Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kaelah's Corner (Jul 2012):
Black or White

(Classical M/F discipline.
Picture courtesy of Girls Boarding School.)

Tim the Tum always asks a very interesting question in his interviews with kinky models, producers or bloggers: Perhaps I've been lucky in the people I've interacted with, but it seems to me that most spankos are particularly intelligent and polite; what do you think about this? 

When I started out in the kinky community and only knew a handful of blogs, I had the impression that there was some truth to that observation. But now that my perspective has widened, I have to admit that, for me, the answer to Tim's question is no, I don't think that this observation is correct. I don't consider the average kinkster to be more intelligent, more polite, more open-minded or less prejudiced than the average person in the society that kinky person lives in.

In my view, the spanking and BDSM community is simply a portion of society as a whole and therefore reflects society's behaviour and attitudes. And quite frankly, in my experience, quite many people have very narrow black-and-white opinions. Which often leads to them not being able to understand and therefore often being scared by everything that is outside what they consider "the norm". I think that this isn't any different in the kinky community, either. And from the discussions I have been involved in, I would say that "the norm" in the spanking community often means M/F spanking in a DD relationship, since that seems to be the biggest group in our community.

This thought came up again last weekend when I read Bonnie's question for her Spanko Brunch: Among spanking bloggers, F/M enthusiasts are greatly outnumbered by M/F blogs. Why is this? The question instantly whirled up lots of emotions since the answers that spontaneously popped up in my mind all had to do with predefined roles and prejudices. I've already talked about some of the aspects here on the blog. But still I'm going to post my complete comment so that you can get the whole picture. Here is what I wrote:

I believe there are several reasons why there are less F/M blogs than M/F blogs. First of all, I don't think that there are fewer men who want to be on the receiving end of a spanking than women.
(A woman spanking a man - and they are even having fun!
Picture courtesy of Dreams Of Spanking.)

But in my opinion, x/M is much less acceptable than x/F in most societies (especially in the more traditional ones like in some states of the US, where many blogs come from) and in our community as well. One reason for that is the belief in traditional gender roles which makes only women on the receiving end okay since they are supposedly the delicate ones who need guidance and a strong shoulder to cry on. Quite frankly, a view that totally freaks me out, but which I have come across several times in discussions. Some people simply state that M/F is the only "natural" and therefore legitimate constellation.

A second aspect which, unfortunately, is also still common in our world and in our community is homophobia. When it comes to spanking, that also affects F/M because some men refuse to look at nude or bare bottomed men and therefore fight for the prohibition of x/M stuff on forums and the like. I was just recently involved in such a discussion. Luckily, as Ana already said, the community has become a bit more open-minded, and so the forum owner decided that everyone was welcome as long as x/M stuff, being in the minority, was labeled accordingly.

Another problem I have observed is that men who enjoy being spanked take the huge risk of being seen as unmanly. I discussed that topic, which is connected to the issue of traditional gender roles, in a recent post. I actually think that there are quite many people who feel uncomfortable with the thought of a man handing over control to a woman for a spanking, no matter how playful said spanking might be. The idea that a man might show stronger emotions during a spanking, let alone cry, seems to be even more disturbing for some people. In my opinion, there are many women among those who have these kinds of prejudices as well. Consequently, it seems that there is a considerable number of men who like to play on both ends, but don't tell anyone because some female bottoms (and maybe some male tops as well) wouldn't see them as "real" tops any more. Maybe we would have more mixed M/F and F/M blogs, too, if that weren't the case.

Yet another issue is that, in my experience, people often have only black and white views and don't distinguish properly between different ways of doing things. So, being a bottom equals being a sub, being submissive equals being weak, being into spanking equals having a DD or D/s relationship and wanting to get spanked equals the desire to cry and to let go of control. For someone like me, a switch who doesn't believe in traditional gender roles, who doesn't identify as a submissive (even though I often play as a bottom), who loves watching M/M spankings, who doesn't do any real-life punishments and who uses spankings for sexual pleasure, relaxation or empowerment, this makes feeling at home in our community already rather difficult at times. I think for male bottoms who are into non-DD spanking, our community must be even less inviting. There aren't many good F/M clips and pictures which could attract their attention (but tons of M/F stuff), most of the existing F/M blogs are about DD only (so, they have a bigger support group at least, which lovers of other forms of F/M spanking don't have) and men who admit that they enjoy being spanked take the risk of having to face the kind of prejudices which I pointed out above. So, why should male bottoms who are into non-DD spankings feel like they belong in our community and like it is worth to invest lots of time into writing an elaborate F/M blog?

