", " Ramona Ca$h" and "Darling Clementine" doing crude, self-injuring stunts and pranks. It figures that they obviously did not practice their caning skills very much before filming the clip - they are frequently missing her bottom and hitting the back of her legs, which is a big no-no here among us spankos. Rad Girls is broadcast by MavTV, a television channel owned by the Lucas Oil lubricants company (I swear I am not making this up!) and focusing on, in their own words, an "action-oriented family audience".

Sexy young women taking cane strokes on their bare bottoms as family entertainment? I must say, I haven't heard that one before. 

Truth be told, I am not a fan of formats like Jackass. I find it all rather boorish and proletarian, not refined enough for the tastes of a European elitist snob like me. But I thought that this particular clip was rather entertaining on a voyeuristic level - not erotic, but entertaining -, and maybe you will too.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Therapy Revisited

The newest edition of the Wellred Weekly magazine contains an article written by me under the title Therapy?. As some of our long-time readers among you might remember, that was the title of a post on this blog as well back in May 2011.

The basic question of the post was whether our kinky play and our kinky relationships can be used as a kind of "self-therapy". The word "self-therapy" is of course in quotation marks because I don't want to imply that spanking can substitute any real therapy in case of serious issues. What I mean is simply whether the way we live our kink can provide us with things we are missing otherwise and help us to grow.

In my post I also talked about possible risks and downsides of using kink in such a therapeutic way. That led to a very lively discussion in the comment section and inspired the follow-up posts Speculative Questions, Mirror Mirror and My Kinky Therapy. I learned that the question how kink can be used and what possible positive and negative aspects of certain lifestyle choices are is a very emotional field. In my opinion, that doesn't mean that one shouldn't talk about these things. Quite the contrary. But it is very important to make sure to express one's arguments well and not to offend others simply by using misleading wordings.

I think the very interesting discussions which we had here on this blog helped me to make my point much clearer in my Wellred Weekly article. It is basically a rewritten version of all the posts mentioned above, shortened in some aspects but also supplemented with a few new thoughts. So, in case you haven't read the posts here, maybe you are interested in reading the summarized version in the Wellred Weekly magazine. And maybe you will also find some other articles there which catch your interest?!