Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kinks That Don't Fit

Ludwig and I were both in the bathroom after a busy day. We were standing at the sink in front of the huge mirror. As he sometimes does when we are both exhausted and preparing for bed, Ludwig began to gently scratch my shoulders and back. I really love that (I have to admit that being softly scratched and tickled for me is almost better than sex) and instantly began to purr.
"You are my little tickle slut, aren't you? You'd do everything for me when I am scratching your back, right?" Ludwig asked. Then he grabbed my hair and neck with one hand while still gently scratching me with the other. "Look in the mirror and see how I am scratching you," Ludwig commanded, "look closely, do you see it?" "Oh, yes," I replied in my best spanking porn voice, "I love it when you pet me so dominantly!"

That was the moment when we both burst out laughing. "Okay," I stated, "it seems that some kinks don't fit together very well." - "But," Ludwig replied, "if we can think of it, there is a chance that someone is actually into doing it." I don't know how big the probability is of meeting someone who is into being petted in a dominant way, but I guess Ludwig is right and there might indeed be kinksters whose core fantasy is exactly that.

Still I think it's a difficult combination. Ludwig and I at least don't manage to combine gentle scratching (which makes me melt and relax) with kinky dominance (which makes me hot if it is the right kind of dominance)! But it was really funny to play with the idea! It made me wonder if there are other funny kinky combinations one might think of.  Ideas, anyone?