Thursday, December 31, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Dec 2020):
New Year's Fireworks

I hope you all had happy holidays, despite these unusual and difficult times. 2020 has been a very strange year due to Covid-19. For many people at least here in Germany, New Year's Eve will be different, too. Selling fireworks was banned, and in many places making fireworks won't be allowed, either. The reasons are to prevent accidents, since the emergency rooms in the hospitals are needed for Covid patients, and to prevent big groups of drunk people standing together without wearing masks and keeping enough distance to each other. Furthermore, only two households are allowed to spend the evening together, with a maximum of five adults.

Interestingly, for Ludwig and me, both restrictions don't make much of a difference. Maybe that says something about how boring we have become! Anyway, we are looking forward to a nice dinner in a very small circle. And the restrictions gave me inspiration for a little story:

She stood by the window and looked outside into the dark. It was twelve minutes to midnight. He stepped behind her and took her into his arms. "What's up. You're looking sad. Are you thinking about the parting year? Or maybe about the upcoming one?"

She sighed and shook her head. "No, I was just thinking about how New Year's Eve is so different this year from how it used to be. No friends, just the two of us sitting on the couch all evening, watching TV." She turned her head. "Don't get me wrong, I love to be with you. But New Year's Eve used to be so special – the laughter, the party games, all those crazy things we did together. And then we went upstairs on the roof terrace to watch the fireworks lighting the whole city. All the cracking, whooshing and swishing, and the colours – red and blue and green. I miss that!" She hung her head.

He patted her head and for a moment they stood there in silence. Suddenly he stood up straight, though, and turned her around. "I've got an idea! We might not be allowed to meet all of our friends or to have any fireworks, but I think I will be able to give you some of the things you might be missing!" He took her by the hand and dragged her upstairs. He then sent her to the roof terrace and told her he would come in a minute.

She went outside, wondering what he was up to, and the cool air instantly made her feel better. A minute later he came, holding a notebook in his hand. He put it down on the table in front of her and she saw that he had started a video conference with two of the couples they were friends with. Bill and Macy as well as Steve and Sandra waved at her from their couches. She smiled and waved back.

Suddenly she heard his voice behind her. "Carol is missing you and all the cracking and swooshing and the shining red and blue colours on New Year's Eve," he said to their friends on the monitor. "And so I thought I might give her some of that for a happy start into the new year! - What's the time?" "11:58!" their friends replied in a chorus.

"Than it's time to get ready for the fireworks!" he exclaimed and presented a cane he had been hiding behind his back. "Drop your pants, honey!" For a moment she was speechless. She looked at him and then at their friends in disbelief. Suddenly it dawned her – he had chosen two special couples out of their numerous friends. The two whom they knew to be as kinky as them! They had never done any kinky play together, though. Only lately had they started talking about the possibility that they might, maybe, one day ...

Finally she found her voice again. "I don't know ..." she said, suddenly feeling very insecure. "But I do, trust me," she heard his warm, reassuring voice from behind. On the screen she looked into four encouraging and obviously delighted faces. "But the neighbours ..." she started. "... can't see us up here and won't be able to hear us, either – at least if you aren't too vocal," he ended her sentence.

One more time she looked at him and on the screen and with an "Okay, screw it!" she started opening the buttons of the tight jeans she was wearing. As she pulled down her jeans and then her red panties, she realised that her fingers were shaking and her heart was racing. She didn't have much time to think, though, because her friends started shouting the countdown for the new year, while at the same time she felt the cane softly tapping her naked behind. "Ten … nine … eight … seven … six … five … four … three … two … one ... Happy New Year!"

And with those words very special fireworks started to greet the new year. With cracking, whooshing and swishing; and with colours – bright red and a little bit of blue. Together with their friends who were watching with glee! And after that, the funny and crazy games went on – apart from their friends and yet closer and more intimate than they had been before. A promising start into the new year!

