Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Blogiversary Spanking

Yes, it's true! The last time Ludwig and I saw each other, we still didn't have a private kinky play session, but at least we managed to "squeeze in" filming my blogiversary spanking for you. And after an extremely quick edit – here it is! The clip is a rather straightforward spanking video this time. We hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Thank you very much to all the readers who contributed to the clip. And we hope that those who weren't able to take part enjoy the resulting video nonetheless. If you like the clip, you can still participate in creating this year's LOL Day video. The deadline is this Friday (the 16th), 11:59:59 pm German time.

The great news is that I have finally accomplished an important milestone concerning one big project with Ludwig's help, which means that the next few weeks are going to be a bit less stressful. So hopefully Ludwig and I will have the time and be in the mood for some private play the next time we meet. I think I deserve a proper spanking for my achievement and Ludwig deserves some relaxation for having supported me so wonderfully, too. It looks like the LOL Day spanking / switching is going to be a long one as well. But let's go to the current video clip first.

WMV format, resolution 720 x 576, 132 MB: link

(Click on "Free Download", wait for the counter to count down, then solve the captcha and download the file.)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Terrific video.


lanie said...

Thx. Downloading now... It take many time with my connection. I can' t wait to see three smacks from me ;)

Simon said...

What a delightful video, well done both of you.

lanie said...

Just watched it. Spanking was realy hard :O Good ;)

Februs said...

Hi Kaelah and Ludwig, been trying to get hold of you both via email but no luck so far. Could you get back to me please. Many thanks.

Ludwig said...

@ Februs: As Kaelah wrote in her reply to you under the other post, we've both been very busy recently and are behind on our emails. As well as that, my mail program mistakenly directed your mails to the spam folder for some reason. But I've got them and am writing a reply to you right now.

Lea said...

Happy blogiversary again! Hope you find some private play time soon.

Anastasia Vitsky said...

Sadly I can't watch wmv (I have a Mac), but the pictures are pretty and I hope you had fun! Congratulations again. :D Sounds wonderful that things are lightening up a bit for your both.

Kaelah said...

@ Ana:
Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with the clip on your Mac. But it seems like there are easy ways around that: I use the free VLC Media Player myself (not on a Mac) and like it.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I will have enjoy the still pictures. My antivirus advises me the download site has malware.

Ludwig said...

@ Our Bottoms Burn: is a free one-click filehosting site. Sometimes, these get false positives from antivirus programs because of advertising popups they use (that is how they finance themselves, through advertising). But I have no reason to believe that is an unsafe site - otherwise, we obviously would not have used it to share our clip. I use a pretty powerful (and well-reviewed) antivirus program myself, and it never complained about I also just had a look at a couple of online forums where people posted questions about, and the consensus is always that it is a safe site.

Kaelah said...

@ joeyred51:
Glad you like it, Joey!

@ Lanie:
Happy to hear that you enjoyed the clip. :-)

@ Lea:
Thank you, I hope so, too.

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
The website opens a pop-up add. Maybe that's what your antivirus software doesn't like. I have just installed a new version of mine and it offered me to warn me about advertisement programs.

We also hosted our last clip "The Football Bet" on All I can say is that "The Football Bet" has been downloaded nearly 500 times and the new clip has already been downloaded 35 times as well. I have never heard of any problems with malware and I didn't have any findings after having used, either.

pixiepie said...

what a pretty red bottom!

Punisherblues said...

a good red bottom a bottom well in need of a good paddling and caning good job in not going easy on her


It took me a while to find time to watch this clip. It is very well made and a most enjoyable spanking to watch, thank you both for making it.


Fenris said...

Thank you for sharing your clip with us, it is great. Nonetheless, seeing you, Kaelah, in a topping role would certainly be enjoyable as well.

I use the VLC player on a mac an it works like a charm, it can handle pretty much all video formats.

Spanking Tube said...

Great Video. Congratulations.

My best Regards!

Stan/E. said...

Great clip again... Thanks a lot to Kaelah and of course Ludwig for my three slaps on your lovely bottom "made for it", definitely ! I wrote a post on the Blogiversary and link the result as well.

hugs from Paris, France...

Kaelah said...

@ pixiepie:
Welcome, and thank you for your nice comment. :-)

@ Punisherblues:
Happy to hear that you obviously enjoyed the clip! By the way, there is no need to address me in the third person, I am no royal person (and my bottom isn't royal, either). ;-)

@ Spankedhortic:
Glad you enjoyed the clip, Prefectdt! :-)

@ Fenris:
As I already said in other comments: Don't worry, we will have clips with me on the administering end as well! I'm happy that you enjoyed the spanking nonetheless. Especially because you had your own personal batch of smacks. ;-)

@ Spanking Tube:
Thank you! :-)

@ Stan/E.:
I'm glad that you liked the clip (knowing that hand spankings are your favourite ones)! And thank you for your post. :-)

Anonymous said...

GREATTTTTTTTTTTT SPANKING! One of the best ever. Love the face on position where you can still see the hand meet the beautiful bottom!!

Peter8862 said...

Kaelah, how goes that thesis ? Are congratulations in order yet Dr K.? Reading between your lines suggests it may be so. If I'm right, please accept my very warmest congrats. Peter

Kaelah said...

@ Anonymous:
Thank you very much for your kind compliment! I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the clip.

@ Peter8862:
Unfortunately I've not made it through completely, yet, but I achieved some very important milestones this year. :-)

klumarer said...

Amazing fantastic clip, I hope you can make others with more and more more and more spankings!
What sexy bottom, in that position seems more big! I love it!
Congrats Ludwig too, firm hand!


Kaelah said...

@ Klumarer:
Thank you very much for popping over from Pandora's site! I'm glad that you enjoyed the clip so much. You can find a few more clips under the "My Videos" label. I've seen your comment on Dreams Of Spanking and will write a reply soon. The video you are referring to hasn't been published, yet. It is a private clip that will be published for free on this blog some time this year. :-)

klumarer said...

unfortunately, for other clips the links download are down!
So I'm only watching this blogiversary clip, and the bouncing dance of your cheeks hypnotised me!

Ludwig said...

@ klumarer: Thank you for pointing that out. The downside of using free one-click file hosters is that, every once in a while, they might delete your files because they are not being downloaded often enough. Hopefully, the new hoster will be better in this regard than the old one.

I have taken care of it, and all videos are available for download again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ludwig, thanks for your reply, I really hope in new files soon!
Congrats for tha fantastic blogiversary clip, you seem really have fun in spanking Kaelah cheeks!