Maybe another aspect is that men are generally less likely to write a blog about their private spanking exploits than women, anyway. But, what about female tops then? Maybe there are indeed slightly less female tops than male ones. But I think that F/M blogs written by female tops are also rarer because female tops also face the risk of having to deal with prejudices, especially if they and their fantasies aren't of the strict wife / mother / auntie or the mean mistress kind, which seem to be the most common and accepted roles for a female top in the spanking and the BDSM community.

(F/F spanking - also possible without an erotic component?
Picture courtesy of Punished Brats.)

My analysis was supported by Loki Darksong and Bogey from Our Bottoms Burn who brought up similar arguments. Another comment that gave me thought-fodder was written by Ana who is spanked in a disciplinary context by a female friend and disciplinarian. Amongst other things she wrote:

Because a lot of blogs associate spankings with sex and heterosexual traditional gender roles generally don't support female dominance, there can be a twofold backlash against non-M/F blogs. One is the idea that by fate or divine right that a man spanks and a woman is spanked. This implies that a woman is not capable of spanking. Thankfully not on my blog, but I have heard comments from male spankers saying that it was "unnatural" for a woman to spank. Also, because most blogs associate spanking with sex, then F/F and M/M get confused with a different kind of sexuality. [...] Very thankfully, the above bigotry has not been part of my blogging experience. Things have changed quite a bit since I started out. But I still get comments from really nice people who still talk about my "husband" spanking me or referring to D as "he" or "him." Or they just don't get the dynamic because it falls outside of the familiar.

What Ana wrote is another example of the kinds of black-and-white views which are, in my view, all too common among kinksters. For some, female tops simply don't exist at all. For many others, F/F is okay as a sexy show for men to look at, but in private between two women who neither have an erotic relationship nor live together? For some people, that seems to be unthinkable.

Switches are another example. As I discussed in detail in this post, there are several prejudices against switches and many people believe than one must be either exclusively a top or exclusively a bottom. I have even come across one person who stated that switches were greedy people who didn't want to choose a side. On the other hand, some also have prejudices against people who don't want to switch. So, lots of black-and-white thinking there, too. And I guess I don't have to get started on M/M spankings and our community's stance on them, do I?

(Gosh - a guy being spanked by another guy!
Picture courtesy of Spanking Central.)

Before anybody gets me wrong, I definitely don't have anything against lively discussions of different points of view, nor do I think that kink or kinky relationships are sacrosanct and above criticism. As some of you might remember, I have written about aspects of kinky attitudes and relationships which struck me as potentially unhealthy, and I'm planning to do that again in the near future. What I am talking about here are simple black-and-white views, though, which aren't based on arguments and open discussions but on gut-feeling and unquestioned beliefs only. Those kinds of views that usually can't be changed in any discussion, either, because they are considered indisputable truths by those who believe in them.

I have had the pleasure to talk to and to meet very friendly, intelligent and open-minded people in the kinky community. But in my estimate, they are just about the same percentage as friendly, intelligent and open-minded people in our world as a whole. I don't expect to find any less prejudice in the kinky community than in the world at large anymore, and I don't expect to find less black-and-white thinking. That makes me sad at times, but then I think the best thing to do is to write posts and comments that might show others that different kinksters indeed enjoy very different things, and that while some of them might be totally unlike one's own personal preferences, there is nothing wrong with that and it isn't a threat to anyone. Getting people to not fight against each other and let others live the way they want to live, as long as their way of living doesn't violate the freedom or well-being of others, might be as good as it can ever realistically get. And apart from that, I simply stay with the people amongst whom I feel comfortable and happy.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Summer Walk

The weather in Germany is quite hot right now, so Ludwig and I decided to take an afternoon off and go on a little excursion. On our way, we suddenly came across a natural spanking bench, known to vanillas as a fallen tree. Of course, I immediately had to bend over it with my jeans down for a nice photo.

Needless to say, the fly on the wall position is always an option as well. And who wants to tell me that this wall, beautifully covered with ivy, doesn't look inviting?

Last but not least, we found another very interesting construction, made of old railway sleepers. My knees hurt like hell when I positioned myself on all fours, but honestly, the photo was more important to me than my knees. Isn't summer a wonderful time of the year?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Player vs Writer

 (I seem to be more of a storyteller than a player.)

