Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kaelah's Corner (Jan 2012):
The Meaning of F/F Play

(Pandora and Jane topping me, more about that scene soon.
Picture courtesy of SM Circus Sands.)

My Kaelah's Corner post from last September Objects in the Rear View Mirror... as well as Poppy's post Girl on Girl Action which she wrote at about the same time inspired Mija a short time later to publish a very interesting piece of writing titled Playing With Others. Later I read another post, this time written by Emma Bishop and titled Spanking with hyenas in the pleasure dome. All three posts made me think a lot and resulted in this follow-up piece of writing you are reading today.

Poppy's post was about her lack of interest in F/F spankings. In her thoughtfully written analysis, Poppy came to the conclusion that she needs a male presence to find a spanking erotic. Like she put it: "I find men attractive, I really do and in spanking, the male presence is key for me. I like the spanker to have what my girlfriends call, 'Throw down.' That means that he could look at you with wooflish eyes, sweep whatever is on the table to the floor and suddenly you find yourself in an indelicate position being ravished. And what fun it is too. The masculine element to a spanking is vital to me. I like that he is bigger than me. I like that he is stronger to me. I like his deep voice. I like that it is the 'other', a being different to me. I need these things for a spanking to be erotic."

Poppy's post made me think about my play experiences with others and what these experiences say about myself and about my view of my relationship with Ludwig. F/F definitely is the spanking constellation I fantasise about the least. Still, most of my play partners have been female and I also feel slightly more comfortable playing with women than playing with men. What does that mean? Is it a sign that my play is different from my fantasies, that I'm even more open there for different constellations? Mija's post finally gave the answer.

In it, she wrote about her own experiences with casual spanking play with friends and that this form of play for her usually doesn't involve any sexual tension, but is much more an expression of friendship. In her own words: "There's no doubt that I like M/F, M/M and F/F in about that order (I'm less into reading F/M but have and do) but also about equally. What matters most to me is that there be little to no sexual tension / erotic energy. The less of it there is the more erotic I find it. The same is true with my play -- I don't generally feel erotic tension with almost anyone I play with. For me, spanking play is generally an expression of friendship and caring in that sense. Playing with someone, with a few exceptions, doesn't increase or excite my sexual attraction for that person."

Then last December, Emma Bishop published a very insightful post about what she would do as a model or a sub. It also contained thoughts about the differences between her play with her husband and with other people. Emma wrote: "[...] once I (personally) am in a relationship [...] I am fiercely loyal. My line in the sand with anyone else is drawn at spanker-spankee relationships that would have happened in any domestic or ‘classroom’ situation. Of course mild physical affection, good social times and making fantastic friends to be there for me and me for them is always what I want to get out of it."

After having read Mija's and Emma's posts it became clear to me why I am more comfortable playing with women in my private play. It actually isn't a sign of a special openness. On the contrary, what it reflects is the strictly monogamous attitude which I have towards my love relationship with Ludwig. The only person I want to encounter any erotic experiences with is my mate. My spanking play with others is supposed to be strictly non-sexual, and the easiest way for me to ensure that is by playing with women, since I'm straight and sexually only interested in men.

That doesn't mean that I can't find women attractive and it also doesn't mean that I can't find non-sexual scenarios erotic. But there is no direct sexual tension between the people I play with and me during the scene, and that is exactly how I want it. Of course I like the people I play with very much and I still get something out of the scenes, only that it isn't erotic thrill. Spanking experiences with others can be expressions of friendship like Mija so aptly described them. They can also be creative experiences (especially when talking about film-scenarios) which allow me to play around with characters and character traits. For example at our shoot for Pandora (more on that soon) I got to play a completely unemotional and unaffectionate character in one scene, which was a very fascinating experience.

Of course I can also have these experiences with men and I think that I will become more comfortable over time with men as well. It is just a bit easier for me with women because at least from my side, erotic thoughts don't come up at all. And since it is known that I'm straight, I somehow don't worry that the women I play with could misinterpret anything I do as sexual advances. Which makes it easier for me to let go. Generally, the better I know people and the better they know me and my limits, the easier it is for me to feel comfortable enough for play, no matter whether they are female or male.

