Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Badly Behaved Young Lady

She stood there, bent over the huge, wooden table, as she had been ordered to. A few seconds ago, he had entered the room again and placed something beside her. She didn't dare turning her head. Instead she looked straight ahead, contemplating the fate that was awaiting her. Just as he had told her to.

She felt strange in that position. Being fully clothed, but with her jeans and her underpants lowered to expose her bare bottom made her feel all the more vulnerable, deliciously vulnerable. The thought about the moment he had pulled them down, lecturing her how disobedient girls got it on the bare and how he would teach her a memorable lesson send a shiver down her spine. The cold air touched her bare skin, drawing her full attention to the exposed area of her body. Her stomach was full of little butterflies.

Then he spoke, in a calm but stern voice: "Why are you here, young lady?" The tone of his voice made her body tingle with anticipation. "Because of my unmannerly behaviour", she answered shyly. "Yes, indeed", he replied. "And, what happens to such ill-mannered girls like you?" He had stepped beside her and lifted her chin with two fingers, forcing her to look at him. "They are getting punished, Sir." She hadn't even meant to call him "Sir", but somehow the word had escaped her lips. "And how are they punished?" The question made her tummy flip flop. "They … they are getting spanked, Sir." Her voice was almost a mumble.

He withdraw his fingers from under her chin and took the wooden hairbrush that had been lying next to her together with a cane. Tapping it in his hand, he continued asking: "And you have been utterly misbehaved, have you?" She hesitated a moment, but finally answered: "Yes, Sir." - "Which means you deserve to be punished hard, don't you?" The strictness and the dominance in his voice made her tremble with excitement. This time her answer was nothing but a silent nod.

"Alright then." With one step he had reached her bottom and before she had even fully realised what was happening the first stroke hit target. Time after time the hairbrush came down on her unprotected behind. Dutifully he covered her whole bottom, bringing down the hairbrush again and again, slowly and hard. She wriggled under the pain, trying to catch her breath in between the strokes. She felt the flesh on her bare bottom getting hot and hotter by the minute. The final strokes, right on her sit spots, made her gasp and moan.

He placed the hairbrush beside her and took the cane, flexing it in his hand. "I don't think we are finished, yet. Because your unladylike behaviour deserves a most severe punishment. Don't you agree?" She didn't answer. He grabbed her hair and slowly turned her head around, forcing her to face him. "Do you agree that you deserve a more severe punishment?" he calmly repeated his question. She felt her stomach prickle with anticipation. A wave of heat washed over her body as she looked into his stern eyes. "Yes, Sir." - "Yes, what?" She let out a sigh. He waited, looking at her expectantly. His calm strictness was delightfully intimidating. Finally she spoke up: "Yes, Sir, I deserve to be punished more severely."

"Right", he said, "I expect you to stick your bottom out for each stroke to show me that you know you deserve this. You are to count the strokes and thank me for each one. And, I want you to ask me for your punishment." Her lips formed a silent: What? He just stood there, unmoved, the cane in his hands. Seconds felt like minutes. And then her lips formed the words: "I have been very badly behaved, Sir, and therefore I would like to ask you to punish me most severely." She didn't even know where those words came from. But somehow she said them.

He nodded. And then he pointed to the mirror in the corner. "I want you to watch while you are being punished." Her eyes followed his fingertip and she realised that the mirror showed the whole scenery. Her bent over with her bare and reddened bottom. The wooden hairbrush lying next to her. Him with the cane in his hands. Her whole body was full of pins and needles now and she started feeling pleasantly shaky and dizzy.

He tapped the cane against her bottom. Then she watched him drawing it backwards, heard a sharp swish and saw the cane hitting target. For a split-second the world seemed to have stopped. Then the pain started building and she threw her head back and gritted her teeth. It took her a while to catch her breath. She saw and heard herself counting and thanking him. It seemed to happen automatically. "Stick your bottom out, young lady." His strict voice sounded very far away. But instinctively she did as she was told. And watched him apply stroke after stroke, slowly, methodically. She recognized the energy that filled his body every time he skilfully administered the cane. She felt the delicious waves of pain washing over her body and saw herself wincing under the strokes. She heard her suppressed gasps and moans.

