Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Krampus is Coming to Town (Part 3)

This is the third part of my tailor-made LOL Day story. You can find part 1 and part 2 here. Ludwig and I, your friendly atheists, wish all those among you who are celebrating the Christian holiday a Very Merry Christmas and everybody a happy and peaceful holiday season! The fourth and final part of the story will be published on the 26th of December.

The Krampus simply let her stand where she was and moved back to the chest of drawers where it picked up the golden book again. Rosie suddenly remembered that it had been talking about three misdeeds. So there were two more to come. What could it be and what would the beast do to her for them? The Krampus took its time, studying the book as if rereading a long description of her sins. Rosie became nervous again. The hand, or rather, paw spanking had been as hard as she had ever been spanked before. Could it get even worse? And would she be able to take what was coming?

“Tsk, tsk,” the Krampus mumbled. Then it looked up again, dismay in its eyes. “So, you have been lazy, too. Getting up late in the morning on weekends and going to sleep at late times as well. Because of that you didn't manage to do you evening walks as planned, did you?” Rosie gulped.

That one was real. She had been diagnosed with a predisposition for diabetes, but she had found out that she could support her pancreas in its work by regularly going for a walk in the evening after supper. It didn't take long, just 20 minutes, but it could help her to prevent the condition from breaking out. So her plan had been to do a walk about two times during the week and on both Saturday and Sunday. At first that didn't seem like a difficult goal, but after a few weeks she went out less often. Since she usually got up late on the weekends, their supper often was late as well, and in a season when the sunset was already early in the evening, she couldn't motivate herself to leave the house for a walk in the dark.

Johann would never blame her for it. He was a stay-at-home himself and admired her for her resolution to fight the condition before it even had the chance to break out. But Rosie had beaten herself up for her laziness, and she had told Johann about it. Now, being confronted with that topic caused a wild mix of feelings. There was embarrassment, nervousness and a slight attack of fear of what was about to happen. At the same time the edginess of being scolded for a real misdemeanour heightened her anticipation and excitement.

She had hinted at Johann that it might be interesting to include a real event into a scene one day, but she hadn't been sure whether he would ever take her up on it, because for both of them spanking was just an erotic game and they didn't have any intention to practise domestic discipline. Yet the thought of being spanked for a real transgression was undeniably hot and edgy.

Rosie was catapulted back to the here and now when she heard the Krampus's voice again. “Seems that you agree with me on this one,” it stated, its voice now carrying a warm, empathetic undertone. “Let's see how we can motivate you to achieve your goal next year, shall we?” Rosie stared at the Krampus, trying to find out how much of this was just a game and how much was meant for real. The situation really started to scare her, and suddenly, she wasn't so sure any more whether mixing play with real life had been such a clever idea.

The Krampus seemed to sense her uneasiness. Its voice became even warmer and more reassuring, as it continued: “I will later have a strict word with Johann as welt. I think he could be more supportive and offer to accompany you on your walks from time to time. After all, he has gained three kilos of weight this year. I think a bit of exercise would suit him well, too. He admires you for what you already do for your health, anyway, but I think trying to overcome his lack of will-power would be much better than admiring you while staying at home eating junk food.”

These words got Rosie, in several ways. First of all, they put her mind at ease because it was clear that Johann didn't have any intention to punish her for real. Secondly, the perspective of her husband's support in her fight awakened a warm, tingling feeling of love for him. And third, the reassuring way of treatment was exactly what she liked when she read spanking stories. This Krampus was exactly the kind of top that turned her on, the kind of creature into whose hands, or paws, she was willing to give herself.

The butterflies returned to her tummy as she eagerly waited for what was coming next. “Before I have a talk with your lazy husband, let's address your motivation first, shall we?” With that, the Krampus put the book down again and grabbed the birch that had been lying on the set of drawers. Rosie's eyes widened. She stared at the implement in the Krampus's paw.

It was a real birch and a rather intimidating specimen, too! She and Johann had freshly made it together that morning, using branches from a birch tree in their garden. Of course Rosie had been joking around about being spanked with it the whole time, and the thought most certainly was appealing. Rosie wasn't so sure whether the real spanking would be as appealing, though. So far she had only been spanked by the hand and by a light flogger, but never by anything made of wood. The cane was an implement she wanted to try one day, but from her online chats with fellow kinkster Canelover and from what she had seen in spanking videos, she knew that it was a rather severe implement. So she hadn't found the guts to try it for real, yet. And as far as she knew, a birch wasn't so different, maybe even worse.

Rosie stood rooted to the ground, unsure what to feel or do. She felt her hands becoming wet, her heart was racing and her stomach churned. Yet there was a part of her that wanted to do this, was drawn to the prospect of finding out how that birch would feel on her bottom. Since she couldn't move, but wasn't willing to safeword, either, she simply waited, her eyes firmly fixed on the birch, for the Krampus to take the lead. Which it did.

It came over, stopped right in front of her, looked her up and down and finally said: “Let's have you completely nude for your birching. I think wearing your birthday suit is just the right attire for the occasion. Strip!” Suddenly Rosie felt a shyness that was completely new to her. But the look in the Krampus's eyes convinced her that trying to negotiate wasn't a good idea. Hesitantly, she unbuttoned her blouse from top to bottom, took it off and neatly hung it up over the back of the chair at a table at the side of the room. Then she bent down with a supple, elegant move and got rid of her trousers and panties which had already been dangling around her feet. The last thing that followed was her white bra.

“Come over to me!” the Krampus demanded. She did as she was told and stood before the beast completely naked. It took all her will-power not to cover her private parts with her hands. She felt vulnerable in a way she had never expected to be possible. Rosie looked down on her feet, trying to avoid the Krampus's gaze. But the creature put one claw under her chin and forced her to look up. Its face showed that it liked what it saw. “Very nice, you have an incredibly sexy body,” it confirmed what Rosie had already guessed it was thinking.

Then the Krampus took a step backwards. “Now, turn around and bend over the bed again.” Rosie found it difficult to convince her body to follow the command. But somehow she managed and soon found herself in the same position which she had already taken for the hand spanking. Only that her whole body and especially her legs were shaking much more now, before the birching had even begun. Her nakedness seemed to sharpen all her senses. For a moment she was afraid she might faint. [To be continued...]


Anonymous said...

Dear Kaelah,
I like all 3 parts very much.
And cannot wait for the finale one. I hope that it will be the best after my taste.
I wish your and Ludwig a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year.

Kaelah said...

@ Canelover:
Thank you very much for your kind wishes. I too hope that you are going to like the final part! Maybe it's a bit soft for your taste, but I hope it is enjoyable nonetheless.