Thursday, May 24, 2012

We Are NOT Weird

Have you ever thought that you must be a weird person because you regularly visit spanking blogs? Have you ever had the feeling that you obviously don't have a real life because you spend so much time online, looking at spanking pics and reading posts like this one? Well, I can definitely reassure you that there are people out there who are much weirder than us spankos. And there must be lots of them!

Let me explain. When I looked at our statistics recently, I realised that the statistics counter had registered 900 clicks within one hour one evening, as you can see in the picture above. That is much more than we normally have in such a short period of time, even if a post has been Chrossed. So, my first idea was that there must have been a huge bug which had affected the statistics counter but had obviously been fixed rather quickly.

I started an investigation nonetheless, and it turned out that the almost 900 clicks had been real. They came from a board on which people can post picture threads. I won't link to the forum or give you the name, because in my opinion there is a lot of not so nice stuff shown there. The thread that had been the origin of the clicks had already been removed, which explained why the high visitor rate had only lasted for about one hour. But the thread had been archived, and thus I was able to reconstruct what had happened.

Someone had posted a photo with the bald-headed guy whom you can see in the picture above. And then, many, many people with lots of time and a photoshop software had started to copy him into other pictures. Some harmless and funny, some quite explicit and tasteless. The thread was huge! And the picture above was obviously taken from this blog. I decided to repost it here, but made the poor guy whose picture had been used anonymous. Of course the Rohrstock-Palast water mark had been removed, but after having been asked about the source, our photoshop artist posted a link to my original post from which he had taken the picture.

And that was where all the clicks came from. Within a long thread with tons of pictures that was obviously only online for about an hour, over 800 people followed the link to our blog! I mean, how many people must have looked at the thread, then? 10,000? I have to admit that I wasn't sure whether to laugh or to cry about my discovery.

Whatever your personal judgement is, one thing is for sure: If you ever have doubts about whether you are wasting your time reading spanking blogs, rest assured that there are thousands of people out there spending their time with much stranger things. Hmm, maybe I could ask one of them to help me with editing the photos for this blog? That might save me a lot of precious time. Those guys seem to get a lot of regular photoshop practise...


sixofthebest said...

No Ludwig, I have never found it 'Weird', the amount of time, I spend, either actually spanking a female or visiting 'spanking blogs. In fact I have found it to be a pleasureable treasure, that I can do so. And I am sure, I'll will think so, for the rest of my life. And I have beem a 'spanko', for over 70 years.

Spankingfreunde.DE said...

Nun für dich mag das neu sein, aber im Web gibt es schon seltsame Dinge. Im letzten Monat hatten wir fast 1TB Traffic fast verursacht an einem einzigen Tag. Heise war es nicht, aber ...

Du hast aber eine etwas seltsame Meinung von Menschen die Spanking Seiten besuchen.

Die meisten suchen doch nur Menschen die verstehen, wenn sie über ihre Gefühle und Empfindungen reden. Nicht gerade selten werden aus virtuellen Kontakten ganz reale!

Und umgekehrt, auch nicht gerade selten, dass man nach realen Begegnungen virtuell Kontakt hält!

Secret Spanko said...

that's fascinating. Thanks for sharing it. Maybe the takeaway is not that spanking-blogs-are-not-the-weirdest-thing-out-there, but that A)at least one of the weird folks making those pics knew where to find a cool pic of a pretty woman bent over to receive the cane, and B) lots of weird people on that forum or message board or wherever were intrigued enough about the picture that they wanted to find out more about your blog!

Rich Person said...

Well, I think your bottom is fascinating, too! No wonder there were so many links!

Kaelah said...

@ All:
I hope it is clear that this whole post is tongue-in-cheek and that I don't think at all that people who are reading spanking blogs are in any way weird! But I assume that should be obvious, given the fact that I am writing such a blog...

@ sixofthebest:
Having the opportunity to live out one's fantasies is indeed a great gift and we are very lucky to have that freedom!

@ Spankingfreunde / Rainer:
Keine Sorge, der ganze Post ist humoristisch zu verstehen! Natürlich halte ich Leute, die Spanking Blogs lesen, nicht für merkwürdig. Ist doch klar, schließlich schreibe ich sogar einen Spanking Blog und habe auch schon einige Menschen über die Online-Welt getroffen (unter anderem meinen Partner).

@ Secret Spanko:
Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your kind compliments! :-) As I already said, the whole post is of course tongue-in-cheek. It was good to see that the people said nice things about the picture in the thread and that so many of them clicked on the photo to find out more about its source. I have to admit that I don't think many of them will come back to read other posts, though. It seemed to me that those people were only looking for pictures and almost no one clicked on any links to other posts.

@ Rich Person:
Thanks a lot for your kind words!

sixofthebest said...

Thanks, and Spanks Kaelah, for your very kind words. And may you and Ludwig, have many more years of 'spanking good times', together.

Kaelah said...

Thank you very much for your good wishes! :-)