Sunday, November 18, 2012

LOL Day Aftermath

It looks like this year's Love Our Lurkers Day has been a huge success. Bonnie did not only organise this wonderful event, she also counted and published the results. According to her final tally, 144 blogs participated (2011: 159) and 4,660 comments were made in total (2011: 2,942). My assumption is that the huge raise in the number of comments is at least partly because many bloggers have started to answer each comment individually (as far as I remember this feature is quite new at least for those who use Blogger). Still, an average number of 32 comments per blog is very impressive!

Our LOL Day vote was closed on Friday and I can proudly state that this year's LOL Day post attracted comments from more
different people than ever before (Ludwig's post about Mood Picture being raided by the police has more comments in total, but there were fewer people involved in the discussion). Thank you all for your participation and I hope you had fun with the vote and are going to enjoy the resulting clip as well. And to those who didn't participate: I hope you are going to enjoy the clip nonetheless.

Here are the results: We had 44 different commenters (not counting Ludwig and me). 6 of you didn't mention any preference regarding whom you would like to see on the receiving end of this year's LOL Day spanking. 12 people voted for Ludwig as the spankee and 26 for me. Which means that my poor bum will have to pay the price. I already speculated that many people voted for me as the bottom only because Ludwig is big and scary and they didn't want to mess with him whereas I am small and sweet. Some commenters were sad that the F/M faction doesn't seem to have any chance to outnumber the M/F fans in a vote. As Ludwig and I already wrote in our replies: Don't worry, there will be clips with Ludwig on the receiving end in the future, just not this time. And maybe we will also pick up your suggestion to make a mixed clip one day.

This time it will be me on the receiving end, though. And again it seems like I have managed to get myself into big trouble by having been so gracious about the number of strokes from each commenter.

For every commenter who had commented on our blog before I am going to receive two smacks with the hand. We had 31 commenters for whom this was true: Spankedhortic (Prefectdt), Michael I, practicingheterosexual, Joey, Lea, Michael II, Fred Bloggs, Lanie, Hermione, Ronnie, MasonPearson, Chross, Spearthrower, Donpascual, Our Bottoms Burn, Erica, Raven Red, gustofur, New One, Simon, Katya Tolstaya, JamesM, MrBBSpanker, Olli, Miss !, Bonnie, A.S.S., Hannilein, Gaviao, CornishPatsy and Bob S. That makes 62 smacks in total.

And then, we also had the highest number of “real” delurkers (people who commented for the very first time on our blog) ever! Welcome to 13 new commenters: thelongbean, RudyRyz, Lizzie, TobyMaster, Florida Dom, Lionheart, Februs, Mr Chips, Suzanna, BigRobert, oldskibum, Melly and blueskylover. Thank you very much for having taken that big step. We hope to hear more from you in the future! For every real delurker I am going to receive 3 strokes with a switch, which means 39 strokes in total.

Ludwig and I won't have a chance to make that clip in the next few weeks, but we hope to be able to present it to you by the end of the year. We are already looking forward to it (not so my poor rear end).


Lea said...

That's going to be a hell of a spanking! Good luck!

Anastasia Vitsky said...

I just didn't have the heart to comment this time, even though you promised you would enjoy it. (I knew it would be you!) Seeing how many you got, I think I'm glad! Happy spanking!

SpankCake said...

I can't wait to hear all about it! Those are some lovely cane marks, btw!


Kaelah said...

@ Lea:
As always, should you or any of your I.M. Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds... - Oops, wrong association, after all I hope that this mission is possible! ;-)

@ Ana:
You are sweet! You didn't have to worry, though, you would just have prolonged my warm-up prior to the switching (ouch!).

On a serious note: Of course everyone is always welcome to comment but to say that they don't want to participate in the vote.

Well, or only if Ludwig is on the receiving end. Hmm, thinking about it, I am not sure whether that would be okay with him... ;-)

@ SpankCake:
Thank you! The picture is from an old set which I made for a post about self spanking. And since I needed a picture with a switch, I thought why not use one of those? :-)

Val said...

Greetings, would like to say "Hello" even after the party is over... sorry I was away.
Lovely picture, with Green vegetal matter ;-) Can't wait for the update!

Hannilein said...

first i have to say, that i was happy to be mentioned in your last clip nevertheless i was too late for reaching the count.
But now i was counted as "allready posted" whats right in one way what i have to admit. On the other side i lost my "gift" for the new ones commenting now, what makes me a little sad course "there is never a second chance for first impact" :-( Hmmm talking about impact allready...
Maybe you can equalize that and count me with 1 switch extra in?
It has a BIG advantage too in making it 40 strokes which is far far more easy to count, isn't it Kaelah?
Nice rascal greetings to you both

Kaelah said...

@ Val:
Thanks a lot for your greetings! I hope you had a good time away. :-)

@ Hannilein:
Don't be sad, you are not the only one. All those who have written their first comment not on LOL Day but on any other post are not counted as delurkers. So, many of your fellow commenters never counted as a delurker for a LOL Day clip, either. If we changed the rules, we would have to reduce the numbers of strokes drastically. But don't worry, we also had a blogiversary vote once where regular commenters got more strokes. So, not being a delurker doesn't necessarily mean that you always get less! :-)

Sophie aus Frankreich said...

Liebe Kaelah un Ludwig,
ich hoffe, dass ich die schöne französische-deutsche Freundschaft mit einem Wort nicht gebrochen habe. Dieses Wort, als Stan schon gesagt hat, war schlecht bei Ludwig interpretiert. Es war nur mein lateinisches Gesichtspunkt über eure Video und nicht über sie.
Danke Kaelah für die technischen Erklärungen, aber unglücklich sind mein deutch und englisch nicht gut genug, um weiter dir zu antworten.
Ich wünsche ihnen und ihren Leser noch viel Spass mit ihrem Blog.
Freundschaft aus Frankreich.

Ludwig said...

@ Sophie de France: Chère Sophie, je vous remercie de votre commentaire. Ne vous inquiétez pas, l'amitié germano-française est tout à fait intacte!

Kaelah said...

@ Sophie:
Merci beaucoup pour votre aimable commentaire! Votre allemand est très bonne. Comme je l'ai déjà dit sur ​​le blog de ​​Stan/E., vous n'avez pas à vous inquiéter que nous sommes contrariés. Et vous pouvez toujours écrire un commentaire en français si vous le souhaitez. Je ne parle pas du tout français mais je peux comprendre les commentaires français très bien avec l'aide de Google Translate.

MrBBSpanker said...

So happy I could help out!
Two with Hand... sounds good.
Can you make the two from me last two!? :D

Kaelah said...

@ MrBBSpanker:
I hope you will enjoy the resulting clip. Our general rule (except for special events which, for example, include several different implements) for the order in which commenters get their swats is that the ones who were the first to comment get the last swats. So, if you are fast the next time, the last strokes will be yours! :-)

lanie said...

So long :(

Kaelah said...

@ Lanie:
I'm afraid that it might take another while before Ludwig and I get around filming the clip. As you might have read in my recent posts, we are currently so busy and stressed out that we don't even find the time and energy for any kind of private play, let alone shooting and editing a video. We might publish another video soon, though, one that has already been filmed and which is in the process of editing. And of course we haven't forgotten about the LOL Day clip, either. But it might take a few more months before that one can be published.