Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Outcome of LOL-Day: A Krampus Spanking

My original plan for today was to post the first part of my tailor-made story that includes our readers' word suggestions from my blogiversary post and the additional ideas for the storyline I collected on the second day of the LOL-Day weekend. But since I didn't manage to write a Kaelah's Corner post in November and thus haven't written anything about how LOL-Day turned out this year, yet, I've decided to do that first and start the story in a few days (it will most probably consist of two posts, anyway). But I will at least already tell you a bit about the story today since LOL-Day had a direct influence on it!

Let's start with taking a look at the outcome of LOL-Day. This year we had seven first-time commenters, namely Terpsichore, Fondles, Amy, Baker, King, Daisy and Enzo. Welcome to all of you and thanks for saying hello! We also got several comments from some of our regular readers and commenters and from bloggers who had stopped by before. It was wonderful to hear from you again, too!

What struck me, though, is that there were no delurkers who aren't already kinky bloggers themselves (King's blog seems to be defunct now, that's why I can't give you a link). It seems to me that LOL-Day has become more of a day for blog-hopping among the kinky blogger community than a day on which silent long-time readers or maybe even people who are new to the whole erotic spanking thing take the plunge and say hi. Maybe it's only on our blog because it isn't so attractive for new readers and spanking newbies anymore. But it seems to me that it wasn't very different on other blogs as well. That said, at least Enzo had obviously visited our blog before but never commented. So, he definitely counts as a real (now ex-) lurker!

And not only that, Enzo also belonged to those who made suggestions for my upcoming spanking story. He, Canelover and Gustofur shared their ideas for certain aspects of the storyline. Thank you guys very much for having played along! I won't be able to include all of your suggestions, but I will definitely consider as many of them as I can.

Now, I've already told you a bit about the storyline in my second LOL-Day post. And I said I would have to publish the story on the 6th of December. Which is actually Spearthrower's fault! Because one of his word suggestions was "Bavaria". Combined with the Christmas season that keyword made me think about a certain Bavarian tradition – the Krampus! Ludwig already wrote about him in a post back in 2008. Rereading his post, it came to me that actually in Bavaria St. Nicholas and the Krampus make their rounds on the evening of the 5th of December. In the part of Germany where I come from, you get your St. Nicholas presents on the morning of the 6th of December. That's why my original plan was to publish the story today.

Because, as you might already have guessed – the story will include a spanking from a Krampus! According to the number of comments we got on LOL-Day, our heroine on the receiving end will get 57 smacks in total, split up into a softer part, which will be a handspanking, and a more severe part, which in this case has to be a birching, because the birch is the traditional implement a Krampus carries with him. Gustofur wanted his strokes to count for the lighter part, and I am quite sure that Canelover wanted his to be added to the more severe part. Since nobody else made any demand in this regard, I've decided to split the final tally into 33 smacks with the hand and 24 strokes with the birch. I think those are nice numbers!

So, let me finish today's post by again saying thank you to all of you who commented and especially to those who gave me input for my story! And to all the silent readers who might still be out there – thank you very much for reading and I hope you will enjoy the upcoming story as much as those whose input will be included into the storyline!


Fondles said...

Glad to have met you(r blog)... i too noticed that not so many lurkers commented, instead it was a chance for kinky bloggers to meet other kinky bloggers! Still, I had an enjoyable couple of days making new (blog)friends!

Underling said...

Hello there Kaelah.

I'm afraid I didn't participate in LOL day in any sense - I've been a terrible lurker lately, even on my own blog - and it warms my heart (and shames me!) that when I do occasionally post lots of people are still prepared to add their input.

I must admit a certain fascination with the Krampus character - the Christmas festival as we celebrate it is a little too saccharine for my liking, and a little darkness never goes amiss. ;)

Kaelah said...

@ Fondles:
Glad to have met you, too! And you are right, meeting other kinky bloggers is great as well. I just hope that seeing so many comments from people who are already active parts of the community doesn't scare any newbies away and keeps them from commenting. I remember how nervous I was when I wrote my first-ever comment, especially because I didn't have any personal experiences with erotic spanking, yet, and felt a little bit out of place because of that.

@ Underling:
It's good to have you back! And I can absolutely relate to the “being only a lurker even on one's own blog” thing. It is definitely difficult to keep up a blog when real life always gets in the way. And I can't really imagine how long it takes you to create a new picture plus a story that goes along with it. Composing my tailor-made story in my head and writing it down took me quite a while, and there is no picture that I had to create in addition to that!