Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Kaelah's Corner (Sep 2019):
Bottoming from the Top

Ludwig and I recently talked about kinky events we might attend in the future. Given our current situation, it was quite clear that we wouldn't really put any of our ideas into practice any time soon, though. But fantasizing together was fun nonetheless.

Ludwig told me that he might one day like to participate in the "Spanking Gerichtshof" (spanking court) as a defendant. Since he is into judicial scenarios, he admitted that the idea of being sentenced to a caning (by me as the judge) and then punished in public holds a certain appeal for him. One thing bothered him, though. While Ludwig isn't opposed to switching, the prospect of only bottoming at such an event and me only topping was something he wasn't completely happy with.

I, on the other hand, am not into judicial scenarios, especially not as a bottom. Being punished for some (made-up) misdeed in front of others holds no appeal to me whatsoever. So we mused about what we could do instead. And we came back to an idea that I had already had earlier. As a judge, I could try out the different implements on the receiving end at the beginning of the day in order to gain a better knowledge of what kind of punishments I would be sentencing the delinquents to. That way I could be on the receiving end as well and the storyline would work for me.

I pondered over the scenario for a while and then told Ludwig: "I think that could rightfully be called bottoming from the top." Of course I am one of the people who like to top from the bottom anyway, but in my opinion the kind of storyline described would be deserving of the new label "bottoming from the top", since in a way I would remain a top even while being on the receiving end. And I have to admit I like that label. Ludwig thought about my explanation for a moment and then agreed. "That's an interesting new label," he said, "and it would be a nice topic for a post."

So, here it is. And maybe the scenario described is something we're gonna do one day in a few years! How about you, have you ever been involved in any scenario that could be labeled as "bottoming from the top"? Would that have any appeal to you? I look forward to reading about your thoughts and experiences in the comment section!