Sunday, December 31, 2017

Kaelah's Corner (Dec 2017):
Another Year Passed By

It's hard to believe, folks, but this is already the last day of 2017! I hope it was a good year for you, vanilla- and kink-wise. For Ludwig and me it was a year of unexpected events, both good and bad. By the end of the year we have made it through all of them and managed to cope with the additional work caused by my illness and the one of our close family member whose health condition has fortunately improved a lot in the past weeks.

In spite of the struggle with health problems and lots of work, 2017 war a good year for Ludwig and me. We both had a successful year job-wise, we spent wonderful days with our loved ones, had a great holiday - and we managed to face all the challenges 2017 brought as a great team. Still, we didn't have much quality time for just the two of us and not much alone-time for either of us to recharge our batteries. And we neither managed to stay in contact with our vanilla friends as much as we would have liked nor to find time for kinky adventures or at least keeping up a regular blogging schedule.

So, our simple wish for 2018 is that the upcoming year might allow us to plan our life a little bit better than we could in 2017, so that we can have more time both for ourselves and for activities with vanilla friends as well as here on our blog. The last weeks gave me some hope since I had the chance to meet a few friends again and – as you might have noticed – write more posts. I hope you had time to read my tailor-made spanking story and enjoyed it!

Ludwig and I wish all of you a good start into the new year and a happy and healthy 2018! If you would like to share anything about your experiences in 2017 and maybe your hopes for 2018, you are welcome to do so in the comment section!

Do you have any kinky resolutions for 2018? Anything new you want to try? Please feel free to tell us about it, too. Maybe we and the other readers will get some inspiration from your ideas! One thing Ludwig and I want to do (apart from finally editing and posting some of our already filmed spanking scenes) is a severe caning with Ludwig on the receiving end which will of course also be immortalised on camera. I hope we will get to that in the second half of 2018!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Krampus is Coming to Town (Part 4)

I hope all of you have shared great and peaceful holidays with your loved ones! Ludwig and I had a wonderful, quiet time with our closest family. No huge presents, no labour-intensive seven-course meals, just a good time together, talking, having fun and enjoying tasty food.

As announced, here is the forth and final part of my tailor-made LOL Day spanking story. You can find part 1, part 2 and part 3 here. In the last part, her first-ever birching is awaiting our hero Rosie. So, without further ado, let's see how that one turns out:

The Krampus seemed to have mercy on her, though, because before she could panic even more, she already felt the touch of the birch on her naked bottom. She flinched involuntarily and the trembling of her body became even worse. The birch withdrew, Rosie heard a swish and with little crackling sounds the branches landed on her backside. For a second Rosie didn't feel anything, but then it was as if hundreds of little needles pierced her buttocks.

The stroke certainly hadn't been extremely hard, but it definitely was enough to drew Rosie's breath away. A wave of heat went through her body and she wriggled her bottom, trying to shake away the pain. Oh my gosh, that was different from every kind of pain she had ever felt before! Rosie wasn't sure whether she could take any more of it. While the Krampus gave her time to let the sensation sink in, it came to her how lucky she was that her bottom had already been thoroughly warmed up before. She didn't even want to imagine how a birching on a cold butt must feel like!

She didn't get time to imagine anything, anyway, though, because right at that moment she heard another swish followed by a loud crack. Another wave of pain went through her body and it seemed to be even worse than the first one. She buckled and hissed, and it took her a while to regain her composure again. “Ouch, that stings like hell!” she exclaimed. “Well, then I guess you are lucky that I haven't put the birch into water,” the Krampus stated calmly, “see what a kind guy I am!” Rosie who was normally known for her sassiness and her sharp wit didn't know what to reply to that statement. “It hurts me that the people never seem to appreciate my kindness,” the Krampus continued with a sigh that sounded almost convincing.

Rosie didn't know whether she should laugh or shout at the beast that the birching didn't feel kind at all. She didn't have to make a decision, though, since the third crackling stroke landed on her poor bottom right away, the pain consuming all her attention and energy. This time she let out a shriek and threw back her head. Her knees buckled again and it took her a while to get back into position.

