Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kaelah's Corner (May 2012):
Spanking Nations

In a recent post I talked about spanking terms around the world. The discussion in the comment section that followed was mostly between our German readers, except for Pandora who added some experiences from the view of an English-speaking kinkster and Ursus Lewis who introduced us to "Fuditätsch", a Swiss expression. The thread is of course still open, so everyone who likes to enlighten us with spanko vocabularies in different languages and their experiences with them is very welcome!

The language isn't the only difference between people from different countries, though. Traditions and habits can of course be different as well. Bogey pointed me to a study about which you can read more here. The bottom line of that study: Due to the high expectations many Germans put on themselves and their perfectionism, a huge number of people in our country have big difficulties with relaxing and enjoying  things. I think that one should be careful about putting too much faith in studies which are cited in the popular media. For example, many of my friends have a great sense of humour and love to share valuable time with like-minded people and fooling around. I actually think that most Germans have lots of humour, in contrast to what a well-known cliché about us says. But the sequence of steps to enjoyment that is described as being typical for Germans in the article caught my attention nonetheless.

It goes like this: "The first step involves the feeling of having earned something. This is followed by preparation for the longed-for pleasure, such as booking a day of wellness treatments. But then comes the biggest hurdle: letting go and clearing the mind. Only when a surprising positive moment supervenes can a fully integrated sense of enjoyment follow." Indeed that is how I was raised, too. First work, then fun. And actually, I am very proud of my work ethic! But I had to learn to keep a good balance and take some time for relaxation as well, even if I haven't just achieved anything great that "justifies" having fun.

Fortunately, I don't seem to have another problem which is also mentioned in the article: "The highly personal interviews revealed that Germans can't even let go during sex. Many reported constantly having film and advertising images run through their minds. […] This results in the requirement to cut a good figure even during sex […]. That is, to hold in their bellies instead of enjoying the moment." I can't say that any of this is true for me, neither during spankings nor other sexual activities. Having a fondness for positions and the like, of course I try to look sexy when sharing intimate moments with Ludwig. But first of all, that doesn't keep me from enjoying the moment, and secondly, there usually comes a time when I stop thinking about these things and let go completely.

But still it made me think about whether the German culture and habits have influenced my kink. I actually think they did! Especially the "first work then fun" approach explained above. It has shaped my kink in the way that I try not to let that approach in on that part of my life. I want my spankings to be fun. I want to let go and enjoy them. I don't want to feel entitled to them only if and when I have made some special achievements. And I don't want any “first I have to go through a part that I don't enjoy in order to feel joy afterwards” approach in my spanking play.

I think this is a very personal thing, though. Of course there seem to be other, much more common differences between the spanking communities and preferences in different countries as well. Whether they are all true or not, I don't know. Some seem to be valid from my own experiences. I don't know enough about others. Some seem to be true for me. For example, I have a fondness for German canes (Rohrstöcke). Let's do a quick association game. I select a nation and then try to write down some spanking-related associations that come to my mind. You are of course welcome to play along and think about your own associations before reading mine.

The British: headmaster/-mistress, school uniform, age-play, cane, calm sternness, Victorian maid, big community of spankos ("the English vice")

Americans: paddles, dean, Texan with a strap, many spanking groups with a long tradition, (Christian) domestic discipline

Russians: guys who look like pro wrestlers, blonde women, harsh canings and beatings with cords, hilarious English subtitles (yes, my Russian spanking associations have been formed by Russian Slaves / Her First Punishment videos)

Germans: don't have a word for spanking, Rohrstock, love to use their language in order to bark commands, don't have a huge separate spanking community but a big mixed BDSM community

Of course, clichés aren't necessarily correct. They definitely don't apply to everyone belonging to a certain group, either. But sometimes, there is also some truth in certain clichés. So, I'm not sure, do you think any of these associations are correct? Are the spanking communities in various countries different from each other? What are your associations? How about countries other than the ones mentioned above? And, most importantly: Do you think that your national background has in any way shaped your kink? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!