It took me a long time to figure out how to classify spanking play when it comes to my limits as a monogamous person. Don't get me wrong, I haven't got any problem with polyarmory, but I was always looking for something different for myself. I knew that I was always striving for a strictly monogamous relationship when it came to vanilla sex, but since the idea of living out spanking fantasies, let alone sharing them with more than one person never came into my mind until a short time before I met Ludwig, I had no idea how to deal with that part of my sexuality at first.

In the spanking blogging community polyamory or at least a certain openness to share spanking experiences with various partners seems to be quite common. Sometimes it also seems to be a kind of inevitable path - the longer you are in the community, the more open you get, and not being ready to play with others can easily be interpreted as a sign of insecurities, of not being ready, yet.

So it took me a while to understand that my limits weren't just a result of insecurities, although those of course exist, since this is my first-ever love-relationship, but that I was generically longing for a different kind of relationship. And it took me a long time to define my own limits, to find out with what I am comfortable with when it comes to spanking and what is outside of my boundaries. To be honest, it was quite a painful process sometimes and it affected of course not only me but Ludwig as well. After all, we both have our needs, our hopes and our limits and had to try to bring it all together.

All these stories are very personal but maybe I will write more about where I came from before I met Ludwig, what monogamy means to me and why I long for it and the development in Ludwig's and my relationship in a future post. What I can say is that we have found a common way that works for both of us. Ludwig recently even managed to take away a huge bit of the feelings of guilt which I had when I realised that the kind of monogamy I long for excludes certain forms of spanking play with others. I think we wouldn't be were we are now if we didn't communicate so openly and honestly all the time, though.

How about you? Do you play with different people? Do you have different limits for casual play and play with more intimate partners? How about the different genders, are you open for play with people of your own and / or the opposite gender? And if anyone has experienced spanking play both in times of being single and of being in a relationship: Did being in a relationship make any change? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Spanking Porn: Anachronism

After three editions (On Compartmentalization, Where Are You?, That's Too Sexy?), my little series about spanking porn was supposed to be over. But doclash raised another interesting aspect in one of his recent comments which I would like to share with you.

In his comment doclash wrote: If I may now introduce another topic regarding a matter which I can find distracting (and detracting) in film scenes – anachronism. I find props which simply do not fit the period to be irritating. For example, pieces of 1960s to 1990s electronic equipment in scenes set in the early 1940s, one of the best examples being miniaturised electric shock torture devices which would simply not be possible with the electronics of the time. Also, to be believable, school scenes really need to be set in the 1950s, 1960s or earlier. That means no computers, no modern wall or desk phones, no cordless phones, certainly no mobile phones and no modern studded BDSM spanking paddles and similar. Also, the dramatis personae and terminology need to be appropriate for the time, i.e. female teachers would not wear trousers, pupils would not be called students and would not wear jeans, staff would address each other formally, not by first names, male staff (except possibly art teachers) would have short hair and be clean shaven (or have a neat moustache or short, neat beard at most), male pupils would also have short haircuts (sorry Pandora!) and female pupils would not sport modern tattoos or body piercings. Does anyone else have views on the issue of anachronism?

Donpascual picked up the topic and wrote: Anachronism is a point well worth discussing. I think, it is largely a problem of tight budgets. Producers grind out videos at top speed and minimal costs, to hell with quality and such things as timelines, historical correctness, and appropriate props. The only producer I know, who is careful to get every detail just right, down to the enema jar, is Lupus of course. Perhaps, they also profited from the late entry into the modern western world. They simply have all the old props, which we have thrown away decades ago. It's also the love to detail of true film makers which these Czech kinksters have in abundance. Niki Flynn wrote about it in her book "Dancing with Wolves".

I thought about doclash's and Donpascual's comments and my reactions concerning anachronism in spanking porn. Then I wrote the following replies. To doclash: I guess there are many people who prefer scenarios to be as historically correct as possible. Maybe I'm a bit lucky here, in that I am not so much interested in history to know exactly how historically appropriate clothes etc. looked like, so small mistakes don't bother me that easily. And I can live quite well with fictional scenarios, for example a British school that still practises CP today. I have to admit that I'm often not too comfortable with historical scenarios, anyway, because they can be "too real" for my taste. But I can relate to your observation that props which don't fit can be irritating. For example, in the "Dojo Discipline" series of Spanking Central, the Japanese word "sensei" is used to address the trainer/teacher, but there is a Korean flag hanging on the wall. I already found that a bit irritating, though it didn't keep me from enjoying the scene. And to Donpascual: I think you are right about tight budgets. Even Lupus seem to invest less time and money per video nowadays...