From this stroke on the Krampus settled into a steady, yet slow rhythm. Rosie felt right at the edge of her limit, taking one stroke after the other. She hissed and cried out and wriggled under the strokes and always needed time to recover and get back into position. Sometimes the Krampus supported her by either gently helping her up when she had sunken into the cushions in front of her or pushing her back down into position when she had jumped up from the pain. From time to time it rubbed her bottom with its paws, reigniting the pain on her chastised buttocks with its claws while at the same time soothing it through its soft, hairy touch.

Somehow Rosie managed to get through much more strokes than she would have thought she could. After twelve strokes she was covered in sweat and already thought it might be over, but to her surprise the birching continued. At around stroke 15 she somehow seemed to get used to the pain, being able to absorb it better than before. Rosie stopped struggling and simply let things happen, riding the waves of pain like a surfer. Still she yelled and breathed heavily and squirmed, but inside she felt strangely focussed and calm.

The Krampus's voice seemed to be very far away as it stated: “That was number 23. One more and I think we are done. Seems you are able to take a birching very bravely!” It's paw softly touched her bottom. “You know what they say about the last stroke, though, don't you?!” Rosie absently nodded but didn't give a reply. “Well, this one will show you just what a kind dude I am,” the Krampus said.

Rosie was too worn out already and her body too full of endorphins for the announcement to raise too much fear. She simply waited for what was about to come. The Krampus seemed to take more time preparing for the last stroke making sure that its aim was perfect. Several times the birch softly touched her backside. Then it withdrew and came back with a swish that was much sharper and louder than all the ones before. The swish was followed by a crack that echoed in her ears as the birch crashed into her bottom. Rosie sunk or almost jumped into the cushions in front of her with a loud shriek that resounded through the bedroom, clutching her butt with her hands. She wriggled from side to side rubbing her buttocks in a vain attempt to release the excruciating pain, inhaling and exhaling sharply as she tried to catch her breath. “That … was … mean!” was all she managed to bring out, as she was finally able to speak again.

After a while she stopped moving and lay still, feeling exhausted and calm. Her head had sunken into the cushion, her face to one side, a single tear of relief rolling down her cheek. The Krampus put the birch, or what was left of it, onto the bed and sat down beside her. She crawled into his open arms and let him hold her, enjoying the incredible inner peace she was feeling. Her body was pleasantly warm and the pain in her bottom was suddenly completely gone. The soft fur on the Krampus's body made her feel even more cosy. How long she was lying there she didn't know. Her feeling for space and time was gone.

Eventually she began to move and the Krampus gently helped her up. “Nice marks,” it stated. Rosie took a look in the mirror and was a bit shocked to see her bottom being dark crimson with lots of little dots at the edges of the huge dark red area. She went a bit closer to the mirror to inspect the marks further and even found two little spots that seemed to be slightly bloody. No bloody welts like she had seen in some spanking videos, but that was something she wasn't into, anyway. These marks were just right. Impressive enough to satisfy her and give her a feeling of bravery, but not over the top. She had heard that a birching easily caused little cuts, so the two she had found on her bottom didn't bother her. The Krampus certainly didn't overdo it, although it had brought her right to her limit.

As her gaze wandered back into the room, Rosie was surprised to see the mess the birching had caused. The floor was full of little twigs which had flown into almost every corner of the room. The formerly impressive birch fittingly looked rather worn out as it was lying there on the bed. Rosie smiled at the sight. So that had been her initiation to the birch. It had almost been better than the spankings in the many stories written by Enzo which Rosie had devoured.

She looked over to the Krampus to see how it felt about what had just happened. Only then did she realise that the creature was already back at its original place by the door, reading in the opened golden book. Damn, the Krampus had talked about three offences! it occurred to her. Rosie was sure that she definitely wouldn't be able to take another spanking that evening, though, not even a soft one with the hand.