One last comment: The purpose of this post is not to ignite any battle of nations. This is not about better or worse. So, please stay respectful in your comments. On the other hand, talking about clichés is never completely serious, as becomes obvious in my associations. So, please don't take other people's comments too seriously, either.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Broken Implements

Some days ago Ludwig and I had a lovely little scene that held a novelty – me (partially) miscounting. Ludwig had placed me in front of a large mirror, my hands touching the cold surface and my bottom stuck out. He told me to watch carefully. As you probably know by now, I love mirrors and I love to have the opportunity to watch a scene while it is happening. Ludwig whacked me with our leather paddle, an implement that we already used in our very first play and that I am very fond of.

I haven't been spanked much recently, though, because of all the stress that is currently ruling Ludwig's and my life. Thus the paddle stung a lot and caused the one or other "Ouch!". Ludwig insisted that the paddling had to be a proper one, though, despite of the fact that it was supposed to be a "nice" paddling. But he was kind enough to start out a bit more gently. Then, after stroke number 29, Ludwig stopped for a short break to inform me that the last six strokes would be really proper ones.

Now, those of you who know me a bit might be aware that I need my cosmos of numbers to be in order. And so, the break after stroke number 29 tripped me up. When the next blow hit me, I automatically resumed my counting routine without taking a break to think about the next number. At the moment I began to speak my brain fired a warning signal: "This is only stroke number 30, not 31!" So, I would most probably have been fine, had I counted in English. But since the "one" in 31 comes first in German (we say "one-and-thirty"), I already heard myself saying it before I could act on the warning signal. The final word that I blurted out was a mixture of 30 and 31.

Ludwig of course recognized my mistake and threatened me to start over. He was kind enough to repeat only one stroke, though. Which in a way was a nice thing – it increased the final tally to 36 which is a much rounder number than the originally planned 35. I have to admit that I am thankful to Ludwig for not having started over, though, because my bottom was already very red and stung well enough from the 36 strokes and I even had a little bruise. So, we stopped the paddling and focussed on different forms of joy.

The scene very much reminded me of another first. Because that one also happened in front of the very same mirror during another highly erotic scene. It took place back in 2009 and the implement wasn't a paddle but a plastic hairbrush. I love those. We hadn't had a chance to play for a while and I was longing for a spanking. So, Ludwig made me strip and placed me in front of the mirror. He told me to stand on tiptoes and to stick my bottom out. Then he used the hairbrush forcefully on my bare behind while I was watching the scene in the mirror.

Suddenly there was a cracking sound and something flew through the air. It was a piece of the hairbrush that had broken off. Ludwig tried to use the intact part again, but another piece soon followed. It was very hot and the scene is one of the most erotic scenes Ludwig and I ever had. Normally, I am not a fan of destruction, but in that scene the fact that Ludwig broke the hairbrush on my bottom only added to the eroticism!

I haven't destroyed another implement with my bottom since, but I still have very fond memories of that special scene. I have broken one implement actively, the cane from Mood Pictures which Ludwig and I used for our severe scene. It didn't break on anyone's bottom, though. Half of the tip broke off during a training session with a pillow.

How about you? Do you find the breaking of implements sad or does it give you a special thrill? What was the first implement which you ever broke while spanking someone or while being spanked? Have you made any special experiences or watched any special scenes with broken implements? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

We Are NOT Weird

Have you ever thought that you must be a weird person because you regularly visit spanking blogs? Have you ever had the feeling that you obviously don't have a real life because you spend so much time online, looking at spanking pics and reading posts like this one? Well, I can definitely reassure you that there are people out there who are much weirder than us spankos. And there must be lots of them!

Let me explain. When I looked at our statistics recently, I realised that the statistics counter had registered 900 clicks within one hour one evening, as you can see in the picture above. That is much more than we normally have in such a short period of time, even if a post has been Chrossed. So, my first idea was that there must have been a huge bug which had affected the statistics counter but had obviously been fixed rather quickly.

I started an investigation nonetheless, and it turned out that the almost 900 clicks had been real. They came from a board on which people can post picture threads. I won't link to the forum or give you the name, because in my opinion there is a lot of not so nice stuff shown there. The thread that had been the origin of the clicks had already been removed, which explained why the high visitor rate had only lasted for about one hour. But the thread had been archived, and thus I was able to reconstruct what had happened.