After twelve strokes the ordeal was over. "Come to the corner of the table, stay bent over", he ordered. She followed his command. He carefully placed the hairbrush on her back and the cane in her hands for her to hold. "Stay here. Don't move. I want you to think about what has just happened to you and why." With these words he went away. He didn't make her say that she was sorry. He knew she wouldn't like that.

She stayed behind in silence. Her mind was in a place very far away. But her face showed a relaxed little smile. After a while she turned her head a bit and caught a glimpse of her red bottom in the mirror. She appreciated the comforting warmth that filled her whole body. When she turned her head a little more, she realised that he hadn't left the room altogether. He was standing in a far corner, watching her from behind. Her eyes met his and she could see the gleeful yet affectionate sparkle in  them.

Was it right to do these things? Was it right, even though she was neither a young lady any more, nor particularly ill-mannered? The electric impulse that hit her body at the moment their eyes met confirmed it all. It was indeed perfectly right. As she slowly came back into reality, a plan formed in her head. Tomorrow, he would be her disobedient cadet. Tomorrow, he would call her Ma'am.


Ursus Lewis said...

Very nice post. I enjoyed reading it.

sixoofthebest said...

A beautiful story of corporal punishing a naughty lady. Yes, with her bottom bared, and in a humiliating bending position across the table, her expansive derriere, was painfully caned.

Indy said...

Aw, this is lovely, Kaelah. Thanks!

Fenris said...

I am wondering whether there is a connection between the mentioned misbehaviour and a certain spontaneous whipping and caning a young lady gave to a gentleman who is predominantly a top...

Just kidding, great post, I hope you are having much fun despite your workload.
I am looking forward to read about the disobedient cadet.
By the way, as most of the CP and spanking accounts I read are in English: What are the German equivalents to Sir and Ma'am in kinky play? "Mein Herr" and "Meine Dame" seem to be not entirely adequate, but maybe that is just me. I try to avoid anglicisms but there seem to be some termini technici for which we haven't yet found proper words. Or how should one translate "caning", for example?

Spankingfreunde.DE said...

Sehr schöne Fotos, die richtige Einstimmung auf das Spanking Internat an Pfingsten! Danke dafür!

Anonymous said...

Bravo a most excellent account indeed.

Correction Man.

Donpascual said...

Poor cadet! Will he wear a cadet's uniform with trouser flaps?
Well done, Kaelah.

ronnie said...

Lovely Kaelah. Thank you.


Spankingfreunde.DE said...


Herr is really right
Miss is more Madam
and translate for caning is Rohrstockzüchtigung

Spankingfreunde.DE said...


and naughty girls calls Fräulein *smile*

Respecting Mistress said...

A rather excellent account. Thank you. A nice touch to have the poor girl holding the cane like that at the end of the punishment.

Katya Tolstaya said...

I loved this story! Thank you for sharing it and writing it so beautifully.

I have been reading this blog for years, and finally plucked the courage to comment.

Thank you both for all these years of entertainment and intelligent posts!

Kaelah said...

@ Ursus Lewis:
I'm glad you enjoyed the post! And your comment came incredibly fast. :-)

@ sixofthebest:
And she enjoyed it, too! :-)

Thank you! :-)

@ Fenris:
There could indeed be a connection... ;-)

Joking aside, at the risk of destroying an illusion, unfortunately this isn't a real play report. Just a fantasy. But, hey, that doesn't mean that it can't become true, right?! :-)

As for German translations: That can indeed be tricky at times. Although I have to admit that I prefer some German words compared to their English equivalents as well. For example, in my opinion „Rohrstockzüchtigung“ (or, simply, „Züchtigung“) sounds much cooler than „caning“ or „spanking“. And I also like „Fräulein“ and „ungezogen“ more than „young lady“ and „ill-mannered“ (or even „naughty“, a term that I only like under very special circumstances). „Sir“ and „Ma'am“ prove to be a problem, though, because there are no short German equivalents. In military scenarios, the correct term is „Herr“ + rank („Herr Hauptmann“). And, for example, in school scenarios it would be „Herr Lehrer“. But if you simply want an authority figure without any exact definition, things get difficult. Of course one could say „mein Herr“ or „meine Dame“ but it sounds very odd to me. I guess I would simply use „Sir“ and „Ma'am“ in that case because it is short and handy (or maybe „Frau / Herr“ + family name).

