Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Global Day of Delurk 2008

Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts has declared November 11th the third annual "Love Our Lurkers Day". It's a tradition she started two years ago, with considerable success. The idea is for all us spanking bloggers to get together and invite our silent readers to leave a comment and introduce themselves. Many lurkers came out of the shadows in 2006 and 2007, some of them have been regular commenters and active members of our virtual community ever since. This year, more bloggers than ever before have been asked to join in the effort. Including me - having started my blog in January, this is my first opportunity to be part of this annual event, and I'm happy to take Bonnie up on her invitation.

I'm calling it the "Global Day of Delurk" here, though, to emphasise the world-spanning range and the historical significance of the occasion. Besides, love really depends on the individual, doesn't it? I mean, I have no doubt that most of my readers are perfectly likeable people. Regardless of strong sadistic tendencies, compulsive despotic behaviour, savage narcissism and other common, harmless kinky quirks (all of which this author shares). But until you poke your head up and give me a chance to get to know you, I can't really say if I love you or not.

The blog usually gets somewhere between 800 and 1100 unique visitors per day, with growing tendencies. Not all of them stay around for long, but a pleasingly large number do and keep coming back. So in theory, there are certainly enough of you around for a lively de-masquerade ball on this beautiful day.

I know that it's enjoyable to be a lurker. There are quite a few places where I'm one myself, actually. My dictionary defines "to lurk" as "to lie or wait in concealment, as a person in ambush" or "to remain in or around a place secretly or furtively". Naturally, twisted people like us love that kind of activity. But when you come to think of it, an ambush or voyeur's concealment is only half the fun until you eventually make your presence known to the unsuspecting victim. That's sort of the point, isn't it?

So if you've been lurking around Rohrstock-Palast, no matter for how long, eight months or eight days, and if you have never left a comment before, let me invite you to introduce yourself. No strings attached, no obligation to ever write anything else, no compromising of your privacy of any kind. I'll just add your profile to my mad scientist's database for... research purposes, that's all.

Off with the masks! Off with the masks!
(Pietro Longhi, "The Ridotto in Venice", ca. 1750)


Bonnie said...

Hi Ludwig,

Thank you for participating in LOL day and writing such a great post.

strong sadistic tendencies, compulsive despotic behaviour, savage narcissism and other common, harmless kinky quirks

I love it! You convinced me.


OliviaManners said...

I'm not really a lurker but this really is a great post, so just had to comment!

Warm wishes,


Spanky said...

I'm a first time commenter since I've never been here before. You're blog looks real interesting, so I'll be sure to check it regularly.

Irelynn said...

Um... Since I think I only commented here once before, would you forgive me if I posted a comment? Even if we are not entirely strangers to each other anymore. ;-)

Happy LOL day to you, Ludwig! May there be many more. :)

Anonymous said...



*runs and hides again*

Though I tend to enjoy men on the receiving end more than women, I follow the blog with interest :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure if we've left a comment before. Have certainly lurked though... especially enjoy your eye for good spanking pics. :)

Thanks too for saying we're likable.

Todd and Suzy

! said...

*crawling out of my little corner of the world*


I've been lurking for a few days now - pretty awsome stuff here. So...I'm supposed to..introduce myself...hmm. My name is Rachel, German people call me Jana. I live in Canada, and enjoy philosophical ramblings. I'm a bit of an odd-shaped puzzle piece...if anyone understood that at all. And I'm going to stop commenting now, before this turns into a ramble.

Happy blogging!

- Rachel

Anonymous said...

Found 'LUDWIG'S ROHRSTOCK-PALAST' from lurking at Niki Flynn's blog.

Lurking is such fun!

Greenwoman said...

Hello! Just following a link from Bonny's post today. Blessings!!

Dr. Ken said...

Happy LOL day, or Global Day of Delurk. However you say it, it's a fun day for all of us.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It's always appreciated.
It was a pleasure to give your blog a mention and put you on my blog roll. I always enjoy reading your posts!

Dr. Ken,
Spanking Minnesota

Hermione said...

Hi Ludwig,

I visit your blog regularly. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ludwig,

your "Global Day of Delurk"-invitation has just motivated me to write my first-ever comment on someone's blog. I'm about your age and live in the Rhine Main Area.

I've just recently started to explore the internet concerning the topic spanking and have been lurking for some weeks.

It's a lot of fun to read your blog - thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences! :-)



OK is it "de lurk", "delurk" or "de-lurk" they are all tripping the spell checker AAAARG!

Have a good one anyway.


Michael said...

Happy LOL Day! Commented before but not in a while, Ludwig. Great blog. :)


smith said...

I am def not a lurker! And you know I LOVE your blog (especially the one about me *big smile*)


Anonymous said...

Some spankingblogs are fishing for comments and are successful, others not. Today your one belongs to the first group. Keep on with your great blog!