Someone had posted a photo with the bald-headed guy whom you can see in the picture above. And then, many, many people with lots of time and a photoshop software had started to copy him into other pictures. Some harmless and funny, some quite explicit and tasteless. The thread was huge! And the picture above was obviously taken from this blog. I decided to repost it here, but made the poor guy whose picture had been used anonymous. Of course the Rohrstock-Palast water mark had been removed, but after having been asked about the source, our photoshop artist posted a link to my original post from which he had taken the picture.

And that was where all the clicks came from. Within a long thread with tons of pictures that was obviously only online for about an hour, over 800 people followed the link to our blog! I mean, how many people must have looked at the thread, then? 10,000? I have to admit that I wasn't sure whether to laugh or to cry about my discovery.

Whatever your personal judgement is, one thing is for sure: If you ever have doubts about whether you are wasting your time reading spanking blogs, rest assured that there are thousands of people out there spending their time with much stranger things. Hmm, maybe I could ask one of them to help me with editing the photos for this blog? That might save me a lot of precious time. Those guys seem to get a lot of regular photoshop practise...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Removing His Belt

(Zoe Montana removing her belt.
Picture courtesy of Dreams Of Spanking.)

As you might know, I'm not so much into classical domestic spanking scenes. But the picture of a spanker determinedly removing his (or her) belt with a swish while a spankee is watching nervously, knowing that it will be used on his (or her) behind, soon, holds a huge appeal for me nonetheless. Using a belt that has just been worn as an implement adds a special flavour to a scene in my opinion.

It seems to be something that is usually only done by male tops, though. Pandora Blake recently published a clip in which Zoe Montana spanks Adele Haze with her belt. Pandora wrote about the fact that she hadn't seen a woman remove her belt in order to use it on someone's bottom before. You can read her post and watch a preview of the clip here. I couldn't remember having seen a woman using her belt like that before, either. And I wondered why it seems to be so uncommon.

One explanation that might at least partially answer the question is that women's belts might often not be as suitable as spanking implements as the usually bigger and sturdier belts worn by men. A possible solution for a female spanker is to deliberately look for a belt that doesn't only look nice but also fulfils the requirements to make a good spanking implement. The last time Ludwig and I were together, I had another nice idea, though, which I liked very much. I can't remember having seen it on video, either.

(You can see Ludwig's belt is on the top of this picture.
He used it on me in our clip Dachshunds In Space.)

All you need is a bottom who wears a belt that is suitable for administering a good hiding. Ludwig has such a belt which he has already used on me a few times. On that day I was in a more dominant mood, though. So, I pushed Ludwig onto the bed and started removing his clothes. Then I opened the buckle of his belt, removed it with a swish and doubled it in my hands. I pulled the two ends apart to elicit a cracking sound, looking Ludwig into the eyes, playfully and menacing.

I didn't use the belt that day, though, because it wasn't the right time for a tanning. But I enjoyed the dynamic very much and I would like to try it one day, in an erotic scene. For me, the thought holds a huge appeal, especially in an F/M scenario. The idea of using his own sturdy belt on a male spankee somehow gives me a special thrill. That said, I have used his belt on Ludwig before, in a training session. But I have never deliberately removed his belt to use it for a whipping, and that's what makes the idea so exciting. So I guess Ludwig will be in for it one day.

How about you? Do you enjoy the picture of a spanker removing his or her belt in order to use it as an implement? Have you only ever seen a male top removing his belt or have you come across any other constellations? Have you ever used a belt in your own play? And which kind of a special scene involving a belt would you like to see? I'm curious to hear about your experiences, opinions and ideas!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spanking Terms Around the World

 (A British headmaster. All the more attractive with a proper accent.
Picture courtesy of Sound Punishment.)

In his comment on the little spanking fantasy which I posted recently, our reader Fenris asked about a proper German translation for some of the English spanking terms that I used and thus brought up the topic of spanking play and different languages. I know that some spankos are language fetishists as well and love to play out scenes in different languages. Some even seem to have very clearly defined preferences like female tops speaking French. I wouldn't call myself a language fetishist, but certain terms are certainly important triggers when it comes to spanking play.

