Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Krampus is Coming to Town (Part 2)

This is the second part of my tailor-made LOL Day story. You can read part 1 here. I hope you enjoy the second instalment of the story. In this one the foreplay comes to an end and you'll get real spanking action, promised!

For a moment Rosie pondered what to do. Safeword? A bit ridiculous given the reason that had stopped her from undressing further. But how would Johann react? This was embarrassing! During the whole last year, since they had started with erotic spanking, she had always made sure that this didn't happen. She had always made sure she looked sexy for Johann. A nice perfume, shaved legs, sexy underwear, all the little things that highlighted the erotic undertone of what they were doing.

“I said pull down your pants,” the Krampus snarled behind her, but Rosie could sense from the tone in its voice that it was a bit irritated and unsure what to do. Well, she and Johann had been together for so long now, so who cared? With a sigh, she continued pulling down her jeans until they were dangling beneath her knees, revealing the plain white cotton panties she was wearing underneath. 'Grandma knickers' as she liked to call them. Not sexy, but comfortable.

Hesitantly, she looked back over her shoulder and saw that the Krampus was staring at her plainly wrapped butt. Then an amused smile appeared on its face as it apparently understood what had been holding her back. The Krampus realised that she was looking at him. It looked her straight in the eye and told her: “Bend over right away, I will do the rest.” Its voice was full of pleasant anticipation with a hint of sadistic glee. Obviously, her appearance didn't turn it off at all. Actually, in a way her knickers were much more suitable given the situation than sexy lingerie would have been, Rosie thought as she bend over and rested her hands on the bed.

A shiver went through her body when she felt two hairy hands on her back, first tucking up her white blouse so it didn't hang over her bottom, then grabbing her panties, slowly peeling them over her buttocks and finally letting them glide down to her knees. Her stuck-out bottom was uncovered now, and she could feel the fresh air on her skin, causing her goosebumps.

The warm hairy hands started wandering over the back of her upper legs, and suddenly, she felt a claw tracing a line over her right buttock. She jumped a bit, only to hear a satisfied chuckle from behind. “Nice squeezable cheeks,” the Krampus commented, and a hairy hand with sharp claws pinched her left buttock. Rosie felt that the teasing had a heating effect on her nether regions. Having fallen into the clutches of this scary creature had an undeniable appeal. She pushed her bottom out further to encourage the beast to continue touching her, but it drew its paws away.

“You seem to enjoy this far too much, naughty girl!” The Krampus growled in a dominant deep voice. “I have come to make you pay for your sins, though! Let's see whether we can make sure you are better behaved next year.” It put one paw firmly on her back to hold her down. Before Rosie could breathe in to prepare for what was coming next, the other paw landed hard on her butt.

“Ouch!” Rosie winced. She thought back to Johann's first shy attempts at spanking her after she had confided her long-held secret fantasies to him, and admired how naturally dominant he had become and how much more impressive his hand spankings had become with that. “Good. That seems to get your attention!” The satisfaction in the Krampus's voice was unmistakable.

Another hard blow landed across both of her cheeks. Rosie bit her lip and took in the sensation. Obviously, being spanked by a hairy paw felt different to being spanked by hand. Interestingly, and too bad for her, the fur didn't seem to reduce the impact and resulting pain of the stroke, though. On the contrary, the sensation was heightened by the little stings from the claws which she could clearly feel on her bottom. For a moment, Rosie thought of her online friend Gustofur who had been the first one she had ever talked to about hand spankings. She surely would have to tell him about her new experiences.

The Krampus settled into a steady rhythm, alternating from cheek to cheek, sometimes covering both in one blow. The heaviness of the blows didn't ease off, quite the contrary, and so Rosie wriggled and hissed under the pain, feeling her bottom getting hotter and hotter as the spanking continued. The Krampus's left paw firmly held her down, though, and made sure she stayed in position.

