Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kaelah's Corner (Oct 2010):
After Eight

Now it has again been two months since my last post! So, what has happened? First of all, Ludwig and I are well. We went on a little holiday trip to Italy as planned, happy that my health had improved so much. My intention was to write a post right after our return home, but as soon as we had come back from our trip, there was a medical emergency in our family.

That situation kept us extremely busy until now, so much so that we sometimes had to work until late evening or even into the night to get our own stuff done in addition to organising things for our ill family member. Fortunately, the situation has improved, and our loved one was able to return back home a few days ago. Still, permanent help will be needed, and so a lot of organisational stuff remains on our current agenda.

But at least I have found the time to write my long-promised post now! Strictly seen, my blogiversary has already been more than two months ago, but I think it is never too late to celebrate. Looking back, what strikes me the most this year is how much our life has changed since I started blogging with my very first post on the 28th of August 2009.

In the very same year, I had met Ludwig for the first time through this blog, and with him the love of my life. I was obviously a late bloomer, and I very much enjoyed being in love almost like a teenager (plus some more life experience). Starting to explore my kink with Ludwig, I was like a kid in a candy shop. Everything was new and exciting, sometimes scary as well, but definitely worth exploring!

Now, more than eight years later, of course the first thrill and excitement has gone. But, to be honest, I very much enjoy that Ludwig and I have come to know each other so well by now. We've been through good and bad – and we made it together!

My interest in spanking and kinky stuff has decreased, too, but the good thing is that I now know pretty well what I like and what isn't my cup of tea. Things aren't scary anymore.

And while kink isn't as omnipresent anymore as it used to be, I'm far from having become vanilla. Being kinky today is a part of me like being Ludwig's wife, doing the job that I like, caring for my family, enjoying heavy metal and being a grumpy dachshund from time to time. It's not as new and special as it was eight years ago, but it definitely is a part of who I am.

So, I would like to celebrate eight years of kinky blogging with you, and I want to thank all of you who accompanied me throughout this time! I would like to make a little present to you as well. As I have done twice before, once in 2010 and once in 2016, I want to write a tailor-made spanking story for you.

All of you can contribute two words to the story by writing a comment. I'll take those words and try to include all of them in a (hopefully) coherent story. All comments which are written until Tuesday 7th 23:59:59 German time will be taken into account. I'm looking forward to reading your creative choices, and once again I say thank you very much for reading and of course for commenting as well!