The Krampus looked a bit irritated, as if it was rereading a certain passage again and again. It shook its head and looked at her. “I can't believe it, you have been such a naughty girl and still St Nicholas has decided to give you a present.” With those words it closed the book, laid it back on the chest of drawers and opened the top drawer.

For a moment the Krampus rummaged in the drawer and then it took out a little box. It held the box up and looked at it from different perspectives. Then it shook the box, the sound confirming that there was something solid inside. Rosie watched in anticipation and tried to imagine what the box might contain. Finally the Krampus opened the lid and looked inside. Rosie was too small and too far away to see what was in there, though.

As the Krampus took out the item the box had contained and Rosie could finally see what it was, her eyes got wider and wider. The Krampus stood up and made its way towards her, carefully carrying the shiny glass dildo in its paws. “Now let's address those naughty, inappropriate fantasies you have. Why don't you bend back over the bed? And spread your legs this time.” Rosie immediately felt a warm rush and a wetness in her nether regions. She smiled as she turned around, briefly catching a glimpse of the snow that had started falling more heavily again through the window. This was going to be the best St Nicholas day ever! Simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Krampus is Coming to Town (Part 3)

This is the third part of my tailor-made LOL Day story. You can find part 1 and part 2 here. Ludwig and I, your friendly atheists, wish all those among you who are celebrating the Christian holiday a Very Merry Christmas and everybody a happy and peaceful holiday season! The fourth and final part of the story will be published on the 26th of December.

The Krampus simply let her stand where she was and moved back to the chest of drawers where it picked up the golden book again. Rosie suddenly remembered that it had been talking about three misdeeds. So there were two more to come. What could it be and what would the beast do to her for them? The Krampus took its time, studying the book as if rereading a long description of her sins. Rosie became nervous again. The hand, or rather, paw spanking had been as hard as she had ever been spanked before. Could it get even worse? And would she be able to take what was coming?

“Tsk, tsk,” the Krampus mumbled. Then it looked up again, dismay in its eyes. “So, you have been lazy, too. Getting up late in the morning on weekends and going to sleep at late times as well. Because of that you didn't manage to do you evening walks as planned, did you?” Rosie gulped.

That one was real. She had been diagnosed with a predisposition for diabetes, but she had found out that she could support her pancreas in its work by regularly going for a walk in the evening after supper. It didn't take long, just 20 minutes, but it could help her to prevent the condition from breaking out. So her plan had been to do a walk about two times during the week and on both Saturday and Sunday. At first that didn't seem like a difficult goal, but after a few weeks she went out less often. Since she usually got up late on the weekends, their supper often was late as well, and in a season when the sunset was already early in the evening, she couldn't motivate herself to leave the house for a walk in the dark.

Johann would never blame her for it. He was a stay-at-home himself and admired her for her resolution to fight the condition before it even had the chance to break out. But Rosie had beaten herself up for her laziness, and she had told Johann about it. Now, being confronted with that topic caused a wild mix of feelings. There was embarrassment, nervousness and a slight attack of fear of what was about to happen. At the same time the edginess of being scolded for a real misdemeanour heightened her anticipation and excitement.

She had hinted at Johann that it might be interesting to include a real event into a scene one day, but she hadn't been sure whether he would ever take her up on it, because for both of them spanking was just an erotic game and they didn't have any intention to practise domestic discipline. Yet the thought of being spanked for a real transgression was undeniably hot and edgy.

Rosie was catapulted back to the here and now when she heard the Krampus's voice again. “Seems that you agree with me on this one,” it stated, its voice now carrying a warm, empathetic undertone. “Let's see how we can motivate you to achieve your goal next year, shall we?” Rosie stared at the Krampus, trying to find out how much of this was just a game and how much was meant for real. The situation really started to scare her, and suddenly, she wasn't so sure any more whether mixing play with real life had been such a clever idea.

