Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kaelah's Corner (Mar 2016):
On Being Mr and Mrs Rohrstock-Palast

Yes, it's true, folks! Ludwig and I are finally married. While other couples split up after seven years, we decided it was a good time to take the next step.

As you can imagine, I am not the princess type. So, there were no white horses, no carriage, no heart-shaped balloons (or white doves) or any of that stuff. Just a little ceremony followed by a party with family and friends, involving good food, lovely conversation and lots of (progressive) rock and metal music.

I didn't wear a white wedding dress, either. First of all, I don't see why I should spend so much money on a dress which I only wear once in my life. Second, white is a colour that doesn't suit me. And third, wearing a white wedding dress (the colour of innocence) simply would have been a lie! :-) So, I wore my Chinese wedding dress which harmonized wonderfully with the bridal bouquet in warm colours that Ludwig had chosen. Ludwig wore an elegant suit and looked very handsome.

Some of you might remember that I have written about my commitment phobia a while ago. We took that into account by tailoring the event according to our needs and to who we really are. No vows to love each other forever (don't get me wrong, that's of course the plan, but I don't think it's something one can promise to another person), no talk about how we can't stop thinking about each another or about wanting to be together 24/7 (a horrible idea) or about how futile our lives would be without each other (we both wouldn't want to be with a person whose only sense in life comes from being with a partner).

Instead we made a little funny, tongue-in-cheek presentation about our history and years together and the time to come. Well, at least about those parts one would want to tell one's granny about! ;-) It was a very relaxed day, much more than we had expected. And we got the most wonderful compliment that I can imagine by several of our guests. Apart from telling us that they enjoyed the party and felt very comfortable and welcome, they said that they had rarely seen a bride and groom who were so relaxed and easy-going on their wedding day!

Let's hope that this is a good omen for our upcoming years together as Mr and Mrs!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kinky Russia (Part 1):
The Hotel Room

Last year, Ludwig and I travelled through Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok with the Trans-Siberian Railway. It was a very inspiring and wonderful trip!

We didn't manage to take lots of kinky pictures on our way (something I would be careful about in Russia, anyway), but when we stayed in a very beautiful hotel room, we of course had to use the opportunity to shoot a few sexy photos.

Whatever storyline might come to your mind when looking at them is completely up to you.

Can you see the marks on my bottom? There are the remainders of a scene Ludwig and I had a while earlier.

Here is a close-up. We invested quite a lot of time taking the pictures and you will see some more of them in the future. I hope you like them!

We did one outdoor shoot, too, on the shores of Lake Baikal. You will get to see those in the next instalment of this series.

Monday, March 7, 2016

In Court (Part 1):
The Prehistory

Two years after having visited our first spanking party in Germany, it was time for another adventure. And a new experience, too! While Ludwig and I had attended one schoolgirl themed party in the UK, we had never been to a roleplay event, muss less in an active role. For our friend Fenris, who accompanied us, this was a new experience as well, so he preferred to take the role of a spectator only this time.

Those among you who read our blog regularly will know Donpascual aka Ramon Herzog. He isn't only an avid commenter, Donpascual has also written a guest column about M/M spankings from a (heterosexual) man's point of view. Donpascual also writes his own German blog called Justitia Dolorem Facit. The title of his blog already gives you a hint what the party we visited was all about. The roleplay event which takes place twice a year is organised by Donpascual and called Spanking Gerichtshof (spanking court).

Now I have to admit that judicial scenes aren't really my cup of tea when it comes to the bottom perspective (except for naval judicial discipline involving young cadets of course). The idea of being charged for some misdeed and punished (maybe even by unapologetic officers) with others watching doesn't push my buttons. But the role of a judge is a completely different thing – exactly the right position for a control freak like me. Which is why I offered Donpascual to take that responsibility as one of three judges for the event.

When Kristall, my very experienced colleague, greeted his two new female fellow judges via e-mail and told us that he hoped we knew what we had signed up for, I could easily explain to him why I was the right person for the job. Okay, it was just supposed to be one step on my way to taking over the world, but, hey, for a hypocrite and smart-ass like me it was a good one. The real reason why I wanted to be a judge was the little hammer, though. I always wanted to be the one with that little hammer which could be smashed on the table as a sign of authority! Kristall added another very valid reason. The judge's robe looks really good!

The court did not only need judges, though, of course someone also had to carry out the verdicts (read: spankings). And so Ludwig offered to work as a bailiff for the female offenders. It turned out that the correct form was offender because there was only a single female one, but Sissi really rocked the event on her own! I offered to carry out some of the punishments, too, not anticipating how much work that meant. Luckily, I shared my "load" with a wonderful experienced fellow bailiff who already knew several of the miscreants. Together we selflessly punished five errant guys  in order to help them to become better human beings.

(To be continued...)