Monday, July 2, 2012

Clearing the Debt

After a longer time without any free videos, I've finally managed to edit one that was overdue for quite a while. The Football Euro 2012 is history and Spain won their third consecutive major title yesterday. Congratulations! What could be a better time than the day after the European Championship finals to post a clip about football?

So, here it is: The Football Bet Clip! For those of you who don't remember the history of this clip, it all began with a bet between Niki Flynn and Ludwig on a friendly match between England and Germany back in 2008. There was a fairly complicated formula for calculating who would get how many strokes with which implement if they lost the bet, taking into account not only the winning team, but also the number of goals scored by each side and the number of blog readers (who could also take part in the bet) who had correctly predicted the outcome. For those who are interested, the exact details are explained at the beginning of the clip. In short, England won the match 2:1, which resulted in a final tally of six flogger strokes for Niki and 30 flogger strokes plus 18 cane strokes for Ludwig who had bet on the German team.

Sadly, Niki retired from the Scene not long afterwards, before she and Ludwig had a chance to get together again and shoot the video. It seemed like the debt would never be cleared after all. But, enjoying switching and switching tops as much as I do, I selflessly brought up the topic again in 2010. Admittedly, Ludwig was very willing to pay his debts because, after all, betting debts are debts of honour. When Ludwig and I found a more than appropriate substitute for Niki in the wonderful Leia-Ann Woods, otherwise known as the debt collector, Ludwig's fate was sealed. And even though I was a bit nervous about topping for the first time in front of a camera, co-topping with Leia-Ann turned out to be a great experience!

We had a lot of fun during the shoot and I think that definitely shines through in the final clip.

WMV format, resolution 720 x 576, 349 MB: link

(Click on "Free Download", wait for the counter to count down, then solve the captcha and download the file.)


Spankingfreunde.DE said...

Also mit Bild 2 würde ich 2013 gern fürs Internat werben! Darf ich?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
I'm a regular reader of your blog even though I rarely comment. I just wanted to ask whether you're planning to post the new football bet video on SpankingTube. I don't seem to be able to make the site you link to work (probably me, not the site), and would love to see the video if possible.
Also, I don't suppose anyone was betting on Germany for the European Cup, were they? Hopefully? Maybe??
Best regards

Donpascual said...

@ Kaelah.

congratulations to your newest Video. I wonder whether you ever thought about a second career as a moderator on TV? :-). Speaking a lengthy comment flawlessly is not easy; you definitely have talent!

some pretty raw spots on your backside! Leia Ann certainly is a precise caner hitting that narrow band in the middle of your behind that often. I would not want to fall into her hands.
By the way, did Kaelah apologize for hitting you into the armpits with the tips of that nasty rubber piece?
Peronally, I dislike rubber floggers and paddles. In my opinion they are to heavy and do not allow for extended play. Fun is over too soon.


Ludwig said...

@ Donpascual: No need for Kaelah to apologise. A few (but not many) of her flogger strokes wrapped a bit too far around the side, but the same thing happened to me during my first attempts when using that flogger. No major harm done. Also, you will notice that with the table behind her, she only had restricted space to swing.

Personally, I like rubber floggers well enough. I think they have their place, for shorter, harder scenes. For extended play, a lighter one is better, obviously.

Kaelah said...

@ Spankingfreunde / Rainer:
Es freut mich, dass Dir das Bild gefällt! :-)

Prinzipiell haben Ludwig und ich nichts gegen die Verwendung unserer Bilder auf Spanking-Blogs und -Foren, wenn bestimmte Voraussetzungen gegeben sind: 1. keine kommerziellen Websites oder Veranstaltungen, 2. deutliche Hervorhebung, dass wir keine Verbindung zu den Seiteninhalten bzw. Veranstaltungen haben, 3. Kennzeichnung der Bildherkunft (Belassen des Wasserzeichens im Bild reicht) und 4. Nutzung nur online, nicht für gedruckte Plakate und ähnliches. Insbesondere bei den Punkten 1 und 2 bin ich mir nicht so ganz sicher, wie das in diesem Fall ist? Ist die Veranstaltung kommerziell? Und was meinst Du genau mit Werbung, geht es da nur um ein Symbolbild für die Seite oder um inhaltliche Werbung?

@ Anna:
Welcome and thanks a lot for your comment! I'm sorry to hear that you couldn't download the clip. All you should have to do is start the timer, and once it has gone to zero, you can download the file. Maybe your download had started, but you didn't notice it because the download display is not open in your browser? Keep in mind that it is a big file and the download would take a while.

In case it doesn't work: Yes, we plan to put the file on Spanking Tube sooner or later. We want to publish our previous clips there first, though, which will have to be partially reedited for that purpose. And we have to find out whether it is still necessary to split longer clips into smaller parts which would mean more additional work. In short, it will most probably take quite a while before the clip is going to be available on Spanking Tube.

@ Donpascual:
Thanks for your kind compliment! You wouldn't believe which kinds of technical tricks I used in order the make the comment as fluent as it is, though. ;-)

As for the flogging: Indeed, some strokes went a bit too far around the side (I was obviously a bit too focused on not letting the tips get near the spine), but luckily they didn't actually hit the armpit! There wasn't much space and Ludwig had the same problem with the flogger at first, too. In any case, the wrapping wasn't a big issue for us during the shoot and it surely wasn't in any way dangerous (which is very important for me as you know). But nonetheless I prefer scenes without wrapping and I hope that the little inaccuracies don't make the clip unaesthetic for the viewers. Nowadays Ludwig and I both give each other direct feedback if an implement wraps around, so that wrapping isn't an issue for us any more, neither in video scenes nor in our private play.