I think doclash and Donpascual have raised an interesting topic! That's why I would like to pass it on to our readers, and hear about your thoughts and opinions about anachronism. Is it important for you that the props fit the period of a spanking film? Do anachronisms in spanking porn tend to irritate you? Is there a difference depending on how familiar you are with a certain period and / or scenario? How about private play? If you have any thoughts on the topic, you are warmly invited to share them in a comment!

(Picture courtesy of Her First Punishment. The video is called "Birching of Serf Girls". Note that serfdom was abolished in Russia in 1861. Also note the guy's Adidas trousers!)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fourth Blogiversary

Right after celebrating 100 posts written by Kaelah, we come to another milestone: the fourth blogiversary of Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast. I launched this blog on the 25th of January 2008. "Oh my, time sure flies!" and "I can't believe it has been that long!" are terrible clichés to use, but for fear of sounding hackneyed, that is exactly how I feel once again on this day.

I suppose that "Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast" is becoming a somewhat inappropriate name for the blog, though. For the past two and a half years, more than half the blog's lifetime, Kaelah has been my faithful co-author. And she has been much more active than me recently. However, "Ludwig and Kaelah's Rohrstock-Palast" is overlong and awkward, so that is not really an option. We could just use "Rohrstock-Palast", but that would probably be too cruel on our mostly English-speaking readership, even for my sadistic tastes. So, I guess we will just keep the current name. After all, I was here first, and I am the top.

We have some interesting stuff coming up for the next year of blogging. Some more behind-the-scenes reports, some videos that are long overdue for editing and publication, some philosophical ramblings which will hopefully lead to lively discussions. I plan on resuming my movie reviews and website reviews after a long hiatus. I also plan on doing some new and different things when I get back to regular writing again, perhaps a bit of a depature from the style I am known for. But let's not talk about unlaid eggs - you will see it when, and if, I get there.

In the meantime, I would just like to thank you all for your interest in my (now Kaelah's and my) blog, for your comments and emails, and for making it all worthwhile.

Friday, January 20, 2012

100 Strokes Posts

A few weeks later than my fellow blogger Indy, I have finally reached the mark of 100 blog posts. It took me about 2 ½ years to get here. And what a journey it has been so far!

It all started back in August 2009 with my introductory post. At first, I only wrote a single guest post every month under the label Kaelah's Corner. And while I am posting more regularly today, Kaelah's Corner remains a monthly special feature which mostly contains personal thoughts on the subject of spanking, accounts on private exploits and long-winded philosophical ramblings. With 30 editions Kaelah's Corner is the second-frequent label under which I have posted, outreached only by posts about Private Exploits (31) and followed with some distance by Philosophical Ramblings (12) and Perverted Fantasies (11).

No matter what the topic of my writing is, what I have enjoyed the most is the communication with our readers. Writing without any feedback can be rather boring, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have taken the time to write a comment! Of course I know that not everyone feels comfortable with commenting, though, and I am very happy as well about those of you who come by and read, but prefer to remain silent. Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy reading! Blogger counted about 600,000 clicks in the last year, which is a very cool number. Many people of course come to read Ludwig's movie reviews and website reviews, but there seem to be a lot of readers who are interested in our other writing and our private exploits as well.

What were the most special experiences and posts which I have made so far? Well, for me everything that is about my relationship with Ludwig and our private exploits is of course very special and dear to my heart. In terms of unusual posts and experiences what comes to my mind are first and foremost the three free videos clips which we have published so far: My first video called Kaelah's Introduction (Or: Enter the Dachshund), the science-fiction clip A Diplomatic Mission (Or: Dachshunds in Space) and finally 48: The Spanko's Answer to Everything. Then there were a few photo posts, with pictures which Ludwig and I had shot either indoors or even outdoors. And there was my one-time excursion into fictional writing which resulted in the story „The Reunion“ part one and part two, the distinctive feature about it being the strange words given to me by our readers which I had to use somewhere in the story.