In my recent post Professional Service, I wrote that if I lost my mate Ludwig, I would most probably not partake in much spanking action at all and just play out fantasies in my head instead. I read several spanking party reports lately and Donpascual brought up the topic of playing with like-minded people in the community in his recent comments on this blog as well. So, I have been thinking quite a lot about this topic in the last days.

The thing is, I don't feel much envy when I read reports about spanking events I haven't been to. At least not in the sense that I wished I could have participated in all the play sessions which were taking place. I know that many fellow kinksters have those feelings, though, and that many of those who are living out their kink go to lots of events and play a lot with many different people. But for several reasons, that doesn't hold much attraction for me. The only kinds of regret that I sometimes feel when reading party reports are that I would have liked to meet and chat with some kinky friends of ours who attended the event and that I would love to have similarly fascinating stories to tell on the blog.

And it's not only about playing with others. Ludwig and I also play much less with each other than many other couples or spankos in general. It's not that we don't enjoy spanking each other. But often, cuddling and sharing time otherwise is equally or much more important. Additionally, I don't have any problem with enjoying erotic "vanilla" activities as well, as long as there is a certain kinky fantasy in my head as a background story. I don't always have to live out that kinky part. And if we do have a great spanking scene, then I often end up with the thought: Wow, it will be great to write about that on the blog!

(I don't play a lot with others, but if I do, it often is for videos.
Picture courtesy of Dreams of Spanking.)

In addition to that, Ludwig's and my more complex scene ideas are often captured on video, sometimes together with friends of ours. When we shoot videos, I usually don't let myself fall into the scene and I don't have any regrets about that. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the work of making videos and sometimes, the headspace can be fascinating, too. For example, when I played that soulless goon in Psychic Weapon: C. But usually, the creative act of telling a story and the final product are the two things which are of much more interest for me than the kinky experience. And again, writing about the experience and publishing the edited video is one of my favourite parts. That's why I also enjoy shooting creative photos and publishing them on the blog, accompanied by little storylines.

I short, when it comes to kink, I consider myself much more of a writer and storyteller than a player. I guess that is also one of the reasons why I managed to live without any kinky activities for such a long time, without having the feeling that something fundamental was missing. I had my fantasies (usually M/M with me just being an observer) which I played out in my head, and that was fine. This is also one of the reasons why I think that I wouldn't suddenly feel the strong need to go out and have lots of spanking adventures with different people if Ludwig weren't my mate any more.

Just to make that absolutely clear: I love my kinky play with Ludwig and occasionally with others, and I wouldn't want to miss out on it! Sometimes I even wished that I could play more frequently. But still it seems to me that I need to play less frequently than many others in the community. Instead, I seem to get much more out of writing and telling stories than others probably do.

What about you? How strong is your desire for (regular) kinky play? Do you envy those who write frequent party reports and are involved in lots of play sessions? Or are there others like me out there (other than Ludwig who ticks quite similarly when it comes to playing vs storytelling)?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Professional Service

(Pixie and Lily Anna. Picture courtesy of Punished Brats.)

Tim The Tum recently wrote a very interesting series of posts about the first time he met a professional spankee / spanker for a one-on-one session with lots of switching action. You can read the two main parts of his report here and here. In another post which he wrote before his session, Tim discussed the idea of seeing a professional spankee (or spanker):

A couple of you have dropped me a line to say that you would never pay for spanking any more than you would pay for sex. Good for you. I'm knocking on the door of fifty, I'm fat and a bit balding, and my wife tolerates rather than enjoys spanking. My options are a bit limited; this is a service that, for me, gives real value. […] I think it's nice to feel that you'll be in the hands of a professional. Don't get me wrong, I'd happily session for free with any women who offered me the opportunity, and I like to think that we'd both get something out of the experience, but when you pay for something you're entitled to expect satisfaction. By which I mean, I really do hope that my partner enjoys the experience but, at the end of the day, this time it's about what I want. I'm not usually like that (honestly), but I've waited a long while, and my needs are simple; I want a bottom to smack without worrying that she isn't into it, and I want someone to spank me who won't be worn out after a couple of minutes.