The Krampus seemed to sense her uneasiness. Its voice became even warmer and more reassuring, as it continued: “I will later have a strict word with Johann as welt. I think he could be more supportive and offer to accompany you on your walks from time to time. After all, he has gained three kilos of weight this year. I think a bit of exercise would suit him well, too. He admires you for what you already do for your health, anyway, but I think trying to overcome his lack of will-power would be much better than admiring you while staying at home eating junk food.”

These words got Rosie, in several ways. First of all, they put her mind at ease because it was clear that Johann didn't have any intention to punish her for real. Secondly, the perspective of her husband's support in her fight awakened a warm, tingling feeling of love for him. And third, the reassuring way of treatment was exactly what she liked when she read spanking stories. This Krampus was exactly the kind of top that turned her on, the kind of creature into whose hands, or paws, she was willing to give herself.

The butterflies returned to her tummy as she eagerly waited for what was coming next. “Before I have a talk with your lazy husband, let's address your motivation first, shall we?” With that, the Krampus put the book down again and grabbed the birch that had been lying on the set of drawers. Rosie's eyes widened. She stared at the implement in the Krampus's paw.

It was a real birch and a rather intimidating specimen, too! She and Johann had freshly made it together that morning, using branches from a birch tree in their garden. Of course Rosie had been joking around about being spanked with it the whole time, and the thought most certainly was appealing. Rosie wasn't so sure whether the real spanking would be as appealing, though. So far she had only been spanked by the hand and by a light flogger, but never by anything made of wood. The cane was an implement she wanted to try one day, but from her online chats with fellow kinkster Canelover and from what she had seen in spanking videos, she knew that it was a rather severe implement. So she hadn't found the guts to try it for real, yet. And as far as she knew, a birch wasn't so different, maybe even worse.

Rosie stood rooted to the ground, unsure what to feel or do. She felt her hands becoming wet, her heart was racing and her stomach churned. Yet there was a part of her that wanted to do this, was drawn to the prospect of finding out how that birch would feel on her bottom. Since she couldn't move, but wasn't willing to safeword, either, she simply waited, her eyes firmly fixed on the birch, for the Krampus to take the lead. Which it did.

It came over, stopped right in front of her, looked her up and down and finally said: “Let's have you completely nude for your birching. I think wearing your birthday suit is just the right attire for the occasion. Strip!” Suddenly Rosie felt a shyness that was completely new to her. But the look in the Krampus's eyes convinced her that trying to negotiate wasn't a good idea. Hesitantly, she unbuttoned her blouse from top to bottom, took it off and neatly hung it up over the back of the chair at a table at the side of the room. Then she bent down with a supple, elegant move and got rid of her trousers and panties which had already been dangling around her feet. The last thing that followed was her white bra.

“Come over to me!” the Krampus demanded. She did as she was told and stood before the beast completely naked. It took all her will-power not to cover her private parts with her hands. She felt vulnerable in a way she had never expected to be possible. Rosie looked down on her feet, trying to avoid the Krampus's gaze. But the creature put one claw under her chin and forced her to look up. Its face showed that it liked what it saw. “Very nice, you have an incredibly sexy body,” it confirmed what Rosie had already guessed it was thinking.

Then the Krampus took a step backwards. “Now, turn around and bend over the bed again.” Rosie found it difficult to convince her body to follow the command. But somehow she managed and soon found herself in the same position which she had already taken for the hand spanking. Only that her whole body and especially her legs were shaking much more now, before the birching had even begun. Her nakedness seemed to sharpen all her senses. For a moment she was afraid she might faint. [To be continued...]

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Krampus is Coming to Town (Part 2)

This is the second part of my tailor-made LOL Day story. You can read part 1 here. I hope you enjoy the second instalment of the story. In this one the foreplay comes to an end and you'll get real spanking action, promised!

For a moment Rosie pondered what to do. Safeword? A bit ridiculous given the reason that had stopped her from undressing further. But how would Johann react? This was embarrassing! During the whole last year, since they had started with erotic spanking, she had always made sure that this didn't happen. She had always made sure she looked sexy for Johann. A nice perfume, shaved legs, sexy underwear, all the little things that highlighted the erotic undertone of what they were doing.