@ Spankingfreunde:
Gerne geschehen, Rainer! Viel Spaß an Pfingsten und danke für die Übersetzungen. :-)

@ Correction Man:
Welcome and thanks a lot for your kind comment!

@ Donpascual:
Thank you! Unfortunately, we don't have a proper cadet uniform, yet. But I assume if we ever get one, chances are good that I will end up being the cadet and Ludwig my superior officer. Even though Ludwig said that if the uniform was nice he would consider being a cadet, too. :-)

@ Ronnie:
Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your lovely comment. :-)

@ Respecting Mistress:
I'm glad you liked the story! Yep, I have to admit that I have a strong fetish for positions and I like the idea of being made to hold the cane after a spanking in order to contemplate what has happened. :-)

@ Katya Tolstaya:
Thanks a lot for so many years of reading and for finally having plucked up the courage to write such a kind comment. Could it be that you even created a new profile for that purpose? Anyway, you are very welcome and Ludwig and I hope to hear from you again! :-)

Fenris said...

Danke für die Übersetzungsvorschläge.

You got me, I really thought you engaged in some role-play. Seems I had a kinky Freudian slip or rather misinterpretation.
As for translations:
The English terms don't have the same effect on me, meaning "spanking" doesn't set my kinky mind on overdrive like "Züchtigung", I postulate that for most spankophiles, those terms always hold a special kinky vibe in their respective native languages.
I remember many occasions when spanking was mentioned jokingly by classmates and I immediately wondered whether I might have found a fellow spankophile.
In this context, there is an interesting post


discussing the possibilities of "spankdar", the spanko equivalent to gaydar.
So, does someone think that he is gifted with spankdar? And if so, how do you spot fellow spankos in a vanilla setting?

Spankingfreunde.DE said...

@Fenris thanks for the Link at this blog a lot off very good articel

Ursus Lewis said...

@Kaelah: The subject of this blog post got my immediate attention ;) (and the picture too)

Kaelah said...

@ Fenris:
The story was meant to leave it to the reader to decide whether it is just a fantasy or whether it happened for real. So, I take it as a big compliment that the story obviously sounded believable enough so that it could be taken as a real-life account as well. :-) And since this is one of my fantasies it might very well become true some time in the future, anyway.

I don't think that I have some kind of spankdar. There were one or two people in the past whom I think might have been spankos. But I don't know whether my gut feeling is correct because I couldn't ask them. I guess the only way to find out whether someone is into spanking is by making some jokes and giving hints and observing the reactions. Maybe one still doesn't know whether someone is a spanko afterwards but at least one should know whether that person is generally cool with talking about such topics or not. And then one can decider whether one wants to approach the subject more openly or not.

The topic of languages and spanking scenarios is an interesting one! I think I will cover it in a separate post.

@ Spankingfreunde:
Yes, Secret Spanko discusses some very interesting topics on his blog!

@ Ursus Lewis:
There are certain well-working ways of catching a top's attention, right?! ;-)

Katya Tolstaya said...

thank you so much for welcoming me! I created the handle to finally enter the kinky world (with no intention of ever leaving), and realised that the time had come to also start contributing to the blogs I have read and loved for so long. :)

Kaelah said...

@ Katya Tolstaya:
I didn't create a blogger profile before I started commenting on spanking blogs, but I remember thinking about a nickname beforehand and getting myself a new e-mail account for kinky correspondence. I haven't left the spanking community ever since I wrote my first comment, and I hope your journey will hold as many exciting new experiences for you as it has held for me! :-)

Ursus Lewis said...

Yes there is. By the way, in reference to your more recent post. It just struck me, the title "Ein sehr ungezogenes Fräulein" would also work very well ;)

Anonymous said...

From Praha.

Just lovely :) I enjoyed a lot your tale.


Kaelah said...

@ Ursus Lewis:
Yep, "ungezogenes Fräulein" is a nice combination of adjective and noun! ;-)

@ Anonymous:
Thank you very much for your kind compliment! I'm very glad that you liked the story. :-)