Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Kaelah's Corner (Jun 2018):

This is just a short post to let you know that Ludwig and I are okay and to say sorry for not having published your comments in the past weeks. The reason why there haven't been any new posts is that we had another medical emergency in our close family, which sadly led to the death of a loved one this time. Ludwig and I haven't even had much time to grieve, yet, because we are buried in the organisational stuff that comes with losing a family member. In the upcoming weeks we won't have much time to catch our breath, either, so my next Kaelah's Corner post probably will be the first occasion on which I will be able to write another post.

I will definitely moderate your comments in the coming weeks, though! The problem was that Blogger for some reason decided to not send any notification mails about new comments anymore, neither to me nor to Ludwig, even though we hadn't changed anything in the settings. I checked my mails regularly, but didn't see any new comments awaiting publication. So I thought there weren't any. My explanation was that my last Kaelah's Corner post was the first in a series, so maybe our readers would wait and only comment on the later posts.

It was Gustofur's mail that alarmed me and made me find all the unmoderated comments on Blogger. Thank you very much, Gustofur! And thanks to Stephen.sir99 for having created a nickname and for not having given up commenting. I will reply to your comments in more detail, as soon as I find the time, but I want to use this post to at least already say thank you to those who shared their thoughts and own experiences on my last post – Gustofur, Steven.sir99, Canelover and Val. And to the anonymous commenter who informed me about the video clips that don't work anymore: thanks a lot for the notification. Ludwig and I will re-upload the clips as soon as we can, but due to all the work we have here, it might be a little while.

So much for now. Sorry about the silence, and please stay tuned! By the way, the comment notification seems to be working again now. I found out that it was a general issue with Blogger which many other users experienced as well, but apparently, it can be fixed by deleting the email adresses in the settings and then re-adding them. I've tried that and hope it really works (I've already got my first notifications)!