“I said pull down your pants,” the Krampus snarled behind her, but Rosie could sense from the tone in its voice that it was a bit irritated and unsure what to do. Well, she and Johann had been together for so long now, so who cared? With a sigh, she continued pulling down her jeans until they were dangling beneath her knees, revealing the plain white cotton panties she was wearing underneath. 'Grandma knickers' as she liked to call them. Not sexy, but comfortable.

Hesitantly, she looked back over her shoulder and saw that the Krampus was staring at her plainly wrapped butt. Then an amused smile appeared on its face as it apparently understood what had been holding her back. The Krampus realised that she was looking at him. It looked her straight in the eye and told her: “Bend over right away, I will do the rest.” Its voice was full of pleasant anticipation with a hint of sadistic glee. Obviously, her appearance didn't turn it off at all. Actually, in a way her knickers were much more suitable given the situation than sexy lingerie would have been, Rosie thought as she bend over and rested her hands on the bed.

A shiver went through her body when she felt two hairy hands on her back, first tucking up her white blouse so it didn't hang over her bottom, then grabbing her panties, slowly peeling them over her buttocks and finally letting them glide down to her knees. Her stuck-out bottom was uncovered now, and she could feel the fresh air on her skin, causing her goosebumps.

The warm hairy hands started wandering over the back of her upper legs, and suddenly, she felt a claw tracing a line over her right buttock. She jumped a bit, only to hear a satisfied chuckle from behind. “Nice squeezable cheeks,” the Krampus commented, and a hairy hand with sharp claws pinched her left buttock. Rosie felt that the teasing had a heating effect on her nether regions. Having fallen into the clutches of this scary creature had an undeniable appeal. She pushed her bottom out further to encourage the beast to continue touching her, but it drew its paws away.

“You seem to enjoy this far too much, naughty girl!” The Krampus growled in a dominant deep voice. “I have come to make you pay for your sins, though! Let's see whether we can make sure you are better behaved next year.” It put one paw firmly on her back to hold her down. Before Rosie could breathe in to prepare for what was coming next, the other paw landed hard on her butt.

“Ouch!” Rosie winced. She thought back to Johann's first shy attempts at spanking her after she had confided her long-held secret fantasies to him, and admired how naturally dominant he had become and how much more impressive his hand spankings had become with that. “Good. That seems to get your attention!” The satisfaction in the Krampus's voice was unmistakable.

Another hard blow landed across both of her cheeks. Rosie bit her lip and took in the sensation. Obviously, being spanked by a hairy paw felt different to being spanked by hand. Interestingly, and too bad for her, the fur didn't seem to reduce the impact and resulting pain of the stroke, though. On the contrary, the sensation was heightened by the little stings from the claws which she could clearly feel on her bottom. For a moment, Rosie thought of her online friend Gustofur who had been the first one she had ever talked to about hand spankings. She surely would have to tell him about her new experiences.

The Krampus settled into a steady rhythm, alternating from cheek to cheek, sometimes covering both in one blow. The heaviness of the blows didn't ease off, quite the contrary, and so Rosie wriggled and hissed under the pain, feeling her bottom getting hotter and hotter as the spanking continued. The Krampus's left paw firmly held her down, though, and made sure she stayed in position.

When she buckled heavily and thrust forward after an especially hard blow, she was firmly told to stick her bottom out again, an order that caused a warm tingle in her belly and in more intimate parts as well. As she did as told, the next hard blow followed, the Krampus not showing much mercy with her.

“How many strokes have that been so far?” The question caught Rosie unprepared. Her mind began to spin. How many could it have been? Fifteen? What if she gave the wrong answer? Would the Krampus start over again? She had never been asked such a thing during a spanking! “Now?” The Krampus seemed to lose its patience. “Ahem, twenty?!” It sounded more like a question than an answer. She seemed to be lucky, though. “Right,” the Krampus stated.