Pixie also published a post about paid sessions a while ago which I think covers the topic wonderfully from two sides, the perspective of a woman who sought a professional when she was new to the scene and the perspective of a professional who now offers paid sessions herself. About her own reasons for having sought to meet a professional spanker, Pixie wrote:

I wanted to play with a top who met with my specifications to live out my personal spanking fantasy. I had a certain vision in mind for the scenario, for the style of play, the type of interaction. Yes I’d have to pay when I could probably meet for free play with someone else, but it’s a bit like coming up with an idea for a movie. You can give someone an idea and let them run with it and you may or may not get what you envisioned in the end, or you can fund and produce it yourself so as to have much more say in the final outcome. I was willing to pay for the chance to have the fantasy that was floating around in my head for years to come to life. I also did not have the fear that things beyond my limits or expectations would occur and that was of comfort to me […].

Pixie put her view as a professional spanker and spankee as follows: There is a big difference between session play and free play [...] in that sessions will be an hour or more of time exclusively devoted to what the paying party is seeking. I’m hoping to fulfill their fantasy just as I had hoped to fulfill mine when I sought a paid pro. It’s their scenario, their outfit requests, their time. As long as it falls within proper safety precautions and the agreed upon limits ahead of time, I do my best to shape myself into what the other person is seeking. Sometimes I absolutely have a blast as we are on the same page in our definition of spanking fun and sometimes it just isn’t my personal preference but that’s not what is important in a paid session. It’s about what the paying person seeks.

(Pandora and Molly. Picture courtesy of Dreams of Spanking.)

And finally, Pandora announced in this post that she is now comfortable with offering two-to-one switching sessions together with her new lover Molly Malone to people whom she knows from the scene. She had made some experiences with private paid sessions accompanying Zoe Montana earlier. That's when she found out that she liked sessions with private customers. Pandora wrote: It turned out that I really enjoyed not only the roleplay and having an audience while getting spanked by Zoe, but I also loved to watch her spanking men. Above all, I loved the opportunity to talk to different people about their spanking kink. I heard some fascinating stories, became increasingly aware of my own good fortune in having regular spanking relationships, and found it genuinely fulfilling to play a small role in providing a beneficial, therapeutic, sexy spanking experience for someone who really needed it.

Now, I have never visited a professional for a paid session because I was lucky enough to meet Ludwig only a short time after I had entered the community and so I asked him to introduce me to the world of spanking as a friend. I absolutely see the advantages of paying for a spanking session, though: the safety issues mentioned by Pixie as well as the chance to bring one's personal fantasies to life despite of not having a partner or close friend with whom that would be possible.

Ludwig has done that for his first experiences as well. He booked sessions with professional dommes who had good reputations because, even though Ludwig is a top, he wanted to know what a spanking feels like before administering one. And so he started his journey on the bottom side. Ludwig has planned to write about these experiences in a separate post one day, but in short, paying a professional spanker turned out to be a great choice, especially for the very first experience. And Ludwig also confirmed what all the different reports from which I quoted some excerpts in this post wonderfully show as well – that paying a professional spanker or spankee doesn't mean that the session has to be a cold or soulless experience. If the chemistry is right, it can be a wonderful experience indeed.

Nonetheless, I think there are quite a few people for whom paying for a spanking session or being paid for has a negative image. And I assume that women are generally more reluctant to pay for spanking sessions than men. Maybe because it is often easier for women to find a play partner, maybe because paying for erotic services is still less common among women than it is among men.

I have to admit that I am not sure whether I would pay for a spanking session if I didn't have Ludwig any more. It's not that I would consider paying for a spanking session morally wrong, not at all. But I probably would not go to spanking parties in order to have a chance to play, either, because I feel more comfortable playing with people with whom I have a close connection aside from kink and whom I have met several times before. And, while spanking fantasies are in my head very often, bringing them to life is not so important to me, aside from the more intimate play in my relationship and the creative act of making videos. But that is the topic for another post.

So, what about you? Can you imagine paying for a professional spanking session? Can you imagine being paid for offering a spanking? Why yes, or why not? And finally: Which special fantasy would you love to make come true if you had both the people and the equipment to make it happen?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Point of No Return

Lea recently wrote a very personal and touching post called Basket Case which resonated with me on many levels and which provided me with lots of thought-fodder. One thought that came up was about experiences which alter our lives forever. Experiences that make a permanent change which doesn't allow us to go back to our old lives ever again.

For example, I consider(ed) myself to be a rather strong and independent woman. I didn't have a boyfriend for a long time and I got along very well. But now that I have found Ludwig, I know how great it can be to have a mate. And I think if our love fell apart, I would never be able to go back to those old times when being alone was completely okay for me. Because now I know how wonderful it can be to have a mate and I would surely miss that.

