Thursday, October 6, 2016

In Court (Part 4):
Judge Kaelah

 (A snapshot from the smartphone videos of the event - link below.)

This is my final post about the spanking court event that Ludwig and I visited last autumn. The first three parts are here, here and here.

I had to preside over the last two cases as a judge. My first announcement was that I was the judge now who had to be respected, I wouldn't tolerate any disturbance (Sissi and Jura tried to irritate the judges as spectators and had already been punished several times) and that I was the only one who was allowed to use that little hammer. This joke referred to something from a mail conversation between Kristall and me, in which I had told him that the most important reason why I wanted to become a judge was because I had always wanted to be allowed to use that little hammer which judges have. Kristall replied that his main reason was that the robes looked sexy. He also called me out on a grammar mistake that I had intentionally made in my email. That was when I knew that I had found a like-minded soul – a sadist, nitpicker and grammar-fetishist like me!

My first case was a traffic offence. Of course I was able to prove that the defendant deserved a severe punishment – after all I had found out that he had been accused of several violations of traffic rules before and had always gotten away with light sentences. Not so this time!

This was the most interesting punishment scene for me as a spectator – the delinquent had asked to be punished by a man and so I could sit down and watch as Donpascual was doing the honours. I guess I would have enjoyed the scene even more had both participants been into M/M spankings (while Donpascual doesn't mind spanking a man, he isn't really into it), but it was the first M/M scene I had ever seen live and I savoured it.

The second case was the funniest of the day from my point of view. The complaint sounded pretty harmless – the culprit was supposed to have destroyed a window with a ball. The trial became strange when the accused argued that he couldn't be convicted because the whole story was just made up by him, he couldn't remember having kicked in a window with a ball and the whole court and hearing was fake anyway.

Since I had evidence in form of pictures from a surveillance camera, though (it's good to watch crime series like NCIS), I decided that there were only two possible conclusions. First of all, the strange things said by the defendant (like the court not being real) showed that he was seriously disturbed. It was clear to me, though, that he wasn't criminally incapable. No, I didn't need any psychiatrist to be sure of that! Secondly, the fact that he insisted on not having destroyed the window despite of the evidence could only mean two things: Either he lied or he had taken some really hard and illegal stuff and truly couldn't remember the incident. No matter what – both possible explanations warranted a severe punishment. And that's what I sentenced the delinquent to.

Erika and I dished out that last punishment as well. Behind the scenes, I had been aware that the delinquent was as new to the spanking court as I was, so I had talked to him about which level of severity was okay for him before I heard his case. I tried not to overdo it and to communicate with our convict throughout the scene, but it turned out that he could take a rather severe spanking, too.

And then it was time for two special scenes at the end of the day which took place in a separate room in case some visitors didn't want to watch especially the second, more severe scene. First Sissi and Jura were tied together and in turn punished by Erika, Ludwig and me with different implements. You can download a short video from that scene through the link at the end of this post.

(A snapshot of Sissi being whipped tied to Jura.)

Sissi and Jura had an agreed total number of strokes coming to them and each of them could say how many strokes the other was supposed to take in the next round. That way they were able to split up the strokes between them as they liked. One time I got so much into the flow when dishing out a spanking to Jura that I forgot to stop at the agreed number. Oops! He didn't really mind, though, and I played little Miss Tough, telling him that it was his problem if he didn't tell me that the agreed number of strokes had been exceeded.

The last scene was Jura's birching on the legs, administered by Erika. I hadn't been comfortable dishing out a birching on the legs. Earlier I hadn't even been sure whether I wanted to watch such a severe scene. But then it felt okay. Jura is a really tough guy and didn't make much noise. And while the scene was severe, the undertone was playful as the rest of the spanking court event had been as well. Thus watching the scene wasn't as overwhelming as I had feared.

And then the court was over. Before we left, we all had supper together and talked to each other about the event, our kink and more. It had turned out that several of the participants were readers of our blog which felt great and a bit strange at the same time. The dinner was very relaxed and again we looked like the members of some kind of nice little serious maybe even square club. But of course we weren't.

After a day full of kinky fun (I had never played as much and with as many different people as I did on that day) we finally bade our farewells. It had been wonderful to meet Donpascual and several of our readers in person and to meet new fellow kinksters and like-minded meticulous role-players like Kristall and Sissi!

Kristall sent us two short videos which he had taken with his smartphone during the event and which he generously allowed us to share with our readers. The first video is a short excerpt (56 sec) from Sissi's caning by Ludwig and the second gives you a glimpse (41 sec) of the special scene with Sissi and Jura. As is the rule at the event, there are no faces shown. But nonetheless the clips might give you a small impression of the scenes.

You can download the two videos in one zip-File (size just 6 MB) here:

(A close-up of Sissi's beautiful bottom.)

A few final thoughts that come into my mind when I look back on the event: One thing that surely was different about the event compared to the kinky events we had been to in the UK and the US was how easily different kinks were mixed up. Both Jura and Julle wore women's clothes at the event. Nobody ran away during the M/M scene (in the first place, there WAS an M/M scene!). There were the special punishments of the cavity search and the birching on the legs. Another thing I hadn't experienced before: There were more male bottoms than female ones (although it wasn't an event aiming especially at male spankees).

What I really liked was that the more severe or unusual scenes weren't forced on all spectators. So nobody had to be scared of having to watch something they felt uncomfortable with. The level of severity was rather high, anyway, but I didn't find it over the top. And of course it wouldn't have been a problem if a spankee had told us bailiffs that he or she only wanted to play at the lighter end of the spectrum!