“Are you learning your lesson?” - “Well, ...” Apparently the beginning of Rosie's reply didn't convince the Krampus. She felt the paw pressing harder into her back. Before another swat could land on her naked butt, Rosie hastened to answer: “Yes, I certainly do!” The Krampus paused again and after a brief moment of silence stated:  “So, let's give you ten more, just to make sure. I want you to count and say 'I won't waste Johann's money any more.' after each stroke.”

“But...” Rosie regretted her spontaneous reply before she had even finished the word. The Krampus's claws grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up and backwards. “What?!” The threatening undertone in its low voice made her shiver. “Nothing,” she replied meekly. “Good for you!” With these words the Krampus pushed her down again.

Without any pause the first swat landed across her cheeks. Rosie gasped and finally managed to say: “One. I won't waste Johann's money any more.” Slowly and steadily eight more blows rained down on her, one heavier than the other. Rosie whimpered and had to catch her breath to count the strokes and say the little sentence the Krampus had told her to say.

Then it was the last stroke. The Krampus seemed to make an extra long pause. Then it swung back its arm and brought its paw down again, cracking it into Rosie's bottom with a resounding thud, almost making her fall forward onto the bed. Rosie let out a shriek and bent her knees. She shook her bottom in a vain attempt to reduce the pain. This time it took a while before she was able to speak. “Ten. I won't waste Johann's money any more,” she finally managed to gasp.

That last swat had really impressed her. She had never been spanked that hard before. Her bottom was on fire, and it felt like the claws had punctured the edge of her bottom with that last stroke. The heat in her backside together with the Krampus's dominance that felt rather edgy made her hot in other ways as well.

Rosie almost wanted to stand up when she realised that the Krampus was still holding her down. “Seems I've made an impression on you, right?” She could hear the creature smile. Rosie couldn't suppress a smile any more, either, and nodded silently. It most certainly had! “Well, since we are at it...”

Unexpectedly, another swat hit its target which was Rosie's already maltreated bottom. It wasn't as hard as the previous one, but since it caught Rosie completely by surprise, she again almost stumbled forward. “One more for being so careless with Johann's property,” the Krampus stated. The beast really seemed to enjoy this. Another blow. “That one is for not taking me seriously right from the beginning.” A third hard swat that made Rosie hiss again. “And finally that one. Because, well, just because I can.” The affectionate sadism in its voice was undeniable. “Now you are allowed to stand up,” the Krampus stated and took its paw off her back.

Rosie pushed herself back into an upright position. Her legs were shaky, both from her struggle with the pain and from the arousal caused by the whole situation. She bent down to pull her pants back up, but was interrupted by a sharp voice. “Leave those where they are. That way it's clearly on display what a naughty girl you are and what happens to naughty girls, while we continue talking about your misdeeds.” Rosie's gaze fell onto the bedroom mirror as she rose. She took in the picture of herself, standing there with her trousers and knickers down, displaying a dark red bottom framed by little red dots from the Krampus's claws. And next to her the wild creature watching her with glee in its eyes. The sight sent another rush of heat through her body. [To be continued...]

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Krampus is Coming to Town (Part 1)

Here it finally is - my promised tailor-made LOL Day story. It took me a while to write which might have to do with the fact that the final story is more than 5,000 words long. So, it will be posted in four parts, every three days from now on until the 26th of December. I hope it isn't too long.

Thanks again to all of you who participated in the creative process! I've highlighted your word suggestions with bold letters. So, without further ado, part one of our little Krampus adventure:

Rosie stood at the window in the bedroom of their little house in Hintertupfingen in Bavaria and looked outside. It was already dark although it was only 5:30 p.m. But the snow that covered the whole garden reflected the lights from the street and from the fir tree which she and her husband Johann had decorated with hundreds of little light bulbs. It was the evening of the 5th of December, and the world around her was a winder wonderland. Little snowflakes were still falling.

Rosie stood there for a while watching silently, taking in the scenery with a smile on her face. Johann was away, he was making his rounds in the neighbourhood with his buddy Andreas, fulfilling an important job. He would probably be back soon, and then they could share a quiet evening together, drinking hot tea and eating cookies.