I did apologize to Ludwig nonetheless (half-jokingly, though), because actually I had no idea that I was causing such strong marks! From where I was standing during the flogging, I couldn't see the target area, which meant that I only saw the marks on Ludwig's back afterwards. Usually our rubber flogger is even suitable for longer play because, while it hurts like hell, it normally doesn't cause longer lasting marks. But Ludwig marks so easily that the flogger left some very visible marks on his back! The scene was as hard as he wanted it to be, though, and the marks healed quite fast, too, so my apology was more of the "wow, look at that" kind than a serious apology for any real mistake. ;-)

Spankedhortic II said...

That took ages to download but was a lot of fun in the end. Congratulations, a real winner.


Anonymous said...

WOW the other side of Kaelah comes out strong with that hat nasty rubber piece - Ludwig's back and, thanks to Leia Ann, his bottom was truly trashed too! Leia Ann was a trouper taking 6 for her team and Kaelah's sports casting was wonderful!The bottomless finish a priceless touch at the end. I wouldn't enter into a beet with any of you -but I appreciate seeing it //;-} - Eric

Anonymous said...

@Kaelah, Prefectdt: thanks for the advice and info. Finally got it to work.
@Ludwig, Kaelah: Wow, it was worth it. Well taken, Ludwig. I love your reactions that your stoicism can't completely repress - lovely.
I also loved the whole ambience of the clip - a serious spanking carried out in a spirit of fun, just the way I like it. Kaelah, your presentation truly enhanced the whole thing.
Olympics, did I hear someone say? I certainly hope so - the scope is mind-boggling!
Thanks, and I live in hope.

Anonymous said...

I have waited several days for the download to work and at last I get to see Ludwig's beating.

Just for a moment I felt a twinge of remorse as Ludwig got extra strokes because of my comments as 'RPT'; but that soon passed...

Kaelah you made my day by not wearing pants.

Thanks to all of you.

Spankingfreunde.DE said...


Have a look of the Kalendar from this year

It´s only a Rouleplay with Friends :D

Indy said...

I've finally had the privacy I needed to download and play this. As always, it was great. Well meted out and well taken, and I loved Kaelah's twin sister as the news announcer. :-)

That Ms. Woods is a deft hand with a cane, that's for sure. Or is she kinder than I think and just accidentally landed so many of the strokes in much the same place?!

It's too bad about that demise of the rubber flogger manufacturer. That thing is clearly nasty, but I'm sure Ludwig would have preferred to have symmetrical marks on his shoulders...

I look forward to the next time Ludwig loses a bet!

Kaelah said...

@ Spankedhortic & Anna:
I'm glad you liked the clip and managed to download it! :-) Unfortunately, the file hosters are very slow these days (Rapidshare is even slower than Uploading). So, Ludwig and I decided to choose at least one which is very easy to handle and doesn't require captchas and the like. As far as I know, downloading the small version takes about half an hour with a fast internet connection and downloading the high quality version of the clip takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

@ Anna:
No clip about any Spankolympics planned so far but we have several other clips in the pipeline, so stay tuned. :-)

@ Eric:
Thanks a lot for your wonderful compliments, I'm happy that you enjoyed the clip!

@ Fred Bloggs:
As far as I remember, you've got a slow internet connection, anyway, right? I assume that doesn't make it any easier to download the clip. But I'm glad to hear that it worked despite of the difficulties. It's good to know that the twinge of remorse passed so soon. I guess Ludwig would have been disappointed if you hadn't enjoyed “your” two additional strokes properly. ;-) I guess underpants are still somewhat tame for a nudist but I'm glad that you enjoyed my little stunt. ;-)

@ Spankingfreunde:
If my assumption is correct that the charge is only used to cover the expenses and not to make any profit or to pay anyone, then you are very welcome to use the picture for next year's photo collage! :-)

@ Indy:
Ludwig has already lost the next bet and is waiting to pay his debts. The event won't be published on video this time, though, but maybe we will publish a picture. I am quite sure that Ludwig won't get involved in any new bets any time soon since that last incident. But don't worry, we will surely find other propositions for new spanking clips. ;-)

As for the flogger: I assume that you are right in that Ludwig surely would have preferred more symmetric marks. But I am not so sure which scenario is worse from his point of view: asymmetric marks or being spanked with two nasty rubber floggers...

Michael said...

It seems to me that there's now no way to avoid the Download Acelerator at

Ludwig said...

@ Michael: You need to uncheck the box "Use Download Accelerator". I just gave it a try, and it works fine as always.

Samiracle said...

Hi there,
I'm very late to discovering this, but I am unable to download the video, the page just says "error, page not found" I've noticed this on a couple other videos as well, but not all. Is there any way to still see/download this video?

Kaelah said...

@ Samiracle:
Thank you very much for having informed us that several of our clips have been taken down. It will take a moment to reupload them, but Ludwig will take care of that in the upcoming weeks. The clips should all be available again before the year is over.