The question which I would like to ask you is: How about erotic CP and kink? Is the discovery of the kinky community, the discovery of not being the only one to have these kinds of fantasies a life altering experience?

I think for me, it definitely was. Because it opened my mind to ways of living which I hadn't considered possible. On the other hand, I have heard of people who went back into a state of denial again after having found like-minded people and after having already admitted to themselves that they are kinky. I'm not sure whether anyone ever managed to keep that up for a long time, though, once they knew about the existence of the kinky community.

And what about the first adult spanking experience? Do you consider that experience to be life altering? Does it mark a point of no return? Or is it possible to go back to a life without kinky activities afterwards?

I'm not sure what the answer is for me. One thing is clear: I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with a vanilla partner any more. If Ludwig ever left me, I would look for a kinky partner only. But what if I were single? Would I simply go on without spanking, as I would most probably without vanilla sex? Or would I look for play partners and go to lots of spanking events? I have to admit that I don't know for sure. I assume that my life wouldn't contain much spanking action, though. Maybe some occasional play with good friends. But I don't think that I would look for a regular play partner or go to lots of spanking events and parties. Most of the time fantasies would most probably be enough for me, just like it was before I met Ludwig.

Still, I consider my first adult spanking to be a life altering experience. Because it has opened a door to a world in which I found my first love and learned how to feel womanly and sexy. And these are experiences that changed me forever and that no one can ever take away from me.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the subject! Do you consider any of the experiences which you have made with spanking and kink to be life altering? If yes, which one(s) and why? Do you think that you could go back to a life without kink, without a kinky relationship or without play? Please share your thoughts in the comment section!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kinky Zoo

A while ago, Ludwig and I visited the local zoo. It was a nice, sunny day and we had a lot of fun, leaving the stress of our everyday life behind. When I read the displayed information about the baboons, the following excerpt caught my attention: "They show a very interesting social behaviour: Pair grooming, yawning and exposing the corner teeth as well as flattening the ears with lifted eyebrows as threatening gestures and the ritualised presentation of their behinds as a welcome gesture and a gesture of submission."

Does that sound familiar to you? The last part I mean. Yep, it seems that baboons and kinksters somehow belong to the same family. Which bottom wouldn't like to walk around with such a nicely coloured behind? The only problem: The poor baboons have bottoms that look like this naturally. So, there is no dedicated spanker needed to make it look shiny red. Which means that the baboons miss out on all the fun.

These monkeys seemed to be very bottom fixated, though. While one of them laid down presenting its behind provocatively, the other couldn't keep its eyes and hands off this fascinating area. Also a quite common behaviour among spankos, isn't it? But apes and monkeys don't seem to be the only kinky animals. Or how would you interpret this posture?

Others animals obviously prefer vanilla sex. Turtles for example. The guy on top gave a very enthusiastic performance, though. I wouldn't have assumed that turtles are capable of showing so much passion!

Who said the zoo is for kids only? Luckily, not all animals are purely sexually driven or even filthy perverts! So, for those of you who are shocked by today's shameless and explicit pictures, here is something especially for you. An innocent little baby duck...

Friday, July 6, 2012

What's My Name?

A while ago, our reader Fesse_Meurtrie made the suggestion that it would be nice to know more about the history of our commenters' nicknames. I think this is an interesting question and so I've decided to talk about kinky nicknames today.

Ludwig had different nicknames during his time in the kinky online community. After having been asked regularly whether he was French, though, because his nickname had been lent by a French philosopher, he decided to find a nickname which was closer to home. And so Ludwig was born, named after King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Ludwig already explained his choice in detail in his first-ever post on this blog. The interesting thing about Ludwig II: He is not only closely connected with Bavaria's history and its beautiful castles, he was also known for being interested in art, having a vivid imagination and being a bit eccentric. So, Mad King Ludwig sounded like a well-suited and at the same time slightly tongue-in-cheek nickname, which was why Ludwig decided to adopt it.

I had to face the issue of having to chose a nickname when I decided to write a comment on this blog for the very first time. Being a self-admitted geek and Trekkie, I chose a name that would carry my geekdom and give fellow geeks a hint that I was one of them. Having a kinky and general preference for warriors, I decided that using a Klingon name would be perfect. I didn't want to name myself after one of the major Star Trek characters, though, and so I chose the name K'Ehleyr relating to Worf's mate, a half-human and half-Klingon ambassador who appeared twice in Star Trek - The Next Generation and was finally killed in the episode Reunion. A half-human and half-Klingon character seemed to suit me even better because, while I have a crush on warriors, I am only human in the end, and most of the time I am actually quite okay with that.

