Friday, November 19, 2021

Global Day of Delurk 2021

This is a little bit of a strange day for us, since this year on LOL Day, we not only say hello and thanks to our silent and not-so-silent readers, but kind of delurk on our own blog as well. I haven’t published a post since May, not even on my blogiversary in August.

But as the long-time readers among you know, this occasion is very important to Ludwig and me. LOL Day in 2008 was the first time I left a comment on this blog, which at the time was written solely by Ludwig. Actually, it was my first-ever comment on any spanking blog or any blog at all. I was a total newbie to spanking. While I’d had spanking fantasies for as long as I could remember, I didn’t know what these things I was fantasizing about were actually called and that there were many others like me. Only a short time earlier had I stumbled upon erotic spanking-related content for the first time, and a short time later upon this blog.

I remember how excited and nervous I was when I read about LOL Day and finally decided to write a comment and come out of the dark. It was wonderful to see how happy Ludwig was to hear from new readers. A short time later, I started exchanging e-mails with him. It was great to talk about “those fantasies” to someone who understood me. I started trusting Ludwig so much that I eventually asked him to meet in person and find out whether the chemistry was right for him to introduce me to the world of spanking.

Well, it was... And so, I did not only experience my first erotic spanking in a wonderful and very geeky Klingon initiation ceremony, but also found a boyfriend in Ludwig. The next years were full of new kinky and vanilla experiences. We met fellow bloggers and readers of our blog, visited spanking parties and made a few spanking videos. We wrote many blog posts, discussed ethical questions, shared our private exploits and kinky pictures.

We also wrote openly about some of our flaws and problems. For instance, about my commitment phobia. But despite the trouble that came especially with my anxieties, Ludwig and I became “Mr and Mrs Rohrstock-Palast” and parents, too. That changed our lives drastically. Today, I try to write this post on the fly with two vocal kids in the background.

Of course, now that we are parents and have many other new responsibilities as well, our lives have  been centered around other things than kink and erotic fun during the last few years. But still we kept this blog alive until May this year.

What happened then had nothing to do with our kids. Ludwig and I have another big project that had already started last year and which we had been looking forward to. But this spring many things started going wrong. Things that were partly out of our control. Suddenly we were having trouble with people we had hoped to get along with, there were new financial challenges thanks to Covid and the increasing prices, and the time schedule didn’t work out as planned, either. Ludwig and I tried to get things right. We worked even harder, we did even more than we had already done before. Part of the things we were able to handle, especially the costs and the time schedule. We know that we can be happy, because our jobs weren’t affected negatively by Corona and we didn’t lose any family members to it. But the emotional trouble and the stress with some people because of our project escalated, and all of our attempts to calm things down were to no avail.

It got so bad that I started having panic attacks again. Ludwig was very close to a burnout, too. That was when I stopped writing on this blog, because I didn’t even have enough energy left for a singe Kaelah's Corner post a month. Or for answering e-mails (my apologies to those of you who have written to me and didn’t get a reply, I’m still planning to get back to you sometime in the future). My job, the kids, our project, looking after a family member who is suffering from health problems, and trying to work on my own health was as much as I could handle. Moreover, my libido was down to almost zero and there weren’t any kinky thoughts on my mind. So, what could I have written about, anyway?

The situation is slowly starting to get back to normal again, but it probably won’t be fully resolved until autumn next year. I hope I will be able to resume blogging earlier, but I don’t know when exactly this will be.

Still, Ludwig and I definitely wanted to use this occasion to say hello to all of you and tell you we are still around and that we will be back, too. Until then, we hope you are well and enjoy kinky fun or at least kinky erotic fantasies despite the pandemic and the still dramatic situation all over the planet.