Normally, Johann always left her a little present in the bedroom on the evening of the fifth before he went on duty. But not today. Rosie had already placed a small, lovingly wrapped-up package on Johann's pillow. She didn't mind that he hadn't found the time to return the favour this time, though. Johann wasn't the kind of guy who only bought presents for certain holidays. He always listened very carefully to what she said and often surprised her with little gifts. Like that time when the final part of the sci-fi trilogy she had been reading was released and she couldn't buy it right away because she had long working hours that Friday. She had been frustrated because of that when she came home at 9:30 p.m., only to find the book waiting for her on her bed, together with a steaming hot coffee and a piece of chocolate cake.

Rosie's smile became even wider as she remembered that day and others like it when Johann had shown his affection to her. Suddenly, though, she was pulled out of her thoughts by a little crinkly sound somewhere behind her. She turned around and jumped back a bit, startled for a second. A huge creature was leaning against the chest of drawers next to the bedroom door, staring at her with dark eyes. Its body was covered with dark brown fur, its face was a scary grimace and its forehead dominated by two huge horns. In its right hand it carried a thick birch. The creature didn't move, it just mustered her silently. How long it had already been standing there, she couldn't tell.

After a moment of shock, Rosie regained her composure. She exhaled, and the smile returned to her face. Wow, that must have been an impressive sight for the children in the neighbourhood! The creature by the bedroom door, a Krampus, as Rosie knew, had tilted its head a little and still mustered her silently. Suddenly, it rose and spoke to her in a deep, full voice that made her shiver: “Looks like I have to make my last visit without my companion St Nicholas.” It took a while for the words to sink in, but then Rosie had to suppress laughter when she pictured Andreas in his St Nicholas costume showing up together with her husband in her private bedroom. She liked Andreas, but was quite content that her Krampus had come alone.

The Krampus put its birch on the top of the drawers and pulled out a huge golden book from behind its back. “It's a good thing he gave me this,” it growled, “let's see what we have here.” Slowly, Rosie began to sense where this was going. She bit her lip and looked at the Krampus with wide eyes. “Robert, Ronald, Rosalinde, ah, here it is – Rosie.” The Krampus's eyes were fixed on the now open book. “Just as I thought, you've been a really bad, naughty girl this year!” – “That's not true!” Rosie pouted. The Krampus raised its head, looked her straight in the eyes and snarled with its deep voice that now had a threatening undertone: “Do you really want to question the accuracy of the golden book?”

Rosie hesitated for a moment, pondering the possibilities. “Well, I guess, no,” she finally answered, her voice almost a whisper. She was shifting her weight from one foot to the other, and suddenly, there seemed to be an armada of butterflies in her stomach. She waited for the Krampus's next step. It simply nodded its head and looked down on the book again. “I've got three outstanding acts of naughtiness here which are outlined in the book.” Three? Rosie stood there, eager to hear what was there on the list.

“Number 1: Being too cleanly.” The Krampus paused and looked at her. At first Rosie didn't know what he meant. It came to her when the Krampus continued. “And as a result putting around 10,000 Euro, property of your poor husband, on the dump.” Rosie sighed. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

The thing was, a few months ago she had decided to clean out their home office. She had asked Johann whether it was okay if she threw away some of his old things, too, and he had agreed. Until recently he hadn't missed any of the things Rosie had decided to put away. But when they heard of the bitcoin hype, Johann recalled that he and his friends had mined bitcoins for fun as IT students many years ago. He had mined only one bitcoin, just to see how it worked, and – as far as he remembered – put it on a USB stick. And, since 128 MB sticks weren't really useful any more, Rosie had taken Johann's old sticks to the waste dump.

How could she have guessed that something on one of those old sticks might one day be worth around 10,000 Euro? Johann had admitted that he wasn't even sure whether the coin was still on one of the sticks, though, and finally they had decided to laugh about the strange situation. But since then, Johann had made use of every opportunity to tease her because of what she might have done.

