Friday, May 4, 2012

A Spontaneous Whipping

Remember when I wrote that I have not been so much in the mood for playing in the recent weeks but rather in the mood for cuddling because I'm having a rather stressful time? Well, that's generally true but it doesn't mean that there aren't any exceptions, and those can happen even quite spontaneously!

Ludwig was relaxing on the bed and I decided to join him. But this time I didn't snuggle next to him, letting him wrap around me, like I often do. No, instead I sat down on him. Ludwig looked up at me curiously. I pressed him down and started to bite his neck, as playful little dominant dogs do with their prey. Ludwig obviously enjoyed it.

I looked at him and said only one word: "Whipping." Ludwig's reply was a playful grin. "So, you want me to whip you?" - "No." He knew that this wasn't what I meant. He had been the one who had talked about wanting to try out a bare bottom whipping and who had offered me to use our whips on him since I had been in a toppy mood for quite a while. Ludwig didn't say a word. He just looked at me from beneath, expectantly.

Thoughts rushed through my brain. I had never topped Ludwig spontaneously before. Since he is predominantly a top, Ludwig only switches on rare occasions, and those are usually well-planned in advance. As a matter of fact, I had never topped anyone without their explicit agreement and at least some basic negotiations about the scene before. Could I do it? And would Ludwig be okay with me taking over? For a moment, I searched for the answer on Ludwig's face and then I made my decision.

I set Ludwig free and sat next to him, but only to flip him around on his belly and yank down his trousers and underpants. Ludwig let it happen. He also didn't object when I started to spank his firm bottom with my hand, hard. I savoured the moment, taking a little break from time to time, only to start with a new, fast volley of smacks afterwards. Ludwig's bottom quickly sported a dark red shade. And I got some suppressed but visible reactions from him as well. But none that told me to stop.

Instead I quickly fetched our new single tail whip which you can see in the picture above. It's a rather light one that is much easier to handle than the big one we bought at last year's Bound Con but it produces a nice sting, nonetheless. I stood above Ludwig and let the whip rain down on his bottom. It was an interesting position and perspective but I realised that it wasn't optimal as far as accuracy was concerned. Ludwig kindly offered to stand up, should that be more practical.

I agreed. And added: "Oh, and while you're at it, you can get rid of your clothes as well." Ludwig did as he was told while I arranged a chair in the middle of the room. I ordered Ludwig to bend over it and place his hands on the seat. And so he was standing before me in his naked glory. I took up the whip again and swung it in flat circles, striking Ludwig's bottom with its tip. That didn't make too much of an impression, though, and so I settled for lashed from the side instead.

Then I switched to our big nice flogger which is also a purchase from Bound Con 2011. But only as a warm-up for our little mean rubber specimen. That one made more of an impression. Still Ludwig told me that it somehow felt nicer on his bottom than it had felt on his back. "Hmm, I think I can explain that", I answered. Then I carefully positioned myself next to Ludwig and brought the flogger down with a full swing, like I had done during Ludwig's back whipping that I had applied to him accompanied by the lovely Leia-Ann Woods. "Is that more like it?" - It obviously was!

I told Ludwig to count the final twelve strokes which he duly did. Then I told him that he could stand up in order to stretch his arms (my hands sometimes get numb in that position and I didn't want that to happen to Ludwig) while I would be leaving him alone for a moment. We weren't finished, yet.

When I came back a minute later, I found Ludwig still standing in position. He looked at me over his shoulder with an annoyed, but playful expression. "Hey, wait, we agreed upon a whipping!" he said. I smiled, waving a rattan cane I had just fetched: "Yes, but I think you should at least get to practise a little bit for that severe scene which is lying ahead of you. I think we should make it twelve strokes for the finale. Count them, please." And with these words I positioned myself next to Ludwig again and tapped his bottom with the cane, taking aim.

