Friday, July 27, 2012

A Summer Walk

The weather in Germany is quite hot right now, so Ludwig and I decided to take an afternoon off and go on a little excursion. On our way, we suddenly came across a natural spanking bench, known to vanillas as a fallen tree. Of course, I immediately had to bend over it with my jeans down for a nice photo.

Needless to say, the fly on the wall position is always an option as well. And who wants to tell me that this wall, beautifully covered with ivy, doesn't look inviting?

Last but not least, we found another very interesting construction, made of old railway sleepers. My knees hurt like hell when I positioned myself on all fours, but honestly, the photo was more important to me than my knees. Isn't summer a wonderful time of the year?


Val said...

Great summer, great photos. Thanks for sharing.
Love the set, especially the sleepers - what better place for a set of railroad tracks?! (Thinking of cane marks... :-)) Anyway, did they still have that lovely creosote smell?

Lea said...

"..came across a natural spanking bench, known to vanillas as a fallen tree." Ha! Spankos sure are a creative and inventive lot!

Rich Person said...

I see. Enhancing the natural beauty of nature. Nice work!

Kaelah said...

@ Val:
Thanks for your lovely comment! I don't think that the railroad tracks had a strong smell, but maybe I was just too distracted from the pain in my knees?! ;-)

@ Lea
Yes, indeed! Especially, when it comes to spanking devices and pervertibles. ;-)

@ Rich Person:
Thanks for your kind comment! I'm glad you liked the pictures. :-)