So, Rosie knew that the Krampus couldn't be serious. She crossed her arms in front of her. “If my poor husband had taken the time to look through his old things himself, he could in his wisdom have decided to keep that damn old stick!” Rosie tried to look and sound as indignant as possible.

Acting like a grumpy dachshund didn't bode well with the Krampus, though. It put away the book, rushed over to her, took her arm and pulled her in front of the end of the bed. “You're not taking me seriously, are you? Pull down your pants and bend over!” it growled into her ear. Not that this was the reaction Rosie had meant to provoke...

She shot one last glare at the creature behind her, indicating that she was not – yet – impressed at all, but then decided to do as she was told. She unbuttoned the tight blue jeans she was wearing, put her fingers into the waistband, started pulling them down -  and suddenly, she froze.
[To be continued...]

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Outcome of LOL-Day: A Krampus Spanking

My original plan for today was to post the first part of my tailor-made story that includes our readers' word suggestions from my blogiversary post and the additional ideas for the storyline I collected on the second day of the LOL-Day weekend. But since I didn't manage to write a Kaelah's Corner post in November and thus haven't written anything about how LOL-Day turned out this year, yet, I've decided to do that first and start the story in a few days (it will most probably consist of two posts, anyway). But I will at least already tell you a bit about the story today since LOL-Day had a direct influence on it!

Let's start with taking a look at the outcome of LOL-Day. This year we had seven first-time commenters, namely Terpsichore, Fondles, Amy, Baker, King, Daisy and Enzo. Welcome to all of you and thanks for saying hello! We also got several comments from some of our regular readers and commenters and from bloggers who had stopped by before. It was wonderful to hear from you again, too!

What struck me, though, is that there were no delurkers who aren't already kinky bloggers themselves (King's blog seems to be defunct now, that's why I can't give you a link). It seems to me that LOL-Day has become more of a day for blog-hopping among the kinky blogger community than a day on which silent long-time readers or maybe even people who are new to the whole erotic spanking thing take the plunge and say hi. Maybe it's only on our blog because it isn't so attractive for new readers and spanking newbies anymore. But it seems to me that it wasn't very different on other blogs as well. That said, at least Enzo had obviously visited our blog before but never commented. So, he definitely counts as a real (now ex-) lurker!

And not only that, Enzo also belonged to those who made suggestions for my upcoming spanking story. He, Canelover and Gustofur shared their ideas for certain aspects of the storyline. Thank you guys very much for having played along! I won't be able to include all of your suggestions, but I will definitely consider as many of them as I can.

Now, I've already told you a bit about the storyline in my second LOL-Day post. And I said I would have to publish the story on the 6th of December. Which is actually Spearthrower's fault! Because one of his word suggestions was "Bavaria". Combined with the Christmas season that keyword made me think about a certain Bavarian tradition – the Krampus! Ludwig already wrote about him in a post back in 2008. Rereading his post, it came to me that actually in Bavaria St. Nicholas and the Krampus make their rounds on the evening of the 5th of December. In the part of Germany where I come from, you get your St. Nicholas presents on the morning of the 6th of December. That's why my original plan was to publish the story today.

Because, as you might already have guessed – the story will include a spanking from a Krampus! According to the number of comments we got on LOL-Day, our heroine on the receiving end will get 57 smacks in total, split up into a softer part, which will be a handspanking, and a more severe part, which in this case has to be a birching, because the birch is the traditional implement a Krampus carries with him. Gustofur wanted his strokes to count for the lighter part, and I am quite sure that Canelover wanted his to be added to the more severe part. Since nobody else made any demand in this regard, I've decided to split the final tally into 33 smacks with the hand and 24 strokes with the birch. I think those are nice numbers!

So, let me finish today's post by again saying thank you to all of you who commented and especially to those who gave me input for my story! And to all the silent readers who might still be out there – thank you very much for reading and I hope you will enjoy the upcoming story as much as those whose input will be included into the storyline!