When she buckled heavily and thrust forward after an especially hard blow, she was firmly told to stick her bottom out again, an order that caused a warm tingle in her belly and in more intimate parts as well. As she did as told, the next hard blow followed, the Krampus not showing much mercy with her.

“How many strokes have that been so far?” The question caught Rosie unprepared. Her mind began to spin. How many could it have been? Fifteen? What if she gave the wrong answer? Would the Krampus start over again? She had never been asked such a thing during a spanking! “Now?” The Krampus seemed to lose its patience. “Ahem, twenty?!” It sounded more like a question than an answer. She seemed to be lucky, though. “Right,” the Krampus stated.

“Are you learning your lesson?” - “Well, ...” Apparently the beginning of Rosie's reply didn't convince the Krampus. She felt the paw pressing harder into her back. Before another swat could land on her naked butt, Rosie hastened to answer: “Yes, I certainly do!” The Krampus paused again and after a brief moment of silence stated:  “So, let's give you ten more, just to make sure. I want you to count and say 'I won't waste Johann's money any more.' after each stroke.”

“But...” Rosie regretted her spontaneous reply before she had even finished the word. The Krampus's claws grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up and backwards. “What?!” The threatening undertone in its low voice made her shiver. “Nothing,” she replied meekly. “Good for you!” With these words the Krampus pushed her down again.

Without any pause the first swat landed across her cheeks. Rosie gasped and finally managed to say: “One. I won't waste Johann's money any more.” Slowly and steadily eight more blows rained down on her, one heavier than the other. Rosie whimpered and had to catch her breath to count the strokes and say the little sentence the Krampus had told her to say.

Then it was the last stroke. The Krampus seemed to make an extra long pause. Then it swung back its arm and brought its paw down again, cracking it into Rosie's bottom with a resounding thud, almost making her fall forward onto the bed. Rosie let out a shriek and bent her knees. She shook her bottom in a vain attempt to reduce the pain. This time it took a while before she was able to speak. “Ten. I won't waste Johann's money any more,” she finally managed to gasp.

That last swat had really impressed her. She had never been spanked that hard before. Her bottom was on fire, and it felt like the claws had punctured the edge of her bottom with that last stroke. The heat in her backside together with the Krampus's dominance that felt rather edgy made her hot in other ways as well.

Rosie almost wanted to stand up when she realised that the Krampus was still holding her down. “Seems I've made an impression on you, right?” She could hear the creature smile. Rosie couldn't suppress a smile any more, either, and nodded silently. It most certainly had! “Well, since we are at it...”

Unexpectedly, another swat hit its target which was Rosie's already maltreated bottom. It wasn't as hard as the previous one, but since it caught Rosie completely by surprise, she again almost stumbled forward. “One more for being so careless with Johann's property,” the Krampus stated. The beast really seemed to enjoy this. Another blow. “That one is for not taking me seriously right from the beginning.” A third hard swat that made Rosie hiss again. “And finally that one. Because, well, just because I can.” The affectionate sadism in its voice was undeniable. “Now you are allowed to stand up,” the Krampus stated and took its paw off her back.

Rosie pushed herself back into an upright position. Her legs were shaky, both from her struggle with the pain and from the arousal caused by the whole situation. She bent down to pull her pants back up, but was interrupted by a sharp voice. “Leave those where they are. That way it's clearly on display what a naughty girl you are and what happens to naughty girls, while we continue talking about your misdeeds.” Rosie's gaze fell onto the bedroom mirror as she rose. She took in the picture of herself, standing there with her trousers and knickers down, displaying a dark red bottom framed by little red dots from the Krampus's claws. And next to her the wild creature watching her with glee in its eyes. The sight sent another rush of heat through her body. [To be continued...]


Fondles said...

Looking forward to the next!

Downunder Don said...

I am loving this so far. Thanks

Kaelah said...

@ Fondles:
I hope you are going to like it! :-)

@ Downunder Don:
Thank you! I am very happy to hear that. :-)