Still, Donpascual told me that the gap between those who would like to play out and watch lighter scenes and whose who want to be punished severely is a problem which might also keep female bottoms away from the event. That's why the upcoming court
will be made of two events which take place on the same weekend (one on Saturday and one on Sunday). There will be a softer spanking court on October the 15th and a more severe whipping court on October the 16th. That way everyone can visit the event they fancy more (or of course both events).

Unfortunately, Ludwig and I didn't make it to the spanking court event which took place in spring this year. And we won't make it to the upcoming one in ten days, either. But maybe we will be able to participate again sometime next year. It would be great to meet Donpascual, Kristall, Sissi, Erika, FJ and all the others another time and to swing that little hammer (and some implements) again!


Gustofur said...

Read and enjoyed your last two posts. Excellent material for fantasizing..

Kristall said...

Dear Kaelah,

thank you so much for your very interesting report of the 'Spanking-Court'!
It's amazing, how you can remember so many facts after such a long time!
Must have been quite an impressiv event!:))
And I am surprised of the nicely shaped bottom Sissi has, when she is 'on stage'.
Maybe I should take a look at it more often at home?!
Hope to see you and Ludwig back at the Spanking-Court next time.
Best regards
(your like-minded soul:))

Donpascual said...

Bull's Eye Kaelah, right on the button! On Saturday, we will open "Spanking Court VIII". So, I am glad about that additional advertisement. I agree with Kristall, you either have a fantastic memory, or made some notes after the event. Of course, it could have been so impressive that you did not forget one single detail :-))).
Be that as it is, thank you very much about your report which made very clear that we try to bridge several gaps: hard versus playful spankings, M/M versus traditional pairings, S/M settings versus "normal" Spankings.
You can be assured that this little hammer will be waiting for you at any time you want to participate again, maybe next April?
Please, keep your fingers crossed for us that the Weather God will be friendly on Saturday, we need it.


Anonymous said...

And fun was had by all!!

Anonymous said...

Unable to download the clip using either free or premium option. That aside, many thanks as always to you beautiful kinksters. Thanks to the Court folks for allowing us to enjoy so much insight.

Simply Red

Kaelah said...

@ Gustofur:
Glad you enjoyed the posts!

@ Kristall:
What, you don't look at Sissi's bottom all the time at home (well, or at least several times a day)? It is definitely very well shaped indeed! I read Donpascual's account of the event two weeks ago. I hope, Sissi's cold is completely gone now. I feel with her, in such a state even a medium severe hand spanking can be utterly painful! Unfortunately, when I read Donpascual's post I realised that we won't make it to the next court, either! For April 29th 2017 we already have tickets for a concert that takes place several hundreds of kilometers away from Augsburg... :-( Maybe next autumn! It definitely would be great to share the judge's duties with you again.

@ Donpascual:
All the roleplay and the scenes were quite impressive indeed which is why I remembered to many details (I hope they were all correct). I tried my best to publish the post on time for the new event!

I hope everything went well, but your post about the event makes me think it did. How did the splitting into the spanking and whipping court work out? As I already wrote in my reply to Kristall looking at your post sadly also made me realise that we won't make it to the event next April, either. For April 29th 2017 we already have tickets for a concert that takes place several hundreds of kilometers away from Augsburg... :-( Maybe next autumn!

@ The Explorer:
Yes indeed!

@ Simply Red:
I'm happy that you enjoyed the post but sad that you weren't able to download the clips. I tried it myself and I worked out fine. Ludwig just told me that recently there can be problems when you have an adblocker activated in your browser. Trying a different browser can help in that case. For instance Google Crome seems to work fine.

Unfortunately, I don't know at which point exactly your problem occurred and I get to see the site in German when I log in from Germany, but I try to explain the steps and possible pitfalls to you nonetheless in case changing the browser doesn't solve the problem, maybe it helps: Please only use the Free Download option, it is not necessary to pay any money! When you click on the free download button, a site opens and a counter starts counting down from 30. During the whole download process additional windows with advertisement might pop up which you have to close afterwards. After the counter has run to zero, the text changes into something like “Please click here to start the download”. There is no link visible which irritated me a bit, but when I clicked on the text the site changed. I had to fill in a captcha and click on the download button below. Then I was able to safe the file on my computer.

Anonymous said...

So you're a nitpicking grammar fetishist?

You said "...that he insisted on not having destroyed the window despite of the evidence".

One may say "despite the evidence" or (alternatively) "in spite of the evidence", but the only person I can think of who says it your way is you.

In case you are offended by my nitpicking, let me straight away apologise; your English is excellent. Many years ago (late 60s, early 70s) I enjoyed studying French and German. Ich spreche Deutsch, aber sehr langsam. Whereas you are fluently bi-lingual.

What can I say about the main topic of this series of posts? It makes me wish that I had more kinky friends!

James M

Donpascual said...

I just read your reply to my comment. Its a shame that you won't be able to come to the next SGH. However, I am quite sure that you are hooked by the little brown hammer :-))).

Kaelah said...

@ James M:
Somehow I am not surprised to find another grammar fetishist among our readers! Und noch dazu jemanden, der Deutsch als Fremdsprache spricht! To be honest, my English isn't really that perfect. I have to look up quite a few words when I write a post. And I sometimes mix up things like despite and in spite. I often ask Ludwig to proofread my posts, but this special creation of mine was overlooked by both of us (and don't worry, I am not offended). ;-)

@ Donpascual:
It's a shame indeed! And yes, I am definitely hooked by the little brown hammer. :-)