Furthermore, I had the great opportunity to exchange thought-provoking e-mails with some of our readers, to meet several of our fellow bloggers, be it in the UK or in Las Vegas, and to create art with fellow kinky-minded spirits, as a top as well as a bottom. And I had the chance to take a look behind the scenes of a spanking video shoot, one time as a mere observer when Ludwig topped for Lupus, one time as a guest model for Dreams Of Spanking and one time behind and in front of the camera for our friends of the SM Circus Sands, an opportunity I'm going to write about in the upcoming weeks.

What will the future bring? I can't tell you for sure, but I think there will definitely be more ramblings, discussions and tales of private exploits. The Rohrstock-Palast is always going to be first and foremost a text and discussions and not a photo blog. And I guess you might hear more about my developments in the topping department and about my M/M fantasies in the future because this is something I would like to talk about more. In addition to that, I have a new regular feature in mind which I am going to introduce soon. Of course there are also some more pictures and free videos which are still to be published. And maybe there will be the one or other excursion behind the scenes of spanking video shoots as well?!

Whatever the future will bring, I hope you are going to like it and maybe derive some inspiration from it for your own thoughts about TTWD, your kinky fantasies and play. Thanks a lot for having accompanied me on my journey so far – and here's to the next 100 strokes, ahem posts!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kinky Hotel: The Bedroom

This is the third and final part of the Kinky Hotel series (here are part one and part two), and my personal favourite. In my opinion there is nothing better than a beautiful, old-style bedroom which inspires kinky fantasies. A bed allows for a variety of beautiful positions.

First there are the positions your partner can put you into in anticipation of a spanking. Like in the picture above. Or kneeling on the bed with your hands being tied to the ceiling.

And there are of course positions which are very suitable for the spanking itself. Just like this one. The bottom beautifully raised by a cushion, awaiting the things to come.

Or standing in front of the bed, the upper body resting on the sheets, arms stretched out and tied together in front of you.

And if you have the feeling that your partner is a still bit shy, an encouraging look might work wonders. As well as being looked upon lovingly from above can make you blush and heighten your own anticipation.

If everything works as planned, you might end up like this, with a red, warm and tingling bottom. Heated by his soft and yet forceful hands.

Afterwards it is time for letting him embrace you under the duvet and savouring the moments of being cuddled in his loving arms...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

On Communication

Some days ago I got my login for Dreams Of Spanking and for the first time watched several of Pandora's videos in their full length. Among them was The Taxman Cometh. I have to admit that I was a bit scared of watching that clip because I remembered that the dialogue at the beginning of the scenario was quite long and that managing it in English was a challenge for me. Communication is a very important part for me in spanking clips and I wasn't sure whether my improvised part of the dialogue and the subsequent scolding during the spanking had been fluent and convincing enough. I'm always slightly uncomfortable with my German accent as well and afraid that native speakers could find it annoying.

Fred Bloggs had written a review of Dreams Of Spanking some days earlier, though, and explicitly mentioned that he liked both "The Taxman Cometh" and my accent. So, I decided to give it a try. And, surprisingly, I really liked the clip! Sure, there were a few small pauses because I was looking for the appropriate words, and there was the one or other small grammatical mistake. But I neither found the dialogue boring nor unrealistic, and I found my character believable as well.

To my great relief, it was also obvious that I gave everything during the spanking and didn't merely dish out love taps. Admittedly, the video isn't really severe, but it is absolutely real in that I used my hand and the hairbrush to their full effect. It is that kind of realism that I like in spanking clips. In short, I was very happy after having watched the video!

All I have to learn now is to feel less uncomfortable when speaking English. That would surely make the dialogue even more natural and me looking more relaxed. But talking in front of a camera isn't the only field in which I could improve my communication skills! As I watched several other Dreams Of Spanking videos, I came across a very special one that really touched me and showed me how much I have still to learn when it comes to communication during an erotic spanking with my mate.

The video I'm talking about is called "A Yuletide Birching" and features Pandora and Thomas Cameron. There is no storyline, no set, no costumes, not even a special premise for the spanking – the scenario is raw in the best sense of the word. Just a loving couple, a birch that was given to Pandora as a gift by a friend, a bedroom and an intense birching to try out the new implement.

