Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kaelah's Corner (May 2014):
What's Up, Doc?

Here's some news which I meant to share with you for some time. I've finally received my PhD and you can officially call me Doc Kaelah now! Before anyone asks, no, unfortunately this won't make my life become any less stressful. Quite the contrary, the upcoming months promise to be even harder than the last ones.

But still, I am very proud to have successfully finished this special project of mine. And of course the graduation ceremony with the doctoral cap and academic gown raises some kinky fantasies. The real ceremony wasn't very pompous, just a small party with a few people, featuring my professor and of course Ludwig as well.

That doesn't mean one can't fantasise about more special forms of graduation rituals, though! Actually I can imagine very different scenarios. They all have their own special appeal.

For instance, one would be related to the picture at the top of this post. Imagine the freshly graduated doctor to be given her personal cane to spread the academic virtues of discipline, diligence and truthfulness. I think she would also get a chance to practise with it under the eyes of her professor, caning the PhD students who are still on their way to graduation in order to motivate them to give the best they can.

Of course, one could also imagine a very different scenario, fitting the second picture. At a very old-fashioned university the newly graduated doctor might find herself bent over a chair, her academic gown lifted and pants pulled down for a final caning by her thesis advisor. The final six of the best serving to remind her to wear the academic honours with pride and integrity.

How about you? What are your ideas for a kinky graduation ceremony? Which kind of ritual would have the biggest appeal for you? Please share your scenarios in the comment section.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All Videos Ready For Download Again went "Poof!" some time ago, ceasing all services after signing a multi-million dollar settlement with the Motion Picture Association of America. It's an occupational hazard of one-click filehosters: most of them quietly support illegal filesharing by their users as their main business model, some of them support it a little more openly than others, and every once in a while, one of the latter gets busted by the copyright holders. In the process, all the files by people like Kaelah and me, who use the filehoster to legally share material they own, go down as well.

Anyway, I have uploaded our videos to a new filehoster and all of them are available again. Let's hope that this one lasts a while. A case could be made that a reputable one-click filehoster is an oxymoron, but I found one that doesn't bombard you with too much spam and won't try to install any "download accelerators" with probable spyware on your PC. Choose the "Slow Download" option, wait for the count to finish, solve the captcha and download the file. It's pretty self-explanatory, there should not be any problems, but do let me know if you encounter any.

For convenience, here are all the links to our current video posts, in chronological order:

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While I am on the subject of videos, and before anyone asks: I haven't had the time to edit our latest LOL Day clip yet, but aim to do it as soon as possible. I regret that it is taking so long, but other things had to have priority recently. Hopefully, though, it won't take much longer.

In the meantime, have fun with the older videos which are now available again, and let me know if you have any difficulties with the new filehoster.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kinky Japan Part 1:
Pervertible Hotel Facilities

A while ago, Ludwig and I went on a wonderful trip to Japan. We had quite a few kinky adventures there which I want to share with you in a new series of posts. Today's post will be about one of our first discoveries in our hotel rooms.

As you can see, Japanese hotels are well-prepared for kinky guests. Everywhere we found a shoehorn and a shoe brush neatly arranged next to the entrance door or in the wardrobe.

Doesn't that make a spanko at heart feel at home?
I wrote about my first experience with a shoehorn as a spanking implement here.

We also tried out one of the shoe brushes. It was the wooden specimen with the plastic frame shown above and it seemed to be quite harmless. But it proved to be rather mean because of the plastic parts at its side. In fact, it left two funny stripes on my skin, almost like cane stripes, as you can see in the picture below.

Okay, maybe not all shoe brushes provided in Japanese hotel rooms are really suitable for a prolonged spanking. But they are fun nonetheless. How about you? Did you ever try out pervertible implements in a hotel room? Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kaelah's Corner (Apr 2014):
Sweet Child of Mine

Recently, I was asked a very interesting question concerning my kink. I am not sure whether all of you are familiar with the concept of our "inner child". For those of you who aren't, here is what Wikipedia says about it: "In popular psychology and analytical psychology, inner child is our childlike aspect. It includes all that we learned and experienced as children, before puberty. The inner child denotes a semi-independent entity subordinate to the waking conscious mind."

Well, I was talking to someone about the things I have experienced and learned in my childhood and how these experiences influence the person I am today. Suddenly I was asked the following question: "In your kink, who are the ones who are spanked and spank, your inner child or the adult part of your personality?" For a moment, I was stunned by that question.

My reply then was that the one who gets spanked certainly is the adult part of me. Because first of all, being spanked is something that is closely related to my sexuality which in my opinion is an adult activity by nature. Secondly, being spanked usually makes me feel strong, a feeling that is connected to being a self-dependent adult in my view. As for spanking others, I had the feeling that this might be partly an adult thing and partly an activity for my inner child, a way to fulfil the wish of the more insecure part of me to "play with the big ones" and be accepted as a leader.

My explanation was accepted unchallenged and so the conversation continued. I realised that the idea of a connection between my inner child which means my childhood experiences and the part of me who wants to be spanked scared me, though. Needless to say, Ludwig and I do not condone the spanking of children - spanking is great as BDSM play between consenting adults, but utterly wrong as an educational measure. Even thinking about my inner child in the context of BDSM felt weird, but the question persisted. Could there be any kind of connection after all? And if so, why would my inner child want to be spanked? Maybe to get rid of a bad conscience. But I was Miss Goody-two-shoes as a child, so there was nothing to regret or feel guilty about. Or maybe a child might want to be spanked in order to get its parents' attention. But my parents were very caring, so there was no need for that, either. Anyway, I didn't like the idea that there might be any connection whatsoever between my inner child and the wish to be spanked.

A while later the conversation came back to the topic of spanking. This time I was asked how the erotic spanking kink will fit into Ludwig's and my lives should we become parents one day. "I guess it will play an even less important role than it does today", I said, "because then we will have even more responsibilities than we already have today." And I added: "I guess it will be something just for the two of us as a couple when the child or children aren't around. A time of adult fun when we can just enjoy things and don't have to be responsible parents." - "Then spanking is an activity for your inner child after all", was the reply.

I hadn't expected that conclusion and needed a moment to think about it. But then it came to me that it might indeed be true. Maybe erotic spanking play is an activity for my inner child, no matter whether I am bottoming or topping. A time during which I can just have fun, just be and just feel. A time when I can let go and don't have to fulfil responsibilities. In that regard, being spanked might be even closer to my inner child than spanking others because I can let go even more in that position. I guess from that perspective it also makes a lot of sense to talk about spanking play. Because that's what erotic spanking is, right? Play. Of course it is an adult game, but still a game.

In the sense explained above a connection between my kink and my inner child feels alright to me. Of course there is one important precondition for that: I can only play this slightly edgy game because I am a responsible, self-reliant adult. I can let myself fall because my inner child can be sure that there is always a strong adult in the background who takes care that she won't get hurt. I would never delegate that responsibility to my play partner(s). Of course I want a person with whom I play to pay attention whether I am okay, especially when I am on the receiving end. I only play with people whom I consider being responsible and safe. But I will always take care of my well-being, too, and make sure that I don't cross any lines. And so my inner child can safely play and have fun on that special adult playground.

What about you? Would you consider your spanking play to be connected rather to the adult part of your personality or to your inner child? I am looking forward to reading your comments!