Friday, August 28, 2009

Kaelah's Corner (Aug 2009):
A Very Warm Welcome

Ah, hello! It’s nice to see you all here. As the more perceptive of you probably realised by now this is the forecourt to hell, called Rohrstockpalast. And I’m the King’s mate*, good evening! But you can call me Kaelah, if you like. A very warm welcome to my little corner of the Rohrstockpalast. I hope you’re going to enjoy yourselves! (* Yes, this is a modern monarchy!)

For everyone still wondering what the hell is going on: This is of course still Ludwig’s Rohrstockpalast. Since I love writing almost as much as Ludwig does, I was quite sad that due to my vanilla duties I haven’t got enough time to run my own blog. So Ludwig kindly gave me the permission to write a little guest column from time to time. More precisely, you’ll hear from me once every month.

As those of you who have read Ludwig’s K-Day post already know, I’m German like him. Unfortunately my writing style in English might not be as fluent and eloquent as Ludwig’s. I just hope it doesn’t sound too strange for the native speakers among you.

Since this is my first post I guess one important question is: What could be interesting for you to know about me? Well, if you have realised from whom I lent the title and the first sentences of this post, then we obviously share the same kind of humour. In case you don’t have a clue what the title is all about you should have a look. I think it’s a hilarious little piece of comedy. Especially because of my connection to the church and religion. And it is something I shared with Ludwig in one of my early mails – so there’s also a little bit of nostalgia involved for me… Besides of this little excursion I decided not to bore you with a long self-introduction, though. You’re going to find out more about me in my future posts.

But what will be the subjects of these posts? When Ludwig and I came up with the idea for Kaelah’s Corner, I didn’t have a concrete plan what I’m going to write about. Which is quite unusual for me. Normally I always have a plan. Well, honestly, most of the time it’s not just A PLAN. It’s more like PLAN A, alternate PLAN B, C and so on. Or, as Ludwig once remarked: “You don’t even go to the bathroom without a plan.” Well, I’ve already thought a little bit about it by now (the blog posts, not the comment about the bathroom!), and I have developed some ideas.

First and foremost: The post titles! Yes, as all marketing people know, the name is the most important task when inventing a new product. I decided that I’m going to use song (or comedy sketch, movie, poem…) titles for my blog entries. Among these things, music plays an especially important role in my life – listening to music helps me to both arrange my ideas and set free my emotions. I got the inspiration from one of my favourite bloggers, writers and actors, Wil Wheaton, who some years ago named his blog posts after song titles he heard on the radio. By the way, of course Wil Wheaton is only my second favourite blogger, writer and actor, but I guess this is beyond question.

You don’t know who Wil Wheaton is? He’s best known for his portrayals of Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. You haven’t seen STTNG either? Congratulations: unlike me, you’re obviously not a complete geek and maybe even still living in the 21st Century. Oh, and for everyone reading this blog who belongs to the “Kill Wesley” faction – I’m totally convinced you’re just jealous because you would love to save the ship at least once in your life, too. At least this is one of my core fantasies… Um, where was I? Ah, yes, ideas for my blog posts.

So, what are the posts going to be about? Since I’m very new to practically exploring my kink as well as living in a relationship, these are going to be the main subjects. There are a lot of thoughts and questions on my mind concerning all the new experiences I’m recently making, and more general themes as well. That’s what I would like to write about. So my posts are going to be very personal. And of course I would love to hear about your ideas and experiences, too! So I hope you’re going to share your thoughts and we’re going to have a lot of insightful discussions in the comment section!

And here is my first question to you right away: Is there anything you would like me to write about? Any subjects you are particularly interested in? Please tell me by either leaving a comment or sending a mail to kaelah ~at~ gmx ~dot~ de. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Qapla’ and take care!


Anonymous said...

I would like to read your own account of how the Rite of Span'qIng went. Herr Ludwig (or should I say, His Majesty?) promised us a post all of its own, but it would be interesting to read about it from both points of view.

And I do recall him also making a promise that "pictures of gorgeous cane stripes will adorn the forthcoming narrative post" :)

Anonymous said...

The obvious thing we would like to hear about is your transition from vanilla to curious to participant with all it's attendant details, background, motivation, reactions, surprizes etc.

And yes- show us some proof- are there just love taps or have you earned some real stripes? :)

Indy said...

Gosh, Anonymous, it's a good job Kaelah's already dating the most sadistic bastard around, or you might scare her off!

Oh, hi, Ludwig, are you reading these comments, too?