As I wrote in my post Spanking Porn: That's Too Sexy? I'm not always into full nudity in spanking videos. In this clip Pandora is completely naked and it absolutely fits from my point of view because the video depicts an intimate spanking between lovers. The birching is rather severe, right to the point I love.

What attracts me is that while Tom is clearly challenging Pandora and taking her to her limit, his aim is not to break but to empower her. He doesn't go easy on Pandora, but at the same time he carries her through the experience with his voice, gazes and reassuring touch, and he always makes sure that she has enough time to process the pain without starting to panic. And all that is only possible because Pandora constantly stays in contact with him and gives him verbal and non-verbal feedback on her physical and psychological state.

For me as a viewer the communication between the two isn't in any way disruptive. Quite the contrary, it makes the scene very special and gives me the feeling that Pandora and Tom let the viewers in on something very intimate and beautiful. It seems that in several aspects of our spanking kink, Pandora and I are ticking quite similarly, anyway. But I think it's the combination of those similarities and the fascinating communication between her and Tom which allows me to feel with and very close to Pandora when I watch this scene.

I would like to give you an example: After stroke number 15, a particular hard one that you see in the preview clip which I have embedded, Tom tells Pandora that it's nine more to go. Pandora, obviously being at her limit, replies honestly: "I don't know quite how that's going to work." Tom's simple and reassuring answer: "I think, slowly..." Now, that sentence could of course also be interpreted as a kind of mockery, but Tom's tone of voice makes the message absolutely clear: You can and you are going to make it. Don't push yourself too hard. I am going to make sure that you get the time you need to go through it.

Pandora is still fighting with processing the pain at that point and remarks: "I think I'm crying." Tom reassures her: "That's okay."  And he continues telling her that something would be wrong if she didn't cry during such a hard birching. Again it is absolutely clear that what he says is meant as a reassurance that Pandora doesn't have to feel in any way weak for crying and that she is indeed very brave given the severity of the spanking. As the regular readers might know, I'm neither into crying when I'm on the receiving end of a spanking (except for rare occasions on which I seek release), nor am I very fond of tears in spanking videos. But in this scenario, with the great and caring communication between the two participants, I'm being put at ease.

The particular dialogue is not in the preview clip, but I think it shows what I have been talking about, nonetheless. Have a look and make up your own opinion:

When I compare my communication skills as a bottom to Pandora's, I realise how much I still have to learn. My communication has already become better, in the sense that I now for example give feedback if an implement is wrapping around too much or if I realise that my pain threshold on a particular day is rather low. I also at least sometimes show stronger reactions when I'm struggling with a spanking. But I'm still far from Pandora's communication skills.

Especially when a spanking gets more severe, I often find myself completely focussed on processing the pain and being brave. That keeps me from staying in communicative contact with Ludwig and giving him clear signals. I guess that I'm also still not really comfortable with openly admitting when I'm reaching my personal limit for the day, because that instantly makes me feel like a wimp, even though I know Ludwig would never see me as one.

It is not that I don't trust Ludwig enough in order to let go. For example, I can cry in his arms when I am sad about something, or stressed out. But when it comes to spanking, I usually seek empowerment. And if I don't manage to live up to my own expectations then, I'm silently starting to panic, my mind turns blank and my communication skills leave me.

Maybe I can learn to signal early on when I need more time to process the pain, though. Because like Pandora, I don't necessarily need leniency concerning the severity of the strokes. It's the breaks in between them that can prevent me from panicking and allow me to gain that feeling of strength I'm looking for. It seems that I'm not looking as stiff as I thought when topping in English. Maybe I won't look as wimpish as I think when communicating more openly as a bottom, either?

How about your experiences on the topic of communication during a spanking, be it as a bottom or as a top? Have your communication skills changed and developed over time? Do you communicate differently depending on the scenario, play partner, your mood or other aspects? What form of communication do you seek during a spanking?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Hairbrush With Holes

When I went to the supermarket a while ago, I suddenly came across a fascinating little, pervertible item. I had heard about wooden paddles with holes, but never about wooden hairbrushes with such a special feature! Curiously I picked up one of the packages and was surprised by the light weight.

Ludwig and I aren't into hairbrushes too much , at least not wooden ones, but having one or two just in case seemed like a good idea to me, nonetheless. And this one was definitely special! I inspected the brush as well as possible given that it was in a closed package. Was is suitable for a spanking? The holes made me a bit suspicious that the brush might break more easily when used with vigour, but actually it looked quite sturdy despite of its light weight.