And since I'm mostly reading and writing about this topic in English, which isn't my native language, language differences are something I am constantly confronted with. Sometimes, when I write about real-life accounts of Ludwig and me, I have to find proper translations for the German words that we use in our spanking play. And sometimes, I am so much in English language mode when it comes to the topic of erotic spanking that the first expression that comes to my mind is an English one and I have to think hard to come up with the German equivalent.

(Ludwig and I, of course, speak German in our private scenes.
Even if we don't have a proper word for spanking.
Ludwig and I don't need lots of words, anyway.)

Actually, as Niki Flynn already mentioned in the cattle prod spanking clip, we don't even have a proper word for spanking in Germany! "Hintern versohlen", which roughly translates to "bottom beating", is a composite noun and not very wieldy, anyway. So we really use the English word "spanking" in order to refer to erotic adult spanking. But we have some other great words in Germany, instead. For instance, there is the word "Züchtigung" which can be translated as "corporal punishment", "beating" or "chastisement". But in my ears it sounds much cooler (it even has an umlaut) than all of these English terms and it also seems to be more poignant to me in order to describe many scenarios that I like, implying that someone is subjected to corporal chastisement by an institutionalised authority to keep up order and discipline. Then there is "Rohrstock" for "cane" which in my opinion sounds much more guttural and menacing. I also love the word "ungezogen" much more than "ill-mannered" or even "naughty", a term I am not particularly fond of. And finally, there is another word which is even known to many non-native speakers of the German language: "Fräulein". A word that I find somewhat sexier than "young lady".

But, depending on the scene, I also prefer other languages sometimes. Especially if they come with the right accent. I mean, what is better than a stern headmaster or headmistress with a cane and a British accent? Of course the language isn't the only thing that matters, though. I have to say that Pavel Stastny, for example, makes for an impressive headmaster as well, despite of speaking Czech, because of his special charisma and attitude. But the English original still has a special attraction in my opinion. I have to introduce you to my most favourite example one day.

(What is a military scene without a: "Yes, Sir / Ma'am!"
Picture courtesy of Spanked in Uniform.)

Then there are military scenarios. In Germany, we have one problem here. There isn't a proper German equivalent for the simple words "Sir" and "Ma'am". Superior officers in Germany are addressed by "Herr" or "Frau" plus rank, for example: "Jawohl, Herr Major." I guess that's one reason why the expressions "Sir" and "Ma'am" aren't changed in the German dubbed versions of English TV shows. There simply aren't any similarly short German words for them. I like the short reply "Yes, Sir!" to an order, though, and I guess I therefore wouldn't shy away from using the word in German as well.

And finally, we have another of my favourite scenarios, the martial arts scenario. I am a fan of Japanese, too, as long as it isn't pronounced too softly. Japanese can be a rather soft or a rather hard language, depending on the pronunciation, and I clearly prefer the latter. So, a sharp "Hai, sensei!" in reply to a martial arts trainer's order sounds very sexy to me.

(I love martial arts scenarios. And why not use the correct Asian terms?
Picture courtesy of Spanking Central.)

What about you? Are you a language fetishist? Are certain scenarios or certain roles for you connected with a certain language or accent? And do you have any favourite spanking-related words, either in your native or in a foreign language? I am curious to hear about your thoughts! Maybe we even manage to assemble a collection of great sounding spanking-related terms in different languages from all around the world. We have so many readers from so many different countries, so please feel free to join in and introduce us to the most wonderful erotic spanking expressions in your language!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fringe BDSM

Kaelah and I have been watching the first season of the science fiction / mystery TV series Fringe lately. I discovered the series a while ago myself and have now turned Kaelah on to it. As I expected, Kaelah with her analytical INTJ gaze is quicker at figuring things out than I was when I first watched Season 1. Even though she regularly squirms at the gory scenes.

When it comes to films and TV series, Kaelah is more of a series person while I am more of a film person. She likes the extensive development arcs of characters and their relationships that are only really possible over the long run of a series. I, on the other hand, have always been a cinephile admiring the works of the great directors. I rarely find myself liking the premise of a TV series enough to invest the substantial amount of time required to view the whole thing.

