Monday, February 1, 2021

Kaelah's Corner (Jan 2021):
Helping Out With a Topic

Yesterday in the midst of bringing our kids to bed, Ludwig and I met in the bathroom while the little ones were still running through the house. "I am so tired," I told Ludwig, "but there is still so much to do. And it's the last day of the month, so I should also write a Kaelah's Corner post. But I haven't even got a topic!"

Ludwig, who had been brushing his hair, didn't hesitate a moment. He took his wooden brush and slapped my bottom with it several times over my pyjamas. Then he grinned with satisfaction. "Now you've got a topic," he announced, "my pleasure." And with that he went back to business. That's Ludwig – never too busy to lend a helping hand! ;-)

About one hour and a long good night ritual including a huge tantrum by a tired kid later, I found myself lying in bed, so tired that I fell asleep together with our little ones, as I do so often these days. So no post was published that day after all.

Today I had a long working day and when I came down for supper it was a bit later than usual. During supper, Ludwig suddenly said: "You've been late for supper again without giving me a quick heads-up. So I'll give you another topic for a post. Isn't that great?"

He smiled. And then he laughed about the angry glances I shot at him. Ludwig knows exactly that I'm not into domestic discipline and he loves to chaff me about it. Actually Ludwig isn't into the real thing, either, but finds the idea of using real topics for play sessions appealing, no matter whether as top or bottom.

Now, some hours later, it is Ludwig who has fallen asleep together with the little ones. And so I am sitting here alone in front of my computer without getting the announced – no, not punishment (I leave that to your kinky fantasy, in case you're into that kind of storyline) – massage for my hurting shoulders Ludwig wanted to give me.

But at least I have managed to write a post despite my tiredness! And I've got a topic, or at least a question: "What was the most impressive, the funniest or otherwise most memorable spanking quickie you've ever experienced?"

Please stay safe and healthy, everyone. I hope in a few months we will have made it through the worst part of this exhausting pandemic!