I finally decided to buy one and studied the brushes one by one in order to find the most beautiful specimen. The bristles didn't give the impression that the brushes were very useful on the hair but I didn't have any intention to use them for combing, anyway, so I didn't care. Instead I concentrated on the surface of the backside. I don't know whether anyone watched me but I guess it must have been a rather strange sight.

In the end, I found one that met my expectations and went off to the cashier. Happily I brought my prey home, unpacked it and inspected it further. It lay well in the hand and seemed to be very suitable for spanking purposes indeed. I wondered whether the marks from it would be in any way different from those produced by other wooden brushes because of the holes. Would it be more stingy because of the light weight and the lesser air resistance?

Unfortunately Ludwig wasn't there to try it on me. But I was too curious to wait for our next reunification and so I decided to experiment a little with the brush myself. Boy, that mean little beast really packs a sting! It actually felt quite nice when used medium hard but I can't say that I have much intention to find out how it feels when applied with vigour. However, it produces a very nice red shade, even when not used full force. I took a picture of the result for you, so that you can get a first impression.

Does anyone else own a wooden hairbrush with holes? And has anyone ever compared it to a “regular” one? I'm not sure how often Ludwig and I are going to use that special hairbrush. But I have to admit I like that little item for its unusualness.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spanking Porn: That's Too Sexy?

(Picture courtesy of Lupus Pictures)

This is the third and final part of my little series about spanking porn related topics (the first two were Spanking Porn: On Compartmentalization and Spanking Porn: Where Are You?). Today I would like to talk about another aspect concerning which Ludwig and I have quite similar points of view, with small differences though. It's a topic which was interestingly just recently also raised by Emma Bishop in the discussion on my last Kaelah's Corner post A Past And Future Secret. The question I would like to talk about is: How much sex should be involved in spanking films?

Ludwig and I are both purists when it comes to spanking porn. We both generally prefer  formal scenarios and we don't want those to be mixed up with sexual activities. The teacher fondling a schoolgirl or -boy he or she is punishing, for example. Or the prison ward sexually harassing an inmate after punishment. For me, even things like squeezing the spankee's bottom during a hand spanking can be a turn-off in a formal scene.

I think I am slightly more open than Ludwig for explicitly sexual scenarios, though, which depict couples in their spanking play. In that kind of scene an erotic atmosphere is perfectly okay for me. The same goes for Ludwig I think. But I can even imagine watching such a kind of film that depicts real sexual acts as well. It's definitely not one of my core fantasies, but I wouldn't be opposed to giving it a try. Ludwig prefers either spanking or vanilla sex in a porn video, he doesn't really like a mixture of the two.

What about nudity and private parts? Again, Ludwig and I have rather similar preferences here. We both are not interested in any close-ups of boobs and private parts, or open leg shots. Since he is much better when it comes to compartmentalization, Ludwig can ignore such things in an otherwise good scene, though. I have to admit that it irritates me when in a school scenario the camera suddenly zooms in from an angle which is so low that it ends up focused between the legs of the spankee, rather than on the bottom.

And there is another little difference between Ludwig and me. I usually prefer semi-clothed scenarios to full nudity. Ludwig on the other hand is a fan of full nudity, no matter whether the spankee is male or female. He is of the opinion that a completely naked body arranged in an elegant position (which doesn't focus on the private bits) is a very aesthetic sight. In Ludwig's point of view, men sometimes look stranger and more ridiculous with their trousers pulled down than fully naked. And he also appreciates all parts of the female body, not as the only focus (the lower private parts can even be hidden by a spanking bench), but as a part of the whole composition. Since Ludwig is into judicial scenarios, full nudity can believably be integrated into those scenes without adding too much of an erotic atmosphere between spanker and spankee.

There are several reasons why I am a bit more shy about full nudity. First of all, as I already told you a while ago, any form of humiliation in a formal scenario is a big turn-off for me. And often the only plausible explanation for full nudity, for example in judicial scenarios, is humiliation. A bare bottom can still be explained by necessity (clothes would provide too much protection), but full nudity often seems only to be explainable as an act of humiliation. Ludwig has a different view here, as I wrote above: especially when it comes to men, he often finds partial nudity to look more ridiculous than complete nakedness.

