Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Hairbrush With Holes

When I went to the supermarket a while ago, I suddenly came across a fascinating little, pervertible item. I had heard about wooden paddles with holes, but never about wooden hairbrushes with such a special feature! Curiously I picked up one of the packages and was surprised by the light weight.

Ludwig and I aren't into hairbrushes too much , at least not wooden ones, but having one or two just in case seemed like a good idea to me, nonetheless. And this one was definitely special! I inspected the brush as well as possible given that it was in a closed package. Was is suitable for a spanking? The holes made me a bit suspicious that the brush might break more easily when used with vigour, but actually it looked quite sturdy despite of its light weight.

I finally decided to buy one and studied the brushes one by one in order to find the most beautiful specimen. The bristles didn't give the impression that the brushes were very useful on the hair but I didn't have any intention to use them for combing, anyway, so I didn't care. Instead I concentrated on the surface of the backside. I don't know whether anyone watched me but I guess it must have been a rather strange sight.

In the end, I found one that met my expectations and went off to the cashier. Happily I brought my prey home, unpacked it and inspected it further. It lay well in the hand and seemed to be very suitable for spanking purposes indeed. I wondered whether the marks from it would be in any way different from those produced by other wooden brushes because of the holes. Would it be more stingy because of the light weight and the lesser air resistance?

Unfortunately Ludwig wasn't there to try it on me. But I was too curious to wait for our next reunification and so I decided to experiment a little with the brush myself. Boy, that mean little beast really packs a sting! It actually felt quite nice when used medium hard but I can't say that I have much intention to find out how it feels when applied with vigour. However, it produces a very nice red shade, even when not used full force. I took a picture of the result for you, so that you can get a first impression.

Does anyone else own a wooden hairbrush with holes? And has anyone ever compared it to a “regular” one? I'm not sure how often Ludwig and I are going to use that special hairbrush. But I have to admit I like that little item for its unusualness.


Donpascual said...

Nice "little brush" Kaelah. I am sure, it will sting as much as any brush.
And a lovely blushing backside, as well!
The brush is the only implement I am truly afraid of; especially when falling very rapidly even without much force.
It beats me (excuse the pun), how god fearing and loving mothers discovered that nasty item as ideal disciplinary tool. For little ones it is far too hard; on the other hand - ideal for a "weak" female (weak? my ass, excuse the language).
No, I have never seen one with holes. Be careful: you might move into the direction of mail order implement trade lol. Where did you get it??

Take care

Daddy said...

No Ive never seen one like that before , however I do like the lovely shade of pink it has given your rather beautifull bottom.

Very nice picture .

Spankingfreunde.DE said...

Mir gefallen die Bilder! Auf Grund der Gedanken die damit verbunden sind.

Wo gibt es das Pachtstück denn?

Val said...

Lovely shade it made, your new hairbrush. Looking forward to the results in Part II of its effectiveness assessment.
No, haven't seen one like that made of wood, but plastic yes, in beauty supply stores - never used one though, they seemed too flimsy and light.
However, we wants it...

Pandora said...

I'm impressed by the even coverage you managed! The idea of you diligently testing this brush on yourself out of kinky curiosity is super hot. It looks like it packs a punch!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

A brush with holes is new to me. But since it feels good it's a keeper.

doclash said...

For info. I have seen this sort of brush in the shops, but anyone looking for something like it on the internet should search for "vent hair brush" or "vented hair brush" - at present there are some on eBay made of (appropriately enough) bamboo!

Nice bottom, Kaelah! Now, does anyone have any comments on the potentially interesting topic of self-spanking?

Anonymous said...

"Instead I concentrated on the surface of the backside."

Quite right! I try to do that at every opportunity.

The last image of a nicely blushed baackside being an excellent example.

Kaelah said...

@ Donpascual & Spankingfreunde / Rainer:
The hairbrush was a weekly special offer at the Penny supermarkets a while ago. I don't think they have any left, though. But maybe you will find similar offers elsewhere if you search for bamboo hairbrushes?

@ Daddy:
Welcome! And thank you very much for your kind words! :-)

@ Val:
Could it be that you try to animate Ludwig to start a second, more intense test on my poor bottom? ;-)

@ Pandora:
It definitely packs a punch! But I assume that it might not cause such extreme bruises compared to heavier wooden brushes, at least if it isn't used at full speed and not for an extremely long time (the cumulative effect might be as bad as with any other wooden brush). So maybe a similar brush might be a good item for film-making as well?!

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
It definitely is a keeper! :-)

@ doclash:
Thanks for the information! It might help others to find a similar brush. By the way, my hairbrush is made of bamboo as well which I find very appropriate indeed. :-)

The topic of self-spanking is a very interesting one. I don't do it often but I think it can be very useful under certain circumstances. Maybe I will write a separate post about it in the future.

@ Anonymous:

Anonymous said...

Can you give us a brand name please? I'd love to find one.

Donpascual said...

I have looked in the internet for "vent hairbrushes".
They are actually very popular with hairdressers and I found several.
The optically best one of solid wood can be purchased for 30 $, the plastic ones all below $ 10.

Fenris said...

Now, I finally feel the urge add to this popular post. Ladies and gentlemen, if you want a truly beautiful, classic English hairbrush, look no further than here: http://kentbrushes.com/
You can get one which is 100% handmade. I don't know how good they are as spanking implements, but they have style and are a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Kaelah said...

@ Anonymous:
I'm sorry, there is no brand name on the brush, and I have already thrown away the package. I found the advertisement of the supermarket online, but unfortunately it didn't mention any brand name, either. I searched both amazon.de and amazon.com for bamboo hairbrushes. They both had nice ones, but none with holes. Maybe you'll find one you like by searching for vent hairbrushes or following the link that Fenris suggested.

@ Donpascual:
Thanks for the information!

@ Fenris:
Thanks for sharing the link! Appropriately, one of the subcategories of "Ladies Hairbrushes" on the site is "Paddles". :-)