Kaelah, your English is of course excellent. I think it's very brave to try to write about such personal issues in one's native tongue, much less in a second language. But I'm glad you're doing so!

I have to admit that it cracked me up to think of Wil Wheaton as a blogger. Frankly, I always felt a bit sorry for him, having to play Wesley Crusher. The Rowan Atkinson was quite funny, too.

I look forward to reading Kaelah's Corner on a regular basis!

Adele Haze said...

Happy first post day, Kaelah! Don't fret about your English, it's excellent. :)

Abel1234 said...

Hi, Kaelah, and a warm welcome! Very much looking forward to reading your thoughts.

Ursus Lewis said...

Thank you for your warm welcome. Funny comedy. I'm looking forward to reading your posts. As I'm not a native English speaker, I've great respect for you writing about your thoughts in English.

Paul said...

Kaelah, excellent post, if I could write as well in German as you do in English, I'd be very proud of myself. :D
Rowan is very funny, I've always thought. :)
I think that you may find that you have some competition if you desire to establish yourselves as monarchs of the infernal realm.
Welcome, I look forward to reading you next month.
BTW you don't have to be quite as long winded as Ludwig, after all, "brevity is the soul of wit." ;)
Warm hugs,

Kaelah said...

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments! I’m glad that my English obviously doesn’t sound too strange… :-)

@ Anonymous 1:
Ludwig and I have already had the idea to write the promised post about the Rite of Span’qIng together. More precisely, Ludwig is going to write the basic post and I’m going to add my comments. Which might lead to more comments from Ludwig, and … um, well we’ll see… ;-) At least I hope it will be an interesting way of describing the events!

@ Anonymous 1 & 2:
And of course there will be pictures proving that Ludwig didn’t just give me some love taps (you wouldn’t really expect him to do that, would you?)! I wouldn’t exactly call the marks “gorgeous”, though. Since Ludwig used different implements they are rather… - well, you’ll see what I mean. But Ludwig has some other posts in the pipeline first (the Lupus posts are next). So I guess you’ll have to wait another four or five weeks.

@ Anonymous 2:
Um, I think I never was vanilla. I’ve had spanking fantasies since childhood. But, first of all, most of my fantasies used to be M/m and I was just in the position of an observer. Secondly, I always considered erotic/sexual experiences to be something I wanted to explore as a part of a relationship with someone I love and deeply trust. Since I was single for a long time the question of the practical relevance of those spanking fantasies never arose. Last summer, I started exploring the internet concerning the topic spanking. I’m planning to write a post about the developments which led me there, how I finally found Ludwig’s blog and what our relationship today means to me. In addition I’d like to write a post about my fantasies and how they changed over time. I hope, those two posts will cover the things you would like to know.

@ Indy:
You’re right, it’s not that easy to scare me off… ;-)
Concerning Wil Wheaton: Having to play Wesley Crusher sure as hell wasn’t always fun! What I like about Wil Wheaton is that he always was a geek and trekkie himself and therefore loved his job as an actor for STTNG. Today he is a really talented writer and blogger. And he doesn’t take himself too seriously – he has written fantastic, humorous reviews on STTNG episodes.

@ Paul:
I’m afraid, brevity isn’t one of my core competences! But don’t worry, I’ll split my posts into shorter articles about more specific aspects when they are getting too long… :-)


Hillary said...

Gruesse aus Sud Afrika,
Kaelah - what was your very first contact with Ludwig. Was it e mail? Did you write a comment on his website? By the way your English is fine and please do not worry. Ciao

Hermione said...

Welcome Kaelah. What a lovely outfit, especially the tail.

Your English is excellent; I'm lookingforward to reading more of your posts. I agree, the title of a post is extremely important.


Kaelah said...

@ Hillary:
I first wrote a comment on the Global Day of Delurk and then a personal mail a few days afterwards. By the way, Ludwig has written a post about how we became a couple. You’ll get a lot more information there – it’s the post titled "Where No Man Has Spanked Before" from July 29.

@ Hermione:
Thanks for the compliments! My "tail" is actually an improvisational piece of work. It’s made of a bondage rope, two black squares I printed out and some adhesive… ;-)

Ludwig said...

Thank you, all, for giving Kaelah such a nice welcome.

Just a quick remark of mine for those who want to see cane stripes: I'm going to finish the Lupus behind-the-scenes report first, then I have another thing planned, and after those two, I'll do the "Rite of Span'qIng" post, complete with Kaelah's commentary and some pictures. It should be around the 20th of September - don't nail me down on that date, but that's the plan I have right now.

And yes, Indy, of course I read these comments, too. *disapproving majestic glare*