Funnily, Ludwig, who is not such a big Star Trek fan (but has of course been introduced to the series by me in the meantime), had no clue where the name K'Ehleyr might come from. Which led to some funny associations he described in his post Where No Man Has Spanked Before:

It all started on another auspicious day in the history of my blog, the Global Day of Delurk […]. I remember being intrigued by a comment from someone by the name of K'Ehleyr: "Your invitation has just motivated me to write my first-ever comment on someone's blog. I'm about your age and live in the Rhine Main Area. I've just recently started to explore the internet concerning the topic spanking and have been lurking for some weeks." That was a cool thing to get - the first comment not just on my blog, but anywhere. And from a German reader, close to home. What a weird name, though, "K'Ehleyr"! I mused about the pronunciation. Kayelair? Kay-eh-LAIR, or maybe kay-EH-lair? No idea.

When you only know someone over the phone or through email, your mind still conjures up these vague, blurry, dream-like images. It's the same with bloggers and blog readers. With most people who leave a comment, you have no idea what they look like, or even whether they're male or female. "K'Ehleyr" sounded gender-neutral to me, but I decided it was probably a guy. The name seemed to have a Muslim ring to it. I pictured a dark-haired young man, probably of Turkish-German descent, reading my blog. It was a reader demographic I had never encountered before, so I was pleased with that. 

Well, of course, Ludwig found out only a short time later that his association had been a little bit off mark, and the rest is history.

When Ludwig officially introduced me as his mate in the aforementioned post and I became his co-author for the blog, we decided to change the spelling of my name in order to not violate any trademark rights owned by Paramount Pictures. After all, commenting on blogs with a fan nickname is one thing, writing a blog under such a name is a different matter. At first, we thought that I had to find myself a completely new nickname, which made me very sad because I loved the old one. But then Ludwig found out that K'Ehleyr was most probably based on an actual human name that occurs in different spellings, such as Kaylah, Caila or Kaelah. I liked the last variant best and so K'Ehleyr became Kaelah. My heart remains (half) Klingon, though.

What about you? Was choosing a nickname for your kinky persona a big issue for you? Have you (had) several different nicknames? And why did you chose your nickname(s), what does it / do they mean to you? Last but not least, have other people's nicknames ever brought up an association in your mind that turned out to be completely off mark? You are very welcome to share your stories and experiences in the comment section!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Clearing the Debt

After a longer time without any free videos, I've finally managed to edit one that was overdue for quite a while. The Football Euro 2012 is history and Spain won their third consecutive major title yesterday. Congratulations! What could be a better time than the day after the European Championship finals to post a clip about football?

So, here it is: The Football Bet Clip! For those of you who don't remember the history of this clip, it all began with a bet between Niki Flynn and Ludwig on a friendly match between England and Germany back in 2008. There was a fairly complicated formula for calculating who would get how many strokes with which implement if they lost the bet, taking into account not only the winning team, but also the number of goals scored by each side and the number of blog readers (who could also take part in the bet) who had correctly predicted the outcome. For those who are interested, the exact details are explained at the beginning of the clip. In short, England won the match 2:1, which resulted in a final tally of six flogger strokes for Niki and 30 flogger strokes plus 18 cane strokes for Ludwig who had bet on the German team.

Sadly, Niki retired from the Scene not long afterwards, before she and Ludwig had a chance to get together again and shoot the video. It seemed like the debt would never be cleared after all. But, enjoying switching and switching tops as much as I do, I selflessly brought up the topic again in 2010. Admittedly, Ludwig was very willing to pay his debts because, after all, betting debts are debts of honour. When Ludwig and I found a more than appropriate substitute for Niki in the wonderful Leia-Ann Woods, otherwise known as the debt collector, Ludwig's fate was sealed. And even though I was a bit nervous about topping for the first time in front of a camera, co-topping with Leia-Ann turned out to be a great experience!

We had a lot of fun during the shoot and I think that definitely shines through in the final clip.

WMV format, resolution 720 x 576, 349 MB:
Uploaded.net link

(Click on "Free Download", wait for the counter to count down, then solve the captcha and download the file.)