With that Ludwig and I wish all of you a wonderful New Year's Eve and a great start into a happy and healthy New Year!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Nov 2020):
An Awful Day

It was an awful day. He sat in the kitchen, totally tired, not having slept well, and drank a cup of coffee that definitely was too thin for his taste. When he looked outside, he saw – absolutely nothing! It was still completely dark, although it was a quarter past seven already, as his watch told him. Time to hurry up. The newspaper hadn't been in the letter box, so his morning ritual was screwed, anyway. He poured away the rest of his coffee, rinsed his cup and put it into the dish washer.

On soft feet he walked through the hall, not wanting to wake his wife, who had been working late shift and had a day off today. He put on his right boot, only to realise that the left one was missing. He searched the whole wardrobe, but couldn't find it. Obviously, the crazy dog had once again taken and hidden one of his shoes. Mumbling curses, he put on his summer shoes instead, knowing that his feet would be extra cold in them. Yep, it definitely was a crappy day!

And it wasn't supposed to get any better. He shuddered when he thought about the extra long meeting with his whole team that lay before him. How much he wanted to get back into bed and cuddle with his wife instead! But of course that wasn't an option, so he put on his warmest coat and hat, grabbed his briefcase and opened the front door.

As he stepped out, he was welcomed by an ice cold breeze and saw that a freezing rain had set in as well. Of course it had, because this was possibly the most f...ed up day ever! He grunted with disgust, grabbed his briefcase harder, pulled his hat deeper into his face and determinedly started his way to the bus stop.

He didn't get very far, though, because before he had even taken a single step down to the front garden, his right foot hit something hard. He looked down and saw – his missing boot! He picked it up. It was freezing cold and much heavier than it used to be. He reached into it, and when he pulled out his hand again, it was filled with chocolate and nuts.

It took him a second to realise what was going on, but then a childlike smile appeared across his face. It was St Nicholas' Day! The last time his boots were filled with chocolate, fruits and nuts on St Nicholas' Day must have been about twenty years ago. But this year, someone apparently had put in a good word for him with St Nicholas – and he already knew who it had been! He put his briefcase aside and carefully carried the boot back into the house.

Well, at least that was what he intended to do, when his gaze fell onto another item lying on the ground. For a moment, he stood rooted to the ground, unable to take his eyes away. He then exhaled, put the boot down again, and reached for his new finding. Cautiously he held it in his hands and curiously looked at it from all sides.

It was indeed a birch! And not a fake one, but a real, heavy, freshly cut birch! He smelled the fresh wood and admired how beautifully the birch was tied with a red ribbon. Never in his life had he held a real birch before, and he was surprised by how heavy it was. Then he saw the little note that stuck in the ribbon. He pulled it out and opened it. It read: "For a nicely naughty boy." Now he felt warm despite the cold air and his thin shoes, and there were butterflies in his stomach.

For a minute, his head was filled with hundreds of pictures and emotions. Then he returned to reality, becoming aware that it still was a working day and that he really had to hurry up now if he didn't want to be late for his meeting. So, he took up his boot and carried both, the boot and the birch, into the hall.

As he stood there, thinking about where to put his findings, he felt that someone was looking down at him from upstairs. And indeed, it was his wife, wearing cozy pyjamas. She smiled at him, then looked at his shoes. "You'll better take the boots, it's really cold outside," she said. He nodded, carefully poured the goodies out of his boot on the small front hall table, lay the birch down next to them and exchanged the summer shoes for his boots. "Now go, you're late already. Have a wonderful day – and don't come home too late!" - "I certainly won't."

With a smile, he turned around and left the house. The freezing rain had turned into snow. He quickly walked to the bus stop, enjoying the lights that were beautifully reflected by the white snow. The air was fresh, and he was comfortably warm in his coat, hat and boots. He had just reached the bus stop when the bus came around the corner.

He decided to make a small stop at the bakery next to his office and get some Danish pastry for his colleagues. Lately, he hadn't had the time to talk to many of them, at least apart from coordinating deadlines. Their team building meeting would surely be nice. And then he would do something he hadn't done in ages, either – leave the office early.

This really was a wonderful day, maybe the most wonderful day ever!