Monday, August 15, 2016

In Court (Part 3):
The Bailiffs' Duty

(Trying out a crop.)

This is part three of my series about the spanking court event Ludwig and I attended last autumn. You can find the first two parts here and here.

When we arrived at the location, the place was already busy. We realised that the average age of the participants involved was higher than it had been at any other kinky event we had ever been before. But we were welcomed in a friendly manner and soon found Donpascual aka Ramon Herzog with whom we had communicated via our blog and email but whom we had never met in person before.

Donpascual showed us around and helped us to settle in. He wasn't the only one, though. Kristall, the only experienced judge at the event, offered that he and I could run one case as a team first before I would be alone as the judge for other cases. And Erika, my fellow bailiff, was also experienced and already knew several of the participants and their limits from former events. We also decided that we would dish out the punishments as a tandem.

First of all, I had to try out the beautiful whipping bench and several of the implements myself, though. I bent over, flipped up my skirt and Ludwig spanked me with straps, canes, whips and the birch. After all, I needed to have an idea how severe the different implements were. For instance, I made one funny observation: While the birch looked much more threatening than the one we used a short while earlier for our outdoor scene, it didn't sting as awfully. Maybe because it was some hours older than ours was when we used it.

Some of the participants watched our try-out with interest and FJ asked whether it was okay to take a few photos. We agreed and so we have some pictures to show you because FJ sent them to us afterwards. Thank you FJ! I also tried the handling of some of the implements on Ludwig to prepare me for my job as a bailiff.

(The try-out left a few marks.)

Before the court opened we were offered a warm soup. The room in which the court took place looked a little bit like a club house and some time during the day it came to me that we could have easily be mistaken for the local rabbit breeders association at their annual general meeting if it hadn't been for the whipping bench and the huge assembly of implements lying on a table in the corner of the room.

After the soup, the court was opened. I was happy that Birgit, our third judge who was also new in that role but an experienced attendee of the spanking court otherwise, was the first to sit in the judge's chair. That allowed me to start the day as an observer.

Birgit heard the first two cases which were the most creative ones, featuring the only female delinquent Sissi and Jura, who looked very good in the female clothes he wore and whom I envied for his beautiful legs. Sissi was charged with having cheated in a marathon and Jura had apparently entered the apartments of some of his wife's friends without their permission when they were away and opened their drawers. Maybe in order to try on their clothes?

However, in both cases the evidence was overwhelming (no matter how great Sissi's arguments were, she really rocked the show) and so both delinquents (like all delinquents on that day, surprise, surprise) were sentenced to corporal punishments by strict judge Birgit. Sissi was sentenced to a caning and Jura's punishment included several implements, the most severe part being a birching on the legs.

Ludwig was the first bailiff to do his honours and he gave Sissi a hard caning. Sissi really was a trooper, though, and even enticed Ludwig to go harder than he initially did with her cheeky comments. Great was also her reaction when Ludwig did follow her "invitation". She let out an indignant: "Ouch – that one really hurt!" You can see a picture from that great scene below.

Then it was Erika's and my turn to dish out the first part of Jura's punishment. Jura can indeed take a lot, so it wasn't time for love taps. Thus I swung the cane as hard as I felt comfortable (playing with someone I hadn't played with before and making sure that my aim was still 100 per cent). Compared to Erika I was kind of a softy, though, she swung the cane even harder. Jura surely didn't mind!

So Erika and I found a routine which we followed throughout the day – usually I started with the first strokes of any implement and then swapped places with Erika after an agreed number. The punishments usually consisted of twenty or more strokes with one or sometimes several implements. Kristall didn't let the next delinquents get away easily and so we were very busy.

(Ludwig caning Sissi.)

Then it was time for my baptism of fire as a judge. Kristall and I had to arbitrate a case between FJ and Erika. FJ had tried to sell his friend Erika his old VW diesel, knowing that she wasn't an expert when it came to these things and didn't know about the scandal which meant a big loss of value for the car. Erika found out that FJ had tried to nobble her and that the price had been much too high. FJ of course insisted that the car had been in good shape, that the price had been correct and that he had only had the best intentions.

Maybe you can imagine FJ's shock when he was confronted with the fact that I had his car sent to an authorised expert who had determined its value. And – said expert had found out that the car had been involved into an accident and therefore was worth even less than a car its age would normally have been! How fortunate that I am such a meticulous person! Of course FJ was sentenced to a severe punishment including a caning.

The other two punishments Kristall had announced in his role as a judge included an OTK spanking for Julle and a cavity search for another poor miscreant. I felt comfortable enough to participate in the OTK spanking since the chemistry with Julle was right. The cavity search (which was supposed to take place when the delinquents changed for their punishments, not in front of the whole group) of course was a bit too intimate for me, no matter how much I liked the delinquent who was about to be strip naked and searched.

When I accompanied the two miscreants to the changing room, though, I realised that Erika wasn't around. What was I supposed to do? While I wasn't comfortable with touching the most intimate parts of a stranger, I realised that I felt comfortable enough to order him to strip down naked. I watched as my order was followed and then called Erika who was next door where FJ changed for his punishment (the cases and punishments came in batches and so several convicts prepared for the punishments at the same time). She came and did her duty while I gleefully watched. I really enjoyed the role of an onlooker which was distant enough for me to feel comfortable with it. Then the delinquents were ordered to put on their punishment robes and follow us to the whipping bench.

I was very flattered when Erika told me that FJ would be happy if I took over his complete caning while she would execute another part of his punishment. And so I dished out a long hard caning. Since he had cheated on her, Erika was looking forward to punishing FJ as well. Fotunately, their friendship seemed to be very intact again afterwards. Erika and I made sure that the other two miscreants learned their lesson, too. I even sent Julle to the corner after my spanking before Erika took over and dragged him over her knee for a dose with the wooden hairbrush.

Now there were only two cases left. And I would be the one to try them as the judge. I will tell you more about that in the next and last instalment of my series about the spanking court.

(To be continued...)