So, I have only ever watched a small handful of TV series in my life. Two of them are science fiction / mystery series: The X-Files and Fringe. Which, I suppose, demonstrates once again that our outlook in real life can differ utterly from our preferences in fiction. In real life, I hate conspiracy theories and pseudo-science. They and the half-educated cretins believing in them fill me with disgust. But I do love a good conspiracy theory / pseudo-science yarn in works of fiction!

Fringe, in my view, offers some of the best science fiction ever seen on television. It is also one of those series that initially require a bit of patience. The first half of the first season plays like a decent ripoff of The X-Files, well-crafted and entertaining, but nothing special to write home about yet. It is only after a dozen episodes that Fringe becomes absolutely mind-boggingly awesome. Personally, I like it even better than The X-Files. The X-Files was a great, pioneering series back in its day, but the backstory with its standard alien conspiracy fare was actually somewhat bland. The backstory of Fringe, on the other hand, is a brilliantly inventive mind twister. I don't want to spoil it for you, so I won't give any clues. Let's just say that, if you like science fiction and mystery, you really need to check out Fringe.

The main characters of the series are: Olivia Dunham, an FBI agent assigned to investigate the spread of unexplained phenomena. Walter Bishop, a former government scientist who spent 17 years in a mental institution after a lab accident in which his assistant was killed. And Peter Bishop, Walter's son, a college drop-out with an IQ of 190 and a chequered past. As you can imagine, the three of them make for an interesting ensemble. Walter, played by John Noble, is especially fun. He is the archetypical "mad scientist". After having spent nearly two decades in a mental institution, Walter suffers from partial memory loss (always a great plot device) and has acquired various quirks, such as obsessions with certain foods and irreverent commentary on sexual matters. Fringe fans make a hobby out of collecting Walter's quirky remarks, which they call "Walterisms".

Speaking of which, here is a kink reference from the series which, thankfully, justifies me writing about it here. When the Fringe team discovers ligature marks on the body of a woman who died under mysterious circumstances (exploding heads, yay!), Walter makes a quip about sexual bondage. Peter is not too happy about it, though. Well, knowing Peter, I don't think he has any objections to BDSM per se. But he is a bit prudish when it comes to his father's stories. That can be excused.

If you are Fringe fans like Kaelah and me (or just fans of us!), don't forget to also check out our Psychic Weapon 'C' clip with Pandora Blake and Thomas Cameron, which was inspired by the series. It's available on Pandora's site Dreams of Spanking. Behind-the-scenes reports by Kaelah and Pandora can be found here and here.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Badly Behaved Young Lady

She stood there, bent over the huge, wooden table, as she had been ordered to. A few seconds ago, he had entered the room again and placed something beside her. She didn't dare turning her head. Instead she looked straight ahead, contemplating the fate that was awaiting her. Just as he had told her to.

She felt strange in that position. Being fully clothed, but with her jeans and her underpants lowered to expose her bare bottom made her feel all the more vulnerable, deliciously vulnerable. The thought about the moment he had pulled them down, lecturing her how disobedient girls got it on the bare and how he would teach her a memorable lesson send a shiver down her spine. The cold air touched her bare skin, drawing her full attention to the exposed area of her body. Her stomach was full of little butterflies.

Then he spoke, in a calm but stern voice: "Why are you here, young lady?" The tone of his voice made her body tingle with anticipation. "Because of my unmannerly behaviour", she answered shyly. "Yes, indeed", he replied. "And, what happens to such ill-mannered girls like you?" He had stepped beside her and lifted her chin with two fingers, forcing her to look at him. "They are getting punished, Sir." She hadn't even meant to call him "Sir", but somehow the word had escaped her lips. "And how are they punished?" The question made her tummy flip flop. "They … they are getting spanked, Sir." Her voice was almost a mumble.

He withdraw his fingers from under her chin and took the wooden hairbrush that had been lying next to her together with a cane. Tapping it in his hand, he continued asking: "And you have been utterly misbehaved, have you?" She hesitated a moment, but finally answered: "Yes, Sir." - "Which means you deserve to be punished hard, don't you?" The strictness and the dominance in his voice made her tremble with excitement. This time her answer was nothing but a silent nod.

