Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kinky Places

Hello everybody, I hope you had a wonderful April so far. Ludwig and I shared a quiet, relaxed time  last week, going for walks, eating outside in the sun, chatting and meditating. There was a bit of kinky activity, too, but not all that much.

During one of our day trips to the countryside, though, we were unexpectedly reminded of our kink when we came across the street sign shown in the picture above. I wouldn't have thought that there was a "Kink Lane" anywhere in Germany! That's not all, though. An internet search revealed that there are several streets in Austria named Kinkweg, too. So the one we stumbled upon isn't even the only one of its kind. And obviously Austria has more people following the kinky path than Germany...

Wouldn't it be funny to live in a city or street with a kink-related name? The idea made me look for more street names and town names in Germany and elsewhere which refer to spanking in one way or another. And there are many of them! Here is a short selection of what I have found:

The first category of street and city names in Germany and Austria referring to kink contains words that mean spank, hit or beat. Here we have, for instance, Kloppenburg ("Beating Castle"), Schlagenweg ("Hitting Lane") and, my personal favourite, Prügelgasse ("Thrashing Alley").

Then there are the street and city names referring to implements, such as Stockstadt ("Cane City"), Peitschenweg ("Whip Lane") or Rutesheim ("Birch Home"). They all sound like nice places to live in, don't you agree?

The translation of the town name Gertewitz is bit tricky. Literally it could be translated as "Crop Joke" because Witz in German means joke. In this case the ending -witz has a different meaning, though. It's a Slavic suffix for town names indicating that the town is named after its founder or an important person related to the town. So, apparently, there once was a guy named Gerte ("Crop") after whom this town was named.

My personal favourite in the second category is Rohrstock Weg ("Cane Lane"), though. I wouldn't have thought that there was any road by that name! But, of course, it's the Austrians again who have made this possible. Maybe we should move to Austria? I am sure Ludwig would love to live in a lane named after his favourite implement!

There are two more German language names that I found which are related to kink in a slightly different way. The first one is the name of a city in Austria which is called Strengberg ("Strict Mountain"). And the second one is the name of a German island. It is called Rügen, which also happens to be a wonderful old verb meaning "to reprimand". I am not sure how many Germans have that association when visiting Rügen, but I certainly would have.

Of course, German-speaking countries aren't the only ones with kink-related city and street names. There are quite a few Bottom Streets in the US, there is Birchwood near Manchester in England as well as Whippingham on the Isle of Wight. And, finally, New Zealand even has a Spanking Stream! In other words, our kink is everywhere.

How about you? Would you like to live in a place with a kink-related name? Or would you be afraid to blush every time you have to tell someone your address? And have you come across any funny spanking-related street or city names which I haven't mentioned here? Maybe even in languages other than German and English? Please feel free to share your findings in the comment section!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kaelah's Corner (Mar 2014):
Don't Let Me Down


Welcome to a very belated edition of Kaelah's Corner. Today I would like to discuss a little observation about my kink that recently crossed my mind. The thing is, I realised that in my kinky fantasies, especially those which are about young midshipmen and naval discipline, a very crucial part that gives me a big thrill is not the punishment itself but the moment when the errant miscreants have to admit their wrongdoing to their mentor.

The interesting thing about that observation is that the idea of not meeting a close person's expectations is one of the most horrible ideas I can think of in real life. Letting someone I love down and – the worst thing of all – making them feel sad is something I fear and something that can cause me a strong feeling of guilt.

Of course, it is not a good idea to always fulfil other people's expectations and needs, even when they are loved ones. Because what it means is that one obviously doesn't really respect one's own needs. Even those who really care for us, like our parents and our mates, try to get their own needs and desires fulfilled in their relationship with us, no matter whether they are aware of it or not. For instance, I think most parents want their children to be successful in life not only for the child's well-being, but also because it makes them feel proud and proves to them that they have done a good job as parents. And a wife who looks after her husband in times of illness surely hopes that he will be thankful and love her all the more afterwards.

Sometimes we want and need the same things as our loved ones and sometimes we want and need different things. If the latter occurs, our needs and limits have to be discussed and compromises found. This can mean that we have to disappoint our loved ones by telling them that we can't give them what they desire from us. Sometimes we simply can't fulfil their expectations.

I'm not good at finding compromises when loved ones want something from me that I can't / am not willing to give. Which doesn't mean that I always do what they want. Quite the contrary, I can become very self-protective and defend my needs and limits harshly (or at least I feel like I am very clear and even harsh; Ludwig often tells me that I don't sound as clear and harsh as I think). But seeing a loved one being sad because of something I have done or am not willing to do makes me feel incredibly guilty and sad.

So, I wonder whether the part of admitting that one has fallen short of a loved one's expectations is so vital in my kinky fantasies because it is something I can't deal with in real life? Maybe incorporating this aspect into my kink has a therapeutic effect? It definitely is something that gives me a huge thrill when developing kinky stories in my head.

At the same time it is something which I am very reluctant to try for real in my kinky play, not only when it comes to real-life issues. Even in a role-play scenario where I would have to admit a fictional "wrongdoing", the idea is rather scary and I am afraid that it might suddenly feel all too real and horrible instead of thrilling. Maybe I will try it one day, playing a young midshipman. That would be very far from the real me, so I think the chance that it might suddenly feel too real is rather low.

For now I wonder if others have made similar observations. What about you? Does your kink involve any crucial elements which give you a thrill in the context of kink but are related to your deepest fears in real life? If yes, why do you think are these elements incorporated in your kink? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!