Monday, October 31, 2016

Kaelah's Corner (Oct 2016):

Happy Halloween, everybody! Ludwig and I were quite busy this evening, handing out sweets to little ghosts, monsters and skeletons. We weren't really prepared because "trick or treat" is not an old tradition here in Germany and has only become popular in the past years. We were lucky, though, as we had just enough sweets at home.

When we were finally sitting at the dinner table, we discussed what a kinky adult version of Halloween might look like. We didn't find an ultimate answer to that question, but here are some of the things we discussed:

First of all, would it be "spank or treat" or "trick or spank"? I guess that might depend on whether you are a top or a bottom. Tops could threaten to spank people if they didn't give them a treat (and I am sure many bottoms incidentally wouldn't have any sweets at home that day). Trick or spank, on the other hand, could be the motto of choice for some bottoms, if they went from door to door at a kinky Halloween. And I am sure they would find a number of tops willing to serve their needs.

Then, what would a proper kinky Halloween costume look like? A zombie schoolgirl or professor? Maybe a revenge demon? A ghost buster on a mission to spank all the ghosts who cross his (or her) path? I guess there are plenty of possibilities. Ludwig mentioned that spanking inspired horror movies would be a little bit different as well and offer more choices for Halloween characters. There would be no serial killer, but a serial spanker...

I suppose one of my favourite costume choices would be the ghost of an 18th century seaman. Maybe he was a seaman recruit, responsible for the sinking of his ship and now bound to walk the Earth and atone for his sins. Or maybe he was a captain already, known for his strict regime, who became the victim of a mutiny. Or maybe a woman who had served on a ship disguised as a man to flee her old life until her real identity had been found out. After having been whipped for her masquerade in front of the whole crew, she jumped in the sea and drowned. And now she haunts the Earth to take revenge for her fate.

Of course, there would be roleplay scenarios aplenty as well, depending on the costumes and background stories. There could even be follow-up events like a Halloween themed spanking court where delinquents could be convicted for having scared elderly people with their costumes, for having eaten too much chocolate or for having rung at the same door several times in different costumes in order to get more of the delicious sweets the inhabitants were giving away.

Ludwig and I have never been to a Halloween themed spanking event, but we mused that there must be such a thing. So, my questions are: How would your kinky Halloween look like? Have you ever done a Halloween inspired spanking or been to a Halloween themed spanking event? How was it? Please feel welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section!


Unknown said...

Hmmm lets'see... Halloween themed event...I think an event called "Hexenbrennen" (burn the witches) which took place just two days ago (on Halloween) falls under that category, although it was more like an open BDSM party wich also had a public roleplay about "torturing" witches to make them confess. German language description:
The roleplay started at 10 pm, two hours after the party began, and went on for about an hour. The visitors were called together and some "monks" appeared (at least they were dressed in robes) and started questioning the female audience if there were any witches among them. Soon a handful of suspects were picked, undressed (some more, some less) and tied to a huge spider-like iron gate, where they were "painfully questioned" i.e. whipped, spanked etc. :D Although there was a lot of crying and moaning none of them was willing to confess, so the male dominant audience was asked for support. So I took one of my leather single tail whips and gladly jumped in for additional inquisitional effort. Finally all of them were ready to confess their sins and branded with hot iron, but only simulated of course :-)
As said before it was not a 100% Halloween spanking party, but fun nevertheless.

best regards

Kaelah said...

@ der_Wolf:
Thanks a lot for sharing your experience! Sounds like a huge role-play event.