(Picture courtesy of Spanking Central)

I have to admit that I often find partial nudity, or sometimes even fully clothed spankings, more erotic than nude ones. If only the spankee's bottom is bare, the attention is completely focussed on the spanking. And even a fully clothed spanking can be highly erotic to me because it underlines the formality of the scene and the focus is more on the reactions of the spankee. Plus, in my view, people in beautiful dresses can even look more sexy than nude people. The picture which I've chosen from Spanking Central is such an example. It's taken from a clip of their series "Dojo Discipline". To me, the posture of the spankee is great and the martial arts suit looks adorable. Of course, clothed spankings don't allow the viewer to see the marks developing, though. That's why I wouldn't want to see them all the time and why I prefer to get at least a glimpse of the resulting marks afterwards.

I'm not generally opposed to nudity in spanking clips, anyway, because it can of course be sexy as well and it creates more variety. For example, there is an interesting scenario in the film The Headmaster's Study: Immodesty by Lupus, a picture of which is featured at the beginning of this post. In one scene of the film, two young offenders who are brought before the headmaster insist on being stripped naked for their canings, pretending that this is how their fathers punish them. In truth they just want to seduce the headmaster whom they fancy. There isn't any intimacy going on otherwise, so the canings themselves remain formal. I like the idea because it is creative, explaining in a whimsical way why there is full nudity in a school setting. It also takes away the aspect of humiliation. Erotic spankings are another category where full nudity fits well in my opinion. I've recently come across an amazing scene on Pandora's site Dreams Of Spanking about which I'm going to write a post, soon. And nowadays, I can even watch unfair or humiliating scenes involving complete nakedness if I know that the spankee is into such things.

I guess the right mixture is an important aspect for me, though. What I'm feeling uncomfortable with are producers where every single scene includes full frontal nudity. That's true especially for some x/F film producers. Even if there are no close-ups of genitals, it gives me the feeling that it's actually the naked bodies of the women and their private parts which are at least as much the focus of the film as the spankings. Of course there is nothing morally wrong with that, but I'm talking about my own preferences and gut feeling here.

When I watch films that focus extremely on the aspect of (frontal) nudity, the most extreme key phrase that sometimes comes to my mind is "thrashed eye-candy". And since I'm watching films at least partly from a bottom perspective, I can hardly eroticise that. Some F/M clips even provoke worse emotions, the key phrase here is "eye-candy dominatrix bashes naked male sandbag". But this leads to another topic about which I'm going to talk in a separate post.

For now, I would like to hear your opinion! How sexy do you want spanking porn scenarios to be? How much nudity are you looking for? Does it depend on the scenario? Do you seek variety? Or are there conditions which must be fulfilled at all times?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Kinkster Beneath Me

A Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve and a smooth start into 2012. As you all know, I love the communication with and between our readers. My hope for 2012 is that there will be even more commenters and more exchange of thoughts than there was last year on this blog. And it's up to you to give it a good start!

That's why I would like to start the new year with something unusual: a game! It's called "The Person Beneath Me", or, as I would like to call it here, "The Kinkster Beneath Me", and I came across it on the German spanking forum Spankingträume. The rules are very simple. You must make three assumptions about the person beneath you (the next commenter), about what he or she likes / doesn't like, does / doesn't do, has experienced / hasn't experienced and so on. Important is that the assumptions can be answered with yes or no, plus maybe an additional little sentence.

Since this is a spanking blog, I suggest that two assumptions are spanking-related and one random. The next commenter must then answer the three questions with yes or no and write down three new assumptions for the next commenter. I hope you come up with imaginative assumptions that animate others to take part and don't scare them away.

I have no idea whether anyone is going to like this, but I would like to give it a try. So, here it goes, my three assumptions for the first commenter:

The kinkster beneath me:

1. has a favourite spanking scene from a vanilla book? If yes, which book and which scene?

2. likes canes?

3. is a trekkie? If yes, which generation(s), Kirk and Co or a newer one?

I hope someone likes to play along! Who knows, maybe the game is going to reveal many amazing things about our readers. Anyway, I hope it is going to be a light-hearted, amusing start into the new year. Have fun!