"Alright then." With one step he had reached her bottom and before she had even fully realised what was happening the first stroke hit target. Time after time the hairbrush came down on her unprotected behind. Dutifully he covered her whole bottom, bringing down the hairbrush again and again, slowly and hard. She wriggled under the pain, trying to catch her breath in between the strokes. She felt the flesh on her bare bottom getting hot and hotter by the minute. The final strokes, right on her sit spots, made her gasp and moan.

He placed the hairbrush beside her and took the cane, flexing it in his hand. "I don't think we are finished, yet. Because your unladylike behaviour deserves a most severe punishment. Don't you agree?" She didn't answer. He grabbed her hair and slowly turned her head around, forcing her to face him. "Do you agree that you deserve a more severe punishment?" he calmly repeated his question. She felt her stomach prickle with anticipation. A wave of heat washed over her body as she looked into his stern eyes. "Yes, Sir." - "Yes, what?" She let out a sigh. He waited, looking at her expectantly. His calm strictness was delightfully intimidating. Finally she spoke up: "Yes, Sir, I deserve to be punished more severely."

"Right", he said, "I expect you to stick your bottom out for each stroke to show me that you know you deserve this. You are to count the strokes and thank me for each one. And, I want you to ask me for your punishment." Her lips formed a silent: What? He just stood there, unmoved, the cane in his hands. Seconds felt like minutes. And then her lips formed the words: "I have been very badly behaved, Sir, and therefore I would like to ask you to punish me most severely." She didn't even know where those words came from. But somehow she said them.

He nodded. And then he pointed to the mirror in the corner. "I want you to watch while you are being punished." Her eyes followed his fingertip and she realised that the mirror showed the whole scenery. Her bent over with her bare and reddened bottom. The wooden hairbrush lying next to her. Him with the cane in his hands. Her whole body was full of pins and needles now and she started feeling pleasantly shaky and dizzy.

He tapped the cane against her bottom. Then she watched him drawing it backwards, heard a sharp swish and saw the cane hitting target. For a split-second the world seemed to have stopped. Then the pain started building and she threw her head back and gritted her teeth. It took her a while to catch her breath. She saw and heard herself counting and thanking him. It seemed to happen automatically. "Stick your bottom out, young lady." His strict voice sounded very far away. But instinctively she did as she was told. And watched him apply stroke after stroke, slowly, methodically. She recognized the energy that filled his body every time he skilfully administered the cane. She felt the delicious waves of pain washing over her body and saw herself wincing under the strokes. She heard her suppressed gasps and moans.

After twelve strokes the ordeal was over. "Come to the corner of the table, stay bent over", he ordered. She followed his command. He carefully placed the hairbrush on her back and the cane in her hands for her to hold. "Stay here. Don't move. I want you to think about what has just happened to you and why." With these words he went away. He didn't make her say that she was sorry. He knew she wouldn't like that.

She stayed behind in silence. Her mind was in a place very far away. But her face showed a relaxed little smile. After a while she turned her head a bit and caught a glimpse of her red bottom in the mirror. She appreciated the comforting warmth that filled her whole body. When she turned her head a little more, she realised that he hadn't left the room altogether. He was standing in a far corner, watching her from behind. Her eyes met his and she could see the gleeful yet affectionate sparkle in  them.

Was it right to do these things? Was it right, even though she was neither a young lady any more, nor particularly ill-mannered? The electric impulse that hit her body at the moment their eyes met confirmed it all. It was indeed perfectly right. As she slowly came back into reality, a plan formed in her head. Tomorrow, he would be her disobedient cadet. Tomorrow, he would call her Ma'am.

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Spontaneous Whipping

Remember when I wrote that I have not been so much in the mood for playing in the recent weeks but rather in the mood for cuddling because I'm having a rather stressful time? Well, that's generally true but it doesn't mean that there aren't any exceptions, and those can happen even quite spontaneously!