Slowly I applied twelve stinging strokes, increasing the intensity over time. Ludwig winced, grit his teeth and let out the one or other suppressed moan. He bravely endured the whole ordeal and counted each stroke properly. When it was over, I said with a grin: "Okay, now you are allowed to get up." - "Oh, really?" Ludwig answered, a slightly toppy undertone in his voice, and laughed. We embraced each other and I thanked him. The sweat on Ludwig's body showed that the whipping had indeed been challenging.

A few seconds later we found ourselves on the bed again, full of naughty energy. It was only then that I fully realised that this had been my first spontaneous topping experience. And not only that, it had been Ludwig's first time of being topped spontaneously, too. Well, you never know what kind of surprises a day holds for you!

Do you like to share your first experiences with spontaneous play? You are very welcome to do so in the comment section!


Anonymous said...

Delurking here...a very timely subject for me.

In the midst of a unplanned "scene" of sorts. We're both away from home on travel, and I've been sending her emails about an upcoming event. We had planned a small romantic getaway without further details, but it's now morphed into a slow burn towards a very D/s sort of thing.

Still building in anticipation...which is a different kind of vibe from the immediacy of your scene.

Pandora said...

Oh wow, good for you both! I can imagine Ludwig exactly as you describe him here, and the image is very hot indeed. Thankyou for sharing!

Hincapie said...

Being spontanious can certainly be rewarding. Its kind of a double edged sword isnt it? Sometimes careful planning, the anticipation and growing tension makes the events into huge climaxes ... other times the effect is reverse, you can wonder for so long you loose interest.

A mixture is certainly preferential :D

Donpascual said...

It happened in ancient times and - of all places - at a very lively Karneval-Party in Texas.
It was the first time, that I pulled a girl over my lap in a formal way to deliver a few hearty slaps. And she seemed to like it.
Come to think of it, if I had followed up my luck and started to date this young woman, I might have landed in spanker's heaven much earlier - and she might still be alive. But that's another very sad story and no theme for a spanking blog :-((.

Kaelah said...

@ practicinghetero:
Welcome and thanks a lot for delurking! In my opinion spontaneous events and developments with a slow build-up both have their advantages. Ludwig's and my first spanking scene, for example, was planned long beforehand, and all the anticipation that was created by talking about the scene, going shopping together and decorating the room was great! A spontaneous scene on the other hand can be a wonderful surprise. I keep my fingers crossed that the current developments in your life will lead you to a happy place. :-)

@ Pandora:
It was a wonderful scene indeed and it was a pleasure to share it. :-)

@ Hincapie:
A good mixture is indeed great! I have to admit that I have never planned a spanking scene so long in advance that I lost interest. Except maybe for some vague ideas (especially for clips) that over time proved to be not as good as we initially thought, so that Ludwig and I finally decided to not turn them into practise.

@ Donpascual:
I'm very sorry to hear about your first spontaneous play partner's tragic death. Sometimes these sad things happen and we can't do anything about it. Of course a different decision could have prevented things from happening, but it could also have made things worse. We can't always predict the results of our decisions beforehand and we can't change them afterwards. I guess all we can do is cherish the wonderful moments that we are/were able to share with others.

fire901 said...

Kaelah Great Post I enjoy reading your blog. Spontaneous is great my Partner and I get Spontanieus every once in a while and it heats up our sex lives. Is there a video of the flogging you and Leigh Ann Woods gave to Ludwig?

Kaelah said...

@ fire901:
Welcome, and thanks for your kind comment! The flogging was captured on video, but it still needs to be edited and hasn't been published, yet. Editing means a lot of work and I haven't got much time at the moment. Ludwig is already in the process of editing another long clip which will be published first, though, and the clip with Leia-Ann will be next. We are determined to release it this year but it will take a few more months. So, stay tuned, please!

fire901 said...

Kaelah cool I will just have to wait. And I can hardly wait to see it.


Kaelah said...

@ fire901 / Mike:
The scene was a lot of fun to shoot. I hope the resulting clip turns out to be just as good and entertaining. :-)