Ludwig was relaxing on the bed and I decided to join him. But this time I didn't snuggle next to him, letting him wrap around me, like I often do. No, instead I sat down on him. Ludwig looked up at me curiously. I pressed him down and started to bite his neck, as playful little dominant dogs do with their prey. Ludwig obviously enjoyed it.

I looked at him and said only one word: "Whipping." Ludwig's reply was a playful grin. "So, you want me to whip you?" - "No." He knew that this wasn't what I meant. He had been the one who had talked about wanting to try out a bare bottom whipping and who had offered me to use our whips on him since I had been in a toppy mood for quite a while. Ludwig didn't say a word. He just looked at me from beneath, expectantly.

Thoughts rushed through my brain. I had never topped Ludwig spontaneously before. Since he is predominantly a top, Ludwig only switches on rare occasions, and those are usually well-planned in advance. As a matter of fact, I had never topped anyone without their explicit agreement and at least some basic negotiations about the scene before. Could I do it? And would Ludwig be okay with me taking over? For a moment, I searched for the answer on Ludwig's face and then I made my decision.

I set Ludwig free and sat next to him, but only to flip him around on his belly and yank down his trousers and underpants. Ludwig let it happen. He also didn't object when I started to spank his firm bottom with my hand, hard. I savoured the moment, taking a little break from time to time, only to start with a new, fast volley of smacks afterwards. Ludwig's bottom quickly sported a dark red shade. And I got some suppressed but visible reactions from him as well. But none that told me to stop.

Instead I quickly fetched our new single tail whip which you can see in the picture above. It's a rather light one that is much easier to handle than the big one we bought at last year's Bound Con but it produces a nice sting, nonetheless. I stood above Ludwig and let the whip rain down on his bottom. It was an interesting position and perspective but I realised that it wasn't optimal as far as accuracy was concerned. Ludwig kindly offered to stand up, should that be more practical.

I agreed. And added: "Oh, and while you're at it, you can get rid of your clothes as well." Ludwig did as he was told while I arranged a chair in the middle of the room. I ordered Ludwig to bend over it and place his hands on the seat. And so he was standing before me in his naked glory. I took up the whip again and swung it in flat circles, striking Ludwig's bottom with its tip. That didn't make too much of an impression, though, and so I settled for lashed from the side instead.

Then I switched to our big nice flogger which is also a purchase from Bound Con 2011. But only as a warm-up for our little mean rubber specimen. That one made more of an impression. Still Ludwig told me that it somehow felt nicer on his bottom than it had felt on his back. "Hmm, I think I can explain that", I answered. Then I carefully positioned myself next to Ludwig and brought the flogger down with a full swing, like I had done during Ludwig's back whipping that I had applied to him accompanied by the lovely Leia-Ann Woods. "Is that more like it?" - It obviously was!

I told Ludwig to count the final twelve strokes which he duly did. Then I told him that he could stand up in order to stretch his arms (my hands sometimes get numb in that position and I didn't want that to happen to Ludwig) while I would be leaving him alone for a moment. We weren't finished, yet.

When I came back a minute later, I found Ludwig still standing in position. He looked at me over his shoulder with an annoyed, but playful expression. "Hey, wait, we agreed upon a whipping!" he said. I smiled, waving a rattan cane I had just fetched: "Yes, but I think you should at least get to practise a little bit for that severe scene which is lying ahead of you. I think we should make it twelve strokes for the finale. Count them, please." And with these words I positioned myself next to Ludwig again and tapped his bottom with the cane, taking aim.

Slowly I applied twelve stinging strokes, increasing the intensity over time. Ludwig winced, grit his teeth and let out the one or other suppressed moan. He bravely endured the whole ordeal and counted each stroke properly. When it was over, I said with a grin: "Okay, now you are allowed to get up." - "Oh, really?" Ludwig answered, a slightly toppy undertone in his voice, and laughed. We embraced each other and I thanked him. The sweat on Ludwig's body showed that the whipping had indeed been challenging.

A few seconds later we found ourselves on the bed again, full of naughty energy. It was only then that I fully realised that this had been my first spontaneous topping experience. And not only that, it had been Ludwig's first time of being topped spontaneously, too. Well, you never know what kind of surprises a day holds for you!

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